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Chapter 1
(Lilliana's POV)

Those who were born deaf account for only 10% of all cases of deafness. The other 90% were born with their hearing abilities intact, but had something happen to them along the way that caused them to lose that capability, hurling them into a world of silence.

As for me, I was born deaf.

I've come to envy my sister sometimes for her hearing capability. Like when she has her iPod in her ears and is listening to one of the songs that she likes. But I can't hear it. When I see the headphones in her ears, I feel a weird twist in my gut, because I would give anything to be able to hear. To be able to listen to the music coming through the tiny speakers, or close my eyes on a sunny day while taking in the sound of the waves crashing on the shore with the birds chirping.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at her, I can't ever get mad at her. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm jealous of her. Of any normal person and how they take being able to hear for granted. I can see the kids in my school talking with each other and I just get a little frustrated, because I want to know what it's like not to have to try so hard every day. It's something that I have to live with, but I can't let it get me down.

They found out that I was deaf pretty early on when I was about three months old. I wouldn't react to any loud noises that would normally send a baby into a crying fit. So, Mom took me to the doctor to get tested and it was then that they determined I was deaf. The doctors could never figure out the cause, though. They considered that it could be genetic, but my mom and grandma couldn't recall anybody on their side of the family who was deaf, nor could my dad.

I had a cochlear implant operation when I was 11, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with the implant itself and said that it should have worked. So, I should have been able to hear after that, but I still can't.

I guess what they say about not having one of our senses will heighten your other ones is true, or it is in my case. I seem to have this strong sense of knowing when something is going to happen. Sometimes, I'll even get these flashes of an image or a word, but it's so frustrating, because it's never completely clear. It started happening when I was about 12 and has gotten stronger every year since...

Hold on a second. Before I go into the weird, maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself since you've already gotten some of my medical history…

My name is Liliana Jordyn Swan, but everyone calls me Lily. I was born on September 15, 1988 to Charles Joseph Swan and Renée Francis Higginbotham. I have an older sister, Isabella, or Bella, who is exactly one year and two days older than me. She was born in the small town of Forks, Washington where our father currently resides and is working as the Chief of Police.

When Bella was 3 months old, our parents had divorced and one month later, mom had found out that she was once again pregnant with me. At the time, we were living with our grandma in California, where 9 months later, I was born.

When I was 4, we picked up and moved to the dry, sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona. It was around then that Bella and I started our yearly tradition and would go up to visit our dad in Forks for one month out of the summer. This lasted up until I was 14 when we would instead take a vacation in California for two weeks.

Bella and I look almost exactly alike except for a few differences. She has our dad's chocolate-brown eyes, while instead, I have our mother's blue-green eyes. Her dark brown hair is long and straight while mine is an inch or two shorter with loose wavy curls, as well as couple of shades lighter. I also have scars behind my ears from my cochlear implant surgery. Our faces are very similar in structure with the same heart-shaped faces with high cheekbones and a thin nose. We both also have a pale complexion, I being just a little bit more on the tanner side than her (like that's really saying anything). My sister and I stand about the same height of 5'4 and have the same, thin body type. Bella is also pretty clumsy and uncoordinated, a trait in which I thankfully don't share with her. I mean, I'm not the most graceful person in the world. I can't dance Swan Lake, but I am a prima ballerina compared to my sister.

Bella and I have always been close. Ever since we were babies, we've always felt like we've had to stick together. I've always relied on my older sister, who in turn had come to rely on me, as well. She's the only person that I ever actually talkto.

My speech; that's one of the main things that I'm completely self-conscious about. I know that it sounds different compared to everyone else's, and yes, that's pretty vain of me, but I don't want people to make fun of me because my voice sounds weird. Bella tells me that when I speak, I sometimes stutter and mess up my words. Because of this, I won't speak to anyone else, except for her, because I knew that without a doubt she would never make fun of me. I'm so uncomfortable with speaking out loud that I won't even let my mom or dad hear my voice.

