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Chapter 18

A head rose out of the darkness. Huge black eyes that devoured Daja's image and made her sink in it's abyss of fear and death.

Like a terrifing Hindu goddess, arms rose out of the darkness; talcons on each hand. The calm expression that striked fear in Daja, changed by moving at to a different angle of it's head and revealed a face of maddness and bloodthirstiness.

Fangs spout out of it's mouth.

A stench reached Daja's nose that burned and made her shudder uncontrollably. Unhindered breathing took over. Daja didn't even notice Brair's eyes widening or Sandry's horrifed gasp; the light dimming. All she heard was her heart beat.

Desidemona, mother of all sea monsters, goddess, consumer of blood and soul.

"Run," Niko said, uncharacteristically a tremor trailing his words. "Run to your left. Don't stop."

Daja couldn't move. To her horror she felt herself leaning forward. Those eyes drew her closer till she felt herself falling, falling in the darkness of those eyes.

-DAJA!- two voices screamed in her mind but to no avail.

Sandry and Brair pulled on Daja's arms and torn her away from that spellbinding gaze.


At that sound Sandry and Brair pulled Daja along faster.

"It's laughing," Niko explained to their unspoken question. "Run faster!"

Blindly, they ran in the darkness. Sandry light threatened to diminsh.

"Keep the light!" Niko stressed.

Brair stole a look behind him. Nothing!-No monster. Suddenly he felt a shadow pressing on him and the light; growing smaller and smaller. His hair prickled on the back of his neck. Iciness crawl down his spine. It was above them. Briar knew it in his very veins that had narrowed and grew cold.

"£ÿØü ThÏñ× ÷Ý¥ðu oRþ¿" asked a high pitched voice that would come out of a snake. "G¤, ªfëær MÃk£s ¶ßL'ødÐ..." Desidemona sneered. Echoing in the darkness and scarring their hearts.

Daja's legs couldn't take her fast enough. :Run, run...: echoed till it meant nothing. Inside emerged a different voice that became stronger as her lungs burned and running made her gasp. A voice that recalled a falling in those eyes. A voice that wanted to go back. Her soul wanted to be eatten.

Niko's voice panted with fear: "The River of Tears... just beyond." It is bravary to talk of hope when your soul is going to be eatten, when fear rattles your very words--betraying. Utter bravary and foolishness, these were Brair's thoughts. Imprinted on his heart.

Sandry's legs screamed. Her hair was on end. Eyes directing more will power to her light. A silver flow of river caught her eye as did other random lights. Colored moving stars. Beyond lay a huge golden door with two handnobs.

A shadow darker then all invaded her vision of release. Desidemona landed on two bold legs.

"£Ñ¤ùgh," Desidemona commanded with a base voice, switching to her calm face that spoke terror. "ï Êåt tw0 ©f Ýoµ×. 1 ØF ÿõøü wÍlLÞ ØPen ×tHe GatE."



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