Hi guys!

Well, I haven't written a chaptered story for quite a long time, but I'm going to try very hard on this one. It's a bit of a personal challenge, and I'll do my best to keep it updated regularly!

It's rated M, because I intend on including some steamy bits here and there. Also I don't know yet how long it's gonna be but I'm going to try and plan it all out in the next few days!

I'll need all the support I can get because, my dears, I haven't done that in a WHILE.

Now let's go for it!

Summer was coming to an end faster than Castiel would have thought. It was already August 15th, supposedly the hottest day of the year and there he was, sitting at his desk, absentmindedly sketching out figures draped in thick material, his hands running smoothly across the paper.
Summer break or not, there was no way he would stop designing clothes, even for just a couple of days. He was a Textile and Apparel Design major, and he loved it. Every bit of it. This was hardly homework to him.

He could not focus all that well, however, and assumed it was because of that nice, sweet summer warmth seeping in through the window. It made him feel a bit sleepy and although he was definitely not a nap person, eventually, he pushed himself up from his chair and stepped over to his bed.

He did not have to sleep, but maybe a bit of a break would be nice, he thought as he stretched a little. The sun had warmed the sheets he was now pressed down into and that was quite a nice feeling.

Cars driving by and groups of people chattering on the street, little by little, he let the gentle sounds of the city lull him to sleep. A quiet apartment was just that nice, and since he'd started living with Dean, it was also a very rare occurrence.

As if on cue, about ten minutes later, a high pitched laughter broke the silence, followed by the sound of a door being closed.
Oh well, seemed like Dean with back, with company to boot.

He could hear the two chat for a little bit, and, goodness, Dean had his 'deep sexy voice' thing on, as he liked to call it. (Castiel himself called it the 'moronic jock in rut voice thing', but he had not shared that one with Dean yet.)
He stifled a faint chuckle and shook his head. Dean really couldn't be helped, could he.

A second later, the two fell silent and all of a sudden, Dean opened the door to his room before barging in. Castiel pretended to be asleep, his eyes closed, making sure to take deep, even breaths. Why would he do that, you ask? Well, one need only meet a single one of Dean's conquests to understand that he doesn't pick them for their outstanding IQ. Castiel was not one to diss people, but... seriously, Dean quite obviously did not believe in mind over matter. And he was not exactly in the mood to try and communicate with today's pick.

That did not prevent Dean from being a good guy, though, far from it, and as soon as he understood his roommate was taking a nap, he shushed the girl that had already started babbling again, and closed the door.

Alright, so this was probably step three of Dean's world reknown plan, also know as his SHAG system. Yes, he did name it that.
Just for the beauty of it, here comes a brief explanation of the whole thing. S stands for Spot it, H, Hit on it. A, Ask a bit (yes, well, he was starting to run out of ideas). And finally, G, of course, Go for it.
Just thought that was worth mentioning.

Castiel was thus thinking they had reached step three, though he was not all too sure what there was to ask. That did also mean that the next step would consist in actual 'shagging', and Castiel hoped it would not come all that quickly, because really, listening to stifled moans through the all too thin wall standing between their rooms did not rank first on his fanciest things to do list.
And yet, he knew better than that. Dean always was a fast one.

The two of them were, as anyone could see, extremely different, and yet that did not make their bond any less strong. Dean was the exact kind of person he loved. He might have been hot headed and a bit of a show off, but Castiel knew that that was mostly an outside thing he did to give some credit to his reputation. To be truthful, he was actually a very caring, loyal and honest person that was just absolutely incapable of lying, and that would do anything for a friend. He was handsome, well built yet not all that full of himself. He had that nice sense of humor and-

"Caaaaas, did you finish my dress yet?" Came Jo's sudden shout through the door.

Right after that, he heard their front door slam, and hell broke loose. Jo then did her one favorite thing to do in the world: she made a ruckus, obviously aimed at pissing Dean off. Which never failed to work.
The next moment, Dean exploded and started shouting right back at her and they argued like a bunch of five year old kids, the girl from earlier all but forgotten.

Castiel was always pretty amused by the whole thing, and he couldn't help but chuckle when he caught a slightly daring but well placed "So you brought another slut home again" followed by an eruption of shrieks and some more shouting, then a door slamming, and his two friends bickering again.

Well, he couldn't really pretend to be asleep any longer, so he just stood and opened the door to their small living room. They didn't even notice him until he proceeded to clear his throat, too busy fighting.

