Deep within the hollows of the underground basin of the lifeless red desert, a fortress framed in metal and wires lay. With the soulless wraiths that seem to echo through such long lonely halls, challenging even the bravest of hearts to stir. The scent of metal and sour fumes seemed to be the oxygen that engulfed the only pockets of air that were left, and as a lonely figure began to feel her nervous system twitch did the sinking feeling of fear start to become a realization.

At first it was just a bandaged finger that twitched, before heavy eyelids began pulsing as consciousness started surfacing. With a weak breathless gruff groan, the scepter managed an audible yet faint inward question, "Ugh..where am I?" With a frame as heavy as if gravity had struck her times two, barely could shift or twitch a single hair upon her brow. Try as she might, no matter how many times she blinked, all she could see was black. And then it came, that horrid voice that taunted her very mind to was going to happen again.."Looks like you're awake my sweet." Came the awkward pitches in this cracking voice. Just the notes alone were enough to send her memory replaying, making her stomach reel. She was in a lab underground..a prisoner of war no doubt. Her partner..did he escape? Flashes of light and sinister glints sped across her mind, making her muscles tense.

"Don't struggle, you will be out of here.." with a cackling laugh the male's voice sounded, "soon.."

The sound of a muted beep made her try to shift her face to her doubt it was a heart monitor. As fear started taking over, the calm rhythmic beeps began speeding up at an alarming rate, until her body couldn't take much more of it and she went into a seizure.

"Karbuncle what's happening?" came worried tone from the far back.

"Looks like she's going into shock," came the awkward pitches from before once again.

"Well do something about it!" came the rising words of worry as the girl before them started twitching in very strange ways. Only after the girl was sedated did the seizures stop.

"Hehe.. yes your most gracious blue cheesiness.." came the sheepish response as the Doctor had re-submerged the now limp character in a tube filled with mucus.

Though the girl was limp, unfortunately her mind was fully conscious, and as she felt the slimy ooze touch her skin she could feel the hair behind her neck prickle, if only her mental words could echo..all she could think of crying out was, " NoNONONONONOOOOOOO" Once her face was submerged she could feel the needles prick her skin and she went out cold, with the image of a very tall and wide character grinning from behind the glass and a muffled, "Is she ready for the last phase?"


Agent Ray didn't know how much time had passed, but the moment she'd arisen she found herself in much the same state as recorded in her last conscious memory. Her body was bound in bandages, from her torso all the way down to mid-thigh. Shoe-less feet suffered the cold of the metallic room, and the stone sour smell left by strange chemicals seemed to be the only evidence that she wasn't in the Chamber..Her arms..weren't chained to the mechanical bed anymore.. and her legs weren't chained at the ankles. Afraid to ignite the muted beeps of the heart monitor remained motionless..observing the silence..studying the defining quiet. Grateful for her aroused senses, came to find that she could pick out every single detail that seemed to disturb the dark tranquility of the station. Perhaps it was her time spent underground in a world of fear and nightmares that she'd gotten accustomed to being on edge that made her twice or thrice as aware. Laying motionless for about fifteen minutes experimented with twitching her finger tips. The weight from her last awakening was no longer present, and though she still felt groggy she proceeded to experiment. From her fingers and toes, to raising her unshackled hands and arms, to finally pulling herself into a seated position. Hands clapped against her face gently finding that her face from the nose up was bandaged.

Patting herself down was relieved to find everything where they were supposed to be, though she did feel something was mighty wrong about her situation. Deciding to test her legs out, graduated from shifting in her propped up position, to sitting straight with no support from the wall. Cautiously reaching for the bandages slowly undid them, and as the wrapping came undone all she could see was black. Feeling her heart skip a beep felt the heart monitor jump and focused on calming herself down until the loud beep became quiet once more. Breathing deeply, fearfully reached towards her eyes and found there was a strange film covering them both. Figuring that it would be best not to tamper with the coat felt the sudden urge to get out. It was then she realized she couldn't feel her eyelids twitch or blink. Wondering what might have happened knew that the only way to get real help was to return to base, or have a rescue team come retrieve her. In order to send out a beacon she needed her things, which was obviously nowhere in sight. "Just my luck." She mused quietly to herself. Trying to retrieve a photographic mental image of her surroundings already knew which station she was in, and exactly where the monitor was. Managing to find the switch unplugged it from the wall and grimaced as she pulled all the ivy needles and sticky suctions that had been placed on her head.

