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Day Y (Get it?), 12:01 AM

The beam from the Eclipse Cannon streaked towards America, striking part of it somewhere in Arizona, and fading away. There was no huge explosion, just a little cloud of dust that could be seen from orbit. Shadow blinked, understandably confused. What was that? Scales however, seemed to have an extreme change of mood. "YES! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!" She screamed. She appeared to be incredibly happy. She dropped the fake Emerald, grabbed Shadow, and started swinging him around. Finally, she calmed down a little and put a slightly dizzy Shadow down. "Sorry Shadow, but I couldn't help it! I've been waiting for this a long time, and it's finally happened! Now I can finally rest." She said, still sounding a little ecstatic. Shadow stared at her for a moment. "Okay, I demand you tell me what the hell is going on here!" he said. "I am sick of all this crap! Tell me what the hell this is all about, or I'm kicking you off the bridge!" Scales smiled. "No need to be rude Shadow, I'll tell you everything. But I suggest you sit down, it's a bit of a long story." Reluctantly, Shadow sat on the bridge. "Now, it all started seventy years ago. Leading scientist Dr. Maria Robotnik made a deal with the government allowing her to construct the ARK as both a research facility and a possible weapons platform in event of a war. To that effect, the Eclipse Cannon was constructed. All fourteen Chaos and Super Emeralds were brought to the colony for research and power purposes. While she did aid in the creation of many great works, Maria's greatest ambition was a special experiment, codenamed Project Ultimate." "What was this project?" Shadow asked, starting to find a bit of interest. "Dr. Maria was attempting to create the Ultimate Lifeform, thinking it would benefit all life on Earth. Her first attempt at this involved a genetic protoform, a mix of DNA from modern day lizards and fossilized raptors, and all the Chaos and Super Emeralds. I was the result of that first experiment." She stopped to let Shadow absorb that, then continued. "It turned out that I wasn't a complete success. Due to the conflicting radiation given off by both the Supers and Chaos that bathed over my unborn form, my genetic code was erratic and unstable. Maria and the scientists created a series of biomechanical life support systems that integrated with various portions of my body and grew as I aged thanks to the miracle of nanotechnology. However, there was one thing the life support needed to be complete and ensure my genetic stability and eternal life." "What was that?" "A power source. Every energy source Maria used failed, until she tried a Chaos Drive. It worked for a moment, but failed. This gave her a hint that the Chaos energy was what I needed to live. She tried all the Chaos and Super Emeralds in my life support, yet none of them had the required effect. That's when she tried her last resort, the legendary eight Chaos Emerald, the black gem residing in my life support even now. It worked, and I have lived as a cyborg ever since. The doctor decided to try again, this time only using the power of the Chaos Emeralds and a completely different set of DNA. And so a week after my creation, I had a brother, a being somewhat like myself. He had no need for a life support system, and was thought of as the true success of Project Ultimate." She hesitated, then dropped the bombshell. "That being was you, Shadow." Shadow stared at her for a moment, jaw dropped. "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?" "We are both the final results of Project Ultimate. Shadow, you are my brother." Scales said. Shadow got to his feet, holding his head. "My sister.I have a family.then was Maria our mother?" Scales nodded. "I don't believe this." "You have no choice, Shadow. It's the truth. We are siblings." Scales explained. Shadow frowned at Scales. "But then, why is it I can't remember this? How did I end up on Earth?" "I'm getting to that. We grew up together, educated by Maria and the other scientists. We learned faster than any creature at our age level, learning everything to offer from first grade to senior year at college by the time we were ten years old. We were taught how to focus the Chaos powers ingrained in our genes and mastered the art of Chaos Control. We kept going, playing and learning at once under our mother's supervision. We had fun in our spare time, doing family things like zero gravity basketball and asteroid herding. When we both had hit our twentieth birthday, the biological clock ticking inside the both of us went off, preserving us forever in that age. We were then fully mature and eternal to boot. It was time for us to go to Earth and do what Mother had wanted us to do, make the people of the world happy. But then everything was ruined. It was all because of them that our lives were torn apart." Scales said bitterly. "Who did it? Who