At long last, here it is! The final chapter in Shadow Adventure 2! I hope you enjoy this last boss battle, and will stay in touch for my future works. Here we go! Oh, and I thought I should answer a few questions seeing as this is the last chapter. First of all, Mr. Valentine, I try to format perfectly. I even indent every paragraph. But the stupid uploading process ruins all the neat bold and indents I make, mushing the story together and ruining my neat work. Now for Maverick. Chaos absorbed the Chaos Emeralds, not the Supers. If by the eighth Emerald you mean the one in Scales' life support system, yes it is the honest to god legendary eighth Chaos Emerald and not a fake or made of chocolate. I didn't use the Master Emerald to negate the power of the Supers because that would be kind of weird, considering I never mentioned it could do that. Besides, I've always wondered why they didn't use the fake Emerald to stop the power flow instead of the Master. That's about all I have to say, so enjoy the end! Disclaimer: Why should I say it again?

Day Y, 1:10 AM

Shadow ran through the door, and entered an incredible chamber. It was a mammoth round chamber, with lots of pipes and cables lining the walls. In the center of the room was a great cylindrical tube with a floating blue crystal in it. Cables hung over the crystal, open ends pointing at it. Blue beams shot from the crystal, going into the nozzles of the cables surrounding it. A larger beam of light went through the bottom of the tube and below the floor, going down the shaft of the Eclipse Cannon. Surrounding the great tube were multiple consoles and control panels. There was a moat of shallow yellow water surrounding a metal ring allowing a person to walk around the tube and consoles. A couple of walkways went across the water and onto the console area. One of the consoles was prominent, with seven sockets, six of which were filled by the Super Emeralds. Shadow took out the fake Emerald, knowing it was show time. As he took a step forward, a recording flickered to life, Snively's voice playing. As it did so, a huge door at the other end of the room started to slowly rise. "You wretches will feel my hatred and my revenge." The door got higher, and Shadow could start to see some details of the thing hidden in the large storage closet the door had concealed. "My hatred and my revenge." The door was fully open. The thing that had occupied the closet behind stepped out, the door closing behind it. "All you pathetic wretches will feel my hatred and my revenge!" Shadow gaped at the thing across the room, on the other side of the Chaos Reactor. It was a hundred-foot tall robot. It had a pair of large black legs and a blue torso that overshadowed the legs. Two arms came from the machine's shoulders, mostly blue until the wrists. The head was like that of a human, completely bald and with a long needle nose. It had a mouth fixed in a permanent sneer, and its eyes were black with a glowing red deep within. The very top of the bald metal dome of the robot's head was covered in glass, covering several complex circuitry and machines. Shadow had to keep himself from throwing up. The machine was a giant robotic duplicate of Snively! "What is that thing?" "I can tell you that." Said a voice behind and to his right. Shadow spun around and saw Scales coming from a doorway near the one he had used. "Scales? Do you know what that thing is? And more importantly, where does that door go?" Scales peered behind her. "Oh, that's the completely unguarded maintenance entrance to the core that was left off all maps of the colony for security reasons." Shadow's eye twitched. "Why didn't you tell us there was an easy entrance to the core?" "I didn't remember it was here until after I found the plans for that monstrosity in Snively's files." Scales said sheepishly. "Anyway, that thing is called the Snivel Crusher. It's Snively's final weapon and last line of defense for the core. We can't get anywhere near the Super Emeralds until it's out of commission, it's keeping up a force field protecting the consoles." "All right then, let's get it!" said Shadow. Scales grabbed his shoulder. "Not so fast, I read up all the information on this thing, I'm the only one who knows its weaknesses and how to stop it." "Then what am I supposed to do?" Shadow asked, miffed. "Sit down and watch like a good little brother." Scales said, smiling to indicate she was joking. "Seriously, this thing could be dangerous if tackled incorrectly, I don't want you getting hurt. And Amy would turn me into a handbag if I let anything happen to you." Shadow sighed and stepped away from the circular area that made up most of the room. "Fine. I'll just wait for you to kill that abomination so I can stop the Super Emeralds. Okay?" Scales nodded. "Here I go!" She ran towards the Snivel Crusher. The robot noticed her and started to chase after her as she ran away.


