Title: The Dark Triad

Author: astrisdreams

Paring: Voldemort (Tom Riddle)/Harry/Draco

Summary: AU Book 4. Something goes terribly wrong during Voldemort's resurrection. As a result, he ends up bonded to Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a marriage ceremony, neither of whom he can kill unless he wants to die himself! Will Harry be able to save the Wizarding world from his husband? And how does Malfoy fit into all this?

The Dark Triad

Chapter One

"Bone of the father, lovingly given, you will renew your son!"

The diamond surface of the water broke and hissed; it sent sparks in all directions and turned a vivid, poisonous-looking blue.

Wormtail grinned pulling out his wand and Harry watched in horror as Draco Malfoy stepped into the clearing; eyes glossy with his face devoid of emotion.

"What have you done to him?" Harry shouted, "What is he doing here?"

"What does it matter Potter? From what I hear you two aren't exactly friends." Peter snarled.

"That doesn't mean I want you to kill him nobody deserves to murdered!" Harry argued.

"Soul of the servant lovingly given you will revive our master." Peter said ignoring Harry's ranting and made a motioned with his wand and Harry watched horror growing as Draco slit his wrist with a dagger and brought it up his lips kissing it before letting the blood drip into the cauldron.

Harry turned away, closing his eyes tightly trying to keep tears from escaping, they were going to die. Wormtail was going to kill him and Malfoy and nobody would know.

"Are you crying? How pathetic."

"I'm pathetic! You're nothing but a coward! You couldn't even do this yourself you had to have a boy do it!"


"Traitor! I hope you rot! I saved your life! I should have let Sirius kill you!"

"Soul of the enemy lovingly given you will resurrect your foe." Wormtail said grabbing the bloodied knife from Malfoy's limp fingers and pressing it to Harry's lips. "Now you die Potter." He hissed slashing Harry's arm and pressing it to his lips once more and dropping the knife into the potion.

The potion turned a blinding white as a figure emerged.

"Harry Potter-" Voldemort hissed before stopping as he felt a burning sensation creep up his neck, and turned to Wormtail, "What did you do?" He hissed.

"I did exactly what you said my lord bone of the father lovingly given, soul of the servant lovingly given, and soul of the enemy lovingly-" Wormtail trailed off having finally noticed Voldemort's thunderous expression.

"Fool! It is flesh of the servant willingly given! Blood of the enemy forcibly taken and bone of the father unknowingly given! You incompetent imbecile! You have failed me Wormtail!"

"Please forgive me master."

Voldemort frowned as he noticed Draco Malfoy swaying and steadily getting paler from blood loss.

"Why is Lucius Malfoy's son here?"

"The servant for the ritual my Lord."

"You could not do it yourself?"

"I-my-my-lord. I thought I'd be more useful."

"You have outlived your usefulness Wormtail!"

"No please don't!"

"Due to your idiocy I am bonded to these children. In the ministry's eyes we are married! Do you know what this means?"

"No my lord."

"It means that I cannot kill Harry Potter. I cannot harm the boy!"

"I'm sorry my lord."

"You must be punished."

"Please have mercy. Spare me."

"Avada Kedvera!"

Harry stared in shock at the unmoving body of Wormtail. He was married to Voldemort and Draco Malfoy. At that thought he felt his stomach heave as he forcefully vomited everything he had for lunch that day and continued to dry heave. Voldemort took a step toward him only to fall to the ground in agony. He watched as Draco Malfoy also fell to the ground in pain and he himself, started screaming when he felt the fast burning sensation traveling up his body. He closed his eyes hoping for the pain to be over quickly.

Harry let out a groan as he woke up stilled tied against the tombstone. He looked around his eyes falling on Malfoy and an unknown figure. He moved around before coming to a stop his legs were just barely touching the floor, whereas before he had been dangling particularly high from the ground. Unfortunately he was still tied to the headstone. He watched as the unknown figure got up shaking his head and turned to look at him. Harry blinked he was staring at Tom Riddle at least an older version that looked around twenty to thirty years old, which didn't make since Voldemort was like ninety years old.

"Seems like our bodies have changed to suit all of interests." Tom Voldemort said out loud.

