Carl hadn't said a word since Daryl had made his statement. He knew it was stupid, most likely a joke, even though he hadn't hinted at it being funny at all. But the thought did intrigue him, he wondered what Daryl was thinking in terms of showing him. Did he have a stash of dirty magazine or was he talking flesh and blood. And how the hell was he going to find a woman in the group willing to partake in the fucked up idea. Carl pushed the thought out of his head, or at least he tried to.

They got back to the common room, everyone was hanging out. Daryl passed the raccoon off to Carol, she would take care of prepping it for dinner. No one's favorite, but it was protein they could all use. Beth was sitting in a rocker reading to Judith she hadn't looked up when they came in. Daryl kicked at Carl's boot getting his attention then walked toward the blond. She looked up and knew exactly what he wanted.

"Gim'me." Daryl reached for Judith's hand and the book. No one understood it, but he loved that kid more than he loved anyone else in the group. She smiled up at her uncle Daryl and they went across the room to the corner. He sat with his back against the wall and she settled into his lap. He opened the book and she pushed the pages till she got to where Beth had left off. This was Daryl's escape from the world, spending time with this kid. More of an escape than even sex.

Carl sat next to Beth, no one was paying attention to them. Everyone was too wrapped up in their own heads these days to pay much attention to anyone. Beth picked up a book she had been reading herself and Carl just rocked a bit next to her. His brain had been spinning since he had gotten out of the woods with Daryl. He had really offered to show Carl how to have sex. Daryl was too blunt for Carl to have mistaken any of it. They drove home in silence and Carl tried to figure out what the hell he was going to do. First he needed to figure out if she was even a little interested in him. "Wanna take a walk?" It took a blinding amount of courage for the words to come out of him, but they did. Beth nodded and they both stood up and walked out through the space that had been intended to be a kitchen.

They walked around the backs of the properties ever vigilant for walker sightings and ended up at the house that was being used as a guard tower. "Wanna relieve Michonne till Daryl's watch?" Beth offered up the suggestion and it was the first thing they had said since he invited her to walk. He nodded and they headed up into the house knocking as they went so as to not scare the master swordswoman. Michonne appreciated the unexpected shift change, she hadn't eaten dinner with the others in a few days.

Carl and Beth walked the space looking out over the neighborhood. Hell, if they could have fenced off enough area Carl thought this might not be a bad place to spend a few month, but that was never going to happen. Beth and Carl sat on the ledge of what would have been a bay window in the master bedroom. "So whadaya wanna talk about?" Beth reached out her hand for Carl to take. She knew him well enough to know something had to have been on his mind. "You okay?"

Carl was kicking himself for not bringing her flowers like Daryl had suggested. "I'm fine. Just wanted to… spend some time with you." Beth looked up from their hands to his face, he was almost smiling. She had liked Carl for longer than she could remember. Longer than she had been with Daryl, before the prison, back at the farm when she was biting her nails to see if he would survive his gunshot wound. But he had never once looked at her. Never once paid her any attention beyond the girl who took care of his baby sister after his world had spun out of control. The day he had to kill his own mother had hardened him in a way that no one could understand. His father had gone crazy, Carl had turned to stone.

Beth inched closer to him on the unfinished window sill. Her heart was glowing, Carl actually wanted to spend time with her, she had waited too long for this moment. Her grin filled her face and lit up his in return. She leaned into him, bringing her lips to his and she kissed him. Soft and gentle and he kissed her back. She brought her hand to the back of his necked and threaded her fingers through the back of his shaggy hair. She had waited too long for this kiss.

Carl hadn't felt butterflies in his stomach like this in longer then he could remember. He hadn't done anything he was unsure of without his teacher by his side in so long he had forgotten what it was like to be nervous trying something new. "Need me to teach ya how to do that too?" He heard Daryl's voice in his head and smirked as he kissed her more, pulling her close. His hard-on was almost unbearable but he would endure the discomfort and pain.

They both heard the footsteps starting across the floor in the space below them, it was Daryl for sure. He had a cadence to his walk that was unmistakable. The finally broke apart for the first time in the almost twenty minutes they had been kissing. Her lips were swollen, her skin red from the scratch of the scruff he had going. They looked out the bay window space to the back of the neighborhood. So long as Daryl hadn't come around the back of the house, they hadn't been seen kissing.

