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After the Battle of Hogwarts Hermione had returned to her parents' home. She just needed to get away from it all. After a few days she contacted Kingsley Shacklebolt and he went with her to Australia to get her parents and reverse the spell. At first angry, they'd quickly understood. Kingsley and Hermione had packed up their things and brought them back to England and to their home. Kingsley managed to procure copies of footy games from the Muggle Prime Minister for her dad, who was over the moon with that.

Two weeks later her parents were finally settled back in. No one was more surprised than Hermione when George Weasley knocked on her door at 11 o'clock at night. "George?"

"I need a haircut Hermione."

"You're…you…come in," she said, letting him inside. "Why are you here George?"

"Harry said once that Muggles have things to cut hair. I want you to cut my hair. I don't want to see Fred anymore."

"How short?" She asked. That's a stupid question Hermione. A distraught George Weasley shows up and you ask him how short he wants his hair?

"Not bald but almost gone."

Hermione looked at her Dad, "Daddy? Do you know where the razor is?"

"Your mum bought a new one. It's in our bathroom, lower right cabinet. Have we met him before?"

Hermione took George's hand and dragged him into the living room, "Mum, Dad, this is George Weasley. George these are my parents John and Helen Granger."

"Nice to meet you," he said automatically. He seemed rather out of it, Hermione thought. Maybe he just didn't want to see Fred anymore when he looked in the mirror.

"Come on George let's go cut your hair."

John looked at his wife after they'd gone upstairs, "He was one of the twins, right?"
Helen nodded, "Don't you remember what Kingsley said? Fred was killed in the final battle against that bad man."

John's eyes widened in understanding, "Well no wonder the poor bloke is so upset looking and wants his hair chopped off. We should get him some clothes. He'll need a shower after that haircut."

"One step ahead of you," Helen grabbed the car keys and tossed them to her husband with a quick list of things the boy would need.

George sat, looking away from the mirror as Hermione used the razor with the plastic attachment to cut his hair down to one-sixteenth of an inch. If George was honest, he rather enjoyed Hermione's hands moving through his hair, brushing it off of his head and neck. She finished up and used magic to make the hair go into the trash can, "I'm glad for that spell," she smiled, looking at him, "Why are you here George? You don't have to say anything more, just tell me why you're here."

He looked into the mirror and for the first time since he'd seen Fred's dead body, he smiled, "I missed my favorite Granger. Can I stay here with you? Just for a bit? You've looked me in the eye since I got here. My own family refuses to and treats me like I'm going to break into a million pieces. I can't be in that house anymore and I can't be in that store for now. Please? I'll be super helpful around the house!"

Hermione hugged him, "Of course you can stay. There's a guest bedroom. For now you should take a shower. My dad has extra things to shower with," she found them, "this is shampoo and conditioner. Yes your hair's short but you should run your hands through it to get the rest of the loose hair off. And then there's the bodywash and this," she pulled out something George had never seen before, "the mesh side, the soft part," she added, realizing she was talking to a Pureblood wizard, "you squeeze some bodywash onto it like you would a washcloth or something."

"I can figure out how to shower," he teased her, "towels?"
She got him out a towel and kissed his cheek, "I'll be downstairs with my parents."

"Thanks," he removed his clothes once she shut the door and he looked in the mirror. "You're George. You are George. And everyone in this house sees and will only see George. You don't have to be anyone else. You can just be George. You don't have to hide anymore George." He stared at himself for a few minutes before stripping down and seeing the birthmark on his hip. It was one of three things on his body that were different from Fred. It wasn't shaped like anything. At least nothing he recognized. He figured out how to turn the shower on and took the things Hermione had given him, entering the shower and watching red hair fall down the drain.

Hermione sat with her mum and talked a bit about what George had asked her. "You don't mind, do you? I couldn't throw him out. His whole family sees his twin."

"Then why come here? Don't you?"

"I see George," she smiled. "I've always been able to tell them apart. George's eyes are darker and he's more thoughtful than Fred."

Helen smiled and watched the telly, "He can stay as long as he needs to Hermione."

"Thanks Mum," she smiled. "Where's Daddy?"

"Buying George some clothes. He showed up with nothing."

When George exited the shower he came downstairs with a towel held around his waist. Hermione admired the shirtless Weasley twin. George was very appealing, physically speaking. "You look very handsome with your new haircut George," Helen smiled.

"Thank you," he nodded politely, "Umm, I got out of the shower and realized that I don't have any clothes."

"Yeah my parents came to your rescue. Come on I'll show you the guest room," she said to him. George stared at the television, "George?"

"What's going on?"

"It's a footy game. You know, football?" George shook his head and John looked at him, "Oh that's right. Hermione said you're from an all-wizards family. Footy is a Muggle sport. I'll explain it to you sometime."

Hermione was proud her parents understood words like Muggle and could use them properly. "For now, George, let's get your naked self out of my parents' living room," she led him upstairs and to the first door on the left, "This is your room. My dad bought you a whole bunch of Muggle clothes."

"All this?" He looked at her in surprise, "Just for me?"

"Yes," she pulled up a pair of boxers with R2-D2 on them, "these should work."

"What's on them?"

"R2-D2. He's a robot from a science-fiction movie."

"R2-D2," George repeated, "Why does the arse say 'Star Wars'?"

"That's the film," she explained. "Go on, put them on. Here this can be a pajama top. It's a training jersey for England's national footy team," she tossed it to him, "and there's these pajama pants too."

"Who's on the pants?"

"Well that green suited guy is the Green Lantern. He's a superhero in comic books. His ring can create anything his mind imagines."

"So he's like you and me," George smiled. "And the guy with the red costume and lightning bolt?"

