Aya: This is my first semi Yaoi fic! I've written other stuff before, but
this is the first one that's remotely Yaoi..:) I hope you like it! Of course,
being my first yaoi fic and all, it's not that graphic or anything... but still,
if you don't like that kind of fic, you should stop reading now. Did I mention you
should be 18? Just in case I decide to make the fic lemony?

X: Um... "lemony" isn't a word.

Aya: Silence! My fic! MINE!

Zero: He's right...

Aya: *GLARE* No comments? Good. This will be a Vile vs X fan fiction...
maybe with Zero x X in there somewhere. I'm mostly making this up as I go along,
so it might not be as good as my normal fics... but since you're not supposed
to know my other pen name, you have no idea how I usually write anyway!

X: Shouldn't you be concealing the fact that you've got a different pen name?

Aya: Uh... Silence! My Pen name! MINE

The Power Within
Aya Brea (Chibi_Magical_Aya@hotmail.com)

Chapter 1: The Plan

Two figures stood on opposite sides of the darkened study. Vile had just entered
the room, having been summonded by Commander Sigma, leader of the Mavericks.
Sigma stood behind the large oak desk, with his back turned to Vile, and hands crossed
behind his back. Even though his eyes were facing the opposite direction, Vile sensed
Sigma studying him the moment he entered.

"Vile, I have another job for you." Sigma annoucned slowly. Vile was not one to
waste words, so he did not reply and waited for Sigma to continue. "One of my darling
scientists have come up with a couple of drugs that should help us figure out an old
mystery... I want you to make good use of them."

"Commander?" Vile hated it when Sigma danced around what he really meant.

"Go down and see Alice at the labs. You should pick up the first drug and use it on X to
bring him back." Sigma turned around, his smug smile highlighted by the moonlight
steaming inside the room. "I want to know how X always manages to beat us. The second
drug should help us with that." The glare from Sigma's eyes sharpened as he narrowed them
into slits. "Go talk to Alice."

Fully understanding the plan now, Vile took a small bow and turned to go.

"Oh Vile." Sigma called.

"Commander?" Vile stopped and looked over his shoulder.

"Don't have too much fun with him until our plan is done, alright?" On this Vile knew
exactly what Sigma meant. Vile tried to contain the small smirk on his face. Although
Sigma could not see his face behind Vile's helmet, he could tell Vile was trying hard
to contain the sick joy this new prospect brought. "But do have some fun..."


X and the rest of the 17th unit was dispatched in response to another Maverick attack,
this time at a university. The mavericks seemed to be after the old inactive nuclear
reactor at the basement of the Engineering building. The only reason they'd want to
get to the reactor would be to cause it to go off.

X usually did not like to swear, but this attack was just senseless destruction. The
Mavericks were attacking just for the heck of it. X sent in his hunters inside the building
via several different entrances. X himself was going to march in the front door. Someone
had to cover that exit, and since he was the commanding officer, he was going
to do it.

"I knew you'd come stomping in without another thought." A voice came from behind the
receptionist's desk. X immediately recognized it belonged to Vile. He started to charge
his buster. He had defetaed Vile before, and this time would be no different. No different,
until Vile stood up and showed that the receptionst was in his arms.

"Don't make it do it, X." Vile taunted. "Miss..." Vile playfully picked up the name
placard on the desk "...Nala here hopes you wouldn't." X could feel the satisfied
smile on Vile's face as he lowered his buster and cancelled the charge. Vile tossed
the placard aside. He would have to wait until a member of his unit came.

"Oh, and don't count on you fellow baby hunters to come save you." Vile almost read X's
mind. "We took care of them before they even came into the building."

//He's bluffing// X thought.

"All fifteen of them."

//How could he know?!// Terror started to rise from his stomach to the back of his
throat. //Unless...//

A dark figure appeared beside X. Before he had time to react, he felt a sharp
pain in the soft, unarmored part of his right arm. X grabbed whatever was
hurting his right arm with his other hand and yanked it away. He wrenched it away
from the nameless maverick who jabbed him with it and looked at it. //A surenge?!//

"What is this?!" X demanded as he took a swing at the nameless maverick, knocking
him to the ground. X stood over the fallen maverick, and glared with intense anger.
Another nameless maverick appeared behind X, who sensed it and whipped around to fight.

The maverick took a weak swing at X, who clamly dodged it and knocked the less skilled
reploid off his feet with a jab to the chest armor.

X took a moment and waited for any other mavericks, but none appeared. It was time to deal
with Vile.

"I should have know." An amused tone was apparent in Vile's voice. "Mere reploids like
these couldn't get your battle spirits going!" Vile stepped from behind the receptionist
desk and set the receptionist down on the desk. Vile powered up his shoulder cannon and
aimed it at X.

X sized up his enemy and got ready to attack. Vile leapt at X with amazing speed. X
dodged to his left and allowed Vile to step past him. Before Vile had time to
twist back around, X's right arm connected with Vile's back, causing the maverick to
crash face first into the ground.

//He almost got me with that one.// X thought as he backed up slightly to put some distance
between Vile and hismelf. //Time to get serious.// X felt adrealine pump through his
systems as he powered up his buster. Now that he was between the girl and Vile, he could

Suddenly X felt very weak, and his mind clouded. He was powering down, which was the last
thing he needed to do right now. X dropped to one knee, and tried to propt himself up
with a hand. He was starting to lose feeling in his arms as well, but his locked joints
kept him up regardless.

"There, that's it." Vile knelt in front of X and clutched X's chin with his hand, lifting
his face so that they were at eye level. By now X's eyes were starting to wander.
"You should know, though." Vile almost cackled as he turned X's head towards the receptionst,
"That she was already dead." Vile's words brought back some clarity to X's mind and he
suddenly felt a surge of humilation and anger as he saw the receptiont's empty eyes
staring at nothing. X balled up his free fist and readied himself to hit Vile, but
suddenly felt very sick.. and tired... His eyes lost focus again. With a slight push,
Vile sent X crashing on his back. X, overcome by the sickness and pain, did not resist as
Vile picked him up. His head rolled onto Vile's shoulder as the Maverick wrapped one of his
arms around X's waist to hold him up. The last thing X heard before everything blacked out
was Vile's satisfied laughter.

End of Chapter 1

Aya: Whee! I finished chapter one! Wait for Chapter 2 probaby in a couple of days. As you'll
note, I didn't want to make X all girly, afterall, he is the "legendary B class hunter."
He'll have a good reason to be weak ^_^ Tee hee.