"Hey Beth, why don't you grab supper. Gotta talk to this one." She never looked up at Daryl as the two switched places. She knew that if he got a good look at her face he would know that they had been kissing. She waved goodbye to Carl and headed down the stairs. Carl leaned his head back on the window frame looking out to the field behind the house. It had gone better than expected.

Daryl watched the kids face for a minute then smirked that smile that brought out his cheekbones and made his eyes light up. "Guess you made the first move?" Daryl lit a cigarette and Carl's eyes shifted quickly. He looked with questioning on his face. "Tool box in the house I'm usin'." He drew long on the stale cigarette then offered it to Carl. Carl took a short drag off it, he had learned his lesson a long time ago, he was not cut out to be a smoker. "And?" Daryl wanted to know about this kiss he had seen when he was walking over. He came around the backside to scan the field, it was the kind of field he thought he might see a family of deer just standing in. Wishful thinking. But he had looked up and saw them kissing in the window. The kid had actually done it, got up the balls to kiss her. He watched them for a few minutes, longer than he should have. His dick had started to get hard watching them paw at each other. The kid had no skills at all, but he knew Beth would show him the ropes. She wasn't shy about any of it.

Carl palmed the front of his pants a few times, he had been straining hard while they had been kissing and he really didn't give a shit if Daryl saw him or not. Daryl had seen Carl jerk off more than once over the years though mainly in the shower. "And I should have done that sooner." He never thought getting Beth to kiss him would have been that easy. But then again, he had never taken the time.

Daryl couldn't help but think that if Carl had made a move sooner, he never would have deflowered the sweet girl. He wasn't sorry, it was more of just a thought. "Ya'll gotta talk about your feelin's now?" Daryl was playfully antagonizing Carl.

"Don't know how much there is to talk about." He shifted in the window sill trying to give himself a little relief. "Pretty clear we both like each other." Carl was right. They sat quiet for a while, Daryl thinking about how he was going to cut things off with Beth, time for him to set that one free. He brain was spinning, he hated to give up such a sweet piece of ass, but that's all she really was to him. Mean she was family like all of them were on some level, but that was it.

Carl's stomach was growling. He was ready to go join the others for supper. Daryl tossed his head toward the stairs. "Get outta here. I got this." Carl started toward the stairs. "Still need me to show you the ropes?" Daryl didn't know what Carl was thinking any more, but he had made the offer in all sincerity the first time, and this time.

The boy paused at the top of the stairs, "Maybe." He bounded down the stairs two at a time.

Everyone was seated in the community room, Rick had tagged Daryl off of watch duty. He grazed by Beth who was sitting with her book, Jude was already put to bed. He brushed his leg by her arm that she had dropped to her side. He grabbed and empty chair near Glenn and joined in the conversation. They guys were talking about nothing in particular while the ladies were talking about some romance novel Carol had found and passed around to everyone. Daryl could see Carl out of the corner of his eye, he was watching Beth who was in the last chapter of the book they were talking about. The evening was getting late and everyone was wrapping it up for another night. Beth smirked to Carol and said she only a few pages left of this now dog-eared book. She headed up stairs with a simple goodnight to the entire room. Carl had been hoping for more, but didn't know what to expect. Maggie and Glenn walked out the front door and the roomed thinned to just Carl and Daryl.

"Gonna go. Crashing at my place tonight?" It wasn't a far-fetched question for Daryl to ask. Carl had crashed in his space plenty of times, especially when Jude was fussy with teething and things. He nodded. He went upstairs and checked on Jude then grabbed his pillow and blanket and went across to Daryl's.

They laid out looking up at the sky, it was cool not to have a roof over their heads. Carl wanted to talk about Beth, how much he liked kissing her. He suddenly felt like the teenager he never had the chance to be.

"Carl?" Daryl had his hands behind his head and was looking to the sky. He thought about asking if Carl still wanted to learn, but he knew better than to give him options, he was going to have an uphill battle with Beth on his hands already. "I'm gonna teach. 'n your gonna pay attention. Ok?" He didn't know how much more to say, Beth would be over in a few minutes and he needed to figure it all out.