Our mom, Renée, has recently remarried a minor league baseball player named Phillip, or Phil, Johnathon Dwyer. He's a really nice guy; a little young maybe, but nice, all the same. However, Bella and I had never really seemed to connect with him.

Since the wedding, we've all lived together now for a couple of months, but with him traveling around, our mother has remained unhappy at home when, being the free spirit that she is, she obviously really wanted to travel the country with him. Bella and I had taken notice to this and talked about it until we came to the conclusion that it wasn't fair to the newlyweds, suggesting that she send us to live with our dad, so that she could go on the road with Phil and have the adventures that she was yearning for. She eventually agreed, after some gentle encouraging, and started making the arrangements for us to move across the country.

That brings us up to now as Bella and I continue packing up all of our belongings to bring with us to Forks. I don't remember much about the small town, except for the fact that it's almost always cloudy; a complete opposite from Phoenix. But still, I'm okay with this move. I knew that even through all her crying, it's eventually going to make my mom much happier, which was the biggest factor regarding my decision.

Bella seems okay with it, too. The main thing that we're worried about is our dad, Charlie. We haven't ever really lived with him, for more than a few weeks, at least, so we both expect it to be a little uncomfortable and awkward. Hopefully we will all adjust sooner or later, for all of our sakes.

Sighing, I zip up my suitcase after packing the last of my clothing and slung it off of the bed. Apparently, I didn't think before acting, forgetting amidst my day dreaming that the wide suitcase would be on the heavier side, causing it to drop heavily to the floor, narrowly missing my foot. Narrowing my eyes at the offending object, I reached down with two hands and hoisted it up, slinging it over my shoulder, momentarily knocking me off balance. It took me a moment to steady myself before I managed to remain still without tilting sideways, but once I did, I succeeded in unevenly wobbling over and out of my bedroom door.

As I finally exit my bedroom, I came to a stop, sparing the coral colored walls a final look before adjusting the weight, briefly thanking my lucky stars that we lived in a one story house.

I made my way outside taking note of Bella talking to mom, who was blubbering sadly before pulling her into her arms as the said their goodbyes. Deciding to let them have a minute, I trudged over to Phil, who was loading our luggage in the trunk of his car in preparation to take us to the airport.

"Got everything, kid?" I read from his lips as he grins in amusement at my overly large suitcase. I nodded, keeping a hold of the handle as I let the weight rest on the driveway. Since I've been deaf all my life, I've had a lot of practice at reading lips.

Phil reached over and took the suitcase from me. I smiled my thanks and walked over to Bella and my mom, who immediately crushed me in a hug before pulling back to look at the two of us.

"Now, you know that if you girls change your mind, I'll race back here from wherever we are." she says as she reaches up to wipe a stray tear from under her eye, while I smiled and glanced at Bella, who does the same.

"We won't change our minds, mom." Bella says insistently, as though she has been repeating this many times over.

Mom gave her a dubious look, tilting her head slightly to the side. "You might. You know that you both have always hated that tiny town."

I sighed deeply, raising my hands as I began to sign, 'Mom, we'll be fine. Please stop worrying'.

Mom forced a smile as she pulled us both into a bone crushing hug again and I couldn't help but to smile, knowing that I'm definitely going to miss our erratic, harebrained mother. But Bella and I know that it would be a big sacrifice for her to give up her adventure and come home if we ended up changing our minds. She deserves the happiness she's found and we know that she is at her peak with Phil. We could both suck it up for her, as she would do for us.

I looked over to my sister as our mother began to walk us to the car with her arms around our shoulders. I frowned when I saw that her face was full of regret and doubt, which made me start to worry.

Once Mom released us and went to help Phil with the last of the bags, I gave my big sister a smile and pulled her in for a tight hug.

"A-At least w-we' got each other." I whisper as I try to comfort her and she pulls back smiling at me.

"Come on! Let's hit the road! You girls don't wanna miss your flight." Phil says as he makes his way around the car to the driver's side.

Sighing, we both walk over to the back doors of the car and climb inside, slamming it shut behind us. Phil and mom mimicked our movements and we slowly crept down the drive before starting our track to the airport.

