Rejoining the living, non-incarcerated world was much harder than Piper anticipated. Not that she anticipated much, in jail, time felt like it was standing still. Even though she had been counting down the days, the sentence felt like an eternity, a purgatory she would never be removed from. She stayed in jail for the full sentence- they don't let you out for good behavior if you end up in the SHU twice, once for beating the piss out of someone. Still, considering she had spent close to two years imagining sleeping in her own bed, it was like that bed had eventually ceased to exist- like had always been figment of her imagination, a dream from lifetimes past. Now that she was able to lie in the very real, very comfortable bed, she often spent time laying there thinking about how meaningless her life had become.

She knew she had it better than Taystee- she had a bed and a place to live, even if her kept pretending she was still the straight, law-abiding upper crust citizen she was before she left. Her name was still on the family credit card and Polly was talking about making soap again, although she barely seemed around. Everything just felt so purpose-less. Was she always this shallow?

For the first month, Piper would burst out of bed ready to tackle her daily regimen, which in the free world consisted of barely anything. She worked out, mostly out of boredom. Watched tv, again, out of boredom. She started taking apart lamps and then putting back together, out of boredom. She would write lists of jobs she could be doing-although, no one hires criminals. She would drink a lot. Her mother even hinted around the fact that she was "letting herself go and if she could please pretend to chipper when there is company."

Larry hadn't called. She tried to get a hold of him through her lawyer/his father on the day she was released, but the lawyer just shook his head brusquely and hurumphed. When she caught him at the grocery store with another women, a red-head, probably never been to prison, she decided to not drag him down anymore.

Her brother, surprisingly, visited often. He kept trying to give her tea and herbal supplements. He seemed genuinely concerned. He tried to get her to medidate once, but it only resulted in him sitting crossed-legged on the ground chanting "ooooohhhm" until he accidently farted a minute into it. Even Piper managed to crack up at that for a while.

Finally Polly picked up for lunch and instead dropped her off at a psychologist's office for an appointment that Piper had no business arranging. There were drug prescriptions written, stories listened to, and advice and homework given. The intake appointment lasted two hours. Polly swung around to pick her up and said,

"well… how'd it go"

"I can't believe you tricked me! I'm not sick… I'm a spoiled rich kid who can't figure out life and is sad! I don't need help!" Piper muttered.

"Oh sweetie, everyone needs help sometimes. You just need a little push. Is that a prescription? Want to stop at CVS?"

"Nooo, I'll get it later, I'm sure you're late to pick up the tyke."

"Nope, Pete is picking her up. I'm yours all afternoon."

"Oh" Piper knew she should've been happy. Elated even. But she was really looking forward to laying in her real bed and feeling miserable.

"Don't sound so sad about it. Lets drop off your prescription and then grab a salad"

"Fine. As long as the salad doesn't have cranberries...or anything red"

"You know, you've picked up weird quirks in prison."