Scales ran around the room, the Crusher slowly gaining on her due to the stride of its large legs. She didn't go too fast, knowing that if she got too far ahead the robot would turn around and chase her in the other direction. As the robot got closer and closer, its tremendous footfalls growing louder, Scales hoped what she had read in the blueprints for the machine still applied. After a minute or so more of running, the Crusher fumbled and fell to one knee, trying to regain some strength, its servos taxed by the run. As the robot was now bent over, the glass shield on its head was exposed. Scales ran back towards the machine, hoping she had enough time, and launched into a Homing Kick, smashing into the dome and cracking it a little. The Crusher's gears groaned and it shot to its feet, restarting the pursuit. Scales kept running from the robot, knowing that eventually it would need to stop again. After another couple of minutes of running, the Snivel Crusher needed to stop for a breather. As Scales started to turn around, the robot raised one of its hands and started throwing huge energy balls at her. Scales jumped over the lower balls and rolled under the higher ones, getting closer to the robot. After carefully working through the barrage of energy blasts, she was in range to attack the Crusher's weak spot. She launched into a Homing Kick, striking the glass cover and cracking it some more. The robot lurched to its feet and started chasing her again. It was a little faster now, its programming to destroy intruders getting stronger in the machine's mind. She still outdistanced it, eventually getting several yards ahead of the robot, but still trying not to go too fast. She passed Shadow several times and waved to him quickly each instance before continuing. Finally, the Crusher needed a break and fell to its knees. Scales ran back towards the robot. The Crusher raised both arms and launched many more energy balls at Scales, desperately trying to hit her. Despite the proficiency of the twin flow of blasts, Scales managed to get through and stop in front of the head. She hit the glass shield with a Homing Kick, causing some more cracks. The Crusher jumped up and almost flattened Scales with a stomp. She quickly began running again, noticing the Snivel Crusher's slightly increased speed again. She kept running, pouring on the speed to ensure the hideous machine didn't catch up to her. After a few more minutes of running, the Snivel Crusher had to stop again. Scales ran back towards the bent over robot, dodging the barrage of energy balls as before. However, when she was halfway to the ugly machine, it stopped firing energy balls and launched a large number of pink spherical mines that floated through the air, the closest ones drifting to Scales. She quickly ran towards the closest mine and used a Homing Kick on it, the force of the attack causing it to detonate without harming her and allowing Scales to kick to another mine. She used multiple Homing Kicks to penetrate the perimeter of mines and land a direct kick to the glass case on the Crusher's head, causing yet more cracks in its surface. She dropped to the ground and started running as the robot started chasing after her again. She went at the same speed as before, keeping the Crusher behind her by several yards, which then started to extend into meters. Eventually, the Crusher dropped again and started firing more energy balls. Scales dodged the projectiles as before, jumping and rolling under the balls. When she was halfway to the robot, it spawned more mines. She ran to the closest one and began a chain of Homing Kicks, going from mine to mine before finally landing a blow on the robot's cranium, making the glass cover a web of cracks. She dropped to the ground and started running away from the enraged machine. She ran almost as fast as she could, trying to get as far away as she could from the faster robot. She cut it close, almost getting far enough away for the Crusher to turn and chase in the opposite direction, but she outlasted the robot. As it stopped, she started heading back, expecting it to get on its knees. Instead, it not only stayed upright, but it launched more mines and then did something astounding. It switched off the artificial gravity in the core, using magnets to stay on the ground and sending Scales and Shadow into the air. As Shadow clung to the frame of the door he had used to get in, Scales started floating towards