I watched as Bella put her headphones in her ears and I let out a long breath as I look out the window, getting a last look at brightly colored Phoenix; the sun, the scattered palm trees, expensive cars, and shopping malls. Come to think of it, I don't think that I'll really miss Phoenix all that much. I guess I've never really felt a connection or something that would anchor me here. Maybe I can find that anchor in Forks.

I reached down and unzipped my bag before I pulled my book out of my carry-on bag and opened it, letting the time pass by with Daisy Buchanan's shallowness and Jay Gatsby pining over her.

About twenty or so minutes later, I felt the car pull to a stop and I picked my head up to look out of the window, taking notice that we've finally arrived at the airport. I shoved my book back into my bag and slung it over my shoulder, taking in the last couple moments of Phoenix's dry heat.

Bella and I picked up our tickets as we checked in our luggage, then Phil and mom walked us through the endless lines past security to our designated terminal.

With teary eyes, Mom crushed both of us into tight hugs as I felt the vibrations while she spoke her goodbyes to Bella before pulling back to look at me before she said hers. "Take care of each other, okay? Make sure you or Bella let me know when you land. And don't forget that if either of you ever want to come back home, just call or text me, and I'll come home immediately -"

I nodded, cutting her off before signing, 'Don't worry, Mom. Everything will be fine. I love you.'

She smiled a watery smile as she ran her fingers through my hair. "I love you too, sweetheart."

We made our way over to the flight attendant at the entrance of the tunnel and handed her our ticket. We made our way down the tunnel, stopping to turn at the corner before we stopped to turn around and wave goodbye to Mom and Phil one last time before we boarded the plane.

Upon arriving on the plane, we took our seats as I looked out the window, taking one last look at sunny Phoenix for the last and final time. I really hoped that maybe Forks would be different, that maybe the people would be different.

With that final thought, I closed my eyes and as the plane left the tarmac, I felt myself being lulled to sleep.

I suddenly felt myself being shaken awake and I turned my head to see Bella.

"We just landed." she says as I rub the sleep from my eyes to wake myself up.

I nodded to let her know that I understood and take look out the window, seeing the sky covered by a never-ending cloud of gray and silver.

Welcome Home, Lily.

As the plane came to a stop, Bella and I gathered our things before weaving through the aisles to exit the plane. A set of stairs was placed at the door and I looked out in the crowd to search for my dad, but didn't have to look long before I saw Charlie standing off to the side next to his squad car, wearing his uniform and looking a bit awkward. Bella and I looked at each other before we finished making our way down the rolling staircase and started making our way towards him.

Looking up, he immediately catches sight of us and straightened up, shifting on his feet awkwardly as he pushed away from his squad car to meet us half way.

"Hi, girls." Charlie said as he gave us a small smile, which I attempted to return, but this whole situation just felt so awkward that I had to strain to accomplish it.

"Hey, Char-Dad." Bella catches herself and I turned to look at him, offering him a small wave in greeting. I saw out of the corner of my eye as Bella and Dad exchanged some words that I couldn't hear, but I instead took look around, shivering slightly as a breeze blew through my curls, causing me to zip my parka up the rest of the way. Our surroundings were dark and gloomy and I could feel that it was going to start to rain very soon.

I felt a tap on the shoulder and turn to see Bella motion to me that we're going, so we made our way under the plane to the baggage claim. Two men with large ear muffs or headphones handed us our luggage and Charlie helped us load it into the back of the cruiser.

Upon closing the trunk and making our way around the side of the car, Bella and I paused and looked at each other. I immediately realized that I was going to have to get in the back. Great. Bella gave me a sympathetic look and I shrugged putting my carry-on in the in before sliding in, Charlie closing the door behind me. He and Bella got in the front and started the car before pulling out of the parking lot.

During the ride from Port Angeles to Forks, I spent my time taking in our new surroundings. I can only recall a bit as I haven't been in this area since I was thirteen years old. However, from what I remember, it doesn't look like it has changed all that much.