"So now that we aren't killing each other now what?" Harry asked.

"What do you think? I guess that rat was useful for something after all. This just made eliminating the mudbloods far easier and as a bonus I get you and blondie over here as my bed mates."

"I'll kill you."

"If you kill me you'll die too."

"I don't care I won't let you murder innocent people."

Voldemort merely ignored him, "Why am I so young? Being young must have giving me some of my old twenty year old mindset."

Harry scowled before looking at Malfoy, "Why hasn't he woken up yet?"

Voldemort looked at him and cursed, "He's lost a lot of blood. Quite a looker if I do say so myself. The Malfoys always were very pretty."

"You're sick he's only fourteen!"

"So are you and in case you've forgotten we're married, age is nothing but a number. I could have my way with you and nobody would able to do anything about it."

"Creep." Harry muttered, shuddering.

"Is that anyway to talk to your new hubby." Voldemort said picking up all three wands that were scattered across the floor. "Time to go home."


"What is it child?"

"Can we at least send Cedric's body back?"

"I suppose so and if I send Wormtail back they'll think he and the boy killed each other and that you and the Malfoy child were kidnapped once they become aware of your absences."

Voldemort flicked a wand moving Wormtail's dead body next to Cedric's and dropped the portkey on them as they vanished.

"Now then let's head home hubby we can christen the bedroom while wifey here gets his R and R." Voldemort said slugging Malfoy over his shoulder and grabbing Harry's arm, "I suggest you don't try to escape who knows maybe you can convince me why I shouldn't wipe out every last mudblood in London."

Harry scowled at him, "I doubt that would work." He said, narrowing his eyes.

You're right." Voldemort said shrugging. "But if you're lucky I'll let you keep your pathetic friends as pets."

Harry shuddered grimacing he'd kill himself before letting that happen. He felt a shiver of fear as Voldemort pulled him closer apparating them back to his lair.

"Don't go anywhere I need to go put wifey here in bed. He won't be waking up anytime soon." Voldemort grinned

Harry waited till he had left the hallway before he ran trying to find an exit. There was no way on earth he'd marry Voldemort or Malfoy. He let out a small whoop of joy when he saw an open door leading to the garden and made his way over before coming to a stop. He couldn't leave Malfoy here like this. He may be a pain in the asre but he didn't deserve to be left here with Voldemort. With that in mind he made his way back toward where he hoped the bedrooms were. Voldemort should have placed Malfoy in bed already and should be out searching for him. If he planned this right he could make it back to the exit with Malfoy. He stopped when he came to the room with Malfoy in it.

The bedroom was completely empty except for a king sized canopy bed with black bed sheets next to the bed was a small mahogany desk. The floor was a plain white carpet and the walls and ceiling were nothing but mirrors.

Harry blinked in shock stepping closer to the mirror staring at his reflection. He looked different and yet at the same time he looked the same. He was taller the only good thing that came out of this marriage. Whereas before he had been standing at 5'5 now he stood at 5'8 he had grown a whole three inches and hopefully he would continue to grow seeing as he was only 14. His hair had grown messier and longer reaching his cheekbones his bangs now covered his scar. He had tanned slightly and filled out a little bit more and his eyes were a darker shade of green-blinking Harry reached out touching the mirror he could see clearly without his glasses perfect 20-20 vision.

"Someone's a little vain." Voldemort smirked.

"Stay away. I found the exit. I can leave anytime I want." Harry said.

"More like you found the backdoor leading into the garden you can't leave the perimeter of this house if you don't have the intention of returning." Voldemort said.

"That won't stop me from trying to escape."

"Course it won't why don't you follow sleeping beauty over here and get some rest. I'll explain everything later."

"I'm not tired and I'm not sleeping with him."

Voldemort rolled his eyes conjuring up a bed. "I don't care sleep don't sleep, just make sure you don't fall asleep when I'm explaining things to you later. There's a bathroom behind the mirror with a crack. Enjoy." He said leaving the room and locking the door.

Harry frowned staring at the lumpy bed Voldemort had conjured and the soft canopy bed Malfoy was sleeping on and sighed making his way over to the canopy bed almost instantly falling asleep the moment his head touched the pillow.