Once she saw him, Jo squealed and bounced over to jump into his arms and give him a tight hug.

She was the same as ever, a rather petite girl with a strong, boyish personality that shone through her face, through her endlessly questioning, provoking eyes. Having been raised by a very strong mother, in the absence of a father, growing up mostly around the boys from her neighborhood, one could say it was no surprise she would end up so rough and somewhat brutal.
However, whenever she was around Castiel, she seemed to turn back into a sweet, feminine and chatty girl. She had hugged him countless times, even pecked his cheeks sometimes and cared for him like a mother -or was it actually the other way around?

He had never quite managed to figure out what it was about him that brought out that side of her, but she seemed to see something inside him that he had failed to detect himself, something that made her feel safe enough to let herself be, without pulling up any of her 'manly barriers'. Dean always assumed that Jo did not wear make up. Castiel, on the contrary, knew that she had a bit of a soft spot for cosmetics, even though always managed to make it look discreet and subtle on her face.

One of their shared interest also did a lot to bring them closer together, and that was, their love of clothes.

"Hey Cas, sorry for waking you up-," Dean apologized sincerely, before frowning and pointing at Jo just like a little kid would, "But that wouldn't have happened if that crazy old hag hadn't gone and ruined my plans for the evening. THANK YOU JO."

Oh, so he HAD planned on having the 'shagging' take place that evening. Fast indeed, considering this was the first Castiel had ever seen of that girl from earlier. He tried to think back and see if he had not actually met her before that, but as he was stuck in his musing, the two were back at it already.

"This wouldn't have happened if you weren't such a manslut," Jo deadpanned, her way of officially ending the argument, her arms still wrapped around Castiel's neck as she turned her attention back to him. "So, Cas, how's my dress going?"

Dean rolled his eyes as Castiel chuckled once more, "Oh just leave the poor guy alone with that, he's not your personal fashion designer or something"

Castiel shook his head faintly and smiled at Jo. "No that's fine, it's going well actually. I think I'm mostly done sketching it out already. Wanna see it?"

"Hell YEAH!"

Dean shook his head, pretending to be annoyed by their girly antics but as he watched them hurry back to Castiel's room and to his desk, there was kindness in his eyes.

"Oh my god it's GORGEOUS-"

Cas smiled a little -he had only shown her his first rough, and there she was already.
He then took out a little diary sort of thing, his sewing journal of some sort. It was full of tiny fabric samples, various textile designs, some of his personal notes on patterns and so on.

"What do you think of that one? I thought cotton might work best for you, it's not so heavy that it'll get us awkward folds but still has enough character, and since you don't like extravagant things I thought we might want to go for a simpler fabric. At least for the body of the dress. Now that's what I picked for the sewn-in belt-"

It didn't take much more than that for Dean to roll his eyes at them once more, and they looked up innocently as he walked out of the room.

"Alright ladies, I'm gonna try and salvage what's left of my chances with Amy. Wish me luck."

They both kept on smiling gingerly until the door was closed, and Jo finally let out a loud sigh, stepping back to let herself fall down onto the bed.

"Man, I thought he'd never leave. And that girl was such a bitch." Jo ranted and made a face. "Seriously. I've never seen anything as frilly as her."

"Well, frilly kind of is the right thing to do this summer. Rather trendy."

Jo looked up to him with a tired look before they both broke into laughter. "Cas, you're a hopeless case, you know that?" She chuckled, shaking her head. "Now, we finally got rid of Mr Jerk so let's get down to serious business."

Castiel sighed inwardly but simply resigned himself. He had been struggling with Jo on that one very topic over the last few years, and he now knew better than to try and fight her. She was just as stubborn as Dean was, while he, on the other hand, was rather well known for admittedly being a pleaser.


"Don't start with that, we both know I was right on this from the start, and if I have to keep telling you for years then I fucking will-" She cut him abruptly, that sharp edge coming back to her eyes in an instant, that fighter's resolve. Castiel blinked then merely chuckled.

"No, I mean... I've already given up on that one quite a long time ago, Jo. I was just about to offer you a cup of coffee." He replied softly, though one could see that hint of a smirk on his lips when looking closely enough.

"Sure you were," she shot back with a smirk on her own then shook her head. "Now's not tea time and you know that damn well. That girl from earlier- I mean, aren't you pissed?" She went on, her eyes almost furious, but he knew all to well he wasn't the one she was mad at. She did not relax, however. "Every time I see him do that I just want to strangle him, I swear, I mean, how could he not notice after all those years- and he fucking calls himself your best friend?"

