First One-shot

Pairing: KagaKise

"I'm not exactly too sure what's going on."

The day had started out normal. Morning practice, Kuroko being Kuroko and popping out of nowhere, tripping over a dog, running away from said dog. The normal stuff. Kagami should have known the day wasn't going to be normal and boring when Kise suddenly showed up being overly friend.

The two of them didn't really get along, so for Kise to approach Kagami without Kuroko there was beyond him. But of course, Kagami wasn't one to overlook the day pigs fly, so he went with Kise all the way to the blonde's home. Why? Because he's stupid.

"I should have known that overly sparkly smile was a lie," Kagami gruffed, pinned to the wall by a man who didn't look stronger than him but clearly was. The miracle of body composition. Pretty face or not, Kise meant business and his business was Kagami.

"It wasn't a lie-ssu. I was genuinely glad to you-ssu," Kise said, smiling at Kagami like nothing was wrong with this picture. But clearly something was indeed wrong. Yes, very wrong indeed. And Kagami was not happy with this turn of events. Where did his normal day go? He wanted it back.

"Uh, why?" Kagami asked, hoping the answer would be something small and Kise was just exaggerating the situation. Couldn't be money, the guy was loaded. Maybe word reached Kise ears that Kagami was a good cook and he wanted to try. Ah, if that's the case all he had to do was ask. And not pin him to the wall giving off bad intention vibes. It'd go over a lot better with Kagami. Hahaha…

"Because-ssu. I want you-ssu."

"There it is," Kagami mumbled, he had been hoping Kise wouldn't say that. Well, Kagami really should have seen this coming. Any other time Kise approached him alone, it had ended up the same way. With the two of them having really hot steamy and really gay sex. Not like it was bad, in fact it was good. And Kise made some really nice sounds. But—

"Enough is enough Kise. I don't know what we are and I have no intention of continuing being your booty call," Kagami states, pushing Kise away gently but nonetheless putting space between them. After hearing what Kagami said, Kise was no longer using any strength to keep Kagami there. In fact, he looked a little hurt. Like, about to cry hurt. And suddenly Kagami felt like the bad guy.

"Wah, what's wrong? Urgh, I don't understand what's wrong!" Kagami flustered, stepping towards Kise and then stepping back, raising his hands and then lowering them back down again.

"I don't know what to do….!"

"Don't do anything-ssu," Kise said sadly and then kissed Kagami, cupping his cheeks as he pressed their lips together gently. And the kiss was drawn out, Kagami didn't really want to end it. Kise started kissing harder, his hands trembling to hold onto Kagami and his heart.

"How do I say I love you-ssu?" Kise whispered when he finally broke his desperate kiss with Kagami. He slumped against Kagami in defeat, no longer smiling and now Kagami believed it when Kise said that he was genuinely happy to see him. Kagami gritted his teeth. This idiot!

"You just did," Kagami said awkwardly, scratching the nape of his neck and Kise jerked, looking at him with a chaos of conflicted emotions in his pretty eyes.

"No-ssu! That's not what I meant-ssu! I-I love you Kagamicchi!"

"Yeah, I kinda got that. You know, there were better ways to get my attention than asking me to be your sex friend," Kagami patted Kise's hair and then ruffled it. It ended with him leaning in and smelling Kise's hair which always smelled nice and clean and really just overall…just wonderful. Yeah, wonderful…and maybe now wasn't the best time for getting cozy.

"B-but we're both guys-ssu. I thought if I told you my feelings, you wouldn't have sex with me-ssu," Kise murmured, behaving in a drastically different way than the confident and sexy man he was when Kagami first got here. But the shy and un-sure Kise was also nice. It was hard for Kagami to remember that Kise was confessing and feeling rejected when everything the model did made Kagami want to ravage him.

"Kise I—"

"We don't have to have sex-ssu! Just don't leave yet-ssu!" Kise stammered, his pleading eyes holding Kagami to him tighter than the hand gripping his shirt. And Kagami chuckled, realizing he'll have to apologize for being a pervert in an important moment for Kise.

"We kinda do. You're awkward love has me riled up."

A/N - Don't kill me for making the first one-shot a drama with humor~! I actually ship it the other way with Kise as seme but I need to tickle everyone's fancies so here we go! A KagaKise one-shot that I think it kinda cute. Just me?

Next one-shot is KiseKuro! Wait for me cheese-tits!