"Perhaps Wormtail was actually useful after all. I no longer have to kill Harry Potter. Oh well what's done is done." Voldemort said getting up and making his way towards his own bedroom before pausing to stare at the mirror in front of him. His eyes were dark blue almost black; he had raven locks brushing just beneath his chin he stood at a nice height of 6'0 even. He had some theories to think about. He stretched settling into bed, he would have a long chat with Malfoy and Potter soon enough.

Harry had never been in a more awkward situation; here he was eating dinner with his two worsts enemies Draco Malfoy and Voldemort himself. At least Malfoy seemed just as confused and nervous as he himself felt they had locked worried gazes almost five times now. Voldemort however seemed to enjoy their fear, taking his time with his meal and grinning every time either of them happened to look in his direction.

"That was delicious." Voldemort sighed; clapping his hands and making the plates and cutlery vanish. "Now then I'm sure you two have some questions so free feel to ask."

"I have a few." Malfoy scowled, "One what am I doing here?" He asked sticking up his index finger, "Two what is going. And three who the bloody hell are you?" He finished holding three fingers up in the air.

"Wow such spirit you certainly are a feisty one. Well let's see I'm Lord Voldemort and you're my new wife."

"Is this some type of joke, because it's not funny!"

"I assure you child this is no joke tell me what is the last thing you remember?"

"Who are you?"

"Answer the question!" Voldemort demanded.

"Fine! The last thing I remember is…is…oh I'm gonna kill that little rat!" Malfoy screeched.

"So you remember."

"I remember some rat man had cast the imperius curse on me and used my blood for some ritual after that everything gets kind of hazy."

"Well that ritual was to bring Voldemort back to life but that incompetent fool messed up. He brought me back however-"

"You can't be Voldemort he was born at least eighty years ago! You look like you're in your mid-twenties or early thirties."

"Wonderful observation skills. Now let me finish. Pettigrew-"

"Who is that?" Malfoy asked.

Harry scowled rolling his eyes; Malfoy was such a child constantly interrupting. He really wanted to know what the bloody hell was going on himself.

"It's the traitor he got my parents killed and my godfather thrown in prison and the rat bastard who imperiused you now shut up." Harry snapped.

"I don't believe I was talking to you so do me a favor and stay out of it." Malfoy glared.

"-As I was saying." Voldemort interrupted before they could start arguing, "Pettigrew messed up and instead of it being a restoration ritual it became a marriage ritual. He used both yours and Potter's blood to bring me back to life so all three of us are married in the eyes of the ministry. Now young Malfoy the reason I look so young is because the ceremony changed all of our physical appearances to suite each of our needs. I imagine neither of you want to be married to a seventy five year old. So it made me younger looking, mentally and emotionally I'm actually sixty-eight but physically I'm about well I don't know yet."

"Even so the ceremony can't have made you young just like that." Malfoy frowned.

"For a second there I forgot you were in Slytherin. Always the questioning type. I have six horcruxes well I used to one of them was destroyed so I have five. Do either of you know what those are?"

Harry looked at Malfoy who merely shrugged both of them shaking their heads no.

"Excellent you don't need to know. Now each horcrux contains an essence of my soul. I'm pretty sure each horcrux gave me back about 8 years. If that's so then I am currently twenty-eight."

"Why don't we just get a divorce?" Harry asked.

"A divorce what is that?" Malfoy asked.

"You guys don't have divorces here?"

"Potter the wizarding world is very different from the muggle world. People don't get divorced when they say till death do you part they mean it." Voldemort explained.

"Okay are you going to kill me?"

"No, if this had been a regular wizarding marriage I would have sliced your head off already. However since this was a ritual I can't kill either of you unless I want to die also."

"This is insane!" Malfoy shouted, "I'm only fourteen!"

"Well like it or not were married now get used to it. However I will let you both keep your surnames seeing as you'll need to pass on your bloodlines."

"Potter I need to talk to you privately. Malfoy child make yourself at home. Come Potter." Voldemort commanded, walking out the room.

Harry shifted nervously before following him out.

