Discliamer: First Chapter
Kushina will be a Magical Garment Woman, but only because Naruto stole Haruna's powers. The reason Ayumu was a Magical Garment Girl (Boy) was because Haruna's powers were absorbed by Eucliwood from long distance.
Story Start!

'I feel naked without my armor.' Naruto thought as he walked through Konoha at a sedate pace. He decided to spend today alone for the most part, even though he knew that Seras and Saras weren't very far away. They would never leave him alone unless he himself ordered it, so as long as they stayed out of sight he was fine with it.

Even though he was wearing the clothes he usually wore underneath his armor, he couldn't help but feel like he was nude. The armor gummies were suppressing his power, something that he learned was only because Nene filled her own unique Anti-Power into it. Her ability to cancel out almost any magic or chakra while touching it with her energy. The effect was only temporary on Necromancers though. That was something he had learned though.

Apparently there were three seperate types of entities that had the power to effect Necromancers with their abilities. Nene was the first type, those that got their powers from a Necromancer. The second was anyone that was the Queen of the Magical Garment Girl world. She had the power of curses, and she was originally the one that cursed Necromancers with small feminien bodies. Originally Necromancers aged to their late teens before they stopped aging.

Nene had told him that a Necromancer had once been an idiot and stopped the Queen from aging when she was young, and fifty years later she cursed all the reincarnations of the Necromancer with small feminine bodies. In return the next Necromancer started to create Megalos to hunt down as many Magical Garment girls as possible as a form of revenge for the curse that they couldn't remove. Only the Queen could remove her curse, but sadly it would only lose effect after Naruot and Eu had both died... if they died that is.

'The Queen of Magical Garment Girls is the reason my body is this way.' Naruto thought with a frown. A whole lot of things would have been different if he wasn't cursed with a small body. The first was that getting control over his powers would be easier if his body was larger to hold in the power better. Naruto really didn't want to meet the third category though, because while he was okay with Nene, and slightly annoyed with what the Queen did, Nene warned him about the thrid category.

Anti-Necromancers,but thankfully an Anti-Necromancer was only born once every 250 years, and they weren't immortal like the Queen and Nene. They died like the average human, and because they were truly Anti-Supernatural they had no powers other than being completely immune to Necromancer powers. They were truly the opposite of the Necromancer, who represented power that could destroy gods. They could be killed by anything but a Necromancer, putting them near the bottom of the food chain.

'Thankfully, another one won't be born for 134 years if Nene is right.' Naruto thought as he bumped into a person and fell down on his butt. Naruto looked up at the person he bumped into, only to see that it was somebody he didn't know... somebody that was giant and covered in fur. Naruto tilted his head when he saw what looked to be a giant bear, wearing a black male school unifrom. The bear looked down at him, before lifting him into the air silently by his underarms. Once Naruto was lifted up to face level with the stuffed animal looking bear, it brought him closer to his face... before licking Naruto a few times.

"... Master?" The bear asked, and Naruto tilted his head in confusion. Obviously this was a Megalo, but he wondered how it was in the middle of the street with nobody attacking it. Narut looked around, to see that he had walked into a cemetary without realizing it... why the hell hadn't Seras and Saras come and 'rescued' him by now? Normally they would have stabbed Kushina by now if she had gotten this close to Naruto, so the amount of time they were taking showed that they had been slacking on their reaction time.

'Technically I am the King of Megalos, so I guess I am it's master.' Naruto thought, before he looked at the bear and nodded. The bear squealed happily... yes, the bear squealed. Not the strangest things Naruto had seen, but it did rank pretty high up there. Then the bear opened up it's jacket and placed Naruto inside it before closing it back up with Naruto's head sticking out of the jacket.

"Master will be safe here." The bear said in a deep human voice, before the bear pat Naruto on the head a few times befor starting to walk away. Naruto wasn't complaining, because his legs had started to get tired after a few hours of walking... what? Naruto wasn't born with chakra, meaning his body didn't have amazing stamina. Magic wasn't a stamine enhancer like chakra was, not to mention Naruto was small. He got tired rather easily when he wasn't doing anything that kept him awake.

