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General's Little Girl

X2083 10th December 9:54pm Hirokami Village

"Sir, it appears a cult known as the Tower of Heaven had ransacked this area, all the children were taken away as it appears that the corpses we studied were only the elderly and the adults. We are still searching for more survivors, so far, there seems to be none."

A tall sturdy young man was stood in front of the soldier. The man wore a black green patterned trench coat, pitch black army pants and shoes. A red belt adorned his waist and a handgun hung from his belt resting peacefully in the holster. His face signified that he had been in many battles and for the consequences of a battle, he had lost an eye. A red eye patch replaced his left eye, but what was most strange about this young man is that he had bright pink hair. The man flicked through some papers which were pictures of the assumed cult and the evidences that proved them guilty.

"Tower of Heaven eh? Wasn't that the Cult that took Ltg. Scarlet away when she was a child?"

"Yes sir, it was. It appears this Cult have been doing this at least once every year. Approximately 300 children have been kidnapped around Fiore."

"Gen. Dragneel!" Said person looked around for a voice until he saw a mop of red hair in the distance. She had a blank tank top that showed her voluptuous body with her hair tied back and army green camouflaged pants and wore black leather gloves. A katana rested alongside her back with a red dragon pattern on the sheath of the weapon.

"Ah! Erza- I mean Ltg. Scarlet!" He turned to the soldier still in front of him. "Dismissed." The soldier nodded at him and continued to search for the survivors. "So Erza, what brings you here?"

Said person flicked a strand of her hair away from her face. "I heard that you went to investigate a site that was ransacked by the Tower of Heaven Cult, so..."

"So you decided to disobey my orders; which I told you to stay in the barracks and decided to follow me here." Natsu folded his arms with an irritated glare. Erza had a cute angry pout as she tried to win the argument against Natsu. "B-But... I-I..."

Natsu sighed and placed his hand on top of Erza's head. It was noticeable how tall Natsu was against Erza. He was at least 10cm taller than her due to his growth spurt in his teen years. "It's alright; I know how angry you are with the cult that took you away."

Erza looked down to her feet knowing that there was no point in fighting Natsu. "Y-Yeah... I just... I just wanted to help with the investigation seeing as though I could find more evidence on their whereabouts." Natsu took his hand off her head which resulted in a disappointed Erza however, she didn't show it.

"It's alright Erza, now it seems the search is almost finished." As if on time, the soldiers gathered around Natsu.

"Maj. Fullbuster, are there any survivors?" He looked at the Raven haired Major which now for some odd reason, is topless...

"None sir, well I don't think there are."

"What do you mean you don't think there are any survivors?"

"W-Well, there are some areas which we can't... investigate because of the debris..."

Natsu pinched the bridge of his nose and ran his hand through his pink hair. "Godammit Major..." Natsu signalled everyone to give him space and the soldiers formed a circle around him. "Everybody stay still. You got that? No one move."

Everyone obeyed and stood still and silent. Natsu closed his eye and focused all his senses on his hearing. He could hear the entire squad's heartbeat around him. Erza's being the loudest as she was the closest person to him. He focused harder dulling the sound near him and waited. Suddenly he heard a faint heartbeat and a small sniffle. The heartbeat and sniffle came from a house that was half collapsed. Natsu opened his eye and started heading over to the house. "Ltg. Scarlet! Come with me. The others pack up your shit and meet me back at the Boeing CH-47 Chinooks." They saluted and packed up their equipment as Erza and Natsu walked to the house.

"Did you find something Natsu?" She asked as they gained closer to the house.

"Not something, someone." He approached a big box with a padlock. "In here..." He pulled out his .44 Magnum and shot the padlock off. A small squeak was heard in the box and Erza and Natsu looked at each other with confused faces. The pink haired man slowly opened up the box and there was a small girl at least 4 years old. She had dark pink hair tied back in a braid, her clothes were dirty and ruffled up and her eyes were puffed red from crying so much. Her onyx orbs meet Natsu's own onyx eyes and both locked eyes for at least 30 seconds before Natsu then picked up the small girl carefully and held her to his chest. "Hey, little girl..." All the reaction he got from the small girl was a snuggle towards his chest as she dug her head further into his chest. "Hey now..."

"I...I... don't know... who... I am..." The girl said in a small voice. 'Could it be? Traumatic amnesia?' Natsu thought to himself, he placed the little girl down on the floor and looked at her. Erza had appeared from behind Natsu watching the whole thing, the little girl now looked at Erza before slowly raising her right hand towards her and saying in a quiet but audible voice.

