One-shot story #10

Pairings: MidoKaga, KagaKuro

Kagami Taiga sighed, locking the door shut behind him. It had been quite a few years since he had graduated high school. High school had been both the best and worst time of his life. It had been trying for him, to beat all of the miracles.

At the time, it had been a rush, a thrill. But as soon as it was over, it left Kagami feeling hollow inside. Since high school, there had been no greater challenge to him, no opponent that could set fire to his blood like that.

Now that Kagami was working towards his degree in college, the generation of miracles was a fading memory. He still played basketball, but it wasn't exciting anymore. He got more wound up image training and chasing their shadows in his head than playing against college level opponents. The generation of miracles were better.

He didn't know what happened to them after high school, where they went, what they were doing. Kagami just wanted to face them all again.


Kagami looked up, meeting a pale blue gaze looking out at him from further down the entry way. He gave a half-hearted smile.

" 'Sup Kuroko?" He slipped his shoes off and padded down the hallway, pulling Kuroko into a hug. He was warm and small, but right now, not even Kuroko Tetsuya, his longtime boyfriend, could push away the icy tendrils of depression sapping away Kagami's energy like a leech.

There were times when Kuroko could bring a smile to his face, brush away the emptiness that have filled him since he had conquered the biggest challenge of his life. But right now…the depression was back…stronger than ever and Kagami wanted now more than to play basketball with them again, to be scared and yet excited by the idea that he might not win.

"I made dinner," Kuroko said, looking up at Kagami, his adorable face should have been arousing, his pale skin should have been tempting. But it wasn't. Kagami just felt lifeless, wishing it were someone else.

"Oh, cool," Kagami said, pulling Kuroko tighter against him until Kuroko until Kuroko squirmed in discomfort, trying to bring out the part of him that had loved Kuroko, when he had been filled with passion oh so long ago.

"I didn't burn it this time—it hurts Kagami-kun," Kuroko said, wiggling free of Kagami's squeezing embrace. He let him go.

"Oh sorry—is that what smells so good?" It did smell good, but Kagami wasn't hungry. He didn't want to eat. Not even the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen, nor Kagami's favorite food, could Kagami to eat anything right now. The thought of eating made him nauseous.

Kuroko was silent for a while, not moving from the doorway, blocking Kagami from going deeper into the house though Kagami didn't really care if he did that or stayed here all night now. He didn't care where he was right now. Kuroko spoke softly.

"I know…" He murmured.

"Sorry, what?"

"I know that you're thinking of him…" Kuroko said, referring not to the most infuriatingly arrogant man, Aomine Daichi; nor the friendly model, Kise Ryouta. He wasn't referring to the two meter giant, Murasakibara Atsushi; nor the man with a god complex; Akashi Seijuro. He was talking about Shintarou Midorima, the man who, at the time of graduation, Kagami had written off as the most forgettable.

"Am not…" Kagami said lamely. Of course he was thinking about Midorima. He had been very, very, wrong about Midorima being easy to forget. Of all the generation of miracles, Midorima was the one whom it hurt most to forget about.

"I know you are," Kuroko accused, he looked a little hurt, but mostly determined. Kagami opened his mouth to protest, but Kuroko pressed a finger to his lips, gently silencing him.

"I love you Kagami-kun…even if you're depressed and self-destructive and won't hold me when we sleep anymore. I love you, but I can't continue doing this. It's not healthy for me, and it's not healthy for you," Kuroko said, his hands moving slowly to cup Kagami's cheek tenderly. Once upon a time, that look Kuroko was giving him would have made Kagami's heart beat out of control. But now…

"You're right, I am thinking of him…" Kagami murmured softly, taking Kuroko's small hand into him, kissing the palm of Kuroko's hand.

"I'm sorry Kuroko, I really am," Kagami said and Kuroko dropped his hand. He looked sad. Sad but strong. He said,

"Me too Kagami-kun. But we both need to do what makes us happy now, instead of holding on to the past," Kuroko spoke and Kagami swallowed. Without it being said, Kagami knew that Kuroko was leaving him.

"I'll miss you," He said and meant it. He would miss Kuroko, whether he still loved Kuroko or not, when someone leaves you after being together for many years, there's no way you wouldn't miss them.

"I'll miss you too," Kuroko said in return, grabbing a suit case Kagami hadn't even noticed was there. Damn…

"I'll call you…later…" Kagami said and Kuroko smiled.

"I'll be back for my stuff later, but from now on, I'll be staying at my own place, I look forward to your call," Kuroko said and he moved around Kagami, a hand on the door when he spoke again.

"And…the reason the food wasn't burnt is because I'm not the one who made it," And then he was gone from Kagami's life, leaving him standing there a combination of confused, sad, and excited. Kagami stepped further into the house, following the smell of food.

His heart was pounding by the time he got to the kitchen. It was there that he watched the man he'd been unable to forget stir miso soup that was boiling on the stove with his taped fingers, pushing his glasses up his nose.

Kagami was suddenly starving. He wanted to speak but he throat was dry. Parched. He suddenly knew what Kuroko meant by 'what makes us happy'. He had to swallow past his dry throat.

"Midorima…" he said softly, watching that head of grassy green hair turn his way and he felt alive again, filled with energy, when faced with the one thing he hadn't been able to conquer in high school. He was going to do what he should have done from the beginning with the second chance: make the right decision.


"What's for dinner?"

Another word for depression is love sickness.

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