Carl sat up and looked at Daryl, they made eye contact in the moon light. "What?" Daryl never blinked. "How the fuck…" His words trailed off when he heard someone waking below them, the wood floors creaked something fierce on the first floor. Up the stairs, whoever was coming knew exactly where they were headed. Too fast to be a walker and Daryl never flinched, he must have been expecting whoever it was.

Beth rounded past the two by four frames into the space where they had fucked the night before. She could clearly see that Daryl was not alone and she stopped in her tracks when Carl turned his face to her. She didn't know what to do. Obviously she was here to see Daryl. He had invited her. That was the whole signal in the common room. She hadn't miss read it had she? She dropped her hand signaling she was interested. He brushed his thigh against her saying he was as well. He would have taken a wider birth through the room if he wasn't interested tonight. She was confused, their signal was very clear.

She stood silent, she didn't know what to say. Carl looked between Beth and Daryl, waiting to see what one of them would do. Finally Daryl spoke up. "Com'mer girl." He sat up and turned to lean his back around the post that was near him. She didn't move, she was grounded in place thinking back to that kiss today. She had thought it was everything she wanted, but then again she still signaled Daryl and still walked into the room to have sex with him. Carl's face was impossible to read, like so many other times over the years. "Com'mer." Daryl said it again and her feet started to move. She got near them and Daryl motioned for her to sit between them, she did. Her stomach was in knots.

Carl watched Beth's face, she was obviously in shock. But why? She was here but not expecting to see him. Then why was she here? The math started to click in Carl's head. She was here to see Daryl, not to see him. He looked to Daryl.

Daryl wanted to choose his words carefully but much like everything else in this life now, you just did things. Without too much thought or pomp and circumstance. He looked to Beth. "He likes you, a lot. But bein' wit ya scares him." He turned to Carl. "Me and her… had this thing goin' on for a while. But it's done now. She's yours." He had just broken up with Beth and she didn't even realize it yet. She looked shocked in so many ways. "Ya'll deserve to be together." Daryl took a hand from each of them and brought them together. Holding their hands with them till they were holding them on their own.

He could have gotten up and walked away. They could have taken over from there, he was sure she would have taught Carl everything he needed to know, but he didn't want to go. He wanted her one last time. He wanted to show Carl how to have sex with her. He wanted this fucked up little scene to happen. It turned him on. Daryl hated to admit it but sometimes he was ruled by his dick. This was one of them. He put his hand on theirs then turned and kissed Beth. There was no point and waiting for people to react. She was frozen at first but then she kissed him, she loved his mouth most of all. Carl just watched, his stomach in knots as he watched the woman he was falling for kiss someone else, even if it was his mentor. He didn't let go of her hand though. He watched as Daryl's tongue slipped easily into her mouth and she accepted him willingly. Then her hand tightened in Carl's.

Confusion swept her mind. Beth was really kissing Daryl in front of Carl, the boy she really liked and had finally connected with a few hours ago. And, Daryl had just broken off their sexual relationship, without talking to her first. But she liked the kiss. Even more, she liked that Carl was there with her, watching and holding her hand. It fueled a muddled fire in her brain. Daryl broke the kiss then looked to both of them, eyes wide and hungry. He had made the right choice. He turned Beth's face to Carl's and waited. It only took Carl a moment to lean in and kiss her. Deep, picking up where they had left of earlier. His cock stiffened instantly. He groaned into her mouth and she wrapped her fingers in his hand. Daryl let them kiss for a while, leaning back and letting the moment happen between them. Mouth and tongue, fisting at shirts. Then Daryl intervened, he took Daryl by the wrist and moved his hand to her stomach up under her shirt. They never broke their kiss, he roamed his hand over her flesh.