It wasn't long before I saw the "The City of Forks Welcomes You - Pop. 3246" sign and took in the small town. It was surrounded by countless miles of greenery, but it was definitely a nice looking town. Maybe this will be good for us.

I looked to the front seat and saw that Bella was doing the same thing as I was. The only downside is that it's sheltered with constant cloud cover and the sun barely known to make many appearances.

We pulled up to the familiar white two-story old house by the forest's edge.


Dad pulled up to the house and Bella got out of the front seat to open the back door for me so I could get out, what with it being a police cruiser and all. Charlie popped the trunk before grabbing some of our bags for us as he led Bella and I into the house.

Inhaling, I instantaneously recognized the wooden, musky scent of the house the second we got through the front door as I began to look around. It was definitely a "man's" house, but it had a comfortable feel to it with lots of fishing memorabilia decorating the living room. As I walked through the living room, I noticed that there were various pictures of Bella and me from our school pictures we'd send, to photo's we had taken during the weeks in the summer that we'd spend together. We both grimaced and look at each other, seeing a picture of the two of us in tutu's during the time we were forced into taking ballet.

We turned to each other and shared a laugh as Charlie made it through the front door in motioning for us to follow while leading us up the narrow staircase. He led us into a room directly in front of the stairs, which had changed since the last time we were here. Gone were the two twin beds and instead, was replaced with a full sized bed with purple sheets.

"I thought you each would like your own room." I read from Charlie's lips.

Bella nodded, "Yeah, thanks."

I felt the slight vibrations of Charlie uncomfortably clearing his throat before motioning for me to follow him into what used to be the guestroom which would now be mine. It was right next door to Bella's and had the same view to the backyard and the large spruce tree that separated our windows.

The small room was just like I remembered it from our summer visits with subtle differences. It was a smaller version of Bella's and the walls were a teal color that we'd painted once summer when I was twelve. It has a small, full sized bed next to the window, a wooden dresser by one wall, and a tiny desk in the corner. The small closet was on the opposite side of the window. It's simple but nice.

I look over as my door opened and Charlie enters, bringing the rest of my bags up from downstairs.

"Is the room okay?" he asked and I nod before signing 'thank you'.

We stood there for a bit, the time passing in awkward silence until something outside catches Charlie's attention. He gave me a small smile before exiting the room, leaving the door open in his wake.

I sigh and walk over to my bags, removing my laptop from its case and put it on my desk. I then started to unpack my clothes until I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look over and see my sister standing there with her headphones draped over her right shoulder.

"There's someone here." she says and I frown before following her down the stairs and out the front door, stopping as I see a man in a wheelchair talking to Charlie, along with a younger looking version of him, a boy probably around my age, who was standing next to him. They both had long, thick, inky black hair with beautiful russet colored skin. The younger man had a bit of childish roundness to his jaw, giving him a bit of a baby face. But all around, he was a good looking guy.

Bella and I started to approach them, which captured the man in the wheelchair's attention as he smiles at the two of us.

"Bella, Lily, you remember Billy Black?" Charlie says. When I take in his name, I instantly remember him from the Quileute reservation on the outskirt of Forks near First Beach, because we had always went down there during the summers with Charlie.

"Glad you girls are finally here. Charlie hasn't shut up about your impending arrival since you both told him that you were coming." he says and I smile while looking over at our dad whose cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"Keep exaggerating, old man and I'll wheel you down the hill." Charlie teases.

"Right after I ram you in the ankles." Billy chuckles before rolling after Charlie, initiating a mock fight between the two adults. Bella and I watched them with amusement before the younger guy turned to us, gaining our attention.

"Hi, I'm Jacob. We used to make mud pies together when we were kids." he says.

Bella and I looked at each other, before turning back to the boy, me offering him a small smile and wave.

"Yeah...I think I remember." Bella nods, but then turns toward Charlie and Billy. "Are they always like this?" Bella asks him, motioning towards the dueling men.

"It's getting worse with age." Jacob admits with a grin as they both made their way back up the driveway towards us.

Charlie reached up and patted the truck as he turned to us. "So, what do you girls think of your homecoming gift?" he asked and I raised my eyebrows in surprise as Bella's jaw dropped.

