He was the kind of man fathers loathed and brothers kept their sisters from. He was frowned upon yet she just couldn't seem stay away from him.

The first time she felt something for him was while she was calming Judith down after her nap. She knew she had gone mad once she started thinking about how it would feel like kissing him. There was such an age difference and her daddy would never forgive her. And Maggie and Glen would hate her for sure.

But Carol would understand falling for a Dixon of course for her and Daryl had only just announced their relationship a few days ago. She would surely understand. She was snapped out of her thoughts by Hershel "You alright sweetheart?" "Yeah daddy I'm fine but I better go check on Judith." "Okay sweetie."

As she left her cell quietly and started taking care of Judith she was soon lost in her own thoughts again only to be brought back to reality. Only this time by Rick "Beth is Judith alright?" Startled Beth responded quickly "oh no no she's fine." "Okay I'm of to watch." "Okay." Everyone had noticed how she was acting strange and only Michonne knew what was going on in her head and she was not surprised at all.

Sweet innocent Beth Greene was falling for Merle Dixon and this would certainly be interesting