Chapter 1

The Road So Far:

I'm falling, and there's no end in sight.

It's almost peaceful, except that I know instinctively that there's an end. There always is. And it always ends with a loud and obnoxious SPLAT.

I guess I should count my lucky stars because the splat never comes, but it's still a little weird to find myself plummeting into darkness. I find myself wishing someone would catch me, but it doesn't happen. I keep falling down, down, down...

Okay, I've read fanfictions about this. People fall out of their world and drop into their favorite T.V. show.

"Castiel, do you remember Ariel?" Before Castiel can raise an eyebrow and point at me, Gabriel adds, "Our sister."

"Yes. The youngest archangel. She was cast down by Michael when she-" Castiel breaks off suddenly, looking at me as if he's seeing me for the first time. "In Father's name," he murmurs, stunned.

"What?" I shuffle uncomfortably under his gaze. "You think I'm some archangel who disappeared ages ago?"

"More like I know you are." Gabriel smiles humorlessly. "You came to me when Michael cast you down. You begged me for help because Michael had called for your death for treason. I sent you to that other universe to protect you."

"What happened?"

"I think I remembered." My head is killing me, crammed to the largest capacity with all the memories it can hold.

"Remembered what? Being an archangel?"

"Everything." I shake my head, but it just makes my headache worse. "Is Gabriel okay?" Sam falters, his hands retracting slightly from my shoulders, and my heart stops. "He...he made it out, didn't he?"

Sam swallows and my frozen heart now sinks in dread. "I'm sorry, Ariel."

"So we're really doing this, then. We're putting Lucifer back in the Cage." Sam reclines on the hood of the Impala with Ariel perched beside him carefully. She and Dean had finally caved and told Sam what exactly they had agreed to with Death.

"Looks like. Not that I like this idea any more than I did before."

Sam ruffles her hair affectionately even as he sips his beer, smiling faintly. "It'll be okay, Air."

"Let me go, Raphael, I have to stop them!" She struggles, but the chains are too strong and she collapses again.

"You can't stop the Apocalypse."

"I can stop our brothers from tearing each other to pieces!" she snaps back. "Let me go, Raph!"

"Don't call me that." His expression closes off even more, and she's sure he's not going to be of any help to her. "I have other plans for you, anyway."

Ariel's hazel eyes flicker up to his dark, emotionless ones, and she can't stop a shiver from running down her spine as she shuts her eyes.

"He's gone," he whispers bleakly, his words garbled. Ariel doesn't hesitate to place her hand gently against his cheek, healing him with one quick burst of energy. "Sammy's gone," Dean repeats again, his voice clearer now even as it quivers. Both of his eyes are open and tear-filled. "Took control of Lucifer and threw himself and Michael into the Cage."

"Oh, Dean." She drops to her knees beside him and pulls him into a hug, and he practically collapses against her, his face pressed against her shoulder as he shakes with silent sobs. She doesn't protest to the feeling of dampness growing on her shoulder, choosing instead to hush him quietly and rub his back even as she holds back her own tears. Her brothers are gone, lost to the Cage, and her best friend with them. Bobby and Castiel are dead, and Dean is a broken mess.

A hand, firm and warm, rests on her back, and she pulls away from Dean to look up, her eyes widening as she breathes in relief, "Cas."

"Hello, Samandriel." Ariel cracks a smile at last at the sight of one of her fledglings.

Samandriel flushes pink at the acknowledgment - he had always been very shy - before drawing his angel blade and lifting it in the air. "I pledge to follow you, sister." Another familiar face, Inias, follows his lead, lifting his own blade. Soon, the air is glinting with several polished angel blades as every angel in the crowd wordlessly pledges their loyalty.

Ariel can't stop a wide smile from spreading across her face as she looks at the solemn faces of her siblings. "I accept your loyalty. Thank you."

Ariel arrives in a small corner of Heaven, one that a particular soul inhabits, and sits patiently on the park bench to wait. It's not long before the soul she's waiting for arrives.

"Ariel?!" She smiles faintly and gets to her feet again, crossing the distance between them and cupping his face in her hands gently.

"Hello, Adam. I've missed you."


How could she have let things get this far? Castiel had ingested thousands of souls, the wall in Sam's head had broken and he was on the verge of a mental collapse, and Ariel hadn't even done anything to prevent any of it.

This wasn't her. Something was fundamentally messed up, something was...different. She didn't know what it was, but it terrified her that she kept drawing blanks every time she tried to figure out what was wrong.

Why couldn't she remember?

And there's the first chapter. I know it's short and mostly a recap, but this is more of a teaser for the sequel than an actual first chapter. Hopefully, this won't be a complete recap of Season 6, but I may or may not go through a couple of episodes every now and then.

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