"No way. The truck is for us?" she asked and Charlie nods.

"Just bought it off of Billy, here." He boasts and I smiled at Bella who grinned back in return. I could already see that she's genuinely excited for this and I'm happy, as well. She grabs my wrist and rushes us over to the truck and I hop in the passenger side as Jacob walked up to the driver's side window.

"Okay, so you have to double pump the clutch when you shift, but..." he trails off, reaching in through the open window as he pointed everything out to Bella, who would most likely be the one who does the driving.

"Maybe I can give you a ride to school." I read from Bella's lips and I watch as Jacob's face falls a bit.

"I go to school on the reservation," he says with genuine disappointment.

"Too bad. It would have been nice for us to know someone." She sighs with a shrug. It makes me realize that I'm lucky that I have my sister with me. That brings about another thing that I was stressing - school tomorrow. I'm worried about the kids there, like if they're going to be nice or not to "Chief Swan's daughters."

Billy and Jacob left a little while later, as Bella and I went back upstairs to finish unpacking the rest of our belongings. I hung up my clothes in my closet and then put the rest in the dresser. I gathered up all of my notebooks for school tomorrow and put them in my purple Jansport book bag.

Pulling my toiletries out of my bag, I walked into the small bathroom that the three of us share and put them on the shelves that Charlie had cleared for us while making sure to leave enough room for Bella.

I walked back into my bedroom and laid down on the bed, completely wiped out from everything that had happened today.

I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and sat up to see Bella standing in my doorway. She smiled at me and came to sit down next to me on my cream colored sheets and dark brown duvet.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" she asks and I shrug.

"I d-don't know, I guess I'm j-just worried about all the s-stares as the new girls." I tell her and she nods in understanding, but then grimaces.

"It's my own personal hell." She mumbled looking, pausing for a moment as she raised her head to look around. "So, what do you think of everything?" she asks as she continued looking around.

I shrugged. "I l-like it h-here. I think it w-will get better." I tell her and she smiles.

"Always the eternal optimist." she says and I smile at her.

"One of us h-has to be." I smirk and she playfully pushes my shoulder as we fall on our backs and laugh.

Bella suddenly sits up and turns towards the doorway. I mimicked her, looking toward the doorway before turning to gaze back at her in confusion.

She turned back towards me. "Dad's back." She said and we both got up and walked down the stairs to see Charlie in the kitchen with a box of pizza in his hands.

"You girls hungry?" he asks and I nod.

Putting the pizza on the stove, he turned towards the cabinet to the side next to the sink and began to take three plates out of the cabinet and handed one to each of us. I nod my thanks and grab a slice of what looked like sausage covered pizza and sat down at the small squared off table as Bella does the same, taking her spot next to me.

Placing his plate on the table, Charlie headed over to the fridge and grabs a beer, pausing to turn to us. He says something that I couldn't understand and I look to Bella for confirmation.

"Would you like a soda?" She repeats and I nod, causing him to turn to the fridge and bring two Pepsi's to Bella and I, before taking a seat across from us.

I guess these are one of the few moments where I'm glad that I'm deaf. Bella and Charlie seem to suffer in awkward silence as we eat while I don't have to. I just sit and eat, looking around the room. Dad and Bella make an attempt at conversation a couple of times about random things like how mom is doing, what life was like in Arizona, how Phil is treating mom… etc. It always seems to trail off to nothing and then they are sitting in silence, once again.

I finished my dinner and got up at the same time as Bella, walking over to the sink to wash our dishes.

After everything is put away, we say goodnight to dad and make our way back upstairs to change. I pull on a pair of red pajama pants and a grey t-shirt before throwing my hair up into a messy bun on top of my head.

I walked over to Bella's room to say goodnight, only to see her getting her book bag together and ready for tomorrow.

"Hey, Lil." she greeted me from the floor next to her desk.

"Hey." I say before taking a seat on her bed.

From there, we both stayed up for the next hour talking about tomorrow.

"What d-do you think the c-classes will be like?" I asked, a little worried about meeting my interpreter.

