Daryl and Carl circled the area twice, agreeing that this looked like a safe place to spend a few nights. They drove back the way they had come and found the group about a mile behind them. Carl jumped off the back of the bike and over to the car his dad and Hershel were in. "Think we found a place for the night. Scouted it, looks good." Rick just nodded and Carl was back to the bike to help lead the way to their camp spot, at least for a few nights. They drove back to the unfinished cul-de-sac of homes, most had no doors or windows, but two did. Daryl liked the look of the unfinished houses with no roofs; it would give whoever was on watch a good view of the area. Granted there were no houses to loot for supplies, but there were also no people here and they hadn't seen any walkers.

The vehicles pulled in and everyone slowly unpacked the necessities. The ladies claimed the first house on the street for the community area, it had enough room for everyone to gather, eat and talk. Glenn and Maggie subtlety claimed the house across the street for privacy and Daryl pulled his bike into the driveway of the house next door. No doors or windows, but he didn't mind. Would feel almost like sleeping outside. Carl bunked in with Rick and his little sister, though he would have preferred to hang out with Daryl instead. All the others settled into the community house and Rick took first watch on the top level of the highest house.

The sky was amazingly clear, millions of stars overhead and the moon was three quarters full, lighting up the unfinished room. It was an hour or so after everyone went to bed when Daryl heard footsteps coming up to where he was stretched out. He watched as a silhouette scanned the area then crossed to him. He lifted the blanket and waited for the figure to join him.

She paused and smiled, not that he could see her face. She toed off her boots that she hadn't actually laced up and shimmied out of her jeans. It was a bit chilly and though she want to strip all the way, she opted to keep her shirt on for a while. Daryl lifted the blanket, he was already naked. They hadn't made plans for tonight, she figured she was just getting predictable. She was dripping for him already. She had been wet for him since dinner when she watched him talking with Rick and wrestling with Carl. He had gotten more relaxed in the past few months, though she knew for sure some of it was because of her.

He started to stroke himself as he watched her undress, there was rarely any foreplay with them and he preferred it that way. She enjoyed watching him touch himself and she lingered next to him as he did it for a while. "'nough show there girl. Com'mer." He threw the blanket off himself and she knelt over him, straddling his hips and centering herself over his cock. He grabbed at her boney hip with one hand and his dick with the other and brought her exactly where he wanted her. Once the tip had made contact with her wet lips, he slowly rubbed himself from her ass to her clit and back again, slapping it against her clit then back down again. She watched his face as he tortured himself as much as her. When she couldn't take it anymore she stopped him with her hand then eased herself down onto him. A slow push down enjoying every moment of him filling her.

When she was fully seated on him she waited as he groaned. "Fuck Beth, how can you still be this fucking tight." He lifted her slow then slid her down again. He had taken her virginity months ago and this was now a fairly regular occurrence for them.

"Really, Daryl?" She tightened every muscle she could think to tighten and making him moan and his eyes close tight. "Are you complaining that I'm TOO tight?" They both laughed and he rolled her off of him and onto her back. He wanted to fuck her into the floor boards. He had hardly even noticed her when they were all at the farm, then in the prison, she was just this cute little thing he would steal Judith from when he needed to escape from reality. If he hadn't walked in on her in the shower that afternoon they wouldn't be here now. She had been masturbating under the spray of the water and for the first time he had noticed her as a sexual being. She hadn't seen him spying on her but from then on there had been a change between them. Every time he looked at her, she was already looking at him. Actually, that had been going on for a while and he just finally noticed.

She had seduced him one night in the guard tower. Wearing boxers and a t-shirt as she brought him up a late night snack. Bending over to get his attention, brushing against him. She was shameless and he was shocked when it was over to learn she had been a virgin, he never would have guessed it from her behavior that night.

He slammed into her hard, she liked it that way. This delicate flower of a girl liked it hard and rough. She begged for him to do it that way and he appreciated the fact that she wasn't looking for sweet love making. He couldn't have done that for her. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he pounded into her, she could tell he was close to cumming and even though she wasn't close, she didn't care. Beth knew he would take care of her needs. He pulled out and she grabbed hold of his cock, stroking him till he came on her mostly on her stomach but a little on her furry bush. He loved the way it looked. Daryl rolled off of her and handed her a bottle of water, not clean enough for drinking but clean enough to wet down a rag and wipe herself clean. He panted and though he was ready to fall asleep, he knew he wasn't done yet.

Beth cleaned herself up then crawled back on top of him, she loved having sex with Daryl. He was strong and sexy in his own tough way. And even though he liked it as rough as she did, he still had this gentle, protective way with her. He never did anything to hurt her, he never took things too far. She had once hinted that she wanted him to pretend to rape her. She thought it would be exciting and scary. Daryl just kissed her forehead and told her straight, "No. Not my thing. Don't force m'self on no one. 'sides, ain't this world scary 'nough for ya?" Beth never brought it up again, she appreciated his need to protect her.

She leaned down and kissed him, she loved the feel of his scruffy beard on her skin and he loved the feeling of her in his arms. They kissed and licked till his breathing was finally back to normal then she bit at his ear the way he like and whispered, "Please". He obliged her, as he always did. "Git up 'er girl." She crawled up her body till he grabbed her by the hips and guided her wet pussy to his mouth. She didn't care the he usually came first, she loved the way he went down on her. Better than anyone else ever had, which had been the extent of her sexual experience till that night in the guard tower.