Agent Ray could now feel the bandage slide off her shoulders as the coil from her head became undone. Feeling her hair once again felt a light sense of reassurance..having no bald spot meant that her brain was still intact. "Stupid movies." She told herself in mock sarcasm. It was then that the silence suddenly broke making her freeze.

"Haha I always knew Stoker had a dirty mind!" came a very loud, arrogant and mischievous tone which was followed up by a more quiet yet husky voice chiming in with laughter.

"Hello?" Ray felt her heart beat race, at the notion of foreign voices. Feeling motivated to move, quickly dropped her bare feet onto the cold metal panels on the ground only to find herself stumble and fall forward.


"Ugh..what?" she caught herself saying as she pushed up onto her arms and now posed on all fours. It was then that the amount of time spent in the place began to trigger her fear factor, was she down that long that her feet had forgotten how to walk? Managing to crawl dragged herself to the nearest wall and propped herself upon it. Following the voices brought herself to a doorway and called out "Hello?"

Her voice was drowned by laughter, and a faint voice saying, "Sorry Stoke, the guys are still gassed."

"Hello sweet heart!" exclaimed the excited loud character cutting the more deeper toned one from addressing this Stoker guy.

Feeling her mouth go dry after someone whistled at her froze in her spot, " I didn't know the Big Cheese had such good taste in women,"

"Hahaha I know right? " came the very loud Vinnie, " I'm surprised she doesn't have fins! Hah! Get it?" it was then the duo started laughing again.

Modo put on a frown and being the only one with a sane mind took note of the bandages that dressed the human girl. Walking up to her felt her cower underneath his shadow and spoke in the kindest tones he could muster, "Hello there..don't worry I won't hurt you." Seeing her turn her face to the direction of the very loud Throttle and Vinnie added, "Oh, don't worry about them they're harmless.." he cooed.

"Yea harmless my aaa-" Vinnie was cut off, "Not in front of the ladies!" Throttle cut in.

Something within Agent Ray told her this mysterious calm voice could be trusted, after all anything was better than rotting in this laboratory. Eyes cloaked under a curtain of over grown fringes reached out to the large character casting the shadow and once she felt his large hand, a weird electronic charge seemed to rush up her nervous system. He had fur! This surprise made her knees buckle and she fell forward only to feel large arms cup around her, one of which felt very metallic making her gasp.

"You move fast." Came Throttles drunken comment between broken laughs.

"Faster than me?" Vinnie barked before slapping his thigh.

"Can you walk?" came Modo's concerned voice. Seeing the girl nod before stumbling sighed deeply, a pitiful look upon his brow. It looked like they weren't the only one's who'd gone under Karbuncle's nightmarish surgery. Picking her up, cradled her in his arms and walked over only to be met by his old friend Stoker.

"Is she all right?" came a warm voice which made Ray turn to the sound of his voice sensing fear. Feeling Stoker's eyes bury upon her person. hid her face in the chest of the one who was carrying her. "She looks scared," Stoker commented before turning to the girl once more, "Don't worry, we will look after you," warm lyrics reassured. Turning to the seated duo in the back who refused to leave their bikes behind told them to follow.

Feeling motion just made Ray hang onto her guide all the tighter, only to hear a female's voice ring out. Apparently the other fae had been there for the time the human had addressed the mysterious furred creature. Her mind was so full of blank spots that she really lost all sense of reality. Before she knew it she found herself riding side-saddle on a motor bike-or so that's what the sounds had told her. With all fast paced motions, the noises were all soon drowned for she'd passed out once more.

A day or so after the human was brought to the secret meeting place, unrest seemed to have been multiplied indefinitely. The officer Carbine was really rattled to find an Agent of the MIB in their wakes. From the start of the peaceful and diplomatic arrangements between planet Earth and Mars, she always knew it was a bad idea. Right in the heat of battle the MIB retreated, the work of the Plutarkians no doubt. Humans couldn't be trusted, and the only people she seemed to only rely upon was herself, her boy Throttle and his crew. The resistance seemed to be the only ones making a difference, contridictry to the army she served, as she was constantly given orders to patrol or guard locations that have long been destroyed. How was she to know that this human hadn't gone under the Mind Bender beam like Stoker did? It was only too easy that the girl would just 'coincidentally' wake up and meet up with the guys. The human was a liability in the making! Who knows how much longer they all could stay free?