"Probably the same." she said as she sees my worried expression. "Lil, you were top in our grade, you'll be fine." she says and I smile at her. Bella always comforts me whenever I'm worried or scared. It helped that we were in the same grade, despite me being younger as I had always taking to the material a lot easier than others seemed to. The school had decided to move me up when I was in sixth grade, as the material seemed to be too easy for me and wasn't giving me a chance to learn or reach my full potential.

"I'm going to go t-to bed. Night, Bells." I said, giving Bella a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Night, Lil." she sighs and I walked back into my own room.

I flipped the switch on my wall, turning off the lights before pulling the sheets back and climbing into my bed, covering myself with my brown comforter. My nerves were a little on edge and I had to close my eyes as I tried to relax and get the butterflies to settle down in my stomach.

I just hoped that everything goes okay tomorrow…

When I open my eyes, I see that I'm lying in the grass on the forest floor and its pitch black outside. It's chilly out, but I'm wearing a white cotton dress without any shoes. I scramble to my feet and whip my head around, trying to look for my sister when I see a flash of something white near the trees.

"H-Hello?" I called out. "B-Bella?"

I started walking through the trees, trying to find my way back to the house, ignoring the uncomfortable feel of the dry leaves beneath my feet. I continued to walk for a while, but the forest seems as though it's never-ending.

I started to run.

I sprinted straight, hoping to get out of the woods, but it was no use. It was like I was going in circles, as everything looked the same. I could feel the tears begin to stream down my face, but I kept on running until I finally trip, landing flat on the ground with one arm reaching out in front of me.

I'm panting from all the running, my heart slamming against my chest. I just want my sister. I need to find her.

I pulled my arm back into me, using it to prop myself up and bring myself into a sitting posting, curling my knees up against my chest as I sob.

But suddenly, I feel calm.

I'm not sad or scared anymore. I feel a light pressure on my shoulder and I turn my head to see a pale hand that seems to almost glitter in the moonlight. It gently squeezes my shoulder and I turn around to see who it belongs to, but I can't see their face.

Another wave of calm crashes over me, forcing me to close my eyes once more.

I snapped my eyes open with a gasp and begin to blink in confusion. Looking around, I'm back in my room, under my duvet. I reached up and palmed my face, wiping the light coat of sweat off my brow before sitting up.

This wasn't unusual for me. I've always had weird dreams like this. Usually, they're nightmares and I wake up to Bella shaking me with tears rolling down my cheeks and damp with sweat.

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts from my mind and look over and out my window, taking notice that it's still pretty dark outside. I turned my head and glanced at the red numbers of my clock on my desk. It's four in the morning.

I groan and rolled over, knowing that there was no way that I was going to be able to get back to sleep tonight. I ended up laying in bed for another half an hour, thinking about the dream. It was a new one. I remember last year, I had dreamt that I was on a plane and it crashed. I actually saw everyone die on that plane, including myself. Bella had woken me up and held me while I broke down, hyperventilating through the tears. The scary thing was that three days later, the news reported a plane that crashed during takeoff at the Phoenix airport. No one on board survived. From what was described, it was identical to my dream, down to the pictures of the passengers that they displayed. It scared me, but when I talked to Bella about it, she just rationalized it away, dismissing it as a coincidence. But it never got out of my head, and somehow, I felt like I was responsible, like I could have helped prevent it, somehow. I know that it sounds ridiculous, which is why I've never told anyone, aside from my sister. Personally, I think that I'm just going crazy.

I pulled myself up and out of bed and walked over to my desk to sign into my email. I saw that there was an email from my mother already and a smile tugged at my lips, calming me down.

Date: March 10, 2008
Time: 7:30pm
From: Renee Dwyer
To: Liliana Swan

Subject: Missing you


How is everything, sweetheart? Was your flight okay? I miss you and Bella already! Are you looking forward to starting school tomorrow? I hope that everything is good there. How is Charlie? Make sure to tell me how your first day goes tomorrow. Remember that it's not too late to change your mind. I love you.


