Summary: AU/Fantasy A team of demon hunters discover they are not the only ones slaying in good old Sunnydale. Spike is no ordinary vampire. He arrives in town harboring a soul. His humanity leads him on a path of full redemption, leaving a trail of dusted vamps and dead demons in his wake. Buffy and company find out who has been secretly slaying. They band together to become a team of rogue warriors: the slayer, the witch, the sorceress, the vengeance demon, the slayer's key, the protector, the vampire all lead by the brilliant Dr. Giles.

A/N: This is something that just popped in my head. Kind of like the X-men but in a different structure and dimension. Let me know what you think. Reviews are a necessity to feed my pool of imagination. Above all, enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: Whoever said these characters I use in my story are mine better be 'splaining to Mr. Whedon who really owns them.



She sat in the shadows of the smoky demon bar looking at all the faces swarming the place. Some were demons, some were human, some good, and some bad. Most of them she recognized.

A new face caught her attention immediately. He sat at the bar throwing back shots of whiskey followed instantly by a swig of beer. He wore a long, black leather duster and his spiked and very blonde hair stood out like a beacon amidst the throng of patrons. After five shots with a beer chaser, he stood up to pay for the drinks.

She noticed his well-toned and lean physique even through the tight black t-shirt he wore. He turned his head and she could almost swear his deep blue eyes were penetrating her very soul. Never the less, he was quickly striding out the back entrance before her brain could react and send the message to her legs.

She caught the attention of a young girl and gave a signal; their signal. In that instant, a group of six inconspicuous spectators was heading out the same way the mysterious man in black had escaped.

In the dark alley, the gang could hear a horrible racket and they approached cautiously, weapons at the ready, spreading out in an arc to surround their soon to be captive.

Suddenly, a very large, extremely slimy beast sailed over their heads and landed with a thud behind them. The man in black pushed his way through the fray, stood over the grotesque body and lifting it by the head, easily snapped the creature's neck.

The onlookers stood there frozen, some in shock, some surprised and one at least was in complete awe. He dusted his hands off after his ghastly deed was accomplished before he even noticed that he had an audience. He had been so caught up in the moment of battle that he had been oblivious to this group who now gawked at him.

He coolly reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a cigarette along with a silver lighter, smoothly stuck it in his mouth, lit it and took a long drag on it before he asked in a husky British drawl. "Can I help you?"

The others looked at one another. The only male in the bunch stepped forward.

"Who are you?"

He smirked as he looked the young man up and down. "The name's Spike. Now...what do you want?"

The dark-haired man asked, "Would you come with us?"

Spike tilted his head to the side and chuckled indifferently. "Why would I want to do that, mate? I don't even know the lot of you."

"We could use someone like you." the young man replied honestly.

Spike smirked. "How do I know I can trust you? Do you think I'm a complete git?"

The petite blonde young woman stepped into the only light in the alleyway. The second he set his eyes upon her, a strong wave of emotion rose from his belly and stopped at his throat causing a slight gasp to escape.

"My name's Buffy and I'm a vampire slayer. We," she looked around at her entourage, "are a team of warriors brought together to fight against all that is evil in this world. We were informed recently that a new warrior, like no other, would be arriving. You see, a dark, sinister evil is upon us and our force has a weak link. Apparently, we're supposed to have seven warriors to enable us enough strength to defeat this new evil. Our leader, Dr..."

The dark stranger finally found his voice and interrupted Buffy's speech, "How do you know I'm the one? The one who you're looking for, your "new warrior"?"

She took another step towards him.

"Because, I know what you are," she softly explained.

"And what is that, luv?" He found himself leaning into her, getting lost in the emerald orbs that were staring back at him intently.

"A vampire," she whispered. He snapped out of his reverie and gazed around at the others standing about.

"You know what I am, yet you would still trust me to join your band of buggered? You are all either daft or very stupid."

"Come with us and we will show you what we know," the young man beckoned.

He flicked the butt of his cigarette down and ground it out with his boot.

"What the hell. What do I have to lose? Show me...take me to your leader."

The boy pointed at the vampire and smiled. "Good one."

To be continued...