My little brother

Gray was watching over his little brother Natsu ever since Natsu's third birthday, when Gray was six years old. Till then their mother – Ur was looking after Natsu, but when she started working again as a cloth designer, Ur was too busy. Their father – Igneel, the boss of a big industrial company, couldn't participate in raising Natsu,but even though his son highly admired him.

Usually the family wasn't together, the parents were always late and a babysitter was looking after Gray and Natsu, but the one who really took care of Natsu was his big brother. If the cute little pink haired boy didn't know something or wanted something, Gray thought him or gave him what he wants.

So Natsu and Gray became really attached to each other...

When Gray turned fourteen he had his first time with a girl that he doesn't love, his puberty was fast growing, but to his little brother wasn't. Natsu was still like a helpless little child that needs someone's help.

The next summer there was a finally vacation for the family. Ont he first day after the beach, when they came back to the hotel to take shower Ur and Igneel decided to go out without their kids and he mother said to Gray to shower up Natsu.

"Okay, Natsu get in the shower, till I find your shampoo." - Gray gently pat his little brother on his naked butt. - "I found it, now turn on the shower, I'll come when I undress myself."

"I thought that you'll only shower me?" - The little naked boy came out of the bath.

"No, I need shower too, now let's go in" - they got in the bathroom together.

Gray started cleaning Natsu from the sand. - "Geez, this frickin' sand is everywhere on you!"

"Oniisan, can I ask you something?"

"What it is? Is there any girl bothering you?" - Gray chuckled.

"No, it's that...When mum cleans me, she touches me everywhere and when she gets down there I feel some tickle after that my o chichin gets hard and hurts, what's this called?"

Gray was shocked by that. *My little brother, is grown up already..." - he thought.

"That is called growing up, bro. As I see you're already in puberty. Do you wanna feel it again?" - Gray started "cleaning" Natsu's chinchin. - "As I thought you're already in puberty – you have a pink little hair grown down there."

"Oniisan, don't touch me there, it'll will hurt" - Natsu blushed, took a step back and hid his dick.

"You don't have to hide it, Natsu, I'll show you how to do it!" - He grinned at him and started doing circles around his own penis. - "See, do it that way."

Natsu kept staring at Gray's movements - "Wow, Onii, yours is so big and it keeps getting bigger! Okay, I will try!" - He did it wrong, so his big brother helped him. - "For this time, I'll do it, but next time, you'll do it on your lone!"

"Gray, stop it, it hurts, something is gonna come out!" - Natsu lied againts the wall.

"You're gonna finish, huh..." - Gray grinned again - "So, let's try this. Ham" - He started sucking Natsu's dick.

"N-no, Gray, what are you...N-nah, I can't hold it!" - Natsu finished in Gray's mouth. - "S-sorry." - He fell down on his brother's shoulder.

"So when you finish, you fall asleep...Cute little Natsu, aren't you." - The black haired boy took Natsu to their bed, put him down and lied next to him, naked.

"Next time oniichan will do it again for me, 'cause it felt so good!" -Natsu hugged Gray.

"Ha-ha, yeah, sure" - Gray fall asleep.
On the next morning Natsu woke up Gray.

"W-what are y-you d-doing, Natsu?" - He woke up shocked.

"Nothing. Doing what you did to me last night, he-he." - Natsu continued sucking Gray's dick.

"Geez, I'm happy that I have such a cute little brother"

"Shut up, you hentai!"