I smile and shake my head before typing a reply.

Date: March 11, 2008
Time: 5:37am
From: Liliana Swan
To: Renee Dwyer

Subject: Adjusting

Hey Mommy,

Everything is good so far. I really like it here and I think Bella does, too. Dad got us a car, which we're really excited about, even though I won't be driving it. He is adjusting, but he seems fine. I'm not too worried about school. I think that everything will be ok. No, we are not changing our minds! I promise I'll email you again when I get home from school. I love you.


I went through some websites before I shut off my laptop and turned to look at the clock. I saw that it was getting late and that I should probably start getting ready.

I headed into the bathroom and started the shower, testing the water before slipping inside. When I'm done, I grabbed the towel I had laid out for myself and wrapped it around my torso before collecting my discarded pajamas and walked back to my bedroom.

Closing the door, quietly so I don't wake Bella before she's read to get up, I walk over to my closet to pick out my outfit for today. A white V-neck cashmere top with a pair of faded jeans, and a turquoise cardigan is okay for today. I laid them on my bed, pulling on a pair of white lace boy shorts and a matching bra before pulling on my clothes. I always loved wearing pretty undergarments as I always felt pretty in them.

I blow dried my hair, leaving it with its natural curl and parted it over to the side, letting the layers flow down to the middle of my lower back. I pulled my hair over my ears to hide my scars and look in the mirror. I guess my style is a bit different than Bella's. She normally sticks to t-shirts and jeans, but it doesn't matter. She's gorgeous in my eyes no matter what she wears.

I put on some mascara and heavy eyeliner, as is my style, and walked into Bella's room, crawling onto her purple sheets. I gently began shaking her in order to wake her up. She stirs and turns to look at me and I smile.

"Time to g-get up." I tell her and she nods with what seemed like a groan. I chuckled and leave the room to let her get dressed and passed Charlie as he walked out of the bathroom.

"Morning." he says in a groggily and I give him a small smile before walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Upon returning to my room, I grabbed my book bag after checking that I have everything I needed for today; tablet, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, etc. I grabbed The Great Gatsby and threw it in, as well. When I was satisfied that I had everything for school, I grabbed a pair of socks and pulled them on my feet before lacing up my brown boots that reach my mid-calf.

"Ready?" Bella asked as she poked her head in my doorway, gaining my attention. I nodded and grabbed my thick leather jacket, pulling it around myself.

I slung my bag over my shoulder as we walked downstairs and headed into the kitchen to grab an apple before I made my way out to the truck with Bella. I could feel my nerves rattling a bit as the butterflies caused a ruckus in my stomach. I turned to look over at Bella, catching a nervous expression on her face, as well. I had to keep reminding myself, 'you have your big sister, you're going to be okay.'

The ride to Forks High School didn't take that long and Bella pulled into an available parking spot near the front of the lot. I felt a pop in the car and saw Bella flinch.

A couple of nearby students turn towards our truck, chuckling.

So much for a low profile.

Bella and I climbed out of the car and tried our best to ignore all the stares from our peers. I can't help but to feel like I was fresh meat.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a friendly looking Asian kid approaching us. He stopped in front of us and grinned happily.

"You must be Isabella and Liliana Swan, the new girls. Hi, I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place. Anything you need; tour guide, lunch date, shoulder to cry on." He wiggled his eyebrows at the latter. However, he talked a little fast for me and I actually had trouble reading his lips a bit. I turned to glance at Bella, who gave me a look as if saying, 'is he for real?'

I gave her a shrug and she turned to look at him.

"We're more of the "suffer in silence" type." she tells him.

He nodded, still grinning. "Hey! Good headline for your feature. I'm on the paper, and you're news, baby! Front page." He boasts and I widen my eyes in terror.

Oh, no.

Thankfully, Bella immediately turns him down. "I...no, we… we're not news, seriously, not at all..." she stutters out and I shake my head at Eric to show my agreement, my eyes still wide as saucers.

He raised his hands in surrender. "Whoa, chillax. No feature." He assures us and I sighed in relief.