Beth didn't need prompting she knew what to do. She inched closer and to him as his hand slid up to her breast. He wrapped his hand around her flesh and found her nipple. She inhaled and Daryl knew what he had found, but he didn't know if Carl was playing with her the way she liked. He came out behind her and lifted her shirt, the teacher needed to see. She broke her kiss with Carl just long enough for Daryl to undress her. He wished she had been wearing a bra, but unhooking it was something Carl would learn on his own one day. She pushed Carl's shirt up and off of him. She ran her fingers along his skin as he found her nipple again. He looked over her shoulder to the man kneeling behind her. Daryl nodded. Carl rubbed the pads of his fingers on her nipple and she kissed at his shoulder. Daryl reached around finding Carl's fingers and moved them to pinch at her nipples. Carl nodded. Together they began to play with both her nipples and she moaned. Daryl edged in closer behind her till he was shadowing her body. She leaned into him as he played with one breast and Carl the other. Daryl looked to the young man and mouthed one world. "Harder." Carl did as he was told and she not only moaned but bit into Carl's shoulder. He smiled. He had tried, learned it a different way, and got the result he didn't even know he was looking for.

Daryl slid away from her and decided to change things up. He pulled Beth away from Carl and they were both confused, Daryl moved her slight body around and moved her into a position till she was laying in his spot, on his blankets using his pillow. She watched at Daryl motioned for Carl to come closer. "Kiss 'er." Carl nodded. She had never seen Carl this way, obedient to someone. He sure as hell was never like this with his father. But Daryl, the teacher, the mentor, brought it out in him. Carl looked at her, she had no fear or doubt in her face. He knelt beside her and kissed her stomach. Daryl twisted a nipple to get both of their attention. Carl kissed his way up her body to her nipple and then looked to Daryl. Daryl smirked when he realized Carl was asking him to show him what to do next. The older man with greying beard and the wispy dark hair leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth, Carl watched then did the same. Licking and sucking and suckling. Daryl never looked up, he simply listened then spoke. "Harder." He knew what she liked it and Carl listened. Beth arched her back off the floor. Carl was a good student, always had been.

Daryl drew Carl's hand down to her jeans and left it there, waiting for him to finish undressing her. Carl took the prompt and went with it. Daryl leaned back and watched as did Beth. Carl stripped her first of her boots than her pants. She was wearing underwear. Yes, that was unusual. Nothing fancy, but interesting. Carl rocked back on his heels and looked to Daryl. On some level it was if Beth wasn't there, just this warm body between teacher and his student. Daryl nodded and moved closer, watching Carl's face as he slowly worked her panties down. Beth would have been offended by the whole thing if she hadn't been so turned on by it all. When she was finally naked Daryl crawled between her legs and began to go down on her. Her left hand immediately went to his hair but her right reached out for Carl, touching his leg. He looked to her face, eyes half closed as Daryl worked his magic, and took her hand twining his fingers in hers.

Long slow licks across her sensitive flesh, circling at her clit then back down. Carl was mesmerized. She moaned softly as he found every intimate part of her. She pulled at Carl's hand and he followed her. "Kiss me." He did, he kissed her as Daryl began to fuck her with his tongue. Daryl adjusted his position so that he could sit back on his legs and pull her pussy up to his mouth, only her shoulders on the floor. She never minded this position and it was easier on him. He we feeling his age. Carl watched as Daryl licked her and sucked and then motioned him close. It was time to teach Carl how to finger her, how to find that spot that made her thrash. Daryl held her in place as Carl licked his middle finger, "More." Daryl was instructing. Carl listened. He licked three of his fingers then touched her pussy for the first time. He slid his fingers down her wetness and right inside of her, she moaned again and Daryl held her in place. Carl slid his fingers in and out and Daryl turned his wrist to give him the right position. A simple turn made her thrash and Carl's face lit up. He had gotten it right.

The teacher tipped his head and Carl moved enough so that Daryl could pass her body to his student. It was time he learned to love her with his mouth. Carl took her body and placed himself as Daryl had. Daryl got up and walked around them stretching his legs then he knelt down and kissed her, she licked herself off of him as she moaned. Carl had watched his teacher well and started to figure out how to use his tongue and his fingers at the same time. His mouth slipped down to her ass and she squealed in pleasure, something his teacher hadn't shown him yet. As Carl lavished her tiny hole with his tongue, Daryl slid two fingers inside of her, teasing her as he bucked. She was closing to cumming and he knew it. He rubber her G spot just enough to get her close then told Carl to move back to her pussy. As soon as his tongue entered her she came, bucking and thrashing as she erupted her liquid into his mouth, "Swallow." Daryl held her tight for Carl.