"How's she doing?" came Modo's concerned lyrics.

Harley could just bow her head and shake it, "She seems to have stabilized, but she's really tired and is running a fever."

"Poor thing, who knows how long she'd been locked up down there.." taking a deep sigh, Modo looked over his shoulder to find Carbine with Throttle sitting in the back as Vinnie was walking towards him.

"Any news sweet heart?" the masked Martian quizzed.

"Not since yesterday hot shot," came the flirtatious yet playful response of the fae.

Grinning sheepishly read the frown upon the female's features and asked, "What's wrong Harley?"

"It doesn't make sense..what is a human doing on Mars?"

Vinnie really didn't think about it until then, and just as he opened his mouth to speak Carbine cut in, "It's because she was working with the government."

"Don't tell me the government that sold us out- that government?" Vinnie's eyes widened as he saw the nod in the other's face and whipped round to Modo, "And you rescued her!" he stated dramatically as he paced a step back.

Modo felt a heavy weight in his chest, what was he to do? His momma always taught him to help others in need, and to treat ladies with respect..was it such a bad idea to help this girl? Keeping a steady eye on the trio who seemed to have ganged up on him flicked his vision towards Throttle who cut in, "Guys guys guys.. now is not the time."

Deep within the weaving caverns, a groaning Ray sat up grudgingly. "Where am I?" she asked herself as she slowly pulled her frame to a sitting position. Eyes looked around to find red dusty walls and frowned. This place was definitely NOT the lab, the scent around her was dry, hot, and..gassy almost like fuel. The light scent of burning fumes made her whip her eyes towards the only opening to hear the sound of voices. It wasn't a moment too long when she realized her eyes were unveiled and she could finally see! Clapping her palms against her cheeks wore an obvious look of surprise. The urge to see exactly what had happened to her became priority; so throwing her line of vision towards the arched opening, decided to run out of her bedding and find some sort of reflective object. To her disdain her body had fallen forward, but not because of weak knees, but because her ankles were shackled. Rolling onto her side pulled up to sit frowning. She then realized she was wearing a faded army green jacket and cargos. "O..kay.. I don't remember wearing those.." It was then a shudder went up her spine when the thought of males possibly dressing her up crossed her mind. Moments later a looming shadow soon caught her attention, making her face shoot up to the source finding a large mouse of about sixteen years of age wearing army attire accented with a vest. His tuff of hair upon his head was brown with a streak of gold. As she stared at him kneel down to her eye level she backed up in reflex. Sure this wasn't her first time seeing a Martian, but with all that had happened she couldn't help being a little skittish.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Came the young yet calm voice. There was some familiarity about this mouse that set Ray's nerves at ease..perhaps he was related to the one who had rescued her earlier.

Seeing the girl cower extended a friendly hand, "I'm Rimfire..My Uncle Modo was the one who'd saved you," he added. When the girl took his extended hand he stood up helping her to her feet smiling when she'd responded, "Ray." The next request the girl made was quite odd, for instead of asking where she was like he'd expected, she asked for a mirror. Raising a quizzical eyebrow led the dark haired girl over to his uncle's bike completely ignoring the fact she was dragging her legs around, "This is the best we have at the moment," he chuckled. Seeing the girl quickly go down to the reflector's level had to jump back a bit giving the girl space. With the dark haired girl's feminine figure masked with the army jacket he'd lent her, he could have sworn she looked like Carbine from the back.

"Yo Rimfire, whatcha doin?" Modo casually asked as he took his nephew in a headlock to rub his knuckles into the young male's skull. "You don't want Throttle catching you goggling at his girl now do you?"

"Excuse me? His girl?" Ray stood up and whipped round frowning reddish dark brown eyes that seemed to flash a catlike glare for a split second.

"Uh-" Modo was quite surprised and caught off guard to find that it wasn't Carbine, but the girl he'd rescued from the lab. "M-my mistake ma'am," he broke in nervously.

"Hehe, o-oh warning falling mouse," joked Vinnie in a low yet audible teasing tone as he clapped an arm over his friend's shoulder guard.

Ray just looked at the loud arrogant speaker and recognized him to be the one from before cracking the jokes, "Ah, you must be that smart mouth," she sarcastically retorted before shooting her piercing gaze towards a light tanned character wearing a bike helmet as he spoke, " Guys we have a problem-oh." He paused at seeing the girl and fought the urge to rub his eyes, "Carbine?" he quizzed in that same warm husky quizzical voice.