the robot, using short boosts from her jet anklets to maneuver forward and around the mines. Finally, she was positioned right over the glass dome. She launched into a Homing Kick, driving herself straight at the machine's head. Her feet shattered through the glass and tore into the delicate computer brain under it, stopping the Snivel Crusher's power. The mines detonated, gravity resumed, and the force field protecting the core went off as the Crusher fell over, denting the floor. Scales crawled out of the robot's head, a little dizzy, and gave a thumbs-up to Shadow. "Nothing can stop us, eh Shadow?" Shadow walked over to the control panel. "We can celebrate later, right now we have to stop the engines before it's too late!" He stuck the yellow fake into the socket. For a moment it glowed and hummed in reaction to the real Supers. Then electricity shot out all over the console. The lights on it flickered and blew out. The light of the Chaos Reactor dimmed for a second, then went back to normal. "We did it! We've saved the world!" Shadow said. Suddenly, the Snivel Crusher lurched and got to its feet. Wobbling a little, it vanished in a flash of light. "What was that? A teleport? I don't remember seeing a teleporter in the robot's blueprints!" Scales exclaimed. "Where did it go to?" asked Shadow, carefully taking the Super Emeralds from their sockets. Just then, the P.A. system came on. Robotnik spoke through it, a glitch causing him to sound like two people were saying the same thing, just a few seconds after one another, creating an echo effect. "Shadow, Scales, great work stopping the engines! But something's wrong, we're still moving towards the planet at the same speed as before. Outside cameras show a giant robotic copy of Snively has appeared over the Eclipse Cannon and is actually towing the ARK towards Earth! I have no idea how to stop it. If either of you have a plan of some kind, I suggest you implement it now. There's only nine minutes left until we enter the Earth's atmosphere, and from there there's no turning back." The message finished and the P.A. went off. Scales and Shadow looked at each other. "Uh, Shadow, do you have an idea?" she asked. Shadow pondered a moment, a lightbulb suddenly going off in his head. "That's it! Scales, do you still have the seventh Super Emerald?" "Yeah, why?" she asked, pulling it out. Shadow dropped the real Super Emeralds on the ground and threw the fake to the other side of the room. "We are unable to use the Super Emeralds in all but one respect. Like the Chaos Emeralds, they have the power to turn an individual who is able to use the Chaos forces into a super being." Realization came into Scales' eyes. "And as more powerful beings, we can go outside and stop the Snivel Crusher, right?" "Right! Put the yellow Emerald on the ground, we have to make a circle around the both of us. I've never had to share the power before, but it seems we have no choice in this instance. Come on!" They quickly arranged the seven Super Emeralds around them. "Now what?" Scales asked. "Concentrate on the power of the Emeralds. Will them to give you their strength." He closed his eyes, doing just that. Scales followed his lead. They both focused their awesome will on the Emeralds, causing them to react. The seven jewels floated into the air and started spinning around the two Ultimate Lifeforms, pausing for a moment and then converging on the duo, vanishing into their bodies. There was a flash of light in the colors of all the Emeralds, red; dark blue; yellow; green; gray; light blue; and purple. When the light faded, Shadow and Scales had transformed. Shadow's black fur had turned white as snow, camouflaging his tuft of hair on his chest. The red stripes on his arms and quills remained, and the two colors made him look strangely angelic. The metal bands on his wrists and ankles remained unchanged, except they were glowing. Scales looked incredible. Her red orange scales had turned to a shimmering gold. The cables all over her body were silvery and sparkling. Her yellow eyes had turned a bright red, like her brother's. Scales looked over herself, astounded. "Awesome!" "I am now Super Shadow, and you are Super Scales. Ready to go out and kick some metal butt, big sis?" Shadow asked with a grin. Scales grinned back. "Always, little bro!" Calling upon the power of their Chaos Emeralds, they warped out of the room with Chaos Control, heading out into space for the final battle.