She was lost in ecstasy and Daryl saw a beauty in her he had never noticed before. Carl was pleasing her in ways Daryl never had. He felt proud of his protégé in many ways. It was time for Daryl to move on to the next part of the lesson. Carl had let her slide back down to the floor and they were kissing. She was licking her liquid off of his face and he was smiling at how open she was to everything.

"More lesson? Or we done?" Daryl was hard and still wanted to be inside once more before their relationship was over and she was completely Carl's. Beth nodded yes first, she was insatiable, she had just cum but wanted more already. Carl snapped back to paying attention. He nodded and waited for instruction. "Hold 'er." Carl leaned back against the half-finished wall and Beth nestled partly laying in his arms between his legs, they looked at Daryl to see if he approved. It was quite the picture, naked Beth in the arms of half-naked Carl, he wrapped around her like she was his possession. He kissed at her neck and held her breast in his hand as he rolled her nipple between his fingers. Daryl stripped out of his ripped cargo pants and stood naked, he knew that in this position, no matter how he fucked her he would be in close quarters with Carl, but it didn't matter to any of them. He got on his knees, "She wet enough?" He looked to Carl who understood and slid his hand down her stomach, through her wild pubic hair and into her slit, she was drenched, dripping down to her crack and onto the blanket they lay on. He fingered her while she moaned and Daryl watched approvingly.

"She's wet." Carl informed his teacher.

Daryl moved in close, stoking his cock till he got to the entrance then Carl put up his hand and stopped him. "Condom?" It had just dawned on Carl that Daryl hadn't suited up for the event. Daryl looked at Beth, it wasn't his place to say anything.

Beth sighed, she hadn't even thought about. Her body that had been tight with anticipation slumped into Carl's and he tried to watch her face. "Don't need it. Can't get pregnant. Ever. We'll talk about it later?" She had a medical condition, one that broke her heart. But one that allowed her this sexual freedom. Daryl knew all about it. Carl held her close and kissed her cheek. Daryl kissed her mouth. They may have been fuck buddies, but they were friends and family as well and he knew how much it pained her. She felt loved with both men kissing her, comforting her, but she needed to move on. She kissed them both back sliding her mouth between the two of them, it was sexy. "Fuck me Daryl, show him how you do me." She didn't fully understand this entire student/teacher relationship but she didn't care either. Carl sucked harder at her neck, leaving his first hicky on a woman. He never took his eyes off of Daryl's cock, first envious of its size, it was larger than his. Then simply watching as the teacher slid the head up and down the wet slit and occasionally smacking at her clit, she moaned when he did that and the student made a note in his head. Eventually he positioned the tip at the entrance and slow and steady pushed inside of her. Daryl moaned out in ecstasy. He would miss this tight, warm spot. He slid it till his pubic hair met hers and then he paused, looked to Carl's face and watched as Carl processed the information he was seeing. Beth's skin flushed and the student was fascinated by her reactions. Daryl began to stoke in and out, holding himself up, but still very close to his student, there was no way around that. He found his pace and began to fuck her. The three of them lost in this strange lesson on sex, watching, touching, kissing, fucking. It was all perfect and twisted.

Daryl wasn't going to last long, he didn't want to. He kissed Beth, slipping his tongue into her mouth and she grasped at the base of his neck bringing his close. She knew how much he loved to cum when they were close like this. Through gritted teeth, "Cum on me babe, show him how you mark me." It was their thing. Sometimes Daryl would cum on her flesh because he loved the sign of possession, even though she wasn't his, it was so animal and feral to them both, and she loved to see it erupt out of him. Carl ignored their kissing and watched as Daryl withdrew and stroked himself to orgasm, streams of white jetting out of him and onto her stomach over and over. Carl's hand hadn't moved fast enough and some of it splashed on him. Daryl finally pulled away from her mouth, away from them and sat back, dick and hand and caught his breath.

