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Story Start.

Naruto was drinking his tea that Seras was serving to him as he waited for the rest of the class to show up. Naruto sent a discreet glance to the well endowed chest next to him before slightly shaking his head and cursing his hormones. It did not help matters that if he wanted he could curse the whole world so that women would only be able to wear skimpy swimsuits. The curse of being an near all powerful being was the temptation to misuse your powers for trivial matters.

Seras smiled and stood behind Naruto as her vampiric cape was covering most of her body. The fact Naruto likes her tea was something that made her very happy, since he had forbidden her from using the kitchen ever again after she had melted through nine pots. The worst part was that she was making ramen. That day was the first time in a long while anyone had seen Naruto send a person the death glare. Literally birds and other small animals would die when he made that glare.

Don't ever ruin Ramen was the lesson everyone in the house had learned that day, and on a side note Kyoko the Soul Stealer had started living with them. Though the second Kushina saw her she started giving the Ex-Magical Garmet Girl a beating that reduced her back to a single life. Though the girl put up enough fight to cut off an arm, a leg, and Kushina's head once before she went down. Naruto had to admit he would lose to her in a physical battle without his armor.

Her best trait though was the power to use the powers of the people whose souls she stole. If she stole the should of a Hyuga she could use the Byakugan, the Uchiha soul would give her the Sharingan, no matter the bloodline she would be able to steal it if she got her hands on their soul. But she would lose that power is she lost the soul. She had a power that any ninja village would give their best ninja away for. Though unlike Naruto's powers hers could be passed down to her children if she had any.

Naruto put the tea and and sat up straighter than normal as he felt the presence of his greatest annoyance. Sasuke Uchiha had decided to show up early today it seems.

"Loser. Bring my clan back from the dead, and make the Uchiha clan Immortal while your at it." Sasuke demanded as he viewed Naruto as a machine to do the villages bidding. The Hyuga clan made requests all the time.

'Give me something of equal value.' Naruto wrote neutrally. He had no problem with bringing a few of them back from the dead, and he had already brought a few back to act as his personal spies in the other countries. That was not the issue. Naruto was young and slightly selfish about using his powers, so he would not do something unless he also stood to gain from it. He would be going through intense pain if he brought even a single one back to life. Bringing them all back might put him in a temporary coma from the pain alone.

"What do you even want in return?" Sasuke nearly yelled as he balled his fists and was about to grab Naruto before he felt Naruto's bodyguard give him a glare. He backed of slightly and Seras' glare waned. Naruto thought about it for a moment before writing something down on the paper.

'A Meteorite. Get me a Meteorite and you will get your clan back. I will never make them immortal though.' Naruto wrote as he picked the hardest item on his list of things he wanted. Naruto had a lot of things on that list. A Rubber Duck with rubber armor on that looks like his, a portal to Yokai Academy so he could avoid being a ninja and go to regular school without all the killing, and it went on and on getting harder or easier depending on what the person wanted him to do.

"Where the hell am I suppose to find one of those!?" Sasuke asked in a loud voice before he realized he lost his 'cool' and calmed down. Naruto looked at him uncaringly and wrote down a simple sentence.

'Not my problem. Leave me.' Naruto wrote as he turned his head away from the annoyance. Knowing that it would be nearly impossible for Sasuke to get his greedy little hands on a Meteorite. The only three currently known were in the Hidden Star, Hidden Cloud, and in the Hidden Waterfall village. None of them would give away national treasures to an Uchiha punk from another village. Even if he find one Naruto was just going to make sure the wish backfired by only bringing them back to life for a single day.

Sasuke tsk'd at Naruto and went to go sit in his own seat while wondering what the hell Naruto needed a Meteorite for anyway. Not many people knew that Necromancers had a limitation on their power that they could not cross over into other worlds without using a medium for a portal. They could look into other worlds easily with a crystal ball, and even see the future if they wanted, but they could not actually travel their without making a key. Naruto needed a meteorite to make that key so he could bring those he was close to to another world and start over without having to worry about all this ninja nonsense. A world where he would not have to take the lifes of others just because they were in the way of others.