'This is better than walking at least.' Naruto thought as the megalo walked out of the graveyard and towards the main village. Suffice to say, people couldn't help but stare at the eleven foot tall bear holding the thing they all feared in it's oversized jacket. Naruto looked down at all the people, and he felt a sense of superiority at finally being taller than them and looking down on them for once. Being tall felt sort of good... curse you Queen of Villiers. Curse you for cursing Necromancers with itty bitty bodies.

"Naruto-san, are you okay!" A ninja whose named escaped Naruto asked, but like always he didn't recieve an answer. Naruto wasn't a person that truly cared to answer those when he didn't feel like it, but the people of konoha also knew that if Naruto was letting the bear touch him then maybe they should treat the bear like they do him. Ignore it, and hope it goes away. Naruto felt the bear change dirextion again, but this time the bear started to run towards the graveyard again as if remembering something it forgot.

"Somebody catch me! Do it! Hurry!"

The bear turned around when it heard an angry voice shout out, and both Naruto and the bear saw a girl falling from the sky. The girl thing that Naruto noticed from the falling girl was her green and white striped panties, and her frilly pink outfit. The next thing they knew, the girl smashed into the ground and created a cloud of dust and rubble. Naruto tilted his head when he noticed the girls soul was still present in a body, meaning she wasn't dead from the fall.

'A girl?' Naruto thought as he the dust cleared away to reveal a short brown haired girl with cute purple eyes... and a chest that was flatter than Eu's was. That was saying something, since Eu was between maybe an A-cup. Her panties were still showing, but Naruto was neutral to that. He did wonder where Seras and Saras were though. They should have been at his side by now.

-With the Vampire Ninja-

"This is so disgusting!" Saras shouted in anger as she worked on fighting the coprses in the Land of Floating Corpses. As punishment for failing to prevent Naruto from destroying the country in his sorrow, both vampire girls had been sentenced to a full month of cleaning the bodies out of the country.

A full month, filled with nothing but disgusting corpses. Rotting flesh that stung their sensative noses, while that other corpse was doing whi knows what with Naruto. If they refused the punishment though then they might be reassigned to a different job for the community, while different vampires watched over Naruto. They couldn't let that happen, not when an execution order could be given to the vampire watching Naruto. Even Naruto was without defence in his sleep, which was the purpose of having vampire ninja bodyguards, to defend him when he couldn't defend himself.

"We have to do this though." Seras said with a sigh as she placed another corpse inside a large human sized bag, but it put up a fight before being sealed away. Suddenly Seras breasts started to itch, and she looked up at the blood red sky of this section of the world in worry. Her breasts itching could only mean that Naruto was about to get into a stupid situation... why this happened she had no idea, but she would have to ignore it or risk the higher ups having her replaced with another more competant vampire. Risking that was both dumb, and could get her killed along with Naruto if the execution order ever came.

"Well you aren't the one that has to go beneath the water to retrieve the bodies." Saras said with a glare, since her water based powers came in handy right now. Diving under the water again, the water bubbled before three moving corpses shot out at Seras. She quickly cut them to pieces with mercy, before catching the pieces in another bag.

- With Naruto -

"Magical Garment Girl?" The bear asked in confusion, pretty sure that only the most powerful of garment girls were capable of breaking through the barrier without permission. Naruto looked down in interest, before the girl came to her senses and looked up at the bear and pointed at it with her chainsaw.

"Aha! A B-Class Megalo! Kummachi, the highschool girl! Just die quickly!" The girl said with a grin on her face, before she noticed Naruto's head sticking ouyt of the megalo's shirt. He figured that his silver hair would have made him stick out and be noticed much sooner than this. The girl seemed like she was arrogant, or jst really confident.

'Hmm, so maybe Kyoko is truly the exemption to the rule that Magical Girls have small breasts.' Naruto thought, before the girls clothes start to vanish before his eyes. The funny part... she didn't even notice that her clothes were vanishing. He also felt her powers start to flow out of her, and into the closest person... him for some reason. Naruto wanted to sweat drop, but he decided that he would he wouldn't use these powers. It would be a good way to see if he could allow them to transfer over to Kushina. Experimenting with what her body could and couldn't do was something of a hobby of his.