Beth took Carl's hand and licked him clean. His face was priceless as she licked the teacher's seed off of the student. Then she trailed her fingers through cum on her skin and licked her fingers. Carl dragged a finger through it as well and brought it to her mouth but she refused it and instead moved his fingers to his own mouth and made him lick it. Carl tasted Daryl's cum and it didn't repulse him. She was obviously turned on by watching this, Daryl seemed to get a kick out of it and Carl didn't find anything wrong with it. He scoop another finger full and tasted it again. It was getting cold and he made a face of distaste. Daryl threw a rag at him and watched at Carl cleaned her up.

Daryl looked to Beth's face as he gritted out his next thought, "You're turn kid. Show'er whatchya learned." Carl nodded. Beth stood up and Carl followed behind, they hugged and kissed as she worked at the belt and button on his jeans. She worked them down his legs and he stepped out of them as she knelt in front of him. She was eye level with his cock and for the first time in his life, someone was stoking it besides him. She wrapped her hand and began to slide up and down slicking it with spit and looking up at his beautiful face. He was getting weak in the knees and she smiled as he grabbed her shoulder for support. He was harder than he had ever been in his life and then she slipped her mouth over the tip, and he had to lean back on the wall post for support. His eyes closed and he groaned an animal noise.

Daryl smirked. If he thought that felt good, wait till he was inside her pussy. Daryl just watched as she sucked her new lover off. She was pretty good at giving head, not the best Daryl had ever had, but nothing to complain about. And for Carl, she would be his world. She kept her strokes shallow figuring she would save a few of her tricks for another day. She flexed her thighs and Daryl watched as she dripped fluid down to the floor. He would miss how wet she always was. She was greedy though and he knew it, wouldn't be long before she was laying back, displaying herself and begging to be fucked.

Carl had never seen anything so beautiful or sexy as this blond woman laid out for him, touching herself and moaning that she needed him inside of her. Carl was ready. The fear he had felt when they first talked in the woods was gone, he now knew what he would do, and though he'd still make some mistakes he felt good about it. He lined himself up to her and slid his tip through her wetness, finding her clit and slapping at it as he was shown, she moaned. He was going to love finding every way to make her do that. He pushed slowly inside of her; it was better than he had imagined, better than anything he ever felt in his life. He didn't want to close his eyes but he couldn't help it. He pushed till he had nothing else to put inside of her. She pulled him close and held him, they stayed like that for a while, just kissing and holding each other.

Daryl's cock twitched, he was going to miss that feeling.

Beth was whispering in Carl's ear. Daryl couldn't hear them but she must have been directing him a bit, she like to do that. He began to fuck into her, hard and fast, the friction must have felt like heaven Daryl thought. Carl wouldn't last long, his first time in such a body. He pushed a bit hard making her wince for moment. Carl's head instinctively turned to his teacher and Daryl simply nodded that everything was fine. He kissed Beth and mumbled an apology but she smiled and helped him set a pace. He felt amazing inside of her. Even though he was new to all of this she liked this better than she did with Daryl. She knew instantly that it wasn't the body or the skill it was the fact that it was Carl. She had waited so long to be with him and she didn't even know it. Something clicked between them and they began to slow their pace. Carl began to make love to her. They both forgot that they were not alone; both forgot that they had only shared their first kiss a few hours ago. They made love.

Daryl almost felt embarrassed to still be here, but getting up and leaving would have distracted them even more. He watched as they made love, something he had never been able to do with Beth but apparently something she had needed.

When she began to have an orgasm she held Carl tight, panted that she was cumming and knew it would cause him to do the same. She wanted him to cum inside of her. It was all she needed at that moment, to be filled by him as he held her close. Carl came hard as she contracted around him. Pushing hard into her and moaning at the feeling of it all. It was beautiful to watch. Slowly they calmed down, holding each other. Carl rested his head on her shoulder and looked to his teacher who sat naked off to the side smoking a cigarette. There was no need to nod approval or say a word. Carl had done it all right.

Beth had finally left the half-finished house just before the sun came up. Daryl and Carl had kissed her goodbye and watched her walk down the stairs. When Carl knew for sure she was gone, he turned to his mentor. "Thanks Daryl,"

"Any time kid."