February 3, 2014. I was in the parking lot, walking back to my car, when I thought, 'I don't have a bunny today'. My second thought was, 'Damn, it's cold'. Cold plus bunnies equals snow bunnies.

"Hurry up and open the door, you foolsss. It'sss freezssing," Cobra Commander said, brandishing one of his beloved books at a pair of Vipers at the door.

"That wouldn't be a problem if you didn't build Terror Dromes at both poles and Siberia. This, I command!"

"It wasss a good idea at the time. I wasss tired of having to take a ssshower asss sssoon asss I arrived. Ssstupid ssswampsss."

"Instead, you now spend an hour trying to get warmed back up. Build in a warmer climate. This, I command!"

"Build your own Terror Drome. Why are you here again?"

"Making sure you don't try something foolish. There are rumors you are planning a coup de'tat during the next attack on the Joes."

"I would never do sssuch a thing. Can't you idiotsss get the blasssted door open fassster?" Serpentor snuck up on Cobra Commander while he was addressing the two Vipers who were frantically trying to warm up the door enough to get it open. He put his arms around Cobra Commander, tucking his head under his chin.

"Get it off! Get if off! What are you doing? Have you lossst your mind? That sssshouldn't be posssssible sssince you don't have one! Get off of meeeeeeeee!" Cobra Commander screamed.

"I'm just helping you stay warm. Don't be such an ingrate. This, I command!"

"Then go help the Vipersss get the door open!" Cobra Commander started frantically using his book to swat at Serpentor. Serpentor let go in surprise and Cobra Commander turned around and started batting him with the book. Serpentor started running around, trying to get away from Cobra Commander. The Vipers paused to watch their two leaders as Serpentor picked up some snow and then threw a snowball at Cobra Commander, who used the book to block it.

"You know, if the pay and the medical weren't so good..."

"I hear ya, man, I hear ya."

"Why are you trying to hit me with the book? Stop! This I command!"

"Becaussse 'Fifty Ssshadesss of Ninja' isss a rip-off and sssucksss!"