This is the log of a CYOA I'm currently running on THP. In case you couldn't tell, it's a Fate/Stay Night and Touhou fusion fic. The main character is an OC and essentially the self-insert of the collective anonymous, so...

I'm trying my best to emulate Nasu's writing style here, so forgive me if the style is shaky at first.

—It's time.

I draw the final runes on the ground and step back out of the circle.
—Honestly, it looks kind of messy.
Well, that can't be helped now.

I place aside the book I copied the circle out of aside, and pick up the box lying next to it.
In this box is the catalyst I will use soon.
The catalyst to summon a Heroic Spirit, and participate in the Holy Grail War.

...There's still a few hours left before my prana level reaches its peak.
—Well, I might as well rest for a bit.
I'll need all the energy I can get soon.
Especially if I want to be sure of summoning that class—

I go back into my room and lie down on the futon.
I know I should rest, but thoughts of the Grail War just won't go away—

—The Holy Grail War.
A ritual in which seven magi chosen by the Great Grail gather and summon familiars known as Servants.
These Servants are Heroic Sprits, legends drawn from past, present or future.
As pairs of Master and Servant, they then destroy each other while killed Servants are collected by the Lesser Grail, and when the Grail is complete—

—Heaven's Feel will open.
A gate to Akasha, the Origin—
A gate capable of granting any one wish—

...Well, there's no point dwelling on the origins of the Grail War.
What matters now is the current War.
The war which I, as an outsider, have been chosen by the Tohsaka to participate in.

—The Tohsaka.
One of the three families that created this ritual, along with the Einzbern and Makiri, also known as Matou.
In the last war, the Tohsaka magus won, but the cycle continued.
And now, five years later, none of the families have any magi left to enter, so outsiders like us are invited to participate on their behalf instead.

...Although to be honest, I wasn't really chosen.
Byakuren, who oversees the war from her church, recommended me to them.
None of the magi at the Clock Tower were willing to participate, so it fell to someone like me to take their place.
Someone like me, with no bloodline and only the barest minimum of Magic Circuits—

Well, all I can do now is sleep.

Sleep, and wait for the right time to summon my Servant.

It's nearly time for the ritual.
My prana levels are highest at this time, and I don't think any Servants have been summoned yet.
—In other words, I should be able to choose the class of my Servant with relative ease.

I take a deep breath and step into the circle, carrying the box containing the catalyst in my arms.

—It's time.