"You called?" Carbine appeared from Throttle's left making the biker jump.

Finally seeing a familiar character Ray extended a hand to Carbine, "Ah, General it's so good to see you again."

Carbine's narrowed gaze just stayed fixed, cold and emotionless, "Wish I could say the same for you Captain."

"Wait you know each other?" Throttle stood to the side and looked his girl in the eye.

Without diverting her gaze Carbine recited, " She was with the one I was telling you about remember? Agent to the MIB- traitor to Mars, dog of the government." Her eyes dropped to the shackled ankles of the barefoot girl and smirked, "Good thing we shackled you down, don't want you running off." The female's voice was dark and distrusting.

Frowning Ray clenched her knuckles, not liking how the Martian addressed her fellows and attempted to take a big pace forward only to forget that her ankles were connected, "Listen you-uuuu woaaa-" she stumbled twice before falling forward onto her knees as the group in front of her backing out of the way. "We aren't dogs of your filthy government."

Carbine whipped round and grabbed the girl by her dark brown hair so that now instead being in a slouched position, Ray was forced to stand up right on her knees, gritting her teeth as her head was pulled back, "Listen you, just because you tossed your weight around in the beginning doesn't give you right to flag it 'round here," Carbine hissed. "You deserted us..remember?" with that the female Martian threw the girl's head down before stomping off towards the entrance.

Rimfire just gawked in fear and surprise, never had he seen Carbine in such a knot and didn't know exactly what to do, and for once Vinnie wouldn't dare speak up; his eyes following the General's shrinking figure.

Throttle met the glowing cybernetic eye of Modo with arched brows, "Listen bro, keep your girl in check, got it?" came the grey mouse's warning. The tan Martian never had seen Modo use such a tone, then again he'd never seen Carbine get so riled up either. Caught in between the two, the male walked off after Carbine calling out, "Hey Babe, wait!'

With his friend's fading voice Modo walked over to the girl who was slumped on the ground picking herself up. "You all right?"

Coughing up dust Ray brought herself up and sat on her knees wiping the blood off the corner of her mouth with the back of her sleeve. Head hung low was plainly confused. The M.I.B. were always on good terms with the Martians and their army, no way could they have deserted them! No way they would've left her behind either-not with her grandfather being the founder and director of the institution. What was going on? That seemed to be the only question that kept recurring in her mind, making her deaf to Modo's question. "This doesn't make sense," she commented before being helped onto her feet.

"Don't blame the General," Modo paused wondering how to address Carbine, it was quite strange addressing the she-mouse so formally, but that was before he'd learned the human was an officer as well. "She'd been through a lot, and things-" he was cut off with the mindless rambling of Ray before she buckled at the waste grabbing her sides. "Har-Harley!" he called out. "What's happening!?"

Ray had started coughing up blood as she grabbed her chest. Eyes shot at a 45 degree angle to the ground as her eyes flashed gold with catlike slits shifting her focus; thus making everything seem a lot closer. This sudden zooming made her head spin and her eyes cross forcing the human to clap her eye lids tightly shut. Under her clenched fingers she felt her heart race- something was really wrong..and painful. Senses kicked up a notch forming a knot in her stomach as her jaw started to click as if readjusting to the fangs that now started materializing from her gums, both up and down. Sharp claw like nails seemed to spurt giving her once graceful small hands a more feline like accent. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" All at once pain shot up through her body and only when the light sandy haired mouse named Harley injected her with a strong seditive and painkiller did her nerves numb down making Ray revert back to her normal self. Sweat marked her brow now but what struck her more was that she really needed help. Something went down in that lab, and she wanted to know what. Once her mind cleared she found herself cradled in the arms of Harley. "Are you all right sweety?"

As the days passed, and push turned to shove Ray participated with the raids and scrambles of the Freedom Fighter movement, and not soon after that did they get their leader Stoker back- with the added bonus tied in with the support of the army that Carbine served. When things settled down a decent notch, Agent Ray managed to get a signal out to the M.I.B. and on the day she was supposed to be retrieved a strange sense of sadness had engulfed her. The bond she formed with Harley, Vinnie, Modo and Rimfire was one she found very special and personal. Not really seeing eye to eye with Throttle because of his girl made sure to keep a decent distance to avoid further pointless squabbles. For reasons unknown to her she never really made-up with Carbine after that reunion weeks ago in the caves. Though, Ray had to admit, the only time they both seemed to agree was only when they'd reinforced that they don't look or act alike.

