Chapter 26 - Epilogue

'Harry, I told you this wasn't a practical way to travel!'

'It's perfectly practical!' Harry objected as he looked out of the train window, 'look at the view.'

Hermione shook her head in amusement as she looked out at the snow tipped mountains, 'yes but it took 2 days to get the train to Europe!'

'That's not important,' Harry said with a wave of his hand, 'we've got our little house in here.'

'It is comfortable,' Hermione admitted as she looked around the luxury little steam train.

'We're nearly there,' Harry said as they went into a dark tunnel and the lights on the train flickered to life.

The train rattled through the tunnel and then emerged in a station similar to Hogsmeade station. It was October so the place was covered in snow and looked very picturesque.

'Harry, look!' Hermione exclaimed, pointing to a castle on a hill, it was both very similar and drastically different to Hogwarts at the same time Harry thought as the train came to a stop in the station.

'Rosalina! Come and have a look at this sweetheart.'

A 3 year old girl toddled over excitedly and Harry beamed at her, lifting her up so she could look out the window, 'see that? Isn't it pretty?'

Rosalina nodded and asked, 'Daddy, is that our new house?'

Hermione laughed as she got to her feet, 'no sweetheart, it's just where we'll be staying for a little while,' she said as she put a heavy cloak on her daughter to keep her warm. She was an amazing mix of Harry and Hermione, with Harry's black hair, but it was curly rather than unruly, her eyes were Harry's through and through, from the shape to the fact they were a beautiful emerald green.

'I'll get the students,' Harry said, walking into the other compartment and leading the group of 10 students outside then walking back onto the train to his wife and daughter, 'Are you ready?' Harry asked Hermione, she nodded and he lifted Rosalina up. They left the train, shivering in the cold air, it was even colder here than it was at Hogwarts. They walked through the wrought iron gates and up the icy pathway to the school which was very gothic and quite scary looking. All of the students were waiting to greet them in the entrance hall due to the cold weather outside.

Harry smiled at Draco when he walked through the doors, 'Draco, nice to see you again,' he said, shaking the man's hand.

'You too Harry,' Draco said with a smile, 'and you too Rosalina.'

'Hello,' Rosalina said brightly, wriggling in Harry's arms.

Harry chuckled as Hermione hugged Draco and greeted him like an old friend, 'How is Gabby?'

'Great,' Draco said brightly, 'if not a little bit grumpy.'

Hermione laughed, 'When is she due?'

'December,' Draco said happily, 'Christmas eve in fact.'

'Well that would be a Christmas to remember,' Harry said in amusement.

'Indeed,' Draco said with a smile.

'Is Fleur here yet?' Harry asked as he looked around the entrance hall, it was large and gothic inside too with students packed in excitedly awaiting the arrival of the other schools.

'Not yet,' Draco said, 'and nor is Ron, but he did say he would have to apparate and the wards stop at the station so he may have a slight walk here, as you did.'

'I think Fleur and her girls are going to struggle with the temperature change,' Harry said with a chuckle.

'I think you may be right,' Draco said as a smile played on his lips, 'Gabby found it hard when she first moved here.'

'Gabby still wears about 5 cloaks when she goes outside here,' Hermione said in amusement.

Draco laughed and nodded, saying no more as Fleur strutted in with her girls behind her, she was shivering and Draco and Harry shared a slightly amused glance.

'Draco, Harry!' she said happily, 'it's lovely to see you both again!' she kissed them both on the cheeks and then hugged Hermione, 'hello Rosie!' she said to Rosalina who was still wriggling.

'Auntie Fleur!' Rosalina shouted, as Fleur happily took her from Harry for a hug.

'I hope bringing her isn't a problem,' Harry said to Draco.

The blonde shook his head, 'No, of course not. I understand that you didn't want to leave her for a year. You know what its like anyway, you don't really do anything you can't do with her with you until the tasks.'

'Well that was our logic,' Hermione admitted, smiling as Fleur tickled Rosalina.

'I still can't get over how much she looks like you Harry,' Draco said, shaking his head in amusement.

'It's those big green eyes,' Harry said with a chuckle.

'She can get anything she wants with those eyes,' Hermione said fondly, 'just like her Father.'

Harry grinned at his wife, 'I got you with those eyes.'

'Those eyes and that charm of yours,' Hermione remarked as she took her daughter back from Fleur.

Harry smiled and then their last guest walked in, none other than their best friend Ronald Weasley. He strode across the hall and grinned at them all, 'Sorry I'm late, I've just come from St. Mungo's.'

'St. Mungo's? Are you alright?' Hermione asked anxiously.

'Better than alright,' Ron admitted happily, 'because now that it's official I can tell you that Tracey's expecting again.'

'Really? Wow that's fantastic Ron!' Hermione said, hugging her friend.

'Yeah, congrats Ron,' Harry said with a grin.

Draco smiled too, 'Congratulations, although I still can't quite believe you married a Slytherin.'

'I still can't believe you married a French girl,' Ron retorted, 'I thought she would run away.'

'Touché,' Draco said as Ron got slapped around the head by Fleur, this made Rosalina giggle hysterically.

'Shall we move to the great hall?' Draco asked, leading the group into the hall which was spectacular, in the same gothic style as the rest of the place with an impressive arched ceiling. The students followed them into the hall, Hogwarts and Beauxbatons students taking seats with other students from Durmstrang, Harry found he was quite glad that they had done away with all this opening ceremony stuff. It was so tedious after a long journey.

They all took seats at the head table and Harry and Hermione couldn't help but grin at each other as they were reminded of the tournament that had brought them together 5 years ago. Rosalina bounced on Hermione's knee as Draco stood and gave a charismatic speech about the tournament and the goblet of fire.

It felt right to come back, they had wondered if it was the right thing to do with Rosalina being so young, but they decided exposing her to different cultures young would probably benefit her a lot. Ron was doing an in and out role, coming only for the tasks and other important events, but Harry and Hermione had decided to stay at Durmstrang and change things if they realised it wasn't working for Rosalina. She was used to growing up around students, after all she had been raised at Hogwarts.

Harry found it strangely fitting, because for him Hogwarts had always felt like home, and now it was his home. It was where he and his wife lived, where his daughter had been born, in the hospital wing he had spent so much time in. It was more importantly Rosalina's home, it was where she had grown up and where she would continue to grow up.

Harry smiled as he turned to Hermione, 'Here we go again,' he mumbled.

'I can't wait,' she admitted with a grin.

The End

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