October 16, 2013. Continued from 'Children'. I got some of the oomph to finish this while listening to 'Howling' by abingdon boys school. Kamakura dressing up as Cyclops is a shout out of sorts to Totenkinder Madchen's 'Press X to Hug Your Family'.

"Billy said you told Kamakura and Snake Eyes they could go trick or treating? How were you planning on doing that?" Jinx asked Scarlett.

"It was the only way I could get Kamakura to stop whining and go to sleep. Snake Eyes said he also wanted to go. Several of the others have said the other children also want to be able to trick or treat. I think I've figured out the trick or treating part, but I'm not sure what to do about costumes."

"Maybe you can ask the kids what they want to be and see if you can get volunteers who can sew to help make them costumes. Get the kids to help with the easy parts to give them something to do," suggested Lady Jaye.

"Hmm, that might be doable. I'll bring that up later at the meeting. How are the other children doing?"

"Scared and worried. Half of them cry whenever they hear Beachhead shout or even see him. I have a rotation of some of our calmer personnel supervising them, keeping them on a schedule of sorts, but it hasn't been easy. Some of them are determined to outdo some of Billy and Kamakura's pranks. Speaking of which, make sure you check your shampoo before you use it. I've heard some people have had theirs switched or colored. One of the greenshirts swore up and down he had a bottle of blood, not shampoo. Still not sure who came up with that one," said Lady Jaye.

"Well, if someone does it to me, I'll know it was a ninja. Snake Eyes follows me everywhere and refuses to sleep without me in the room. He's been in a bad mood ever since this happened and keeps picking fights with Tommy."

Lady Jaye and Jinx both looked at Scarlett with raised eyes. "Oh, god, no! He insists I sleep in the bed while he sleeps on the floor or in the chair. I keep telling him he should sleep in the bed and I can sleep on the floor, but he's being very stubborn. I can't say it isn't without its benefits though. He keeps Kamakura from running in and jumping on the bed while I'm trying to sleep."

"Tommy isn't helping. Keeps taunting Snake by saying you're his mommy," Jinx sighed. "He isn't in much of a better mood. He keeps complaining about not wanting to wait eight or nine years to get to the "good part" of life again."

"What's in seven or eight years? That would make him what? Fifteen?" asked Lady Jaye

"You'd think he has a girlfriend waiting for him somewhere or something, the way he whines about it," Jinx said. The three women thought about it for a moment, before shrugging it off.

"Anyway, if you can start getting a list of costumes from the kids, Jaye, I'll see what we can get approved and we can go from there on this Halloween thing," Scarlett said, standing up to leave.

"Sure thing, Scarlett."

Halloween arrived and everyone had gotten into the spirit of things. There had been a lot of help getting the costumes ready and some of the Joes who had the night off had set up an area for games and a haunted house of sorts. All of the Joes not working on that or walking the kids around had a bucket of candy they could hand out to any of the kids who came up to them and said trick or treat. Even Hawk, holed up in his office doing the never-ending paperwork had a large bucket of candy set on a chair near the door. The kids would knock on the door, say trick or treat and he would tell them to come in and take one piece of candy. Being the general, he of course got to give out the best candy, the full size candy bars that every child prizes on Halloween.

Tommy was boycotting it, of course, hiding only God knew where. Billy was dressed as Nightwing, running around at hyperactive speed, finding every Joe he could so he could get as much candy as possible. Kamakura had dressed up as Cyclops and hit up the major candy givers, but spent most of his time in the game area, getting candy prizes there.

Scarlett knocked on the door to Snake's room. He opened the door, letting her in, while he went to sit on the bed, holding his Spiderman mask and staring at it. "What's wrong Snake?"

He looked up at her. *I remember going trick or treating with my sister. We used to dress up with brother/sister costumes. Mom would take pictures every year and put it in a special album. She started it by dressing us as Raggedy Ann and Andy one year.*

"If you don't want to go, you don't have to," she said, sitting down on the bed next to Snake Eyes

He threw the mask on the floor. *I hate being like this.*

"It brings back too many memories?" Snake Eyes nodded. She pulled him to her chest and hugged him while he cried silent tears.

A solid week had gone by, including the mostly successful Halloween. The novelty of having ninja children (and children in general) running around was gone. When Billy and Kamakura weren't thinking up and pulling pranks, they were fighting, almost as much as their masters. Snake Eyes and Tommy had to be separated on a near daily basis, usually with the threat of being shipped to Obake-obaasan. There was good news, though, Lifeline and Doc had been able to figure out what had caused the reversal of age and were now ready to undo it. Snake Eyes was their first volunteer.

The procedure was pretty close to the same as before. He went into a specially built room and was exposed to the same weird light as before. The effect started immediately and a mere half-hour later, he was back to normal. The other children went through the same procedure and were successfully returned to their previous ages. Billy and Kamakura were reluctant to go in, but when they finally did, everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. Tommy was the last one to go in.

"Doc, can you control what age that thing stops at?"

"Of course, why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if you would shave a few years off. Leave me in my late twenties, you know, twenty-eight, twenty-nine. Somewhere in there." Doc frowned disapprovingly. "What? Why shouldn't I get some benefit out of this inconvenience?"