"Could you point us toward the office?" she asks and he nods.

"Oh, I'll escort you both." he says with a smile and starts leading us towards the front office.

Passing through all of the students in the hallway, the stares continued, along with the whispers, everyone anxious to get their first looks at the new students. Eric looked as though he's loving all the attention, as regardless of the fact that he has a bubbly appearance, he didn't look as though he would be the prom king.

Once we managed to get to the office, Eric reaches forward and opens the door for the both of us, gesturing us inside with a mock bow.

We slipped inside and Bella thanked him for us, me nodding my appreciation before stepping up to the high counter that separated us from the receptionists' desks.

"Can I help you, girls?" A middle aged red haired woman asked as she approached the opposite side of the counter.

Bella nodded, introducing the two of us. "Yes, I'm Isabella Swan and this is my siste-"

"Ah, you're Chief Swan's daughters." she says interrupting her and I nod in confirmation. She turns away and makes her way over to a filing cabinet, sifting through the files before she turns and walks back to the counter, handing us our schedules.

I looked down at the schedule in my and felt satisfied with what I saw. I had AP Calculus, which was expected, because it was the same math class I was taking back in Arizona. I also had Physics, PE II, US History II Honors, and Spanish.

Bella thanked the woman behind the counter after receiving our instructions and two pink slips for our teachers to sign, as well as a map of the school with a pink highlighter marking all of the school's exits, and we left the office, comparing schedules.

"She said that your interpreter will meet you in your first period and to have all of our teachers sign this and to bring it back at the end of the day." she says, handing me the pink slip and I nodded. We continued to look down, comparing our schedules "We have lunch together, at least." she says and I shrug. I didn't expect to have any classes with Bella, as her glasses were more general, aside from her AP Biology 5th period, but I'm glad that we at least have lunch together.

Eric appeared, walking back over to us and looks at our schedules.

"Oh, I have biology, too. I can take you there." he offers and then looks at my schedule "You have AP Calc? And you're a sophomore?" he asked, looking surprised and I nod.

"She's a Junior, like us." Bella corrected him. "She skipped a grade." The warning bell rang, or at least I think it did, cutting our conversation short as everyone started rushing towards their class.

"I'll see you at lunch, Lil." she says and I nod before looking at the map in my hands and walking towards the Language building.

When I got in the class, I'm met with the curious stares of all the students as I walk over to the teacher. I meet my interpreter, Mrs. Connors who has a warm smile which makes me feel more comfortable. She doesn't hover, which I'm grateful for, but she does help me out if I need it.

The first couple of periods go by pretty quickly as the classes are about the same as in my old school. I passed Bella a couple of times in the hall and saw that some kids have taken an interest in her, one of them being Eric. Some of the kids watched me, as well, studying the quiet new girl and I felt a bit uncomfortable, but quickly shake it off.

I finally got to the one class that I was really looking forward to - Calculus. Math has always come the easiest to me, which is why I took courses over the summer so that I'd be able to skip classes and get ahead. Next year, I'll be able to take a college level math.

I walked into the classroom and saw that it's full of upperclassmen, which intimidates me immediately, but then I see Mrs. Connors, who offers me a kind smile, relaxing me a bit.

I walked over to the teacher, Mrs. Ryan, handing her the slip and she signs it before doing a double take as she reads it.

"You're a sophomore?" she asks and I nod with a shrug. "You know this is AP Calculus?" Again I nod.

"Liliana is technically a sophomore, but has skipped a head to the upperclassmen curriculum." Mrs. Connors clarifies to her.

She raises her eyebrows and looks back at the paper, recognition lighting her eyes as she reads my name. "Liliana Swan. Oh, you're the Chief's daughter." she says and I can feel the stares of the students in the room increase as they land on me. I blushed a bit before nodding as she looks around the room. "Eh-hum...you can take a seat next to Mr. Hale." She says to me and then gestures towards the seat near the window, a couple of rows from her desk. "Mr. Hale, please raise your hand."

I look around and see a pale hand raise lazily and follow it until I see the face that the hand belongs to and I almost fall over…

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