On rare occasions however, she did manage to speak to Throttle, which always hit a soft spot since she always had a fondness for him. He was always kind and regardless how bad things got, and he always seemed to have her back with his signature wink that he used to tease her with. Sitting atop a lonely red hill, kept replaying her fond memories with the group she had come to love. Modo had taken a liking to her to the point he started teasing her with his nephew Rimfire, which always fed Vinnie's ego by giving him the push to jump in on the teasing and offer to give tips about females. Ray learned to see the duo as brothers she'd never had, and though Ray hadn't ever gotten her things back, she did come to find her grandmother's locket on one of the rat raids. The agent never really met her parents and was raised with the only family she'd ever known..Kevin Brown her beloved grandfather and his wife. Opening the locket stared into the dusty pane that hugged the photographs within. "I'll be home soon.." she smiled.

"Everything all right babe?" came the familiar warm husky voice of Throttle.

Clapping shut the locket quickly stood up straight, " Yea," pausing looked over his shoulder, "What's with all the ruckus?" In the near distance Vinnie was on a rant with Rimfire teasing the poor teen once again as he tugged on the lad's ear. "So cute!" Vinnie's teasing high tones could be heard in the near distant background, making Ray chuckle.

"Ah the usual," Throttle responded casually. "Wanna go for a walk?"

0 0 0

Raising a quizzical eyebrow, Ray stared at the tanned Martian with the shades, "You sure that's all right with the Mrs?" she joked. Hearing him cough an awkward laugh just found his next play of words quite childishly cute, "Ehm, well, we're not..not yet..I mean." Watching Throttle stutter was always something very hilarious,, and something he seemed to do only when talking with her. Yes she knew how to tug on his tail..his weakness was Carbine and for some reason or other he always felt awkward talking about her with the human fae.

Fake coughing, Throttle placed a hand behind the girl's back and led her away, motioning discretely over to his bros. Eyeing the Captain had a hunch the girl knew that they all were up to something, but did his best not to pay it much heed. "So..everything packed?"

Chuckling Ray replied, "As if I've got anything to pack."

An awkward pause arose, "Ah right heh.." he chuckled. How was he supposed to buy time when things were so awkward? Eyeing the girl as she walked ahead noticed a signature of sadness as she sat on the edge of a rock which jutted out of the cliff face. Ray seemed to have her features slouched over, and for once she didn't really hold a gaze for more than a second. Sighing deeply knew something was bothering the girl and walked over to take a seat.

Eyes didn't divert away from the rocky chasm ahead of her, not even when her friend had taken a seat. A long pause seemed to follow, making the weight in her chest grow heavier with each minute that passed. Only when Throttle spoke did she let out a deep sigh bowing her head.

"You're gonna miss the place aren't you.."

Chuckling drew a weak smile under her fringes, "Is it that obvious?"

Chuckling in his signature warm husky way just leaned back propping his weight on his hands as he looked to the sky smiling. He ignored the fact that the girl had been looking at him, but seeing he'd gotten her attention always seemed to make his smile draw that charming stretch that showed a bit of teeth. He liked the attention, then again who wouldn't? She was a great addition to the team after all, aside from Carbine everyone seemed to have warmed up to her as well, and it was on those few occasions when he needed someone to confide to that he felt obliged to speak with her. The human girl always seemed so easy to open up to, and so at ease. Thus it was natural to speak to one who seemed not as stressed as Carbine. It would be heartless of him to add worry to the mouse he'd fallen for-especially when he knew she was going through a lot with the army and all. "You know you don't have to leave.." he finally said still aware that the girl was still staring at him. When no voice spoke he turned his head to his right to find a soulful gaze accented by a weak smile. Feeling fortunate to be able to hide his surprise behind his specks drew a thoughtful expression.

Hearing his comment made Ray both happy and sad, and when he made eye contact she quickly diverted her gaze letting out a quiet laugh. "Heh.. Easier said than done.." her voice was almost regretting the phrase. "As much as I'd love to stay..There's just no room for me here.." yes she left him a hint.

Catching her drift felt his cheeks burn and faced forward, what an awkward position he'd found himself in. Grateful for her indirect confession just smiled and placed a reassuring hand over hers as he just continued looking straight. " I understand.."