Naruto knew that peace would never come to this world. A world of grudges and hatred, where killing and fighting was more normal than peace and love. It may sound sappy but Naruto would always pick the path of peace before going with the violent route. Naruto's second most loyal servant (The First being his Mother) placed some fresh tea in front of Naruto and he nodded his head in a show of thanks.

Some the rest of the crowd started filling into the room as they each took their seats. Naruto was now sitting with Hinata on his right side and Shino Aburame on his left. Kiba bounded up to Naruto and placed a Blood Red Gem on the desk in front of him, and Naruto noticed that he was covered in scratches and bruises.

"Mom said if I could beat my sister in a straight up fight I could have this as payment. Now please make Akamaru bigger." Kiba asked as politely as he could considering what clan he came from was known for being rude and wild. Naruto picked up the gem and examined it with a critical eye. This was worth a much bigger favor than what Kiba was asking for, so he would make Akamaru into the strongest Demon Dog he could think of. After all, Kiba had given him one of the ingredients he needed to make a dimension key.

Naruto pat the desk in front of him and nodded. Kiba took his dog partner off of his head and placed the excited puppy in front of the god-like teenager. Naruto's hand started to glow green and then turned a Sickly evil red and the power creeped towards Akamaru and entered his mouth. Everyone watched as the dog whined for a moment before it started to grow at an astonishing rate. Then the twisted part happened and the now huge dog grew two more heads and gained wild looks. By the end of the transformation every backed away from the dog other than Kiba who looked at his friend in awe.

Akamaru was now over Six feet in height easily and had powerful leg and torso muscles that trailed to strong neck and jaw muscles made for ripping things to shreds. The power to turn animals into demons was something Naruto could do without speaking, so he counted this as a minor favor.

"Wow buddy! You sure got huge!" Kiba said as he pat his triple headed dog on the middle head affectionately. He sent Naruto a thumps up for the favor done and Akamaru licked Naruto's face leaving Naruto with a extremely slobbery face and an eye twitch. Seras used a cloth she carried to wipe the slobber from her master's face.

"That what she said!" Some random student yelled before as he got a round of laughter at Kiba's expense. Naruto shook a little as he held back his own laughter, and his cheeks puffed out of little before he returned to normal by the time Iruka had entered the room with a sad look. Mizuki had been anounced a traitor a week back and killed for his crimes against the village. Turns out the idiot had tried to break into the Hokage tower and steal the scroll, but ran into the Hokage on the way out. The Third made very short work of the traitor and swiftly cut him down.

"Calm down everyone! Now, congratulations on passing the academy exam all of you, and I hope you all become great ninja in the future. Now the team will be..." Iruka started as everyone tuned him out unil their names were called.

"Team Seven will be Naruto Uzumaki, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga under Jonin Kakashi Hatake." Iruka said before they all felt a potent killing intent and the wood on the desks started to rot and grow old. The all turned their heads and saw and annoyed Naruto as an aura around him covered him in energy so black light could not penitrate it. Every person in the entire village was able to feel the annoyance of Naruto at his Jonin instructer.

Naruto did not like it when people were late for something, and when they were late for something that involved him he was even more annoyed by it. Naruto knew Kakashi as his father's last known living student and he would usually come over for Naruto's birthday... the next day. Naruto may not be a guy that holds a grudge very well but there were three people that Naruto really did not like. Hashirama Senju, the one that captured the Tailed Beasts and GAVE THEM AWAY like pets to every other nation to be sealed and controlled. That kind of inslavement was wrong to Naruto. The second person was Danzo Shimura, a man that was always trying to get his hands on Naruto and his power to cause enough war and make The Hidden Leaf the best village. The man was a war crazy fool. The last was Kakashi Hatake, his father's student that was so stuck in the past he was blinded to his view of the present... and he was always late for everything in the village.

Safe to say Kakashi jumped through the window a few moments later when he felt Naruto's anger from across the city. The last time he had pissed Naruto off Naruto turned him into Bunny and given him to a group of mentally unstable people to play with. He had hoped that he would never again piss Naruto off in case he had a worse punishment waiting for him.