Malfoy let out a sigh staring at the ceiling in anger. He was married at the age of fourteen! His parents would be so disappointed. Actually know that he thought about his mother probably wouldn't care and his father would be cursing the fact that he didn't think of marrying off sooner. He groaned moving away from the dining room and wandering the house mansion.

'I wonder if I look any different. The dark lord did say that we would change to our own preferences.' With that in mind Malfoy went off in search of a mirror.

"I don't look all that different." Malfoy muttered.

He had grown some from 5'3 to 5'6. He was unfortunately still shorter than Potter and just about every other boy in their year, but he was certain when puberty finally ended he'd tower over all of them. Nothing else had changed, except his hair which now reached his chin, he supposed his eyes were bigger but they had always been wide though now they looked silver instead of grey like they were glowing. Other than that he didn't see any differences. Ha! He was so bloody amazing they thought he was good-looking before and now he supposed he looked amazing!

Malfoy smirked before frowning making his way around the house again. How was he suppose to…he stopped staring at the room he was in. Books, among books, among books, it was like a mini library. He let out a small whoop of joy grabbing as many books as he can and settling into a plush chair.

"Potter it has come to my attention that you, yourself had a horcrux inside of you particularly your scar." Voldemort said. "Dumbledore knew about this but instead of telling you he would have sent you out to battle me."

"What does me having a horcrux have to do with anything?"

"Well if you have a horcrux inside of you and went to battle me to the death we would both die."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Dumbledore has sentenced you to your own death since the day you were born."

"Dumbledore wouldn't do that."

"He doesn't care what happens to you as long as I'm dead even if it means you die too."

"He wouldn't!"

"I believe he is just testing your ability if it came down to your death for mine he'd kill you in a heartbeat all for the greater good the lesser deaths of little importance to him. I'm pretty sure he knew everything that was going on during your past four years of schooling and didn't lift a finger to help."

"You're lying!" Harry shouted.

"I assure you I'm not." Voldemort sighed.

"Yes you are! You're trying to trick me so I'd switch to your side, well I won't fall for it!"

"While that is an interesting idea I can assure you that is not my goal."

"I wouldn't but it past you!"

"Believe what you want but I am telling you the truth. Everything I told you makes sense you can't deny it."

"You said believe what I want well I'm choosing not to believe you!" Harry snapped leaving the study.

'He's nothing but a liar!" Harry thought viciously to himself, 'how dare he say that to me! Did he think I would fall for that? Dumbledore wouldn't do that. He's a great man! He wouldn't kill me or Malfoy just to get rid of Voldemort-would he? NO! This is exactly what he wants! Voldemort wants me to be confused so I'll stay on his side. I bet if I went back to school and told Dumbledore what happened they tried to find a cure. He wouldn't just kill me for the greater good right? He's a good man.' Harry shook his head running his fingers through his hair and cursing Voldemort. He'd had never been so conflicted. Harry sighed and curled up on the floor, leaning his head against the wall behind him. Some of what Voldemort had said had made sense and if that was the case he could be right about Dumbledore.

'Dumbledore must have known there was a horcrux in me. He had to have known, he seemed to know everything so how could he not know. Then again he didn't know about Quirrel, the Basilisk, or Wormtail. Why hadn't he known about that? Am I really nothing but a solider to him a pawn in his chess game ready to sacrifice for the greater good whenever the time seemed ready? Was Voldemort right? Even if he was that didn't change the fact that Voldemort was evil. Dumbledore was for the light side and if he had to kill a few people for the greater good was that such a bad thing? The road to hell is often paved with good intentions. I don't know what to do. Everything Voldemort said made sense but he's evil so he's probably trying to trick me. Voldemort or Dumbledore? Light or Dark? Good or-'


Harry broke off from his train of thought looking up to see the confused face of one Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want Malfoy? I'm not in the mood." Harry scowled.

Malfoy hesitated shifting uneasily before sliding down and sitting on the floor next to Harry. "What's going to happen to us?"

"What do you mean?"

"We're married to the Dark Lord."

"He's not anybody's lord! Don't call him that!" Harry shouted, causing Malfoy to flinch slightly.

"Sorry. I'm just, this doesn't make sense. Do you think they're looking for us at Hogwarts?"

"I don't know."