0 0 0

"Is it ready yet?" Rimfire commented as he peeked over Harley's shoulders.

"If you'd stop hovering I would get it done much faster," she laughed.

"Ahwwwwwwwww!" Vinnie called out in his boisterous way, " Hahaha Rimfire's got a new girlfriend!"

"Shut up Vinnie!" Rimfire just punched the mouse playfully.

"Settle down guys," Modo knelt down beside Harley, " Anything I can do?"

Smirking Harley added, "I need you to wield this spot right there while I go get her helmet." Seeing the nod from Modo chuckled as she happily ran off towards her work station where she'd run into Stoker, who picked her up and greeted her with a hug. "You're in a good mood today," he cooed warmly.

"Ray's present is just about ready! It's the best work I've done yet!" she beamed as she quickly side stepped the Martian and grabbed the helmet.

"Any call from the 'outside?" Stoker called out to the departing she-mouse.

"Yea, they should be here in about an hour!" Harley waved, "Don't be late!"

Back outside, the grey Martian just grinned at his finished work, "All done," Modo smiled as he stood up.

"Where's Rimfire?" Harley asked.

"He's gone to get them now," cybernetic eye dropped to see the helmet in tow. "I still can't believe she's leaving." His tones were sad and low.

Vinnie slapped his grey friend across the shoulders, "C'mon bro, don't-" he was cut mid sentence when Carbine burst in to the scene- fear in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Harley was the first to address.

"Her ship, it's under attack! They can't dock here for long."

Just as Carbine had spoken, Throttle, Rimfire and Ray walked into plane sight.

"Babe what's wrong?" Throttle walked up to the female.

Carbine's words were trembling, "The ship is under attack, she's gotta leave - now or never!" she heaved, "I don't know how much time we can buy," she added before turning to Ray. "Captain-"

"I heard," Ray stated formally. She'd gotten a call on the receiver she was given the moment she'd made contact with the M.I.B. and thus her appearance at that moment. Not wanting to leave without a goodbye ran up to Harley and hugged her close, for she was the closest thing she'd had to a sister. "Going to miss you Harley.."

Tears swelled in the fae's eye as she gave the helmet, "This is for you." Side stepping revealed a custom bike with all the trimmings, "As a thank you for everything.. " she sniffled. Rimfire was next, and he couldn't help but have tears escape making Ray's heart sink. The lad may have had a tough exterior but deep inside, he was a softy. "Take care of yourself Cap."

Feeling tears well in her eyes Ray whispered into Rimfire's ear, "Call me Ray.." Kissing the teen on the cheek looked up to see Stoker who wore a grave expression. "We have to go now." Urgency filled his words. Seeing the girl mount her bike turned to his boys, "We will need an escort."

Vinnie grinned ear to ear, "We're in!"

Throttle whistled, making their trusty bikes pull in, "You know the drill bros." chuckling looked Carbine in the eyes before she kissed him on the cheek saying, "Take care of yourself." Throttle just smiled sweetly back and ran his fingers against her cheek, "You know me babe."

"AHAHAWWWWWWWWWWWW! Let's get this party started!" Vinnie called before going off ahead.

Modo turned to Ray, "Think you can handle it?"

Smiling as she kicked in the engines , " Heh, music to my ears," the girl smirked before looking back at Harley who had her arm over Rimfire's shoulders. "We will meet again- My a Freedom Fighter!" she waved.

Rimfire smiled as he stepped forward and out of Harley's grasp and choked out, "I'll hold you on that!" which made Harley wipe a tear as she saw the young mouse slouch his shoulders and bow his head. Leaning into Stoker's side Harley allowed herself to shed tears of both happiness and sorrow.

"In coming fire bros!" Throttle chuckled as he skidded to the left, only to hear a loud engine kick up suddenly from his right as it shot ahead.

"This is one's mine!" Ray called out quite happy with her new bike as she bunny hopped over an incoming rat as she fired a pair of mini missiles that struck the ground next to the buggy making the driver and sharp-shooter fly into the air.

"Nice one!" Modo called after he swerved holding out his robotic arm striking an attacker across the chest.

As Ray sped towards the landing pad she couldn't help but feel this sinking feeling in her gut, true they were under attack, but… it was still way too easy. Within moments of arrival after defeating their attackers, Ray was swarmed by Martian militant guards.

"Easy guys she's with us!" Throttle cut in as he stopped to her right.

