As some of you may know I have adopted dude932's story 'The Leafs very own soul reaper', but those that don't know well now you know lol. Now personally I couldn't let this story die because it was just too good to let it gather dust and waste away. I've spoken with dude932 and we have swapped our ideas and discussed about this story and its plot.

It hasn't changed for all those that are wondering, I'll be continuing where he left off and with the next few ideas he had in mind. From there I will be taking over. For those that have read my other stories I probably won't be getting to them until I've worked my fair share on this story.

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The Leaf's very own Soul Reaper

Chapter 1

Minato Namikaze was said to be a one-of-a-kind genius. He had become Hokage at such a young age, seal master and husband to the most beautiful woman in the hidden leaf village, having been nicknamed the Hidden Leaf's Yellow Flash along with many other names, but none of his titles could of prepared him for this moment. He had been battling the Kyuubi no Yoko after it had broken out from his wife's seal, leaving her weak as she cradled her newborn child, facing the masked man for what seemed like hours as the nine tailed fox destroyed the ninja outside the walls of his village.

He had summoned the Shinigami...or so he had thought he had. But now, as he stood there with wide eyes, everything around him seemingly frozen in time as haired teenager stood before him and looked around, panic showing on his face. The boy finally noticing Minato and ran over to him, grabbing him by the hem of his flak jacket.

"Where the hell am I! How the hell did I get here!" Minato just stared speechless into the boy's brown eyes; of which were filled with fear and rage. Half of the teens chest was bare as the cloth from his clothing had been torn, only leaving a long black sleeve down his right arm along with black hakama pants that looked like they had just been dipped into a shredder, his feet bare. He held a black sword in his grip a small chain fell from it's hilt.

"Where the fuck is Aizen?!" He roared again. Minato felt the strength leave his legs and fall from the boys grip to the ground on his knees. He had used his all in trying to summon the Shinigami, to give his life for it to seal the Kyuubi away in his new born son...but now? What was he going to do? Minato saw the frozen like state of everyone around him and his eyes became determined once more. He was the Kage of this village, he was the Yellow Flash of Konoah!

"Boy, what is your name!" Minato demanded before the teen's foot met his face, surprising him as he went flying back from the force of the kick.

"Answer my damn question! Where is Aizen?!" The teen roared before marching over to him, pulling Minato up from the ground, blood dripping from his nose where the teens foot had connected. "Where is Aizen?" He demanded.

"I don't know of whom you speak..." Minato said, making the boys eyes go wide before they narrowed once more, the teens grip tightening on Minato's flak jacket.

"Where am I and how do I get back to Karakura Town?" Minato's face crossed with confusion. He had traveled a lot during his time as a ninja before he became the Hokage, yet he had never heard of a town with that name before.

"I don't know." Minato said standing on his own feet again. "But I need your help." Anger flashed over the boys face again as he rose his hand to punch Minato, but before the fist hit Minato raised his hand and caught it, surprised by how much force was behind it. He was barely fifteen or sixteen but his punch felt like one when Tsunade had tried to punch him herself. "I summoned you here, there must be a reason as to why you came here!" Minato growled. "I need your help!" Anger flashed through the boys brown eyes once more before he let go of his jonin flak jacket. "Help me! Help me save my village! My home! My family!" Minato cried out to him. "I summoned you here, it must have been for a reason!" Minato continued. "Please! Help me!"

"Send me back." The voice of the teen was cold and when Minato looked up he saw nothing but anger on the teens face. "Send. Me. Back."


"I have my own war to fight!" He roared at the top of his lungs. Minato fell to his knees and lowered his head.

"Please, help me. I beg of you." Minato begged tears running down his face. "I need your help."

"Why won't you send me back?" Minato looked up in surprise of the soft tone he was now using, the boy's face filled with pain. "Why? I didn't do anything to you. Aizen will kill them all, everyone I know needs me to stop him! Why won't you send me back?" He questioned.

"I'll do anything I can to send you back, just please! Help me!" Minato told him. "I'll find a way, if I don't, I'll make sure someone will! I was suppose to summon the Shinigami but for some reason you came instead!" The boys eyes widened slightly at that.

"The Shinigami?" He questioned. "Why... why would you summon a Shinigami?"

"Because he is a father, a husband, a Kage, and a honorable man." A deep voice spoke, making both of their heads turn to look at the monster that had appeared near them."I am the Shinigami of this world. When I was summoned, I was watching you Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

"Send me back, demon, so I can fight Aizen!" Ichigo roared at the Shinigami. "Or I'll kill you and force my way back!"

"It's to late for that child." The Shinigami spoke again making Ichigo narrow his eyes once more. "Aizen has killed everyone, the throne of that world is his now. There is nothing you would be able to do. He has already started to recreate the world how he wants." Ichigo felt all the strength leave his legs as he fell to his knees, Tensa Zangetsu falling from his grip at his side as he stared at the Shinigami with emotionless eyes. "I did what I did because you are a man worth saving. You can offer so much more in this world then you could in the world you came from."Watching Ichigo's emotionless state the Shinigami turned to Minato.

"I will do as you have summoned me for, but it requires your soul."

"I understand." Minato said. "What of my wife and child?"

"Both are fine. Your son will become the next host for the Kyuubi." Minato smiled lightly before looking to Ichigo. "He will remain in this world." Minato walked over to Ichigo and knelt before him, looking into his emotionless eyes.

"Your name means one who protects." Minato smiled as a small light came back to Ichigo's eyes.

"Can I ask something? Could you do the request of a man who is about to die?" Minato asked as the Shinigami behind him went about getting everything ready for the sealing. "Be the protector of my son and wife. I won't be there to protect them when times call for it. Please. I know I have no right asking this off you, after you lost so much. They can be a family for you, be a big brother to my son. Please." Minato continued to stare into Ichigo's eyes before sighing, not getting a reaction out of him. "If you happen to see either of them... tell them that I love them both."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." Minato said sadly. "Do it." Ichigo's world went white.