This is my first Hobbit fanfic. I have seen the movie once. Usually, I have a good memory for the story lines in movies and which scene follows another, but please bear with me if I screw up.

Admittedly, this first chapter gets kinda fluffy, what with Fili's grief and all. But hopefully the following chapters won't be so...feely.

And that was a horrible pun.

Kili's body lay broken on a rocky outcrop several hundred feet down from where the company stood. So close to the edge, he took a direct hit when the stone giant's fists came together. From behind Thorin, I watched in horror as my brother's body tumbled down the jagged cliff. Thorin, from the angle he stood, could not see that he had fallen.

"Kili!" he cried, reaching out as the gap that separated us narrowed. Reaching the other side, we were met with Bombur, Dwalin, and Nori righting themselves. "Where is Kili?" Thorin asked. I had rarely heard him sound panicked, but then, Kili and I were almost the only family my uncle had left.

"He's down there!" I pointed, leaning. Thorin yanked me back by the shoulder.

"For pity's sake, boy, I don't need you falling down there as well!" He shouted. "Kili! Kili, can you hear me?"

There was no response from below, and even from here I could see the blood pooling beneath his lifeless form. He was almost certainly dead, or about to be. My little brother. A scream of anguish threatened to tear from my throat, but I had to remain strong. I needed—we all did—to figure out how to get Kili back up here, if only to give him a decent burial. No. I must not think of that. The thunder battle was ending and I had to act fast.

"Has anyone got a rope?" I barked, clearing my mind of everything but the task at hand.

"I have," offered Bofur, drawing a length of rope from his pack. "Is it long enough?"

Taking it, I held one end and threw the thick coil down the side of the mountain. It looked to be just long enough for me to touch the ledge.

"Dori, Dwalin, hold the rope." I ordered. "I'm going to get him."

"No you're not," Thorin interrupted, pushing me back against the side of the mountain. "I cannot have you risking your neck. I'll fetch him."

With that, he climbed over the side as Dori and Dwalin held tight to the end of the rope. I watched as it slackened and began to sway. Perhaps it hadn't been long enough. Beside me, the hobbit leaned over curiously as Bofur grabbed the back of his collar.

"Oh, no, you don't, laddie. You've caused enough trouble today."

Looking sheepish, the small man straightened his jacket and turned to me. I could tell he wanted to say something, but didn't know what. He should have never come with us, no—followed us. I recalled him saying we needed to go back because he had forgotten his handkerchief. Such a man should not be on this journey, or adventure, as he so charmingly called it. To him it was all a game. To us, it was reclaiming our home.

Thorin returned, at long last, with Kili slung over one arm, blood seeping into his sleeve. His hands were bloody as well, though I wasn't sure if it was from Kili or the rope cutting into his skin. Bombur and Nori had located a cave, and shouted for us all to take cover. It looked as though we were going to be here for a while. Thorin lugged the body inside where a bed was already being prepared for him. Oin was rummaging in his kit, optimistically acting as though Kili might still be alive. The rest of us filed in and began unrolling bedding and setting up camp. Thankfully, someone had remembered wood for a fire, though it was now sodden and near useless. I leaned against the wall of the cave and dropped my pack to the ground, staring frozenly into the darkness. I had to keep face, for the sake of the others. Stoicism was valued amongst all dwarves, and if I broke down now they'd certainly think me weak. As a member of the Durin family, there were certain behaviors and expectations I had to uphold. It would reflect badly on my uncle if I were to break them.

But Kili…Gandalf, Oin and Dori were hovering at his bedside, and by the light of a single lantern were doing their best to heal him, administering medicine and bandaging him. Perhaps there was hope after all. He must still be alive if they were going to that trouble. Bofur and Bifur were at the far end of the cave, attempting to make something of the firewood. Ori had slunk off somewhere, presumably to work on his drawings. The rest were milling about with unpacking. Except Mr. Baggins, who was nowhere to be seen. The coward.

Hours later, most of us had dozed off, except me. I could not rest. A fire had finally been started, and Oin and Dori busied themselves with preparing all manner of compresses and infusions. Mr. Baggins had been located, sleeping far away from the others. Thorin paced the floor along the uneven rows of cots. At long last, Dori went over and tapped him on the shoulder, nodding in Kili's direction. Then he came to fetch me.

"We've done all we can, lad, but he may not last. I suggest you spend some time with him. He's awake now, but we gave him herbs to dull the pain…I don't think he understands much."

As I approached Kili's bedside, I was overwhelmed with the stench of more spice than an average kitchen held. A paste of some dreadful-smelling flower/mustard concoction was smeared across his chest above the bandages. His right arm was tightly bandaged and bound in a sling—broken. It would be a long time before he would shoot again. Blood had already seeped through the tight bandages around his chest and head. How I wished it were me instead of him. As his elder brother, I had always had an instinctive need to protect him, and I had failed.

"Fili…" Kili groaned quietly. It must have pained him greatly to speak at all. "Don't worry about me. I'm fine."

I drew a shuddering gasp and took his hand lightly. "I know. You should rest." I said, trying to maintain my composure for his benefit. It would frighten him if I cried. Blinking back tears, I was only barely aware of Thorin's hand on my shoulder.

"Come, Fili. Let him get some rest. Supper will be ready soon." He urged. I knew he didn't want anyone to see. Drawing me away, he looked at me solemnly. "Will you be all right?"

I drew a shaky breath. "I think I should be left alone." I hurried towards the entrance to the cave and managed to escape to what remained of the ledge before sinking to the ground and unleashing the tears I had contained for hours. Kili might die…it wasn't my fault, but still…he could die. While pondering this, I sobbed aloud…and that was my undoing. No sooner had I made a sound than our dear Master Hobbit poked his head out of the cave opening. Damned hobbits…their hearing must be very acute. Instantly, I blamed him for everything that had happened on this journey, though none of it was really his fault. I sniffed as quietly as possible and wiped my eyes. Then I looked up at him.

"You," I hissed.

Dun dun dunn...

Looks like Bilbo's gonna get it. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Bilbo. But sometimes it seems like he's everywhere he shouldn't be.

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