"M-M-Mummy..." Erza looked at her with wide eyes. She pointed to herself before saying. "M-Me? I-I'm your mummy?" The girl nodded and then pointed to Natsu. "Daddy..." Natsu had the same expression as Erza when she had called her mummy. He choked on his spit before asking her. "I'm your dad?" The little girl nodded with tears threatening to seep out at the corner. Both the General and the Lieutenant General started to panic and both hugged the little girl. The little girl started laughing and squealing in delight "Mummy! Daddy!" Natsu smiled which had a bad effect on Erza which now melted as he saw his smile to the little girl.

Natsu looked to the scarlet haired woman, Erza took this as a question and nodded to him. "Yes little girl, yes we are."

On their way back to the Chinooks the trio held hands with the little girl in between them. "Say, General."

"Yes Erza?"

"This girl has a name right?" Natsu stopped dead in his tracks

"Actually, I... don't know..." They both looked at the little girl before Erza asked her: "Hey there sweetie, what's your name?" The little girl was caught off by the question and adorned a confused look on her face.

"My name?"

"Yes darling your name." Erza said in a motherly tone which struck Natsu as she had never heard her like that before.

"My name... name... I... don't know..." She started to whimper but before she started to cry Nats picked her up and looked at her.

"Shhhh, hey now don't cry. I know! Let's give you a name!" Natsu said as he looked at Erza and the little girl. "How about..." Erza started

"Hana." And Natsu finished "Hana Dragneel!" The little girl gave a squeal of delight as her father said that name.

"I'll take that as a yes then!" Natsu chuckled.

"Hey! Why does Hana get your last name?"

"Because Hana Dragneel suits more instead of Hana Scarlet." Natsu stuck his tongue out in a childish manner.

"And besides, we're her parents now, so if you want to be a part of the family..."

He snuck up to Erza and whispered into her ear. "You'll have to marry me." Erza's face went up in flames as Natsu was that close to her and he actually said that.

"Natsu!" Said person laughed

"I'm just kidding Erza, but on a serious note we are officially this parent's daughter since... well... you know..."

Erza calmed down and sighed. "Yes... We are now Hana's parents."

"Yep indeed we are." He said as he lifted Hana into the air and placed her on top of his shoulders. Hana laughed and gestured Mummy to get closer to Daddy which of course got Erza bursting into a tomato but that wasn't the end of it.

"Mummy Daddy hold hands!" This time Natsu was blushing as well as Erza. They looked at each other before slowly and hesitantly entwining their fingers together. It was so awkward. But nonetheless, if this kept Hana happy, then the General and Lieutenant General shall be happy too.

A good couple of minutes passed by until they saw the rest of the squad placing their equipment into the Chinooks. Maj. Fullbuster had spotted the happy family first and gave the soldier next to him an elbow shove. "Well you look at that. One happy family right?" The soldier's jaw opened wide at seeing the trio and it dropped even harder as they saw that the General and the Lieutenant General were holding hands.

Maj. Fullbuster approached the supposed family with a shit-eating grin and said "Well lookie here! What's this General?" Both Erza and Natsu glared at the Major called Gray

"Just get in the Chinook and we'll explain everything..."

Boeing CH-47 Chinook 3 Clicks Until Destination

"Ohh..." After the whole ordeal of telling the whole squad of who the daughter of the General was, they were now currently discussing what happened between Erza and Natsu.

"I never knew the General had a thing for Ltg. Scarlet!" A soldier exclaimed.

"I said we had to hold hands because our daughter- I mean, Hana told us to!" Both of the Generals exclaimed.

"Oh? What was that just now? I heard 'Our daughter'."

Natsu and Erza were just getting smashed by the questions. They were however, intervened when the youngest Dragneel spoke. "Mummy, Daddy... are these... your friends?"

Said people now ignored the squad and focused their whole attention on their new daughter.

"Yes Hana, they are our friends and comrades!" Natsu said as he rolled up his right sleeve to show her a red stamp. "This stamp shows that we all belong in one army! Fairy Tail!-"

"Hooah!" The squad joined in.

"Mummy when will I get a stamp?" Erza looked up at the roof of the Chinook before answering: "When your 7 sweetie then you will get a stamp, we will have to talk to Grandpa Makarov and then you will have a mark like me, daddy and our comrades!"

"Where is your stamp?" Erza showed Hana her left arm which had a Blue stamped insignia the same as Her father Natsu except that it was a different colour.

A Few minutes went by until Hana started to get bored.

Hana then stared at Natsu and Erza as they were both silent. Natsu noticed this and took notice of her. "Hana what seems to be the problem?"

"...Mummy... Daddy... kiss..."

"What was that Hana?" Erza joined in

"Mummy and Daddy kiss!"


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