The Snivel Crusher, now the Final Destroyer, looked mostly unchanged. It held its arms out, pointing forward. A very large jetpack had come out of its back and was spouting tremendous bursts of blue flame. Multiple rockets on the robot's shoes did the same. Two large metal bolts stuck out of either side of the robot, three chains of titanium coming out of them and spreading out, each taut and fastened to the point of the closed Eclipse Cannon. Amazingly, the robot, tiny compared to the huge colony, was pulling the whole thing closer and closer to Earth. "Whoa! How is that thing pulling the colony?" asked Shadow as they reappeared outside. "Even though the engines stopped, there was probably more than a little momentum left. If it weren't for the robot, we could just use the thrusters in reverse to pull away, but the momentum is allowing the robot to tow the ARK." Scales answered. "Well then, we'll just have to sever its connection to the colony. Those rockets look like they're going all out to pull this thing, if we could break the robot from the ARK, I'm betting it would shoot away too fast to stop itself and burn up in the atmosphere." Said Shadow. "Then we'll have to aim for those bolts holding the chains, right?" asked Scales. "Right. We'll take turns, hitting each bolt from the right side. I'll go first, you get onto that thing's right side and wait for the first chain to break off." Shadow instructed. "Okay, good luck brother." Scales flew off, heading for the other side of the Destroyer. Shadow started flying towards the robot, using his power to burst forward with increased speed. Detecting his approach, the Destroyer launched a spherical defense perimeter of mines, spreading them out in an attempt to prevent Shadow from getting near. Using several fancy maneuvers, Shadow flew over, under, and around the pink orbs, not wanting to get hit. After several dodges and close calls, Shadow broke through the sphere of mines. Increasing his speed with powered-up bursts from the jets on his shoes, Shadow shot towards the bolt and slammed into it. One of the chain links shattered, the chain falling away. As the Destroyer's inner machinery whined, Shadow flew over the robot and rocketed over to Scales. "Okay, your turn. Hit the bolt and get to the other side. We'll keep alternating with each hit." "Sounds good to me. That ugly Snively lookalike won't stand a chance against us!" She started her attack, flying towards the Final Destroyer. As she started to approach the hideous machine, the P.A. came on at full volume, allowing them to hear it even at their distance from the nearest speaker. "Shadow, Scales, this is Robotnik. We're watching the fight from in here, keep it up! You can beat that thing!" Encouraged, Scales flew faster. The Final Destroyer sprouted a laser emitter from the top of its jetpack. The emitter fired a powerful laser, swiveling and shifting to sweep the beam around, trying to hit Scales. She frantically juked around, trying to avoid the sweeping laser beam. It got harder and harder to do so as she got closer to the robot. She barrel rolled over the laser as it was about to cut through her and burst forward, smashing into the bolt. A chain link shattered, the chain falling away. Scales flew under the robot and headed away to rest up. "Where is this thing getting its power? By all right, even with the momentum it shouldn't be able to do this. Oh well. Shadow, it's your turn!" she yelled to her brother. "I'm on my way!" Shadow started flying towards the Destroyer. The P.A. came on again, Knuckles speaking this time. "This is Knux. I want to wish you guys good luck, and also want to remind you that if we crash and the whole planet blows, I'm kicking your asses on the other side." Shadow snickered and flew faster, knowing time was running out. The Destroyer fired its sweeping pink laser again, trying to hit Shadow. The super hedgehog barrel rolled under the beam as it swung over him, charging downward as it came diagonally at him. He kept juking around to avoid the laser beam, getting closer and closer to the robot. Finally, he cleared the laser and burst forward, smashing into the bolt. A chain link severed, the chain falling away. Shadow flew over the Destroyer and towards Scales. "Hey Scales, you sure you can handle all this? It is your first time going Super, after all." "Hey, I can handle anything you can bro! Watch me!" Scales shot towards the robot. The P.A. came on once again. "This is Rouge speaking. I just want to let you two know we're all rooting for you. Show that monstrosity not to mess with the Ultimate Lifeforms!" Scales sped forward, noticing a second laser emitter coming out of the Destroyer's chest. Both emitters switched on, resulting in two sweeping laser beams, upping the ante. The beams swept around at different angles, often passing over one another. Scales used this to her advantage, flying through the gap between the two beams and barrel rolling around crossed pairs of beams. After a few dangerous seconds of flying, Scales got through the beams and slammed into the bolt. A chain link shattered, the rest of the chain falling away. Scales flew under the robot and called back to Shadow once she was a sufficient distance away. "Okay bro, come on! Show this thing what happens when it stands up against the combined power