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Chapter 4

"Oh." Her small voice registered her understanding. "You're Edward."

I was a little taken back at her knowledge of who I was. "How do you…"

"Um…A Lady called Alice has been coming in and out all day. She said it was her brother, Edward that had been responsible for me being in here." She gestured over her shoulder, her indication the room in which she resided.

"Excuse me?" I asked incredulously. "Me? I'm responsible? You were the one that walked out into the middle of the road without looking Lady."

A Doctor stuck his head around the door to ask if everything was alright.

"We're fine, thank you." I snapped.

He reluctantly left us and I turned my attention back to her.

"If I did then I'm sorry…I just don't…remember…" She turned her head quickly towards the window again, but not before I noticed the fresh torrent of tears that my tirade had brought upon her.

I watched as she swallowed hard and wiped her tears in much the same way as she had earlier in the day.

I stopped and focussed my thoughts. Even though I fully believed we had both been responsible for her current state and residence, I remembered what the Doctor had said to my sister and me before.

I swallowed my pride.

"I'm sorry." I stood proud as I spoke; hoping I seemed sincere.

"It's ok." She was trying desperately to compose herself and it was purely for my benefit.

I didn't deserve it for how I had just spoken to her; damn it I didn't deserve her understanding at all. But everything about her seemed to radiate compassion…I sensed that whoever she was, she was used to putting others first before herself. The concept alone seemed so alien to me. I worked and lived in a cut throat world where you were always told to look out for number one.

"So, my sister has been in here pestering you all day?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"She seems really nice." She sniffled back the upset that had threatened to spill out again. "She's been helping me try to remember."

"How's that been going?" I enquired, genuinely curious.

"Well I know my name…" She started.

"That's something right?" I encouraged; moving a few more steps into the room towards her.

The loss of her memory had been playing on my mind all day but I figured she should have started remembering by now…and with the sound of it, she was.

"It's only because of this" She fingered at a silver chain around her neck. "It says Bella. It's only an assumption that it's my name…but then why would I wear a necklace with someone else's name on…Right?"

She stared at the necklace a little longer before going on.

"I have no other recollection of anything prior to being in here. I have no idea who I am, how old I am or where I live…This…" She picked up the chain again. "…Is the only thing I have to indicate any thing about me; about who I am." She gave a weak smile and let the chain fall again. "The Doctors don't understand it. They said there isn't much research been done to confidently be able to tell me what's wrong. Apparently it's some form of amnesia. They're going to do an MRI tomorrow morning to see if they can shed any more light on the matter. Apparently no one has any idea as to whether it can be treated or even if I'll get my memory back at all. They're hoping it's just being caused by a swelling on the Temporal Lobe due to trauma. They said if it is then once the swelling starts to go down I should hopefully make a full recovery…If it's not that then they will have to do more tests." The flood of tears broke through her poorly patched up dam and flooded her cheeks.

For the first time in my life I felt helpless. I didn't do the 'there, there' thing, I never needed to. Seeing her cry like that, filled with uncertainty and faced with the possibility of never getting her memory back unnerved me. I had to get out of there. This was too much responsibility to take on my own shoulders…But the weight on them was growing exponentially and I was at risk of collapsing under the force.

I turned and left without another word.

My throat felt like it was being squeezed by some invisible force. I grabbed at my tie to loosen it off and when that didn't work, I almost ripped open the top too buttons.

I made it to back to my car and slammed the door shut behind me. I needed to compose myself. The leather's interior scent began to help clear my head and I allowed it to fall back against the rest.

Slowly I began to breathe easy again. My thoughts became clearer and the weight I'd felt trying to crush me was easing up slowly.

I could not see her again. That was the conclusion I had come to. I had done what I had set out to do and made sure she was ok and she was.

Except, I spent that entire night tossing and turning, thinking about what had happened. When I had finally managed to fall to sleep my dreams were filled with a sense of confusion.

I was glad to hear my alarm and more grateful for the hot water cascading over me as I stood under my shower. For longer than normal I stood there; head hung forward and my hands out against the wall in front of me. I don't know what I was hoping for…maybe for the previous day's memory to wash away with the suds and down the drain.

It did no good.

I sat with my coffee, wrestling with my conscience and my scruples…the thought of doing what I was planning to do was so out of the ordinary for me and went against every work ethic I held important; but I had to. I picked up my phone and pressed speed dial 1.

'Good morning, Denali Toys Limited, How my I direct your call'

"Miss Stanley, its Mr Cullen…" I cringed as I said the words, knowing that once our call had ended she would have run straight off to tell as many people as she could.

'Mr Cullen…How may I help.' She enquired in her overly chipper voice.

Jessica Stanley was our main reception host. Her Job description within the company was to redirect calls and point people in to the right direction to the correct department; in other words 'the meet and greet' girl. Behind the scenes however, she was also the biggest gossip in the whole city of Seattle.

"I need you to clear my Schedule for day. I have some personal matters to attend to." I almost groaned as I let my conscious win out.

No doubt her fingers would already be twitching to reach for her cell…To spread the word that Mr Cullen was taking the day off.

This would not be a big deal for the ordinary Layman…But seeing as I had been working Denali for the past six years and had never had a day off in all that time…was big news.