Daryl licked and kissed at her dripping pussy, she tasted heavenly, she always did. Beth worked to keep her balance and he knew how to please her, his fingers working into her as well as his tongue and sometimes he would graze her puckered little ass hole, someday she would have to be brave enough to ask him take her there. By the time she came she had stripped herself naked and was chewing at her shirt to muffle her own screams. She crawled off of him and lay against him. Daryl wrapped an arm around her. He wasn't fond of cuddling, he would have been happier to screw and go, but it was really the only thing she asked of him. She never wanted to make this a permanent thing, never public, never looking to be told that he loved her. She just wanted to be held for a few minutes after she came.

Daryl and Carl had been sitting in the woods for an hour. They had watched the sun come up through the trees, it was quiet. Daryl didn't think they were going to get anything this morning, but he enjoyed the silence. Carl had become quite the hunting partner for him and Michonne was fine with that as she preferred to go it alone most days. Daryl opened the thermos of cold tea, they hadn't had coffee in months now, took a sip then offered it to Carl.

"'ky ask you somethin'?" Carl took a sip and passed it back. Daryl nodded his head yes, his eyes always scanning the trees for dinner or walkers. "Whadya think of Beth?" Carl looked straight ahead, never looking over to Daryl.

Good lay. Tight body. Fun to fuck. Insatiable. "I don't." Daryl never blinked. "Whaya you think of her?" He spoke in a low tone, his hunting voice.

Carl stroked the barrel of his riffle with his sleeve. "I don't know." He let his eyes drop but his head never moved.

"Then why'd you ask?" Daryl had wondered when Carl was going to notice Beth. He had turned eighteen a while ago and he had been whacking off for ages, but honestly Daryl thought Carl had it hot for Michonne. Never noticed him checking out Beth, even though she was much more age-appropriate for him.

Carl had been thinking about Beth for a long time, since right about the time he had figured out how to get himself off. But she had never seemed to even notice him. When Michonne had started teaching him how to use her Katana, he started jerking off to thoughts of her instead. But Michonne was too much woman for Carl and he knew it. "Making conversation." He was bullshitting and he knew Daryl would see though it all.

"If you ain't gonna tell me, then we got nothin' to conversate about." Daryl took his hunting knife off his belt and started to clean under his finger nails.

Carl really did want to talk about it. "She's cute? Right?" Carl thought she was beautiful.

"Never noticed." Daryl wiped the blade and kept picking. He had wondered months ago if Carl was going to be interested in her, almost felt guilty for a while that he had deflowered the kids only chance for a virgin in this day and age. But he got over the guilt when she kept coming back for more. He didn't really care either way, it was nice to have a warm body to have sex with, but he knew that they were nothing more than that too each other, warm bodies. "Guess you noticed though."

Carl would have blushed if he knew how. He had grown up in such a weird way over these years that he didn't know how to react like a normal teen might. "I guess."

"Gonna do somethin' 'bout it?" Daryl had resolved it in his head ages ago that he keep only keep screwing her till she found someone else. Then it was done.

Carl finally looked over at his friend, his mentor. The man who was as much of a father to him as Rick was. "Like what? Pick 'er some daisies and tell'er I think she's cute." Carl had thought about it a million times. How to approach her, talk to her about more than day to day stuff. Even tired once, but she was wrapped up in taking care of Judith. His own baby sister had cock-blocked him.

"Sh'might like that." Daryl looked right at Carl wondering if eye contact would make him blush. Nope, that kid was a stone.

Carl looked away now, "Besides, I don't know anything about girls. Never even kissed one." He may have been grown up by end of the world standards, but relationships, he didn't know a damn thing.

Daryl could appreciate the kid's position, the way the world had turned out, things would never be normal or typical for Carl, for any of them. Daryl jammed his knife into the rotting log next to him and turned to the long haired kid. "She ain't a girl. She's a woman." He spoke with a direct tone that Carl knew all too well from when Daryl taught him some sort of new skill. Carl jerked his head to pay attention. Daryl didn't appreciate it when the kid didn't pay attention. "And you're a man, not some kid. You like her, then pull her aside and tell her. The world is too fucking short on time to be playing hard to get." Daryl liked the idea of those two together. Even if it did mean he'd have to give her up. Daryl gave him the look that meant he was expecting a reply.

"Then what?" Carl put the butt of his rifle on the ground and used it to lean on. "Supposed to fumble my way through theā€¦.you know. Sex and stuff?" Carl liked the fact that his father had given him so much space over the years to grow up and become his own man. But he hated the fact that after his mom had died Rick never bothered to teach him anything more about relationships. If he fucked it up with Beth, he'd blame it on his father.

Daryl thought about that first time with her in the guard tower. She hadn't come off a virgin at all, she could teach Carl everything they would need to know. Daryl smiled, a rare occurrence. "That sex and stuff is the fun part to stumble through. My guess, she ain't gonna care." I think she would appreciate someone besides an old man being into her, he thought to himself.

Carl turned back to the tree line and stared out for a while. He shook his head and picked his rifle back up. He was truly more scared of not knowing what he was doing in bed with a woman then he was about coming up on a herd of walkers unarmed. "Fuck it. I'm never gonna get laid."

"Need me to teach ya how to do that too?" It came out of Daryl's mouth before he had a chance to think about what he was actually saying. He didn't retract it.

Carl laughed at the thought. How the hell would Daryl teach him that? Not like hunting or fishing or killing walkers. Daryl had taught him how to fix bikes, build things and clean guns. But this, Carl knew he was on his own. Carl smirked out his reply. "If only you could my mentor. If only you could."

They were quiet for the rest of the morning, nothing really left to talk about. The packed it up after Daryl had gotten a raccoon with his cross bow. They were almost out of the tree line when Daryl finally spoke. "Only gonna show you once."