August 21, 2013. Sequel to 'Bunnies of the Future.' I got two bunnies for the price of one!

She was sitting on the top step that led to the hole-of-no-return. Ever since she had found the one bunny, she had been curious. Why did bunnies come from the basement? Why did mommy hate them and why didn't daddy get rid of them if mommy hated them? How come she never had bunny soup if Auntie Red went down there to hunt them? Why were the students afraid of being sent down here? Why did the stupid doctor have special shots for these bunnies? It just didn't make any sense to her.

The door suddenly opened and a woman crawled halfway out. "Snake... name... get... Uzi," she said before being dragged back in, the door slamming shut.

The little girl was wide-eyed. She had seen bunnies in that room. Scary bunnies with glowing red eyes and fangs. She scrambled to stand up and started running. She ran out one of the side doors and then over to where Uncle Snake was teaching students. She stopped a couple feet away from them, panting.

Snake Eyes had heard Tommy's daughter long before she had gotten there. He motioned for one of the students to take his place and went over to her, kneeling down. *What's wrong?*

"There... was... a...

*Stop. Catch your breath.* He waited until she calmed down a little. *Now tell me.*

"There was a wady person who came out of the basement, Unca Snake. But she was drawged back in. Was she one of the bad students mommy sent in? But if she was a student, why did she ask for Unca Snake instead of mommy or daddy?"

*What did she say?*

"Ummm, Snake, name, and... Oh! The big loud gun, the oozie."

*Stay here.*

"I wanna know what's in the basement!"

Snake Eyes shook his head and went to retrieve his Uzi from his room. Once retrieved, he went to the basement. She was waiting for him at the top step.

*I told you to stay put.*

"I wanna see!"

*S-t-a-y h-e-r-e*

She pouted, but didn't move from the step as he went down the stairs. He reached for the door, opening it quickly and sending in a spray of gunfire. The woman inside was on the floor.

"Aim for the ankle biters and watch for the leapers!" she shouted at him. He nodded and started firing at specific bunnies and then, since it hadn't been done in a while, he randomly fired at about half of the remaining bunnies. He noticed he had his own ankle biter hugging his leg. He slid the door shut and she looked up at him.

*Tommy is going to be mad you came down here.*

"Who is that wady person? Does she live here? How come there are so many bunnies?"

He picked her up and she scrambled on his back, hugging his neck. *Ask Tommy, his pet.*

"Is it a magica bunny wady? Is she really a bunny? Why does daddy keep her as a pet?"

*She is a person, like us, except she writes. They are called authors.*

"Why does daddy keep an awthor as a pet? Can you keep people as pets?"

*Ask Tommy when he comes home.*

"I wanna watch the awthor wady," she said, trying to slide down off Snake Eyes. He stopped to let her down.


They went outside and he showed her to a tiny window that looked into the basement. The authoress was sitting at the desk, bandaging her legs.

"What happened to all the dead bunnies?"

Snake Eyes shrugged and went back to his students.