Kakashi placed his hands on to of his students and disappeared in a leaf shunshin with them as Seras placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder and they followed after him in a miniature leaf tornado. The meet up again on the roof top as Kakashi sighed in relief and let go of Hinata and Shino. Once Naruto and Seras sat down with the two Kakashi wondered how to get things started. The only reason he had even agreed to take a team this year was because he wanted to teach Naruto. The council had attempted to shove Sasuke on him but he refused. The council had no say in Shinobi matters anyway. Naruto was the Rookie of the Year, so putting him with Sasuke the runner up was against the rules anyway. Anyway, just because Kakashi had the Sharingan did not make him a good teacher for Sasuke when it was possible he would never awaken the Sharingan.

If he never got the Sharingan what was the point of putting Kakashi as his teacher when that was the only arguement the council had anyway.

Now he could finally attempt to teach Naruto the joys of ninjutsu... Though that would take a lot of work to even get him to use it.

"Now that we are here we might as well tell me something about yourselves." Kakashi said with an eye smile, but he ducked a slash aimed at his neck from Naruto's scythe. He raised his hands in surrender and decided to go first, and actually tell about himself this time. If he had dodged even half a second later he would have lost his head. "My name is..." Kakashi started before he gulped at the fact Naruto was writing something... There went any chance he had of making himself look cool.

'He is Kakashi Hatake, the Copy Cat Ninja. An A ranked ninja in the bingo books, and his likes are Icha Icha, and he dislikes spoilers to Icha Icha. His hoppy is annoying women by reading it in public, and his dream is to buy the first copy of Icha Icha the movie. In his left eye is the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan.' Naruto wrote down as Shino and Hinata lost most of their repect they could have had for the grey haired man. Kakashi sweat dropped at the accurate show of his character.

"Okay you next Glasses." Kakashi said as Shino adjusted his glasses. He had spent the last week learning as much as he could from his new Zombeetles, and he had learned that the only weak point they had was that they could not stay in sun light for to long or they would dry up a bit until they got into the shade. Other than that they were the perfect bugs for his family.

"My name you know from my reports. My likes are bug collecting and research on new types of bugs. My dislikes are the pointless killing of insects, and those that do not think before acting. My hobbies are breeding rare insects and studying their new attributes. My dream is to become a proficent clan head for my people." Shino said as Seras sent him a disgusted look about how he was obsessed with bugs. She personally hated bugs, but would stomach her hate for now. Kakashi nodded in approval at the attitude Shino had.

"Now you shy girl." Kakashi said as Hinata sent a subtle glare at him that was surprising from the normaly shy Kunoichi of the Year.

"My name is Hinata Hyuga, and I like sweets and flower pressing... I dislike people you pick on others for the small things... and my hobby is playing with Hanabi-chan. My dream for the future is becoming a good clan head." Hinata said quietly, but with a small amount a certainty.

"Mmmm, good for you. Now finally... WOAH!" Kakashi yelled in shock as he dodged another scythe strike from Naruto. It was weird how Naruto would try to kill you with a blank face. Naruto had written something down and showed it to them as his scythe turned into a pen again.

'I am Naruto Uzumaki, or as you will all hear at some point Naruto Hellscythe. I like tea, ramen, and my servants. I hate ninjas and killing for no reason. My hobbies are secret, and my dream is to travel the world and find Eucliwood Hellscythe.' Naruto wrote as he felt the best way to mention Eucliwood so that they can tell him if they ever hear her name.

"Well then, with that said I have one thing to tell you..." Kakashi started with an eye smile, but that quickly changed into glare.

"That you are not ninjas just yet." Kakashi stated as dramatic thunder could be heard in the background. Kakashi sent a discreet thumbs up to Might Guy for making the thunder sounds for him. Sometimes having weird friends were great things since they did not question when you asked them to do weird things. Guy jumped at the chance to help him scare his possible genin team.

Ah, good friends.

Chapter End.

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