Garry's head lifted, his gaze fixating on the origin of the sound... which happened to be right behind the door to his study. With a huff, he placed his pen in its holder and rose from his seat, running a hand through his thick, lavender hair. His long legs made short work of the distance between his desk and the double doors and with an dignified brandish, he twisted the brass doorknob and steeled himself for some sort of disaster.

A brown liquid pooled across the wooden floorboards, shards of expensive china littering the hallway and clinking faintly as they came to a stop. Annoyance bubbled up inside of him and he quickly glanced down the corridor, searching for the culprit.

"Who did this?!" He barked.

The twin maids, Scarlet and Skylar, came rushing down the hallway with mirrored expressions of concern and confusion. They pulled up, nearly stepping in the spilled tea.

"What is the matter, master?" Skylar spoke up with wide eyes, leaning forward.

"Who made this mess?!"

In sync, the sisters glanced down, taking in the turmoil on the ground. Scarlet simply blinked, but Skylar went into full-out panic mode.

"Oh, no! We're so sorry, master! We didn't do it, but we promise we'll clean it up! Please don't be angry with us, master!" Tears filled her brown eyes.

Garry sighed, counting to ten and reminding himself that Skylar was a delicate girl, always afraid he was going to beat her whenever he got mad. While he would never lay a hand on anyone in such a manner, he didn't appreciate this interruption from his work, so it was probably best to calm Skylar down and let the maids clean up here. He smiled soothingly.

"It's alright, Skylar. I'm not upset. Just please get this mopped up."

"O-okay, master." The girl blushed hard, her eyes meeting the ground timidly.

"But I do wish to know who committed this act-"


Soft laughter drifted down the hallway from his left, and Garry turned his head, catching sight of a frilly white apron on a black skirt. Hmm, speaking of which, where was his new maid?

Gingerly stepping over the broken teapot and its squandered contents, Garry made his way over to his third maid and came to a stop before her. Clad in the same uniform that the other maids donned - a short-sleeved, scoop necked black dress that ended a little higher than mid-thigh, white lace pinafore, matching white lace headpiece, licorice-colored choker with a black ribbon interweaved through it, onyx over-the-knee socks, and ebony heeled boots - she was seated on the ground and leaning against the wall, a leather-bound book in hand and nose in aforementioned book.

She didn't even look up, too absorbed in the story to give him her attention. If he had been anyone else, his jaw would've dropped at the audacity.

But he was not anyone else. Instead, he asserted himself again.

"Excuse me."

Her large crimson eyes locked onto his own gray ones. For a moment, he was caught off guard as he'd never come across something so bold, but swiftly recovered.

"Yes?" She asked, the slightest hint of irritation in her tone.

He lifted a brow, entirely unused to her attitude. His maids would never speak to him in such a way... "Would you happen to be the one that dropped the tea on the ground just a moment ago?"

She looked off to the side, lifting a finger to her rather full lips thoughtfully. "I might've been."

"You might have been?" He hadn't thought it possible to be even more astonished, but the woman in front of him proved him wrong. She hadn't apologized or looked remorseful in the least.

"Yeah." The brunette nodded, meeting his eyes again.

"...Your name is Eve, correct?"

"Um, yeah."


"...Yes?" She looked somewhat confused, brow furrowing in a way that was more or less... fetching.

He shook his head to dispel the thought, telling himself to focus on the matter at hand.

"What caused you to drop it?"

"I was reading this book," She held the book up for him to see, finger planted on the page and pointing to a specific line, "and it got to a funny moment. I tried to hold in my laughter, but in the process, the teapot slipped from my hand and hit the floor."

She was carrying the teapot by itself? No tray, no cups, no sugar or milk? What?

"Why did you not hasten to rid the floor of its newfound circumstance? Someone could have been hurt." He put forth sternly.

"Oh, I headed off to find a mop, but I got distracted with the story and forgot to."

"I see." Garry nodded, when in reality, he didn't see. What was this girl's problem?

Argh, he needed to head back to work. He'd been distracted long enough.

"Well, please be more careful and try not to repeat this blunder. I will be returning to my study."

"Okay, Garry."

His eyes widened an impossible amount. This woman...

Before he could be bothered any further, Garry turned heel and hiked it back to his study, almost running over Skylar... who had been standing a few feet off and watching him converse with Eve?

Back behind his desk and in the safety of his study, Garry inhaled deeply. He needed to focus, get this work done and establish the deal with that company...

Red eyes flashed in his head.

Heat flooded his face. Focus, focus, focus...

A/N: Where the hell did I get the idea to write this story? Well, let's just say that I finished the Maid-sama! series, and maids are an interesting topic...

Anyway, I'd originally planned to just make this a one-shot but later figured it would be more strategic for me to release it short piece by piece, one a day. I'm almost done with it, just have to write the last chapter, which is where the rating will go up...

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