Swallowed by the Sea Trilogy

The Pull of Heart and Tide

Summary: The white gulls had not stopped calling to Legolas since that fateful day, and the sea-longing in his blood continues to grow ever stronger. But King Thranduil is determined to keep his son in Greenwood for as long as possible. His answer comes in the form of an unexpected child, one who comes to pull on Legolas' heart more powerfully than the call of the Sea ever could.

Turning of the Tide: Dannen na Duinen

Summary: Legolas and Haerelion have reached the shores of the Valinor and Legolas' heart is once more at peace. That is, until he realises how much more Haerelion has always had control over his happiness and the contentment of his heart than the seas and tides ever did, and it is not the seas he cannot live without. Sadly, the solution has been in front of him the entire time; Legolas just hopes it's not too late to make amends now.

Red Sky at Night

Summary: Haerelion, Gandalf, and Legolas have been searching all over the Undying Lands trying to find out the secrets to Haerelion's past. How can he do magic? How did he come to be in Greenwood? And who were his parents? Just when all hope seems lost, Gandalf makes a suggestion to lands never ventured to before. Can the trio sail past the borders of the Undying Lands, through the Void, and find the last piece of Almaren where Eru is believed to still live? And more importantly, will it give Haerelion the answers he so desperately seeks?