"We have warrant for her arrest." Came one of the colored officers.

"What? But that can't be?" Ray protested eyeing the landing pad only to find it empty. "Where's the ship!?"

A familiar laugh rang out making her blood run cold.."No.."

"Why, we meet once again my good Captain." Came the smug lyrics of Lawrence Limburger.

Modo was the first to make a move the moment Ray was grabbed by either arms, and shoved the officers away only to have guns pulled and locked upon his head. "Stay behind me," he told her as his cybernetic eye flashed red as he clenched his knuckles at his side. An officer managed to grab Ray to the side, but only just. She was still seated atop her bike, which was a good thing.

Ray's thoughts spun, no wonder Carbine acted the way she did. The sound of clicks made her flash her eyes upward, and as her gaze glanced over the area found that they were all surrounded. It was a fact that these three biker mice could take the group down in a moment's notice, but couldn't risk their injury in the process. The Plutarkians always played dirty after all. In either case she didn't want a rift in the middle between the Freedom Fighters and the military, though it probably didn't matter now. Details in the features of the officers soon caught her attention, on their ring fingers lay a golden ring that bore the seal of the Rat which made her clench her fists. "Wolf in sheep's clothing.." she muttered to herself. If they were captured, the tracers on their bikes would lead them straight to the others' new location. Mind whirling side stepped Modo, "If I go peacefully with you, would you let them go free?" she addressed Limburger directly.

Limburger chuckled, "By all means."

His sarcasm wasn't bought, though her thoughts were interrupted the second after the response of the Plutarkian came.

"No you can't!" the three biker mice said in unison.

"Guys you're out numbered-" came the girl's calm retort.

"We can handle them no problem." Vinnie defended as he gritted his teeth only to catch the human's signature look and raised his brows. " can't.." his quiet notes caught Throttle's attention.

The tanned Martian kept his face forward, but underneath his shades he glanced to the side and whispered, "What's happening,"

"She plans to go all Kamikaze on us." Vinnie hissed.

"Wait-what?" Throttle turned to the girl who stood behind Modo as she fiddled with something on the control board of her bike-her eyes pointing straight at Limburger.

"Modo.." came Ray's quiet tones as Limburger turned his line of vision to the side to throw a comment at Karbuncle.

"Mmm..?" came Modo's silent remark. Only when the scent of gasoline caught his attention did he put on a frown and actually look over his shoulder.

"Please take care of them for me.."

Brows arched as he met the girl's eyes and shook his head. She purposely started leaking fuel. Feeling his heart jump to his throat the moment Limburger told his goons to release her arms and clear a way for the mice to leave.

"Is that guarantee enough?" the Plutarkian stated in irritation.

Smirking, "Good enough," came Ray's retort. Leaving her bike with the guys walked ahead, flanked by tall well built officers.

A laugh soon broke out, Limburger's signature laugh that he emitted when succeeding at a task he set out. "Kill them." He ordered.

"What!? But you promised!?" Ray faked an attempted escape with which gave her the window to snatch a holstered gun.

"I did say they would go free, but you didn't specify you wanted them to go in one piece.." Limburger snickered in a sinister fashion .

"Good, so then no hard feelings." Ray spat as she kicked the section behind the knees of her captures' sending a flying kick behind their heads. "See you on the other side boys!" she called out to the mice as she whistled in for her bike which left a long trail of slick fuel.

"Ray No!" Vinnie spat as he kicked down the rat to his left before speeding up.

"No Vinnie!" Throttle cursed under his breath as Modo opened fire on their attackers.

The next play was one the trio all feared-the girl fired the laser which ignited the fuel sending a tail of fire rushing at her heels. Managing to engulf a handful of rats in a ring of fire, Ray aimed her bike straight for the big tanker that Limburger had kept close by for an easy escape. The flames quickly caught up and after running a ring around the tanker, the girl stopped and looked at her beloved friends, smiled and waved before everything went up in flames.


The sound of skidding tires filled sky as a cloud of dust was kicked up as the trio forced their way out of the range of the exploding tanker.

"Stupid stupid stupid!" Cried Vinnie as he sped off ahead in a reckless mad-man-like fashion. Modo exchanged looks with Throttle before shedding a tear of his own as he looked straight. "Good bye..Ray.." Modo said to the sky..Sighing deeply felt a knife stab his heart..what would he tell Rimfire? "Oh Momma…please help me know what to say.."

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