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Katniss' POV

The morning light streams through the trees, letting small patches of warmth through the foliage. I'm lying on the dirt, my sister cocooned to me. She's still asleep, but Cato is wide awake. By now, he's roasting some animal over a fire.

For a minute, I almost think he doesn't know I'm awake... until he speaks, not even glancing my way.

"Good morning." he says, focusing on the meat. His eyes don't reach mine as I sit down near the fire.

"Good morning to you too," I say. He seems conflicted today. I can tell just by the way he scrunches his eyebrows. But I don't say anything; he just needs his space.

We sit in silence for a few minutes before Prim wakes up. She looks around and yawns, slowly crawling over to me.

"What time is it?" she asks. I look up and see the sun just over the mountains.

"About ten o'clock" I tell her. She just nods and looks towards the fire. Her eyes widen at the dead animal. She doesn't complain though, because she realizes that it's our food. We have to live and get away from Snow.

Once the meat finishes cooking, Cato rips some off the stick and hands it to me and Prim. We all eat greedily, easily eating it up after twenty minutes. I'm not satisfied at the little amount I have but as long as Prim is full, I'm content.

When we all decide to hit the road, that's when things get a bit awkward. None of us talk, more specifically Cato and I. But it's not a mad awkward; it's more of an "I don't know what to think or say" awkward.

The trees are pretty dense the farther we get into it. Small patches of fern scratch at my legs, and moss covers the trees. A few pines sneak in between the deciduous trees, adding a variety of colors. The grass is firm underneath my feet, and leaves crunch from the dryness. A few oranges peep in the green haze, giving the forest life. Prim's eyes look everywhere, but soon stay locked on a bush.

"Katniss," she whispers. "Look." I stare at the bush and see a pair of eyes staring straight at us. Followed by a small pink nose and small ears.

The rabbit looks at Prim and I, while Cato stops and looks at us weirdly. Then he sees the rabbit and his face softens a bit. I remember telling him once how Prim loves animals, whereas all I see them as.. is food. As if remembering the same memory, he looks to me and grins lightly. I give him a halfway smile before going back to Prim.

"Prim," I whisper, "it's wild. It'll get scared if we stand here too long." Her eyes look a bit saddened, but she quickly becomes bubbly again, saying goodbye to the small bundle of fur.

As Prim bounces in front of me, Cato and I share a glance. But it wasn't just a sour glance. It was different; kind. And the next words that he mouths to me surprise every cell inside my body.

'I'm sorry,' he says only with his lips. And instead of speaking, I just smile and keep walking, although closer than I was.

I admit, the day is long. After a couple hours and what very little breakfast we had, I can feel my stomach start to cramp. Prim seems fine, but I bet she's starting to feel the dull ache of hunger. We both know how to cope with it, but I never want my baby sister to feel hungry. That's why I stole the piece of bread.

I glance over at Cato, and he seems focused. But just as I look, he glances at me and smiles. My stomach forgets the ache and does a flip at his small smile. Prim turns around and sees him, his smile wiping onto her face. Then she looks at me, and I see the gleam in her eyes.

She knows about Cato, and how something is going on between us. I'll tell her the summary of what's going on.

After we all get over ourselves, we keep walking through more and more trees, ferns, roots, and poison oak. I feel like I'm lost in a never-ending forest, but somewhere in here is a growing revolution. Just like Thom said.

Thom. I wonder where he is now? Possibly to their base already? Wherever it is. I just hope he's safe. He did after all help me escape my death. For that, I owe him my life.

Don't think about that Katniss, I tell myself. If all my thoughts revolved around owing people, I'd kill myself, Cato, and Prim. And if I was the reason Prim and Cato died, I wouldn't function. I'd be a living corpse; no thoughts, no heart, and no soul.

I shake my head. I have to stop thinking about this kind of stuff, or I'll make myself depressed.

We walk a bit farther until the heat of the day becomes too much. Sitting under an oak tree, I block the sun from my eyes. Cato and Prim sit beside me-Prim fanning herself while Cato wipes sweat from his forehead. I take off my jacket which I've been wearing for a couple hours. The sky is blue, but looking at it seems weird. It's too bright.

And now I know I'm dehydrated. My vision is starting to become blurry and my hearing fades out. Leaning my head against Cato's shoulder, I groan. He looks at me and notices how tired I look.

"Katniss," he says, "are you alright?" I shake my head.

"Let's look for a stream real fast. I think we all need water at the moment." Prim nods in agreement.

It takes thirty minutes or so before we stumble upon a small creek about three feet in width. The water is clear and seems untouched. Cupping my hands, I take a sip of water.

Ah. The smell alone is intoxicating. And I know it's water, but I've never indulged in a beverage so refreshing. The coolness slides down my throat, easing the dryness. I can feel myself becoming stronger each second as I drink and drink until I almost burst. My two companions are a bit more mellow than I am, but we're all still chugging like it's the end of the world.

I finish and rest against a log nearby. Watching Cato and Prim talk is something I've now come to enjoy. And though we only settled on good ground today and figured out these problems, I've grown to forget that. And I don't forget much.

These thoughts echo inside my head way past the creek. Around sunset, we put up camp for the night and get more sticks since we're far away from the city. The night is slightly cooler than the last, signaling Autumn is on its way. The smells of pumpkin bread and herbal tea almost feel as if they're in the air right now. It was always my favorite season.

Night falls and we all get closer to the fire. I hug Prim to keep her warm, though the flames are doing that quite well. Goosebumps form on my arm by the time she's in a deep sleep.

"Katniss." I look to Cato, who is about seven feet away. "Are you cold?" he asks. I'm not one to admit things, but if I was wise, I'd say yes. So I do.

"What do you think?" He grins and walks over, each stride quiet and calculated. By the time he reaches me, he sits down and wraps an arm over my shoulder. Leaning my head against his, I take in a breath and feel my eyelids start to sag. He notices.

"You've been strong this whole time. Let me handle tonight." he states. I shake my head.

"I'm the one who got us into this mes-"

"Katniss, don't play that card. We all have our bad encounters with Snow. Go. To. Sleep." He enunciates each word softly, but the force is still there. My muscles start to melt in his touch, so I give in just this once.

"Okay," I whisper. Closing my eyes, I allow sleep to swim through my veins and take me from this reality.

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