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A Thousand Years Ago

Bella paced back and forth across the meadow deep within the forest of modern day England; waiting impatiently for her lover to arrive. Due to it's location in between both of their villages, it was perfectly situated for their illicit affair.

Bella was anxious. This would probably be one of their last meetings, as her husband was due back from his military campaign in a fortnight. This would make it nearly impossible to slip away and visit her love. Already her sister Alice had become more and more suspicious of her frequent absences. Bella tried to pacify her worries, saying that although she was within her 18th year, she had no children to care for and wanted to use what little freedom she had left to explore the neighboring villages.

Their was some truth to her words. Barely three days after their arranged marriage, her husband left to join in the constant battles waged by the local warlords. Bella quickly left the confines of their village to seek the pleasures that others company provided. It was on one such trip that she encountered Jane.

For the past seven months Jane had brought her more happiness and love than she could ever hope for with a stranger like her husband. It pained her so that soon the time would arise where it must come to an end. No longer would they have the freedom to visit each other whenever the need appears.

She was so lost in thought, that she was completely unaware of the petite blonde, right up until she was tackled and pinned to the ground by her attacker who quickly straddled her waist. Fear being the prominent emotion she at first struggled trying to reach for the knife that was hidden away within a pocket of her skirt. Her fear dissipated however when a soft hand gripped her wrist and pinned them above her head while a seductive voice purred into her ear.

"Oh Isabella, surely you do not wish to harm little ole me?" Bella sighed in contentment as her assailant began peppering kisses along her neck and jaw.

"Jane," All she received was a nip on her earlobe as a reply. Bella stared up at the baby blue eyes of her lover. She immediately knew something was wrong.

"Jane, what delayed you so?" she asked in a worried tone.

Jane pulled away so that she was sitting beside Bella and spoke, "Alec is becoming quite suspicious of my frequent escapades. It is much harder to come up with excuses now."

Jane and Bella were both very close to their siblings. Their affair was the only thing they kept from them. But they both knew that their siblings could never know. Bella was married to a solider, who was the second son of the chieftain of their village. Jane and her twin brother Alec were shunned and ridiculed for the strange things that often occurred around them. Many of the villagers whispered behind their backs accusing them of witchcraft. Even at the age of 17, when most people their age were married or at least betrothed, neither twin had even been courted due to the villages superstition.

The only reason nothing was done to them was their father who was the Priest for both villages. If anyone were to find out about their affair the consequences could be deadly for themselves as well as their siblings. Since Jane's father believed that sexual relationship between women were workings of the devil. Jane insisted on keeping her life with her village a secret, fearing that if Bella learned of her treatment, she would do something drastic in a her anger. Although Bella didn't know the details of Jane's life she took Jane's evasiveness as a sign of trouble; no matter how hard she pressed, Jane still avoided the subject like the plague.

Bella cuddled into her lover, softly caressing her wavy golden locks that had now grown well past her waist. "I know what you mean. Alice is getting increasingly persistent in her questioning. She knows I'm keeping something from her." Jane groans and cups her face in her hands.

"Why can't our world be simpler than this. Why can't we just be together without worrying about my husband and your father finding out?" Bella whispers longingly.

"Because the world we live in is cruel and heartless," Jane responded in a slightly bitter tone. Seeing this Bella cups Jane's chin, turning her face to hers so she can kiss her. They break away both breathless and eyes filled with love and lust. Bella smiles.

"Hey let's not waste the little time we do have together," Jane smirks before pushing Bella back onto the ground and capturing her lips once more.

Present Day

Bella's POV

Denali, Alaska

"Must I repeat myself for the millionth time Ali? I'm fine spending time with the Denali Coven. I'll be coming to visit in a few days anyway. So its not like we wont be seeing each other soon." I had been staying in Denali for the past year while Alice and the rest of my coven moved to Forks, Washington.

You may wonder why a coven of Vegetarian vampires would give up the beautiful isolation of Alaska. Where they are free to be themselves; to move to the small and dreary town of Forks, where they are forced to go to school and pretend to be human. That can be answered in two words.

