If you are confused this chapter is a recap/explanation.

Chapter 1

Dipper and Emma met each other and started hanging out a lot.

Dipper told Emma about the books.

Emma has one of the books.

Dipper asked Emma out on a date.

Chapter 2

Mabel is tired of hearing about Emma.

Emma made Pacifica cry. Chapter redone read again.

Emma is rich, a genius, has a twin brother and a sister, has both parents dead, and likes mysteries, singing, and dancing.

Emma and Dipper kissed on their date.

Chapter 3

Emma is a physic kid.

Dipper kept her secret from Mabel, and spent the night pondering about it.

Emma's brother and sister's names are Daniel and Chloe, and Chloe is 2 years younger than Emma.

Stan knows about the secret society, and Emma wants to wait longer before she tells Dipper and Mabel about it.

Chapter 4

Grunkle Stan is part of the secret society, and so is Wendy, Soos, sheriff blubs, Dan Corduroy, Gideon, Robbie, and a mystery person. Dipper and Mabel are soon to join.

The secret society is in an invisible building in the woods.

The head of the secret society is called Golden Hand, and is also the writer of the books.

The society might murder the twin's parents, but only if all else fails to keep them in Gravity Falls.

Okay so if you didn't understand parts of the story this is explaining it, and I am still hoping for ideas to add to the story. I will add some monsters, but can people notify me what kind of monster and/or what kind of adventure they might have.