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"Hey Hermione, how's it going." A Slytherin by the name of Tracey Davis waved.

"I'm fine and yourself." Hermione smiled, there was no longer house rivalry at least not a big one instead it was all the students banning together against Umbridge especially after she made it clear she wouldn't hesitate to punish Slytherins as well. In fact the students were about a few days away from being rid of Umbridge for good.

"Not good I've got detention with the sea witch." She sighed.

"Well you know where to head after." Hermione smiled.

Tracey winked, "Don't I know it."

Since the incident with Umbridge, Hermione had found out the students had been tending to their own wounds and had been adamant that they set up a room where the students could have their injuries tended. The Room of Requirement had become the new medical wing.

Hermione smiled as she continued on her way to the library. She had research to do and Umbridge was so going down.

Harry walked up to Umbridge's desk slamming his hand on her desk and hovering over her.

"Watch yourself lady, you've pissed us students off for the last time. I'd be careful if I were you." Harry threatened.

"Oh really, well Mr.. Potter I suggest you watch yourself before you and the students end up with another detention." She smirked sipping her tea.

Harry merely grinned walking out, step one had just been completed.

Dumbledore let out sigh as he ran over his thoughts in his head, he had to figure out what to do with this whole married situation. What did he know about triads? He closed his eyes humming softly to himself before his eyes snapped open, clear blue eyes glowing with anticipation. He knew exactly what he'd do, but first...

Hermione sat in the library frantically scratching notes on some parchment while she flipped pages of her book with her other hand. She kept flipping before stopping abruptly and grinning.

She let out a scream of joy before quickly turning it into a cough, you never knew who was watching. She went back to her work packing away her parchment, and placing the book back on the shelf before selecting a new one as long as a fresh sheet of parchment.

Once again she went back to work though not as deeply, as a result she was able to notice the pair of eyes watching her and smirked. They didn't call her the brightest witch of her age for nothing. She turned the page and let out a loud whoop of joy this time not bothering to hide her excitement. She quickly wrote some notes standing up.

"Perfect!" She said loudly, "This is exactly what I've been looking for."

She trend only to bump into Umbridge.

"Good afternoon." Hermione said stiffly, jutting her chin out a bit.

Professor Umbridge didn't answer merely walking up to her and snatching the parchment and book from her hands.

'Confronting The Faceless'

"What are you working on Granger?" Umbridge sneered as read the book title and began flipping through it.

"Just a little extra reading, I enjoy spending my free time furthering my intellectual studies."

"I don't see why you bother, as a mudblood you will never be up to par with your superiors." Umbridge sneered, walking away.

"I'm still smart enough to bring you down." Hermione muttered.

"What was that ?"

"Nothing, nothing." Hermione waved, making her way out of the library.

Professor Umbridge scanned the tables, as she coughed violently.

The students were missing, and she was sick. Unnaturally sick. Obviously they were behind this and they'd be punished severely for this.

She was so caught up in her thoughts it wasn't until she heard the loud gasp from her colleagues that she knew something was wrong.

Umbridge looked up and stared. There were all the students standing there, with wounds and injuries evident on their bodies.

She scanned through all the bodies before she stopped and glared at three, in particular.

Only one of them noticed her glaring and he met her gaze smirking at her, green eyes sparkling with glee.

"What on earth happened to you all?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"What we've been trying to tell you. Umbitch-"

"Hermione!" McGonagall gasped.

"She did this and covered them with a spell, but I found the anti-curse."

"These are very serious accusations. Umbridge how do you plead." Snape said.

"Innocent of course, you have no proof anything you little brats." She smirked.

"I thought we might run into this problem so I took the pleasure of dosing you with my own variation of versistatiusm." Draco grinned. "It will force you to tell the truth and if you don't well you'll see."

"Dumbledore I demand to have these kids expelled. This is a violation of the law. They should be thrown in Azkaban."

"Umbridge if these accusations turn out to be true the only one going to Azkaban is you."

"Now, tell the truth Umbridge, did you torture these kids."

"No." She huffed, before screaming in agony as her body caught on fire.

They watched in shock in horror as Umbridge fell to the floor burning, as the fire stopped leaving her with no burns.

"No, we don't need a confession seeing as that would have only happened if you lied, but I want a confession. Admit the truth, you little toad." Ron glared.

Umbridge bit her lip, if she confessed she'd go to Azkaban but if she didn't...she may be able to dish out pain but she defiantly couldn't take it.

"Fine I admit it. I tortured those little brats. I don't care I do it again if I could. This school needs some discipline, and you idiots weren't doing your job correctly so I-"

"Good thinking with that Silencio Sally." Hermione said.

"Bout time the tart shut up."

"Dumbledore what do you want?" Severus asked, as he sat in the headmasters office.

"Ah, Severus ever so...suspicious. Is it too much to ask for a friendly chat between colleagues."

Severus resisted the urge to scoff, settling for rolling his eyes instead, "Please, just get on it with. I don't have time for your games."

Dumbledore sighed, closing his eyes adopting a grave face, "It's about Draco."

"What about him?" Severus asked trying to hide his worry.

"Well, during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Voldemort enacted the use of a resurrection ritual to come back, but Pettigrew messed up and turned it into a marriage ritual instead." Dumbledore trailed off, as Severus begin to put together the pieces.

"So you mean to tell me th-that Draco, Draco Malfoy is married to the Dark Lord."

"Not just him. Pettigrew used another person in the ritual."

"Than..."Severus muttered raking his mind for candidates before his eyes widened in shock, "No!" He shouted standing up, "How could you allow this to happen. All this, is moot point now, Lily died for nothing!"


"All because you wanted to play God."

"Severus!" Dumbledore shouted cutting him off from his rant, "I have a plan." He smirked.

Severus sat down to listen narrowing his eyes, if Dumbledore hurt either of those boys...

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