The Last 97 days with you

Chapter 3

Shizuo looked around the endless darkness in the place where he usually sat, observing the crows dropping some scrolls into the other reapers he sighed and played with the ends of his cloak. Fiddling with it he looked at the souls that were wondering around the place seeking peace which in fact they can't have. Looking to his side he started to scribble on the dark sand that he was siting and he was a bit stunned that he actually wrote Izaya's name on the sand, he stared at it for a moment and sighed. This is wrong he should be focusing on the days left to have the raven's soul instead of spending time with him. A small gush of wind made Shizuo look up and he saw another reaper.

"Celty" he greeted the headless reaper and blinked, Celty is one of the oldest reaper and she was the one who ventured the human world more often. Celty walked towards him , her black cloak following her as she sat beside Shizuo and she started to write on the air leaving a black smoke on his finger tips that traced the outline of her work. Using her index finger she started to write black smoke forming into words for shizuo to read.

you look troubled. Is what she wrote and after Shizuo read it the smoke slowly vanished and shizuo looked down.

"hmm.. maybe.." he replied and he looked at Celty who gestured her hand for him to continue, he sighed again and started talking. "I don't want him to go to this place, I mean.. its not like I don't want him to die"

i don't get you, if he die with a dead weight in his heart or unfinished business he would surely end up here… if he dies completed and happy he can proceed to the gates..

"that's why, I don't want his soul to end in this place, I want it to go to peace or better yet to me"

you know… the only way to get his soul is for him to feel completed in his life.. and.. let him submit to death or to you with his own will..

that's right, Shizuo nodded "I know"

remember he must submit to YOU

Shizuo smiled a bit as he looked at the woman and then to the dark place, he wanted izaya's soul, it was so enthralling and he can't resist the urge to have it on his own alone. As long as he could remember being a reaper he didn't desire a soul like this one, standing up he knew what he was going to do now

"I will let him submit to me" he murmured as he looked at the necklace that the raven had given him the first time they met.

"so Izaya! You seemed a bit on mood today!" a bespectacled doctor chirped as he checked his clipboard and tapped his pen on it. Izaya sat on the bed and rolled his eyes as he looked through the direction of the window, he can't feel the wind and can't hear the song of his wind chime.

"did you close the window?" he asked a small frown tugging on his lips.

"erm.. well yes, its cold so I decided to clo-"

"don't decide on your own!" he hissed and swung his feet on the floor as he slowly stood up and made his way towards the window, he knew the room like the back of his hand so he knew where to go and what do to. Reaching the glass window he flung the curtain and opened the window sighing and smiling as he felt the wind on his face and heard the music on the chime.

"that's really an important thing huh?" Shinra mused as he looked at the chime, the design was simple a small house and crystal birds hanging around it.

"yeah, someone gave this to me" he replied and reached out to trace the outline of the small bird and shinra smiled.

"sorry, I won't close it again, but you might get a cold"

"im going to die within a few months, whats the big deal"

"izaya.." Shinra sighed and rubbed his temple and was about to say something again when Izaya started to talk again.

"how was that patient, next to my room, you know that friend of yours"
Shinra pouted at the sudden change of conversation and sighed. "no, still the same.. no changes"

"I see" he murmured and closed his eyes enjoying the ray of the sun hitting his skin, hearing footsteps he assumed Shinra was walking out now.

"I better go now, don't be grumpy Izaya!" he called before closing the door behind him. Izaya hummed a unknown song as he leaned on the window frame, his fingers running on the edges of the glass.

"you look so contended"

izaya jolted as he heard a familiar voice and he whipped his head searching for the direction of the voice and he blinked.

"Shizu-chan just don't pop out suddenly like that" he murmured and stared at where he assumed the direction of the other male.

"I still hated that nickname" Shizuo muttered as he slowly walked towards the bed and looked at Izaya who was following his gaze on his direction listening to him.

"how did you came in?" izaya asked as he crossed his arms and tilted his head, Shinra just went out and he didn't hear the door opened, or was he just concentrated on his thoughts that he didn't hear?

"who knows" Shizuo replied as he walked towards the raven and stood in his front.
izaya sensed this and he listened carefully as the footsteps came closer and that's where Izaya had noticed the close distance between them, Shizuo's body was pressed against him and he just stood there feeling the heat and the jolts of electricity through his veins. Shizuo reached out to examine the chime and raised a brow at it.

"this thing is kind of noisy" he commented, Izaya looked up and blinked.

"I like them" he pouted at the comment just in time as Shizuo looked down and finally noticed the distance and stood there looking down at the raven, it was his first time seeing Izaya up this close. Since he always visted at night he really can't see his features but now, he stared at the red orbs staring blankly, those long lashes and that pink lips that was pouting. Shizuo didn't saw anyone who looked so beautiful in his existence, he absentmindedly licked his lips as he felt the warmth of Izaya, and he closed his eyes. Izaya's soul it was calling unto him, so damn enthralling.

"erm. Shizu-chan?" Izaya called awkwardly and Shizuo backed away and started to stroll around the place.

"aren't you bored here?" he asked as he looked at some books on the bedside table and fruits grabbing the apple and started to peel it.

"I am, of course! I often wonder what it was like to be outside" he murmured as he listened closely to the horns of the cars and sound of the bustling city.

"why don't you go out?"

"i. I can't .. I mean I would love to but.. I don't know if I could do it on my own" he sighed and played with the chime. "last time I did, I cause terrible accident and I think I killed that guy as well" another sigh escaped his lips and Shizuo pinched his nose.


"don't sigh.. they say part of your soul dies if you sigh"
Izaya pouted again and was about to ask a question but kept it to himself instead and then pushed the other male away.

"im going to die anyway, what's the point"
Shizuo raised a brown and nodded. Submitting to death, check, but still he needed to feel completed and clearly the raven is not happy.. yet.

"that's why you should make the most memorable things before you die right?" the blond said as he took a bite on the apple which Izaya heard and he leaned on the window.

"eating other people's food is mean Shizu-chan!" Izaya whined and crossed his arms.

"you are not even eating it, flea"

"oohhh giving me nickname now?" Izaya mused and smirked amused by the idea

"it suits you" Shizuo murmured and then he went and stood infront of the raven.

"I have a suggestion"

"and that's?"

"Let's go out?"

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