Jennifer Lake POV

A four. It's not the best score, but at least it's not the worst. William got the same score, and I'm worried it's not good enough for him to get sponsors. I don't care about my own score, though, only about his.

I'm going to make sure that William is the one wearing the Victor's Crown. I've thought it through, and it's the only good option. I would never forgive myself if he died under my watch. I owe him so much. He healed me. He mended my broken heart. For the last few years of my life, I've felt completely numb, unable to feel anything. When William Isaac Jones spoke to me, something clicked. My body felt like it had filled with warmth. I felt something again. I can't let the person who healed me die. I just can't. I can't let him die. I'll do anything to keep him safe. Kill, betray my alliance, anything at all. I'll die for him.

I roll over, glancing at the clock. 7:03. Edita will undoubtedly be coming to rouse me soon. Today is the day of the Interview's. The day where I have to act as charming and as perky as possible in order to get William and I sponsors. Great. Because I'm so good at that.

Seconds later, Edita skips into my bedroom instructing me to get dressed, and report to the living room for Interview content training. As soon as she sees that I am out of bed, she dashes off to wake up Bruce.

Bruce. I've never spoken a word to him. I understand him though. He doesn't want to get attached. Not like I've unwittingly done.

I pull off my sweats, and climb into another pair of sweats, and a maroon shirt. I don't bother to comb my hair, and I head downstairs to the living room. My mentor Maple is waiting for me.

"Hello, Jennifer," she says smiling. "You can sit right there if you'd like," She gestures to a blue chair directly across from her.

Maple Brook won the games last year when she was twelve years old, making her the youngest person ever to win the games. She won by staying in a cave for the whole games, and then luring the boy from District 4 into a trap that she had made, strangling him.

She smiles, but I know it has haunted her for her whole life. She's only thirteen years old.

"So, I've never done this before but um, we have to talk about what you want to say in your interviews," she says nervously stroking her shoulder length hair.

"I don't know what to say," I mumble. "I'm not very personable,"

"Neither was I," Maple says, she looks around nervously, and then leans a bit closer to me. "But after winning the games, you have to learn how, or else," she adds grimly.

I want to add that I don't want to win the games, but I hold off, not wanting to make her upset.

Maple sighs, but then says, "Well anyways, what worked for me was acting extremely kind and sweet, the careers didn't see me as a threat, and therefore they didn't target me right away,"

"I kind-of want to get sponsors though," I say a bit grumpily.

"Then act fierce, or something," Maple replies and I can tell that she doesn't really know what she's doing.

"I don't know how to do that,"

"You have to try. Trying kept me alive. If I hadn't tried to stay hidden, I'd be six feet under right now. Think about all the children in our District that would stay alive a bit longer if you win. The reason some of the kids in six are still alive is because I won. That's what I try to think about when I feel bad for killing that boy,"

I gulp. The children from my district are the least of my worries. Am I selfish? I guess I am.

Melodi Kemp POV

Ky's elbow cuts into my side and I snap back to attention. Edolie is still talking, but I can hardly keep my eyes open.

"How long has it been now?" I whisper.

"About an hour." Ky replies. "I didn't know it would be this intense…."

"Now, the next approximate three to four hours will be spent practicing what you will say, deciding what you will wear, and finalizing how you want to be presented overall. I will also go over the backstage area of Caesar's studio so you will be properly prepared for tomorrow!" Edolie announces, smiling widely. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun!" She gestures for us to follow her and marches out of the room.

I turn to look at Ky, whose dazed expression sums up exactly what I'm feeling.

"But interviews are tonight! How am I going to have the energy for all this?" Ky asks, running a hand through his disheveled brown hair. He looks like he rolled out of bed, which isn't surprising considering that Edolie woke us at six this morning.

"We'll just take a quick nap in between practice and when we're called at the studio." I said, tying my own brown hair into a messy ponytail. "Or maybe I'll just put on some sunglasses and fall asleep against you while Edolie's trying to talk to us."

"Can we do that in shifts?" Ky pleads, laughing.

"As long as I get first shift, you can do whatever you want." I reply, yanking him off the leather couch.

Abrianna Restuc POV

My stylist examines me closely, every so often leaning over to adjust a piece of my shining hairpiece or to fluff a piece of my dress. Finally she takes a step back and stands still, eyes narrowed.

"Moura, I'd like a box of pins and the tailor over here as quickly as possible, please." Clarence mutters, reaching for her clipboard and making some swift notes before turning back to me.

"This dress is unfortunately a bit too short. I'm going to make some minimal alterations, but not to worry, everything will be ready to go for tonight. If you could just step over here…." She ushers me in front of a large mirror as her assistant Moura rushes in and eagerly hands her the pins. Clarence gets to work immediately, measuring and pinning the areas she plans to alter. Clarence isn't one for much conversation, and when she does speak it's quietly and almost gently. A welcome change from all of Dal's loud and constant chatter. I watch the work in the mirror, and examine my dress. It's a beautiful floor length navy dress with a lace and pearl bodice. The skirt flows like water wherever and whenever I move. It's one of the finest things I've ever worn or even seen, but I'd give it up in a second to be sneaking up the stairs in my bed sheet and giggling with Mercedes at how ridiculous I look. I want to cry just thinking about never doing that again, but even if I was alone I couldn't. Tears haven't come in the past twenty-four hours. I've wanted to cry but I just can't. It's infuriating and almost more painful than the release that comes from crying. At least I have Bruce and Dan now. I don't know how long it will last, but I'm holding on to every minute. Being alone again would kill me.

"Stand up straight, Abrianna. You're slouching." Clarence orders, but not unkindly.

I stand tall and watch the girl in the mirror do the same. I can see the terror in her eyes and the gauntness of her face that comes from long nights of tears and sleeplessness. It's too much and I look away. Clarence sighs audibly and I force my face back up. I'm thankful now that I'm unable to cry, it would be too embarrassing. Interviews are tonight, and it's time to gather all my strength. I take a deep breath and attempt a tentative smile, which ends up looking more like a horrendous grimace. A weird snicker suddenly comes from me, and I put my hand over my mouth. Clarence looks up and shakes her head, but I'm not even slightly embarrassed, because for a second I was actually smiling.

Ky Finnegan POV

"So…What do you think?" Bellaza, my stylist squeals, her hands clasped together, as she reveals what's apparently supposed to be my interview outfit.

I guess in the capitol it could be considered attractive. I don't find it that way. Not at all. What lies before is a teal and green striped suit, incrusted with diamonds. What I find a bit sad is how one of the eight diamonds on my suit could probably feed a hundred families for a year. As soon as the night is over though, the interview will be taken and placed in The 67th Hunger Games museum for citizens from the capitol to 'admire' over and over again.

I don't disagree with the games, but I do disagree with the fact that the capitol puts so much money into it. Why not feed the country instead?

"It's great!" I say, with mock happiness. I've always been good at acting.

"Let's get this sucker on, and then I'll get started out on your makeup!"

"Great." I mumble to myself.

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