"Do you think we'll ever see our friends and family again?"

"I don't know."

"Will we ever be able to leave you think?"

"Dammit Malfoy I don't bloody know!" Harry snapped, "For all I know we'll be stuck here for eternity as Voldemort's sex slaves! Who knows he could be on his way to rape us right now. Or maybe he'll for us to rape each other or give us to his good deatheaters."

"Do you really think he'll do that?" Malfoy whispered

"He could do anything."

"So do you think we'll ever get to go back to Hogwarts?"

"I seriously doubt it."



"How are you going to deal with this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you're not only married to me and you-know-who, were also guys in case you haven't noticed."

"I actually hadn't thought about that and no offense but you could pass a girl, not a very well-endowed girl though."


"How do you deal with it?"

"Well I actually am gay for one but it doesn't mean I want to be married to you two."

"You're gay?"

"It wasn't that big a secret I think almost everyone knew there was just no point in bringing it up you know."

"Yeah I guess that makes sense."

"So what did you-know-who want to talk to you about?"

"He told me that Dumbledore was just using me. I'm pretty sure it's just a ploy to go to his side."


"I know, Voldemort told me that if Dumbledore ever found out about the bond he'd kill him and not care that we'd die in the process. He also told me that theirs a horcrux inside me and that Dumbledore knew but would send me out to die anyway, for the greater good."

"Well I've never trusted him. I wouldn't put it pass him. He acts like he's all high and mighty and the leader of the good guys. They hate dark magic, purebloods, and Slytherins for no reason."

"That's because it's evil you guys are evil!" "Really so an eleven year old girl is evil because she got sorted into Slytherin. What is she going to do? Kick people in the shins?

"No I guess you have a point. But you were calling Hermione a mudblood, you hate muggles, squibs anything that's not pureblood and you were twelve. You were a horrid elven year old."

"I have my reasons."

"There are no reasons for you to hate a certain group of people."

"Oh is that so. Did you know one of my ancestors; my great Leo Malfoy was tortured to death. All because they found out he was a wizard. Him and his family, they burned at the stake and while he was being burned alive they were raping his wife and daughters, and beating his sons to death. Muggles are cruel, they don't understand. Even if there is a select few that understand overall they'd destroy us. Muggles fear what they don't understand. Dumbledore supposedly fights for werewolf rights when it was muggleborns who came here with their wolfman ideas that took away his rights in the first place. Muggleborns come into our world with their new ideas changing the way things are done. They don't bother trying to learn about our culture they just come in and shove changes down our throats like your friend Granger."

"What about her?"

"For one thing what is that free the houselves thing she has going on?"


"Yes, did she ask them if they wanted to be free? I doubt it and if they told her they didn't I bet she'd say they were brainwashed. What she doesn't understand is that they need to bind to a family to survive. She'll go around freeing all the house elves and I hope she feels proud when she finds out that she's wiped out a whole species maybe then she'd shut up. We purebloods are taught to tolerate muggleborns and their cultures but do they tolerate ours. That was the reason so many people sided with you-know-who during the first year and now that he looks the way he does you can bet more people will side with him when the second war starts. Everyone else that sides with Dumbledore are doomed he only cares about himself."

"That's not true."

"Oh really? First year ring a bell? He gave you guys the points you needed to beat us on purpose, he didn't have to award so many points but he did why because you were in Gryffindor and if your own his side well who wouldn't want to side with the famous boy-who-lived. Your house never gets in trouble for anything and when you do something wrong you're rewarded for it. Ask anybody outside your wonderful house nobody likes the way he treats you and your friends Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws you name it not just Slytherins. You should have been expelled a long time and likely would have been if you weren't a.) The boy-who-lived and b.) A Gryffindor."

Harry frowned staring at the wall in front of him. Malfoy was right; he hadn't looked at it from the other side. Imagine how all the purebloods felt when muggleborns come into their world sprouting their beliefs when their ancestors had been murdered by muggles. He had never thought about it or Dumbledore's blatant favoritism. Maybe Voldemort was telling the truth.

So tell me what you think? No sex yet. There only fourteen. Also this will not have bashing of any kind. At least I'll try not to have bashing.