"The Flash. Fastest man alive."

"And that's a super power?"

"It is," she nodded.

George looked at the red 'S' encapsulated in a diamond, "What's this?"

"Superman," she answered. "I'll take you to a Muggle comic shop tomorrow. You can learn about them."

"Wait what about this guy with the pointy mask?"

"That's Batman. He doesn't have a superpower."

George looked at all his new clothes. "I can pay them back."

"They won't let you George. I got my stubbornness from them." George smiled. "I like your hair. Or lack thereof, I suppose."

George, fully dressed now, hugged her, "Thank you Hermione."

"You're very welcome George," she whispered into his ear as he held her. She pulled away reluctantly, "Come on, I'll show you the house so you know where everything is."

Before George knew it, he was practically an honorary Granger. Hermione would take him out to different Muggle shops that he'd never been before, and he was very impressed and interested in Muggle culture. Only unlike his father, he was actually learning accurate things. Hermione even took him to a Muggle arcade. George was over the moon. He'd always wanted to go to one. But the best part was that Hermione wasn't afraid to talk to him about Fred. One night, as they sat outside looking up at the stars in a park near her house, she finally asked, "Why me, George? Why did you come to me?"

"I guess," George sighed, "you were the only person I could think of. My family is rather insular, if you haven't noticed."

Hermione smiled, "I did notice that."

"I don't have many friends outside of them. The ones I did were friends Fred and I both shared, and…"

"They see the same thing that everyone else does," she sighed. "I'm sorry."

"It's nice, talking to you about him."

Hermione shifted to rest her head on his chest, "Do you realize you've been living with us for just over two months now?"

"Am I imposing?"

"No of course not," she shook her head, "I think my parents are glad you're there. I don't mope with you around. I go out, do things…it's fun."

"I think so too. My favorite Granger."

"Well you've known me the longest," she teased. "And I'm closest to your age."

"We're only seventeen months apart," George nodded. "You are beautiful." She blushed but let him continue his flirting. They flirted all the time these past two months. At first it had been innocent, but then the unlikely pair had taken to curling up together on the couch. Her parents had noticed it and smiled. They liked Hermione and George together. He made her laugh, he made her relax, and Hermione seemed to have an effect on him as well. They wholeheartedly approved of the direction their daughter and George's relationship was headed, even if the two the relationship affected seemed unaware of it.

"I think you like making me blush," she said.

"Well you do look incredibly cute when you blush," he said, suddenly feeling warmer. "Hermione…"

"Yes George?"

"I want to kiss you," he whispered, looking into her beautiful whiskey-colored eyes.

"I would like you to kiss me," she smiled, grinning as he turned so that she was underneath him and capturing her lips with his. Her arms wrapped around his neck as their first kiss quickly led to their second, and their third, until finally they both realized that they were without a doubt snogging in a public park and they didn't intend on stopping anytime soon.

Unfortunately they had to breathe and so they broke the kiss to gather their breath, grinning like idiots at one another. "I've wanted to do that for days now," he said as he gathered his breath.

"Me too," she rested her head against the grass, "my parents are going to be over the moon."

"They do seem to smile every time they see us together," George nodded. "Tomorrow I have to go to the shop. It's always closed on Sundays, so I thought that I could fill up the inventory. Verity wrote me today saying our stocks are running low."

"It's taken a long time for that to happen," she said, looking at him in surprise, "is business slow?"

"No," he shook his head and smiled as Hermione ran her hands over his ears. He was so glad to have dodged that curse Snape sent his way. "Fred and I made lots of inventory before and during the time we were in hiding. But unfortunately we are finally starting to run out. I thought I could give you some privacy with your family."

"That depends on how much snogging happens between now and then," she kissed him hungrily and George moaned into her mouth. "I could help," she offered.

"Tempting," he mumbled into her mouth, "it's getting cold out. We should go back."

"Yeah let's go back home," she said, letting George stand and help her up. They walked back together, their newfound closeness evident in how they held one another's hand. "We can't just be friends George."

"Yeah about that snogging…I think we're past this point but I should ask you anyway. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course George," she smiled, leaning in to kiss him. As they walked back she spoke, "You know if I said no you might think me a slag," she quipped.

George turned to tell her that was impossible but he saw her smile and he laughed, "I would never expect you to joke about that Hermione."

"Just one thing George."


"Never call me 'Mione. I hate it. Ron does it because it makes my name sound like 'mine'. I will hex you, George. Hard."

"Noted," he smiled, "will your mum squeal? Because honestly my sister will shriek like a banshee whenever she finds out about us."

Hermione laughed as they turned up the drive of her family home, "I don't think she will, but I think my dad will give you a faux-talking to about how to treat me."

"I can handle that," George promised, letting her unlock the door and walk in ahead of him.

George didn't know how her parents knew, but he was pretty sure that their grins were bigger than when he and Hermione had grinned at each other to catch their breath after their first snogging session. "You better not hurt my baby girl," John said, doing his best to look imposing. George, knowing the man, just found it comical. He was certain anyone else would be terrified though.

"I never plan to," he promised. Hermione rolled her eyes at them and dragged George toward the study.

Helen and John frowned, "Hermione?"

"George and I are going to snog in the study. If you object we can always go upstairs to my bedroom," she said, tossing them a devilish grin.

"Sweet Merlin Hermione," George said as she pulled him to the couch and laid down on it with him, "I like holding you."

"I know that," she smiled.

"I really like snogging you," he said, leaning close.

"I most definitely know that," she pulled him into a deep kiss. When they stopped they joined her parents to watch a television show and then George walked her to her bedroom, kissing her good night. Hermione went to sleep that night with a huge grin on her face. In the next room her new boyfriend was doing the same.