"Gah! Don't look at me you creepy taco baron demon!" The girl shouted as she took refuge behind a tombstone, while the bear looked like it... she was going to rip the girl to shreds any moment. Naruto raised a hand out of the creatures shirt, and stopped it before it could do anything. Naruto felt the creature lift him out of the shirt, before placing him back on the ground. Naruto got out his notepad, before writing a quick note down and tossing it at the girl.


The girl looked at the note, before she jumped on top of the grave and took a heroic position with her arms and legs spread apart. Either she forgot she was naked, or she was a secret nudist that liked to pretend she wasn't a nudist.

'Maybe she is an andriod from the future that wasn't programed to understand modesty?' Naruto thought to himself, before resisting the urge to facepalm. He didn't know when, but apparently he had finallly been infected by his mothers stupidity.

- With Kushina -

"It hurts!" Kushina shouted as she collapsed on the floor with dramatic false tears running down her face, and she looked at Eu eating at the table while she clutched at her non-beating heart. The Necromancer didn't even spare her a glance before continuing eating her meal. Kushina was just being dramatic again, because she had been trying to get Naruto to open up to her again lately. This in turn had made Naruto just stop trying to get closer to her, since he already told her he loved her he didn't see the point in telling her again.

'I wonder if Naruto was thinking and insult about her, and some cosmic owl used an ancient telepathy to send the thoughts to Kushina to punish her for being a pervert?' Eucliwood thought, and suddenly it didn't seem like it was Kushina that had been the cause of Naruto having strange ideas. Hey, Necromancers had to keep themselves amused somehow, and insane thoughts were amusing to them. While not being to amusing that they cause them to show emotion.

"I feel as if I am losing what little respect I have in Naruto-chan's eyes!" Kushina said before she collapsed on the ground and landed next to the window, with the sun shining down on her. Soon she would be a dried up husk, and then she would have to wait until nightfall before she started to regain form. The un-life of a zombie really did come with some problems.

- With Naruto -

"I am the great Demon Baron Haruna-chan, so bow before me and I may let you lick my feet you perverted foot fetish swine!" The now named Haruna said, before she saw Naruto write something down with a black face and hand the note to her.

Your Naked.

Haruna looked at the note for a second, before looking down to see her entire nude form showing to the person in front of her. She did what any normal person would do in this situation... she tried to kick Naruto in the face, but ended up slipping and hitting her head on the ground hard enough to knock her out. Naruto looked down at the nude body, before he started to poke her body with his pen. Clicking it, Naruto decided to amuse himself by drawing all over her body. Naruto flipped her body over, before he started to draw on the other side for his own amusement. When he was done he stood up, before he prepared to walk away. Then he sighed before going to the girl and picking her up, and made his way back to his home.

He couldn't just leave a girl naked in a graveyard... well he could, and normally he actually might do it, but this girl was a special case. Her powers were currently in his body, and even if he didn't plan on using them he was the reason she had no powers. Leaving her here was just way passed the cruel point he was happy with, so until he could find a way to tranfer her powers back to her it would be best if he let her stay at his home.

Kummachi picked up the pink chainsaw and started following Naruto.

This was no doubt a weird sight if anyone was to see it.

Here was one of the two most powerful being in existance, without his armor and carrying a butt naked girl that had ink drawings all over her body, with an eleven foot tall female bear wearing a males school uniform carrying a pink chainsaw.

Weird things always seemed to happen when Naruto was involved.

Chapter End.
Naruto and Eucliwoods small bodies are not only a result of their bodies not growing into adulthood, but also the result of a curse places on all Necromancers that they are unable to remove. Older Necromancers used to have adult bodies, but now they are stuck with Shota and Loli bodies respectivally. She curses people with what their worst nightmare is, and being stuck in tiny bodies instead of growing up seems like a pretty good curse for an immortal. The curse was placed before Necromancers had the Magic Cancelling/Controlling Armor, so it still affects them. The curse is also the reason both Naruto and Yuu are underdeveloped (yet functional) sexually. It is like throwing salt into an always open wound.
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