of Project Ultimate!" "I'll make our mother proud!" Shadow yelled back. He started flying for the Final Destroyer. As Shadow headed for the ugly robot, the P.A. came on. It was Amy! "Shadow, I killed Snively, it's your job to kill this robotic version! Finish it off, and I can guarantee you an advance on our wedding night." She said, a little seductively. Shadow's eyes widened. "Okay, I am definitely kicking this thing's butt now!" he said. He shot for the Destroyer, swerving and barrel rolling around the robot's twin laser beams as they sweeped around, trying to hit him. After a few tense encounters in which some of his quill tips got burnt, Shadow got through the beams and slammed into the bolt, severing the final link on that side. The chain fell away, and the robot seemed to wobble a bit before regaining control. There was only one chain left, and then it would be over. Shadow flew over the Destroyer, heading for Scales. He soon got over to where she was waiting for him. "Sis, are you sure you don't want me to take this turn? You look a little tired." Scales laughed and hit him on the shoulder. "The day I'm too tired to rip my enemies to shreds is the day you can put me six feet under. And considering the fact that we can't die of old age, that isn't gonna happen." "What if you die from injuries? That can still kill you." Said Shadow, a little more serious. "Look, I just learned a little over an hour ago that I had a sister. I don't want to lose her." Scales grinned. "Shadow, you realize the longer you distract me, the closer we get to the point of no return, right?" "Oh, sorry." Shadow said, ashamed. Scales sighed. "Look, I can finish this thing off. Don't worry about me." With that, she started to fly towards the Final Destroyer. "Hey, you can do this! You already beat this thing once, you can do it again!" Shadow yelled after her. "I plan to!" Scales yelled back. As she got closer to the Destroyer, it not only activated its lasers, it also launched a defensive perimeter of mines, making the final approach infinitely more dangerous. Scales started moving faster and wilder than ever before, constantly dodging the laser beams and surrounding mines, getting closer and closer to her target. At last, she punched through the minefield and only had the sweeping beams to contend with. She barrel rolled under the beams as they sweeped towards her, moving forward in a burst of speed. She shot through a closing gap between the two beams and slammed into the bolt one last time. The final link shattered, the chain falling away. Scales quickly flipped back as the Final Destroyer shot forwards uncontrollably, vanishing into the planet's atmosphere. "YES!!!!!" Shadow flew over and they gave each other a high five. "We did it! Nice job, sister!" "Yeah! Hey Shadow, is it just me or is it getting a little warm?" Scales asked suddenly. "Warm? What do you-" Shadow looked down and suddenly saw that they were too late. They were just entering the atmosphere. "We failed! We're too close to Earth!" Scales looked up at the ARK, an idea coming to her. "We still have one chance. If we can use the Chaos Control, we can warp the colony back to its proper orbit!" Shadow looked at the colony, more than a little disbelieving. "That's a big thing to transport." He said. "In our Super forms, we should be able to do it, right? Well, let's go!" Scales said. Shadow sighed. "Well, we don't have much of a choice any way. Let's do this! We'll split up, hit opposite sides of the surface and try to pull this crazy thing off!" With a nod, Scales flew away from him. Shadow flew away as well, going some distance before flying straight at the colony, passing all the towers and buildings before touching a piece of flat hull. Across the colony's surface, Scales did the same thing. Each counting to three, they exerted every last bit of strength remaining in them in a final command. "CHAOS CONTROL!" Slowly, inexorably, the colony started to be encompassed by the green glow. It vanished, reappearing away from the Earth, settling into its old orbit. All over the world, people rejoiced as Snively's message vanished completely, the world no longer in any threat. Our two weary heroes went back inside the colony to rejoin the others.

Day Y, 12:00 PM

Several hours later, everyone had woken up from a good long sleep and were finally ready to leave for Earth, and a victory celebration. But they all wanted to spend a few more minutes on the old space station before it was time to go. Shadow looked out the windows of Observation deck B, Devil sitting on his shoulder. He stared out at the planet below, contemplating. The door slid up as Amy came in, Angel trailing after her. "Hey, what are you doing?" she asked. Shadow turned around, Devil hopping off of his shoulder. "I was thinking about the past." "Did you get your memory back?" she asked as Angel and Devil met each other and started hugging. Shadow nodded. "All of it. It's amazing, really, how much Dr. Maria.Mother.cared about Scales and myself. She really thought we were her greatest masterpiece. But in the end, she died because of us. Was it worth making us, for her to die?" Amy walked up to Shadow. "It's worth it to me." She said. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. Hand in hand, they walked from the room, the Chao trailing after them.

