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A cold wind passed a certain building in Ikebukuro, the night was silent except for the bustling city below; the lights looked beautiful above the dark clouds in the city. The sweeping wind made a wind chime produce a wonderful cry at the empty room, the sound were carried by the wind through the dark night, but beyond the dark clouds, there was a parallel world where no one knew it existed. It was dark, everything was dark the trees and mountains were dark it was called the nothingness, it's a place where the human soul go if they can't pass through heaven or drop down to hell, souls that weren't able to finish their purpose in life, souls that can't find peace or souls with still strong hold on the human world. They wonder around the place bumping into each other starring off space but they all knew better to avoid another entity that's wondering around in the place called nothingness. Reapers roam this place as well, no one knew where they came they just exist to reap souls of the human who's fate is to die, clad in black tattered cloak and carrying their scythe they wonder around the place leisurely. A soul of woman with long hair clad in white avoided the crow carrying a letter, they are the messenger they deliver a scroll to the reapers whose soul to harvest next, and they fly through the darkness thousands and thousands of them dropping the scroll to each reaper. A certain crow flew through the woods and looked around to find a reaper available for the job, seeing a man clad in black sitting on the hill playing with his scythe the crow dropped the scroll in front of the male reaper.

"hmm.. a job?" a deep baritone voice murmured as he thrust his scythe on the ground and picked up the scroll untying the black ribbon a black smoke protruded out of the paper as he read the contents. The male pulled back the hood revealing an out of place golden hair in the dark place. Shizuo that was his name, if you ask him that's all he knew if you ask every reaper they only had single name, if you ask Shizuo about himself all he would answer you is 'I don't know'. A reaper doesn't know anything aside from taking souls to extend their lifespan aside from being its job, souls is also their life source. Shizuo doesn't even remember how long he had been doing this, all he knew is he was doing it, that's all. Now back to the letter he was holding his golden irises scanned the letter. Standing up he dropped the scroll as it vanished into nothingness just like the place where he was standing.

"well then.. shall I visit this Orihara Izaya"

Orihara Izaya the raven male who were confine in a hospital for almost two years now, his life were lame, he knew that of course in this four corners of his room is the place where he had accustomed to live. He hated his life a lot, his parents decided to keep him there for his own safety maybe it won't be too bad if he could have fun, watch some tv or observe his surrounding the problem is he can't. the world became dark when he was five years old, and it seems the luck fell out of his grasped when they discovered he had a brain tumor. The operation for his eyesight can't be performed and now since his case is hopeless, his parents just dumped him in the building with no one to talk to, nothing to do. His doctor Shinra, said that he only had few months left and he chuckled bitterly about it, why not make it faster? Shivering he felt the cold air passed through his open window, he always let it open to feel the breeze outside the cursed room, placing a wind chime to hear something pleasant aside from the dead silence in his room. These are the time where he can't sleep even if he close his eyes sleep won't just come in his way. Another gush of much strong and colder wind passed through his room the chime was producing loud music but this time it was accompanied by footsteps.
Shizuo pulled down his cloak as he went further to the room and stood on the side of the raven's bed and raised a brow, after three months he will be back here to take the soul of the raven, that won't be hard he did it a lot of times so its not a big deal anymore, shrugging he was about to leave when the raven spoke "who's there?" Shizuo froze immediately as he stared at the raven. he was wondering why.. why did the raven sensed his presence, he always conceal his presence with the humans but this.

"who are you?" Izaya inquired again, Shizuo raised a brow and waved his hand in front of the raven's face to check is he really is blind.

"im blind you idiot! You don't have to have to wave in front of me!" he hissed as he felt the wind on his face.

"im just making sure"
izaya froze and tilted his head to the direction of the voice, somehow he heard it before though he isn't sure when. "well, who are you and what are you doing in my room?"

"I uhmm.. checking you"

"tch, nurses or doctor doesn't come from the window, how come you went in, im on the fifth floor"

"I don't have to answer your question, you know"

"actually no, you have to answer them seeing as you trespassed in my room I could call a guard or something" with that said the raven reached his arm to press the buzzer near the bedside table.

"you know what, I don't really care do what you want" shizuo huffed as he stared at the raven who slowly retreated his hand from the buzzer and slowly sat up, his crimson eyes were glinting in the dark room but it already looked lifeless.

"actually I don't really care as well" he murmured and looked around the room even though it was all darkness he could see his senses were quite sharp.

"then why didn't you pressed that thingy over there?"

"maybe because I don't want to press it? Maybe because I wanted someone to talk to other than the doctor and nurses?"

"you don't even know me , nor do I at this time I might be stealing some items in your room"

"I don't really mind" Izaya said as he crawled and dug something under his pillow and groaned a bit as he can't find what he was looking for realizing Shinra might have placed it on the table again. He slowly crawled to the bedside table and roams his hand through it knocking some various things. "found it" he muttered and went back to sit on the bed and extended his hand to the direction of the intruder. "here, you can take it I don't really care, I assume you are a thief seeing how you climbed up to an open window"
Shizuo raised a brow and stared at the shining necklace "why are you giving me this?"

"that's worth a lot if you sell it and I have plenty of them" tilting his head he felt a hand took the necklace from his grasp. Izaya dropped his hand and blinked, he was too desperate to talk to anyone that he even allowed a thief to have his things.

"you are strange" Shizuo muttered as he looked at the other male, this person had only 97 days left before he cut the life line and harvest its soul, looking at the unfocused crimson eyes he wondered where his soul would be after harvesting it, but seeing and feeling the other males aura he guess that the raven's soul would wonder in nothingness as far as he knew about the sick male is he never had fun in the human world, he already knew that if he response to his very first question it will be bad. When he visits other humans he only looked at them and leaves returning when the right time comes.

"let's just say im desperate to talk with somebody else on my remaining days" izaya said as he blinked playing with the blankets and his head perked up as he heard the footsteps approaching farther.

"im going now."

"wait!" the raven slowly jumped out of his bed and slowly made his way to the blond stopping as he stepped into the others black boots. "… are you going back here tomorrow?"

Shizuo froze as he looked down and then back to the raven and sighed.

"I don't know.. I don't know" and with that said Izaya winced at the strong wind that blew his curtain, the chime in his room creating loud music in his ears he leaned on the window and closed his eyes wondering who really that person is.

"must be an angel?" he murmured and smiled softly somehow all he could do is wait.

wait for the morning to come

wait for his death or

wait for the man who made him less lonely after all those years

in the end he just keep on waiting…