Whenever Dean brought a girl home -meaning on a daily basis considering this was summer break-, it all just went down the same. Jo would be restless and downright angry.
A couple years ago, that had first led Castiel to believe that she held some feelings for his best friend, but he was soon proved wrong. They had all known each other for years -that included Dean, Jo, Castiel but also Dean's brother Sam, having all lived in the same neighborhood-, and that meant they had had plenty of time to learn to know each other by heart, to share one's every secret and then some.

Jo had eventually come to him to ask him straight away, with her usual subtlety, whether he did or did not have a crush on Dean Winchester, and of course, not taking no for an answer. To be quite honest, he had not even known himself the answer to such a question at the time, but he was now quite positive he did like Dean. He sometimes wondered if he had liked him from the start or if Jo's constant nagging about him was what actually what forced him to see him in a new light- but either way, there was now no denying it.

Admitting it did not solve a single thing, however, as Dean was and would always remain a very straight ladies' man (or a 'manslut', as Jo would put it). Castiel had long given up on any hope of having his friend look at him that way, but that was not the case for Jo. She was absolutely convinced that with a bit of pushing, Dean would magically turn gay and beg on his knees to get into his pants, which he honestly had a bit of trouble believing.

"Jo, you do know where I stand on this whole matter," He replied calmly, sitting back at his desk. "It doesn't matter what I think, or how I feel- I don't believe I could change his womanizing habits in the least. It could actually get worse- If I did tell him it bothers me -which it doesn't-, it would only put a strain on him and instead of stopping, I actually think he would choose to see those girls in other places, or potentially even consider moving out." He explained and immediately realized he had been saying more than he had meant to. Jo always knew how to get anything right out of him, whenever she wanted to and as irritating as it was, he knew it could not be helped. One of the downsides of being this close to anyone, quite probably.

On top of being pissed, she now looked downright revolted, and frustrated as well.

"I call bullshit, Cas. It doesn't bother you at all? Really? Did you really think I was gonna buy that one?" She bit out, trying her best to keep it down so as not to be heard by Dean. "Man, you were locked in your room when I arrived, and that bitch was there, and don't you dare tell me you were sleeping, because I know that's bullshit too. Not with that creep squealing out the way she was- no way that didn't wake you up before I did." She noted, and well, he had to admit she was making a point. "Can you please be honest with me for a second? We've been on that thing for months, heck, years, and I think at this point I can at least be trusted with your actual feelings. Or am I wrong about this too?"

"Jo..." He started, and he knew that he just could not go against that. Not when she used that face on him. "Alright- I... Maybe it does bother me... a little." He eventually admitted, sounding defeated. "But as I said, it's not like I can help it-"

"Man, you're not 'bothered', you're freaking miserable and there's no way I'm letting my best friend look like that until the end of times, watching Dean fuck his life away. Literally." She sighed and shook his head. "Trust me on this, Cas, I've got you. I know this guy. I know I'm right on this. I really do."

And there she went again.

"Jo... As much as I'd like to-"

"I know, he's straight, I've noticed too. But I don't think he's strictly straight. And you're not just some random guy, you're his best friend, so that makes you pretty special to begin with," she stated. "Anyway, I'm not really asking for your opinion here."

Cas did not really know how to reply to that one. "Um... thank you? So then please remind me...the reason why we are discussing this?"
There was really no getting used to Jo's harsh tone. Sometimes, Castiel wondered how she would survive in the social world with such an absence of tact. But then there was Ellen. So he guessed she would be quite alright.

"I'm planning a little something for my whole plan towards 'Dean's Awakening' and I'm gonna need your help on it," she started with no little amount of pride, and Castiel could tell this was bad. It sounded bad, at least. "You won't have anything to do, but agree with anything I'll say. Don't question anything, just go with it. Ok?"

Alright, now this did not sound just bad anymore. It sounded frightening.

"If you promise it won't involve anything of the likes of kissing Dean, hitting on Dean, confessing to Dean, screwing with Dean's love life-"

"It won't even have anything to do with Dean!" She interrupted him. "I promise! It'll be really simple and harmless- and it's gonna be a really awesome plan. You'll love it. Just for one evening, this Saturday actually."

He bit his lips, fidgeting a little with the edge of his chair, knowing this was probably a very bad idea.

"I don't assume you will agree to tell me what this is all about?"

"I'll just tell you one thing," she started, something wicked shining bright in her eyes, "I'm planning one hell of a party."