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Forgotten Christmas

Chapter 1

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

My entire life, I had never gone without anything.

I had always had the best.

The best upbringing…

The best education…

The overall best possible start…

So my life's ethos was to always maintain that. I had worked hard, long hours to make it to CEO of a major toy company and didn't mind admitting that I had kissed some proverbial ass to get there.

I was the youngest Chief Executive in the company's history, a history that spanned back almost twenty years.

Life was great.

Being me was great.

Twenty eight years old, Single –sort of- and my own boss.

But I was not a nice person.

I had arrogantly gone through life trampling on 'the little people' as I rode my way to success.

And deep down…I loathed myself.

Even my parents could not hide their disappointment in me sometimes. My Father would often chastise me as if I were still a child if he heard me being rude to others. Yet I would not change my ways. Those ways had been my constant companion these passed years and helped to build up the armour I needed to get where I had.

I thought I was happy being me and that life was great…until that one, icy day that changed my life forever…whether I wanted it to or not...

Beep beep beep beep

I had been watching the last few minutes pass by before my six o'clock alarm sounded, filling the room with a droll noise that hurt my ears. Yet I did not, nor did I ever turn it off before it signalled the start of my day.

Every morning was the same.

Watch the last moments of peace slip by, turn off the alarm once it sounded, shower, shave, dress, coffee and out the door to my car.

It was almost like a regimented schedule.

That day was no different.

If the truth be told, it would be more rushed. I had meetings and conference calls lined up with barely enough time to take a leak in-between.

We were on the final week's countdown until Christmas; our busiest time of year, and I had to be on the ball to make sure we met our targets.

It wasn't long before I was out of the door and on my way into the office.

"Good morning Mr Cullen."

I gestured a curt nod in the direction of the greeting but did not return the pleasantry.

Other people also greeted me as they passed me in the halls as I made my way to the twenty-fifth floor.

I rounded the last corner and had just about reached my office door, when I had spotted the elfin stood waiting for me, and groaned.

"Good morning Alice" I leaned across and kissed my sister's forehead before pushing the door open and entering. I had hoped it would sweeten her slightly. But I figured she had heard of my actions the previous day and was here to chew me out about it…and I was right.

"Good Morning..? Good Morning..? Do you think it's a good morning for Carolyn today, dear brother? Huh?" She stood glaring at me and, at times such as those, she seemed to tower above the five feet in stature that she actually was.

"I wouldn't be able to tell you that Alice. I won't be seeing her again." I coolly responded while trying to make myself comfortable.

"Of course you won't be seeing her again…After you FIRED her yesterday!"

"She wasn't doing the job I was hiring her to do Alice." My arrogance pissed her off to no end, especially in times such as these, when I would not even glance up from the paperwork I had already started to go through that was sat on my desk.

"Edward! It's the week before Christmas…she has a family…kids…Do you really not care that you've ruined their holiday?" She was almost pleading me with her eyes to take back what I had done.

"So she gets to spend more time with her family…She should be thanking me."

"Thanking you? Seriously? Is that heart of yours totally frozen that you see no wrong done here at all? She's a single mom Edward…trying to support her family and you've just made her have to join the unemployment line…Mom and Dad brought us up better than this. Brought you up better than this…" She tried with a final attempt at emotional black mail.

Or maybe it was her way of trying to touch the humanity hidden deep within me.

"I have a lot of work to do here Alice…Are we finished?" I finally lifted my gaze to hers and gave her the look that said I would hear no more on the matter.

She shook her head at me incredulously. "Yeah we're done…and one of these day's we'll be done for good!" She swivelled on her ridiculously expensive shoes and left me staring in her wake.

I was not about to let my sister make me feel bad for my decision to release Carolyn from her contract. In truth she had been slacking a little by my standards, said she had been having childcare issues…But that wasn't my problem. I needed a secretary that could go above and beyond the job description, one that could stay and work late at the drop of a hat, especially around this time of year. Not one that called in all too often wanting the day off due to a runny nose crisis at home.

'Mr Cullen…Your first meeting is in twenty minutes over at William, Ephriam and Son'sDo you want me to call ahead and let them know you're running late?'

"You've cost me time Little Sister" I mumbled to myself before answering the temp now filling in for Carolyn.

"No it's fine Rose, I'll make sure I'm there. If I leave now I should still be able to make it." I released the intercom button as I rose to my feet, grabbed my jacket and was out of the door nearly as quick as I had entered it.

I'd managed to manoeuvre my way out the building and back to my car within mere minutes and was multi-tasking all the way. Trying to hold a red hot coffee in one hand, which I'd speedily picked up from the lobby of work, and a pile of papers and briefcase in the other.

Luckily for me, the traffic was pretty clear.

But within the blink of an eye everything changed…Lucky was far from how I felt in that moment.

I had been trying to stupidly read and drive at the same time and had not been paying full attention to the road, the short glance at a proposal in my hand had been all the time needed for me to take my eyes off the road. It was long enough to not see the figure that had stepped out from in between the parked cars, by the sidewalk.

There then came the thud and a flash of a body rolling over the hood.

My attention reverted swiftly to the road ahead again and my foot found the brake pedal without me even really thinking about what I was doing.

For a moment my entire world came to a standstill along with the car.

I'd hit someone.

My heart pounded within my chest as I looked into the rear view mirror. A mound of clothes lay there in the road, motionless. A blonde haired man stepped out to where the body was, crouching down to check them over, doing what I should be out there doing.

Time seemed to stand still.

I knew I needed to get out of the car and go see if they were alright…call nine one one…But I felt welded to my seat.

It was only when I noticed him checking her pockets, pulling something from a hand that prompted me to move. The asshole was robbing them. But he was gone within seconds of seeing me get out of my vehicle.

I rushed over to the body, only now noticing the skirt and denim jacket, the long chocolate locks.

Oh shit! I chastised myself internally.

My phone was in my hand and the number for emergency services was dialled.

Nine one, one…What is the emergency?

"Some woman has just walked out in front of my car and I couldn't stop…I think I've killed her." The panic in my voice was palpable as I stood horrified at what had just happened.