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-Ascalon: The Legendary Dragon Slayer-



..When Darkness Turns to Light..


It was everywhere. Wherever he looked, it was darkness that looked back.

It was the only thing he could see, the only thing he could feel.

The darkness had swallowed him whole,

And he fell deeper, the shadows consuming him.


"Do not be afraid."

He reached out.

For the first time in his life, his hands felt cold.

His whole body felt cold.

His vision was blurred, and the only thing he could see was the vast darkness which lay before him.

He could touch nothing; the empty space was all he could reach.

He wanted to hold onto something.

He wanted someone to stop his fall.

But he merely fell deeper, into the dark abyss.

The darkness threatened to wipe out his existence.


"Let go."

How much time had passed since he had fallen?

When would he cease to fall?

If he landed, would it hurt?

What awaits him at the bottom of this abyss?

These thoughts crossed his mind,

The darkness enticing him to go deeper and deeper.

He refused to abide,

But his body gave up on him,

Enabling the shadows to keep on pulling him,

Deeper and deeper, he fell.


"Clear your mind."

He remembered.

He was dying.

This was the result of the path he had chosen.

He didn't want to die yet.

For the first time in his life, he wanted someone to rescue him.

He wanted to live on!

But the darkness neglected him.

He simply fell, gravity pulling him towards the never ending darkness.



He could hear them, the whispers in the dark.

They came from nowhere,

And their echoes were directed at him.

"Embrace death to become stronger"a voice declared.

"How am I to become stronger if I die?" he questioned.

"My heart has already been given to someone" a girl whispered.

"I'd forsake my love for your happiness" He replied bitterly.



Yes, he remembered. Bit by bit.

The things he needed to do.

The lives that depended on him.

The people he would leave behind.

The quest he had to finish.

The burden he had to carry.

The love he had forsaken,

And the pain that came with it.

"If I die, will everything go away?" he asked aloud,

The shadows danced around him, seemingly mocking him.

His eyes should have adjusted to the dark by now,

But it seemed as if he was falling in a loop.

A void made up of nothing but darkness.



"How much longer until this stops?" he thought.

He closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts.

He was trying to remember something,

An old prophecy he had forgotten.

An old prophecy he had to fulfill.



And once more, from the darkness whispers came.

"Betrayed by the ones you hold dear"

In his mind he saw her, the girl he had admired. He reached out, but she didn't reach back. A sharp pain crossed his heart when he remembered, but as soon as it came; it disappeared, and the feeling left him even more saddened.

"You will seek the man you most fear"

A young man with black hair was sitting under a withering tree; his eyes closed, and his relaxed form showing a sense satisfaction. He opened his eyes, and showed a smile,

A smile which was full of pain and sorrow.

"Fall by the hand of the mage of extinction"

He saw the man yet again; this time, his eyes full of hate and sadness. In the blink of an eye, he was encased in darkness. The scent of death was so strong, so intoxicating.

Was this how he had died?

"Return to the land where you were imprisoned"

Finally, he saw one last figure, of a gigantic tree rooted on a solitary island. The place felt distant, yet it seemed so familiar to him.


"Look around you."

"The prophecy is nearly complete." Someone whispered.

"Your destiny will soon be realized." Another drawled on.

"Fate has finally begun its move." The voices started driving him insane.

He soon realized that gravity was no longer pulling him.

The darkness lingered, he could feel it surrounding him still.

He could still hear the voices, whispering things such as fate and destiny.

He opened his eyes, and saw a tiny glimmer of light.

"I really must be dead then" he thought yet again.


"Can you feel it?"

He shivered,

As the shadows surrounded him,

The warmth he yearned for completely replaced by disheartening cold.

He reached out once more, but no one reached back.


"Can you sense it?"

Millions of minutes must have passed by now.

It seemed that endless hours have been spent as he fell.

By now, he stopped hoping.

He merely wished for everything to go away.


"Look closer."

Suddenly, the light he saw glowed brighter,

And brighter,

It was seemingly getting bigger.

It was as if he was being lifted upwards,

Drawn back from whence he came.

But he hadn't felt his body move,

Only the light was expanding,

First, towards him,

And then, it covered everything,

Eliminating the darkness,

And destroying the shadows in the process.


"Don't lose heart!"

But the chill he felt inside remained.

The warmth was still absent.

Maybe the darkness lingered in his heart?

Perhaps the light couldn't reach the depths of his soul?

"No." He shook his head at these thoughts.

He didn't want to admit it, but the emptiness he felt,

The hollow void within could only be the cause of something.

Despite the light which surrounded him,

He felt only a single thing,

The last feeling he remembered before he fell:



"Can you hear me?"

The voices didn't stop yet.

He grew weaker, and weaker,

Until he couldn't feel his limbs anymore.

His breathing grew more ragged with every passing second.

He was tired.

He wanted to sleep.



He heard it this time.

It was a new voice, a kind and assuring one.

He squinted as the light met his eyes.

He looked around, his eyes wandering across the bright surroundings.

He searched for the owner, and he saw her.


"Have you finally decided to listen?"

She was a petite girl with long, wavy blonde hair,

Wings were protruding from her back,

And she was smiling.

In the back of his mind, something told him he knew her.

She seemed very familiar.



she whispered.

He wanted to protest,

He tried to call out,

But his eyes started to close.

His breathing slowed down.

He was at peace.


"Do not worry, and put your trust in me."

The two things he thought about were starting to fade;

An armored girl with beautiful scarlet hair,

And a sword long forgotten, calling out his name.


"Rest for now child, for your journey has yet to start."

And with those words, he fell into a deep slumber.


And so, it begins.…

This is my first fic by the way. It's basically about a sword-wielding, overpowered Natsu Dragneel. The story takes place after the Great Magic Games. I have to warn you though, the fic is slightly AU, and romance would not be emphasized until later chapters. As for pairings, Natsu will end up with a certain character, but until that happens, it would be a NatsuxHarem story. Yay!

So, for this time, it's only a teaser for the future events which would happen.