tore our lives apart?" asked Shadow. A fiery glare came into her eyes. "GUN did it. They heard about us, about Project Ultimate, and saw they could use us for their purposes." "What do you mean? I thought GUN was a peacekeeping organization." Said Shadow, slightly confused. Scales shook her head. "GUN may once have been established for keeping the peace, but in the last century or so they have become corrupt, thinking it would be easier to make others uphold the law if they made the law. And to that end, they began training and recruiting more and more troops into their ranks, building an army. An army to overthrow the world governments. When they heard of the power possessed by the two of us, they invaded the colony, killing the scientists on board in their pursuit of us. We tried to stall the soldiers while Mom got some escape pods ready, but you got shot in the head. You immediately went into a coma, and I ripped them to shreds out of anger." "So that's why there was a bullet in my head." Muttered Shadow. "I took you to Mom, who ejected you from the colony along with your Chaos Emerald. She prepared my pod for launch, but just after I got in, a soldier burst into the room and shot her. With her last breath, she made me promise to take car eof you, and to make the citizens of the world happy, as I was supposed to do. With her last second of life, she launched me from the colony." Scales closed her eyes, fighting back tears. "When my pod crashed, I was all ready to find your pod, get you to a hospital, and teach GUN a lesson for what they had done. The escape pods double as cryogenic containers in the event of a medical emergency, so your health was kept stabile until I could find you. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to look." "Why?" "GUN calculated my escape trajectory and were waiting at the other end. I tried to fight them of. I killed most of the troops they had sent to capture me, but a single tranquilizer dart was all it took to do me in." She paused. "What happened next wasn't very pretty." "What did they do?" "When I woke up, I found that my mind was sealed away from my Emerald's power, thanks to a few blocks put in the cables going into my brain. I was unable to use Chaos Control, or any of my attacks for that matter. They injected nanites into my bloodstream to prevent me from moving at all and threw me in a big tube with lots of cables and stuff attached. It was very painful. They tried to extract and duplicate my DNA sequence, but it was too confusing and erratic for their computers. All the test subjects they used my code on died quickly and horrendously. Since they couldn't clone me, and they couldn't figure out where your pod was, the only thing left to do was try to brainwash or force me into helping them." A haunted look came to her eyes. "I learned the true meaning of pain in those next five years. When drugs and destructive brain scans failed to work, they tortured me to try to make me like them." She kept her eyes tightly shut then. "It was horrible. They used every torture imaginable on me, including medieval and outdated methods like a rack and slowly being crushed by a large weight. They even made up some new ones, like attaching devices to my limbs that shocked me with a thousand volts of electricity every time I even tried to breathe. After a time, it was evident they were just hurting me for fun, not really caring whether I helped them or not. I was never even fed, Shadow! They enjoyed causing me pain!" Her mouth curved into a snarl. "When they were finally bored of me, they injected the paralyzing nanites into my bloodstream once more and then put blocks in every part of my circuitry except for the most vital functions like breathing and keeping my heart going. Completely neutralizing my powers by doing this and preventing my own protection bugs from regenerating and clearing out the blocks in my systems, they then removed the nanites from my bloodstream. They made sure I was unable to even blink on my own, they locked me in a small capsule and left me for dead in the corner of a storeroom." Scales' fists clenched tightly. A little blood started to seep out from between her claws. " I was imprisoned in that tiny pod for forty- five years, Shadow. Forty-five long years, unable to move or speak, able to do no more than think. And I was forced to brood over what had happened, over and over again. Over the course of a seemingly unmeasurable time, I was forced to relive that single moment, Mom's death, every minute I was trapped in the capsule. I was going mad with rage and sadness, hating everything that had to do with GUN. I didn't care who let me out or even when, but my anger-driven mind eventually came out with a plan of what to do when I got out. A plan for revenge." Shadow wasn't sure what to say. He was astonished at how inhumane GUN seemed right now. Eventually, he said, "What happened after a while?" Scales opened her eyes, tearing up. She slowly let go of