Alec Swan

Alec Swan is a human who is now mated to my sister and maker Alice Cullen.


A Year Ago

"I've found him! I've finally found him!"I looked up from my seat on the couch to see Alice racing down the steps, her eyes alight with joy. Soon the living room was full of my family. Carlisle and Esme were standing in front of the fireplace. Rosalie and Emmett sat on the love seat, while my covenbrother Riley touched Alice's hand and instantly, his face transformed into a smile that mirrored Alice's. You see, Riley has the ability to see into someones past, but only recent events. He must have seen Alice's vision.

"Oh Alice I'm so happy for you," Riley said while smiling and hugged her.

"Thanks Riley," Alice said while her face glowed with happiness.

"Would you like to tell the rest of us whats going on," Carlisle asked.

"I finally found my mate!" Alice practically screamed while bouncing up and down in place.



"When?"My siblings and I asked simultaneously.

"Well I've been having visions of this guy on and off for the past three months. They were very vague and random. Until recently, when I had visions of him and his sister moving to Forks, Washington. His name is Alec Swan and he's my mate".

"How can you be so sure," Rosalie asked.

Alice eyed Rosalie hesitantly.

"Because... I had a vision of myself turning him".The room was deathly silent.

That meant only one thing. He was human and if Alice saw herself changing him then he must be her mate. After she turned me in the 900s she swore she would never change another or get close to another human after all the pain she believed she caused me. No matter how many times I've tried to convince her to the contrary.

"Your going to allow her to do this all because of some vision!? Carlisle what if she's wrong? She'll be endangering us all, and the human as well I suppose. And what if the Volturi find out…."Carlisle stepped in at that point trying to calm his eldest daughter.

"If he really is her mate and the Volturi show up Marcus will simply verify the bond and Caius will wish for him to turned and have us monitored until we do so." Rosalie let out a frustrated huff.

"But you don't know that! What if this gives them the reason they needed to take Bella from us. You know they have been gunning for Alice and Bella since our last trip to Italy, which by the way we barely made it out of alive." I shuddered at the memories, a cold shiver racing up my spine.

"Rosalie trust me. If they plan something I'll see it and we will prepare ahead of time. Until then can you at least be happy for me". Rosalie sighs and wraps Alice in her arms.

"I am happy for you sis. I'm just worried that's all" Alice smiles and pulls back. Emmett and Esme congratulated her. While Carlisle said that later help her and teach her what to expect now that she has a mate. Alice looked at me and I gave her a strained smile before pulling her into a hug soshe couldn't see the bitterness in my eyes. I could never have a mate. It was simply part of the price I payed for being so gifted. And although it filled me with envy, I promised to be there for her when she needed me. If I couldn't ever have a mate I promised to make damn sure Alice kept hers".

End of flashback

"Bella? Bella?!Are you even listening?" Alice's voice rang threw the phone jarring me from my thoughts.

"Yes Alice I'm listening," Alice sighs threw the phone.

"Yea sure you were... So your room is already set up and everyone including Alec is excited to see you again".

"So how is the little human".

"Bella..." she says somewhat exasperatedly

I chuckle softly

"I'm just messing with you Ali. You know how ironic I find you mated to a human is."

"You aren't the only one Bells. Emmett and Riley won't stop teasing me about it. Anyway Alec is doing fine now that he knows who and what we are. But his relationship with Jane has suffered since he can't tell her what we are, and I feel so bad because its me who caused it. He hates keeping secrets from her since they are so close." For some reason the situation between Jane and Alec keeps giving me a weird sense of deja vu. Shaking it off I try to console her.

"Alice don't feel bad you are doing this for Alec's and Jane's safety. Its one thing for Alec to know our secret because he's your mate, buts its entirely different for Jane to find out. Your doing this to keep them both alive until Jane can find her mate."

"Your right, as always Bells," I smile before asking nonchalantly.

"So how is your endeavor to find Jane's mate going," Alice's answers with a frustrated groan."That bad huh?"

