One-shot 8

Pairing: KiyoKuro


"Hmm…? What is it Kuroko?"

"I'm in love with you."

That's how it all started. After that moment, Kuroko had relentlessly pursued Kiyoshi, telling him he loved him every day without failure. Well, there had been only one course of action Kiyoshi could take.

He had refused Kuroko.

"But wow, I never would have expected Kuroko to confess in the middle of practice," Kiyoshi clutched at the warm hot chocolate in his hands. It was snowing and he had yet to actually drink any of it, simply using it to warm his hands since he had forgotten his gloves today. Really, it had started snowing without warning.

"But obviously I can't date my kouhai…" Kiyoshi lifted the cup to his face, letting the steam warm his cheeks reddened by the cold. It felt good on his skin and when Kiyoshi exhaled his breath formed a cloud out of his warmth. It was freezing cold out.

"Why not?" Kiyoshi looked to the side, holding in the urge to shout from surprise. He was looking at Kuroko, who had appeared out of nowhere. Placing a hand on his chest, Kiyoshi tried to calm his heart.

"You surprised me Kuroko. How long have you been there?" Kiyoshi asked, trying to smile naturally and be cheerful, mostly focusing on the fact that Kuroko had snuck up on him a most inopportune time.

"I've been with you since we left school," Kuroko said and that's when Kiyoshi noticed that Kuroko had a hot chocolate from the same place that Kiyoshi had gotten his. Kiyoshi cringed, how could he have not noticed Kuroko the whole time?

"Sorry Kuroko, I didn't notice," Kiyoshi swallowed his guilt, nothing good would come from getting flustered and making excuses to cover his ass. Nothing would make it any less cruel, and it was cruel. Kuroko's expression said it all.

"You're cruel Kiyoshi-sempai…when the person you love doesn't notice you…it really hurts," Kuroko said, he had stopped walking and Kiyoshi had to turn around and return to his side. He looked like he was going to cry and Kiyoshi just kept feeling worse and worse. What an uncool upperclassman he was to make his underclassman cry.

"I'm sorry Kuroko, I'll make it up to you," Kiyoshi smiled down at Kuroko, his hand going up and ruffling Kuroko's soft blue hair. And when Kuroko blushed in response, Kiyoshi felt his heart warm. His underclassman was really cute, chasing after him with such honest feelings.

"How?" Kuroko asked, the light back in his eyes and a weight lifted off of Kiyoshi's chest. He wanted to do more. More things that would make Kuroko happy. Even if he was his underclassman that had not too long ago, called Kiyoshi an older brother figure in his life. When did Kuroko's feelings shift from a sibling love to a romantic love?

"Hmm…Are you free right now?" Kiyoshi took his hand away from Kuroko's head, knowing he couldn't keep ignoring Kuroko's feelings because of some stubborn promise he had made to himself to never touch one of his precious underclassmen.

"Y-yes!" Kuroko answered too quickly, with too much excitement, that his words stumbled over his tongue when he tried to say them. All of this from the usually expressionless phantom sixth man. Kiyoshi chuckled.

"Would you like to go on a date with me then?" Kiyoshi asked, not really expecting to be turned, but he was a bit nervous to be asking someone out anyway. Especially since Kuroko had feelings for him. But Kuroko's response was immediate and although Kiyoshi didn't really have any particular place in mind, he supposed you couldn't go wrong with a movie and dinner.

He wasn't sure if Kuroko could concentrate on the movie, his hand was sweating profusely as Kiyoshi held it. Well, Kiyoshi couldn't really focus on the movie either, he enjoyed himself more watching Kuroko. Kuroko kept glancing his way all throughout the movie and then his eyes would dart away when he saw that Kiyoshi was looking. How very innocent of him. Kiyoshi wanted to tease him and he leaned in, whispering against Kuroko's ear.

"If holding hands gets you like this, we won't be having sex for a while," Kiyoshi whispered into Kuroko's ear and he whipped his head around, eyes wide and mouth agape. Cute.

"N-no, if it's you, I would be alright," Kuroko said and Kiyoshi felt his face heat up all the way to his ears. Not good, Kiyoshi had only meant it as a joke, but now he wanted to take Kuroko home and lavish him with lots of attention. He started thinking about if Kuroko would be a moaner or a screamer. Somehow Kiyoshi could imagine Kuroko doing both.

Ah…what if Kuroko was the type to pass out after it was over? That would also be cute. Or maybe Kuroko really liked to cuddle afterwards. Both options were good. Damn, Kiyoshi really wanted to find out now.

"I mean…I think about you day in and day out…It's natural that I would also want to do it with Kiyoshi-sempai," Kuroko said firmly and Kiyoshi felt the thread of self-control snap. What was it about Kuroko that got under Kiyoshi's skin. Since day one, he had always thought Kuroko was lovely. But unreasonably, he swore not to touch Kuroko—

Ah…now Kiyoshi saw that he'd gone about it all wrong. Instead of ensuring that Kuroko would always remain safe, Kiyoshi should have acted on his emotions. Why was he always convinced it was a bad thing to base decisions off of the heart? Kiyoshi had to give it to the kid. Even if Kuroko wasn't trying to, he had somehow gotten Kiyoshi to open up his heart.

"You certainly know how to win some over," Kiyoshi said out of the blue, chuckling because maybe it was Kuroko's honestly that finally got through to Kiyoshi. It balanced off Kiyoshi's dishonesty with himself…

"What do you mean?"

"You've always been important to me…I just didn't want to dirty you, that's all," Kiyoshi murmured, cupping Kuroko's cheek and he leaned in, brushing his lips against Kuroko's. There was only one thing that could make Kiyoshi lose control of his emotions like this.

"It's okay…I don't mind if it's you…"

"Then…don't mind if I do."

Iron Heart, Kiyoshi Teppei, was in love.

A/N - I had originally had other plans for this one-shot, however, I kinda wanted to see the oblivious side of Kiyoshi so I took this KiyoKuro down another path. Somehow I feel like I keep picking on Kuroko. Oopsie-daisy.

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