her claws. "After all the time in the capsule, in the darkness, I felt Chaos energy radiating into me from an outside force, energizing my life support and reactivating my system bugs, clearing out all the bugs in my circuitry and giving me full control of my body again. I eagerly used my long deprived powers to blast out of the capsule, where I was confronted by the one who had freed me, Dr. Snively. I saw I could use him to fulfill the vengeance for Mother and all the others who had been hurt by GUN. Using his greed and love for destruction, I was able to convince him to find the Super Emeralds required to power up the Eclipse Cannon, the only thing that could be used to complete my plan. With a little help, we got six Super Emeralds and readied the Cannon." "How did the moon figure in your plans of revenge?" Shadow asked. "I don't think GUN has anything on the moon." "No, but it had to be done to fulfill Snively's need for destruction. Don't worry, the beam fired vaporized half the moon, there's no debris that could threaten the planet like in that old Time Machine movie." She thought for a minute. "Where was I? Oh yes. Anyway, when you and your friends started to Snively's base, I started worrying that you might ruin everything through your meddling. When you actually got up here, I began to fear you would actually succeed. I needn't have worried, though. Everything worked out in the end. When Snively launched you into space, I sent you your Chaos Emerald to save your life." "Wait, that was you?" Shadow asked surprised. "Where did you get my Chaos Emerald?" "GUN was keeping it on Prison Island along with three Supers. We were there to collect the Supers, the Chaos Emerald was a bonus. I thought you would be happy to get it back, and it seems you used it as I had hoped." Scales continued. "Well, that's all good, but was this your plan all along? To fire the Cannon at some random point in America?" Shadow asked. Scales smiled and shook her head. "Not any random point, Shadow. I set the Cannon to its lowest setting and targeted GUN's central base in Arizona. When the Cannon fired, the base was completely destroyed, killing all of GUN's leaders and effectively neutralizing any threat they could cause in the future, also exacting my vengeance on them. I'm now free of my past, and can finally live my life the way Mother wanted me to." Shadow scratched the back of his head. "You do realize you could get sued by the remaining members of GUN for what you've done. And I'm pretty sure you've broken some laws." Scales chuckled. "Relax, if they try me in court, I can show them what GUN has done in the past. Every torture they have ever inflicted on me has been stored and filed in my memory banks. It would be simple to hook it up to a TV. I can also reveal any of their unorthodox plans and plots. When I was hacking into the CIA a little while ago, I also hacked into GUN and learned everything they had to hide, including why they were trying to capture you." Shadow shook his head. "I'm not even going to ask why you were hacking the CIA computers. Tell me, why did GUN arrest me?" "When Dr. Robotnik found you, GUN realized they could now try and capture the second Ultimate Lifeform they had failed to find all those years ago. The problem was that they needed a reason to arrest you, but your record was completely clean. Your constant recalcitrance from the media keeps any dirt from being put on your head, and thus left them with nothing to try you with. When I was freed by Snively, they had no choice but to make a move, since they were afraid that I might contact you and get you to help me destroy their organization. Does that clear everything up?" asked Scales. Shadow looked at Earth, his mind reeling a bit from the huge amount of information he had just learned. "I think so. I'm finding this a bit hard to comprehend, you know." Scales shrugged. "I'm sure you'll get through it. Now, don't you want to get back to your friends? I'm sure we need to explain things to everyone before we go back to Earth." Shadow hesitated, then nodded. "Yeah, I guess we should go." He smirked. "I don't know what the doc will say to another member of the family." "I'm sure he'll adjust. I can't wait to see Gerald's son. Hey, since we were made by Maria, and Gerald was her son, that would sort of make us the current Robotnik's uncle and aunt, wouldn't it?" Scales asked, jokingly. Shadow thought about that for a moment, then grinned. "Hey yeah, but I'm also sort of Robotnik's adopted son! What does that make you, his daughter AND his aunt?" Scales snickered. "I am reminded of an old song called 'I'm my own grandpa.' Look, we can sort this out later, can't we? Why don't we head on over to observation deck B and see how your friends are doing?" Shadow nodded and pulled out his Emerald. Scales concentrated on her own. At the same time, they yelled "CHAOS CONTROL!" and warped back into the colony.

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