"You know how bad it was, it's only gotten worse now that Jane has started spending so much time at the reservation. Every time I think I've finally gotten a clear read on who her mate is the image disappears before I can ever see it clearly. It's so frustrating. The only thing that is worse is trying to look into the future to find your mate."


"I know. I know. Finding your mate would only mean danger for you both but honestly who really believes that except Marcus. Who shouldn't even count since he's bat shit crazy. Hell you don't even know if its true or not."

"Alice I know what my gut tells me and its telling me that Marcus is right. Even Carlisle has some theories pointing towards the truth in Marcus's words..."

"But Bella it's not fair! You deserve to be happy like the rest of us! I'm tired of seeing you alone".

"Riley is alone as well".

"Yes and if I have my way that will be changing hopefully soon".

"What are you up to pixie," I ask Alice suspiciously.

"Nothing. I have to go, Alec is here to pick me up for our date. Love ya bye," And with that Alice hangs up the phone. I chuckle softly. I almost feel bad for Riley if Alice is planning to play matchmaker for him.

Jane's POV

The alarm blasted loudly into the confined space of my small room. I reach blindly for the alarm clock. My hands fumbling with the buttons until I finally find the right one to shut it off.

Another Monday morning. I groaned rolling over in bed. I sluggishly grab the pillow and mash it over my head when I feel him. My twin brother Alec and I use to share a bond so strong that we could almost sense each other and speak without having to use words. We use to be close. 'Use to' being the operative word. And just like clockwork, not two minutes later my brother bounced onto my bed yelling.

"Janey Janey wakey wakey eggs and bacey" I reach for another pillow and slam it into the side of his head hard enough to make him tumble off the side of the bed.

"What the fuck Jane!" I sat up in bed and scowled down at his sprawled down figure.

"That's what you get for being too damn chipper at 6:00 am," He rolls his eyes and stands up.

"Anyway you need to get up and head downstairs so you can eat. Alice will be here to pick us up,"

I groan at the thought. Dealing with that hyper midget wasn't something I was looking forward to. First she steals my brother away then I have to deal with her extremely perky attitude while she does it.

"Screw that I'll just take the car. I'm not in the mood to deal with all your lovey dovey crap. Especially if I plan on keeping my breakfast down."

"Come on Jane don't be that way. I really want you to ride with us so you can meet Bella." He looked at me with pleading eyes and I frowned.

"Why? So another Cullen can lie to me and keep me out of your secret little club." I scowled pushing past him and heading to the bathroom across the hall from my room.

"They are just trying to protect you," My brother says as he comes to stand in the doorway to the bathroom. "There are just somethings you can't know right now. But with time you'll understand." I turned to glare at him all the pent up anger from the past year coursing threw me.

"Understand!"I screeched. "Tell me Alec. How can I understand that in a matter of a year. My twin, my best and only friend has abandoned me for a five foot elf and all it took was her batting her fucking eyelashes at you for you to forget where your loyalty should lie! Understand that my brother who has never lied nor kept secrets from me has done nothing but both things since you started hanging with the Cullens. Understand how someone I've known for the past 17 years of my life has become a stranger!" I finished while glaring up at him. His blue eyes so much like my own were wide with shock and pain. He knew I wasn't okay with his relationship with the Cullen. It didn't take much to see that since I couldn't stop glaring at them or ignoring Alice when she tried to be friendly with me. But it wasn't till now that I showed my brother the true depth of animosity and jealousy for the family that stole the only thing in this world that truly matters to me.

"I'm so sorry," Alec's voice held so much anguish but I steeled myself to keep it from affecting me. He needed to understand how much he's been hurting me. "I didn't know you felt so strongly about my relationship with the Cullen's," at this my scowl grew a little more pronounced.

"Yea because your head has been so high up Alice's ass to see anything beyond yourself," His face crumbled. I knew that was a low blow but I couldn't stop myself from finding some pleasure from it.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get ready for school." I slammed the door in his face before hoping in the shower. A year ago my brother and I were close. Since we were born we were inseparable. But all that changed the moment he set eyes on Alice Cullen.