Rouge and Knuckles were sitting on a girder above the docked shuttle, dangling their feet over the end. "So, what are we going to do now?" Rouge asked him. "Uh, what do you mean?" Knuckles asked, a little confused. "You know, us. Where is our relationship going to go?" Rouge asked him. "Well, um, I guess you might have to move to Angel Island. I mean, I have to guard the Master Emerald, and it's supposed to stay there, so." He shrugged. "I go where it goes. Simple as that." Rouge thought a moment. "Does your island have caves?" "Take your pick. The biggest caverns on the whole island are in Lava Reef. Why?" Knuckles asked. "If I'm moving to your island, I'm going to need a place to store my jewel showcase." Rouge said simply. "Hey, I'm not going to allow smuggled goods on my island!" He said. "Does this count as smuggled goods?" Rouge asked, suddenly kissing him. "Cause if so, then I can't come with you." Knuckles paused. "Well, maybe we could hide them somewhere."

Robotnik looked through the archives in the control center, dowloading all of it into his laptop so it could later be updated to the family database. He sighed. It was going to be hard doing things without Eggchao, but he didn't have much choice. He supposed he would eventually hatch another Chao, but it just wouldn't be the same. Scales looked over his shoulder. "How are you doing?" The scientist shook his head. "I'm still feeling bad about Eggchao, if that's what you mean. Otherwise, I'm fine. This is amazing! All these things listed in the records, things my ancestor never managed to get around to, it's all incredible. I always looked up to my grandmother, ever since I was a little boy, but I never realized just how brilliant she was! She designed this entire colony from scratch and had a major hand in everything going on! I doubt I could ever aspire to be like her." He looked a little sad at that, then brightened. "Although I doubt I will ever be quite as good as she was, the least I can do for my dear departed relative is to complete some of these unfinished projects and give them to the public. I'm sure she'd love it that way." Scales nodded. "You're right. That's exactly what Mom would want. However, she would also want you to improve on the original designs, make the inventions yours, not hers. All she did was set the foundations, it's up to you how you want to construct the rest." Robotnik pondered that for a moment. "You know, I think you're right. She wasn't kidding when she called you and Shadow her greatest creations!" Scales shrugged. "Hey, I'm only following her dreams, my dreams. Are you almost done?" "Just about.there, it's complete." Said Robotnik, pulling the disk he had loaded everything on out of the drive. "Come on, let's round up the others." Soon, they were all on board the shuttle. Robotnik set the thing on autopilot and launched from the colony, leaving the relic behind. Some day, he would come back and turn this place into a factory for miracles once again. But for now, it was time to go home. As they settled in for the flight back to America, Robotnik started playing the other movies he had brought with them, Chao in Space 1 and 2. Halfway through the first movie, when they were reaching an incredibly dramatic scene, Amy tapped Shadow on the shoulder. He turned around and found she was beckoning him. Curious, Shadow followed her down the hall and into a cabin. Robotnik noticed them and figured they were just getting some sleep. He shrugged and continued watching the movie. A few hours later, it was almost the end of the second Chao in Space movie. They would be landing soon, so Robotnik thought he should go wake up the two hedgehogs. Moving quietly so as not to disturb the others, who were enthralled by the heroics performed by the Chao on screen, Robotnik headed down the corridor to the cabin. He opened the door a crack and peeked in. Under his dark glasses, his eyes bulged. Gaping, he closed the door and started walking backwards to the rec room, moving around the others and sitting down in his seat. But in his mind, he was still backing away.

Of course, you know what Shadow and Amy were doing, right? I hope you enjoyed this story, and am sad to say it's over. Don't worry though, a sequel will be coming soon. So just relax and wait for it, the first chapter for the new story should be up sometime this weekend. And I should add that it revolves around our favorite cybernetic lizard, all starting with a certain couple's wedding.