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As soon as the man nodded his head they left the room. Naruto decided to start with the top floor and work their way down. Entering the first room Naruto stood in the center of the room scanning the place with his eyes.

His feet were shoulders length apart and his hands on his hips. Sasuke's eyes roamed over Naruto's muscular body starting from his legs and slowly working its way up only stopping on places that needed extra attention.

Sasuke walked around the room as if he was still looking but he already looked at every detail of the room with his sharingan. He looked at Naruto closer, looking at every contour of his body. Naruto quickly spun around surprising Sasuke, of course he didn't show it. "Alright, onto the next room." He said. He quickly walked out of the room.

'Why does that teme keep staring at me, it's making me feel self conscious… Wait, did he find out that I like him!? No that can't be it, there's no way… I haven't told anybody!'

'Kit, have you thought that maybe he just likes what he sees?' Naruto froze as they were exiting the third room. 'what the hell do you mean by that Kuruma!?' 'Exactly what it sounds like kit, maybe the Uchiha likes you too and is thinking about certain things to do with you.' Naruto gulped, his eyes were as wide as saucers. Sasuke was standing behind Naruto waiting for the blonde to move out of the doorway but he didn't even twitch.

'…W-What kind of things?'

'Things like having sex kit, you know? Like 69 and reverse cowboy. He could even do things like missionary and doggy style. Maybe even try chandi-'


Every position the fox brought up was accompanied by an image of the Naruto and his dark haired friend in those same positions. Sasuke at that moment finally got fed up with standing behind the unmoving blonde and squeezed past him to find out what was wrong. As soon as Sasuke's irritated eyes met Naruto's his irritation faded away.

Naruto's were wide. Sasuke waved his hand in front of the blondes eyes and Naruto didn't budge. Sasuke frowned. He spun the blonde away from the open doorway and lifted up his mask. The ravens eyes went wide, wider than Naruto's if it was possible. Naruto's face was completely red with the biggest blush anyone has ever seen, his eyes were wide and glossy with embarrassment and something else he couldn't name, his pink lips were apart and his breathing was slightly labored.

Overall he looked damn sexy, and Sasuke, for the first time, didn't know what to do.

'He looks so cute… wait, did I just really think that? This is my dobe I'm talking about, wait, did I just call him my dobe? What the hell has gotten into me? Uchiha's aren't suppose to think like this, we are not suppose to want to kiss and touch other men. Wait does that mean I'm gay!? Do I really like Naruto!? Of course not… It's natural to check out your male best friend… This isn't the time for this, I'm on a mission.'

Sasuke pushed Naruto over causing the blonde boy to fall hard to the ground. "What the hell was that for teme-" Naruto blushed even harder than before and got up and walked out of the room pulling down his mask as he went.

'Dammit Kuruma! I can't even look at Sasuke now! It's your fault if we fail this mission!' They checked the rest of the rooms in silence and finished in time for dinner to be ready. When they went to the dining room everybody already in there stopped talking. The two sat down in the corner.

"Hey, they have to take off their masks to eat right?"

"I wonder what they look like."

"What if they're hideous?"

The whispers seemed to end when dinner floated to the table. Naruto scooted closer to Sasuke, suspicious of the flying food until he realized who he was leaning on and quickly sat up straight. As soon as Naruto and Sasuke grabbed their food, which wasn't much, all eyes were on them.

All of them were waiting for them to lift up their masks and eat their food but the two ninja didn't move a muscle. The people at the table started whispering to each other once again.

"Hey, it's rude not to eat the food given to you."

Ron spoke. Sasuke slowly turned his head toward the redhead as if trying to intimidate him. "We have eaten." Raven replied blandly. The occupants of the table looked confused and turned to the ninja's plates, and like they said, there was food missing. All that was left were mashed potatoes and some vegetables.

"When did they eat?"

"I didn't even see them move!"

They two ninja stood up suddenly. "May we be excused?" Fox asked politely although they were already making their way toward the door.

After Molly nodded they headed straight up toward their room. Once they were in their room the tense aura around them hit them like a weight. The two of them went to opposite sides of their temporary room. They took off their masks and armor preparing to go to sleep. They turned around at the same time and looked at the bed. They both forgot there was only one.

Simultaneously they both walked toward the queen sized bed lifted the covers and laid down facing opposite directions.

They laid there for five minutes till Sasuke had enough, he wasn't going to let his confusion make his friendship with the dobe awkward.

Sasuke turned his body toward the blonde boy "Dobe." There was no answer. Sasuke sighed. "Dobe, I know you're not asleep." This time the body next to him started shifting till they were both facing each other. Although Sasuke could barely see it, the dobe was blushing.

"Naruto, what's wrong?"

Naruto looked surprised, he didn't expect that Sasuke would notice. Naruto struggled to answer as new images were flooding into his mind by none other than Kuruma.


Was all he said as he started curling up in a ball, a certain part of his body reacting to the new images. Sasuke was concerned, 'he looks like he's in pain…'

"You didn't talk to me or look at me for half the day. Just tell me what's wrong or I'll have to contact the hokage and tell her you're not feeling well."

Naruto stiffened.

'If he contacts the Hokage and tells her I'm not feeling well that means Sakura would come… she would heal me, beat me up just so she can heal me again…' Naruto sighed. "It's Kuruma… He kept talking to me today filling my head with… strange thoughts…" After Naruto finished talking Sasuke moved to lie on his back and laid there for a few minutes.

Suddenly Sasuke lifted his hand straight up in the air as if he was trying to grab the ceiling and brought it down right on Naruto's forehead smacking it. Naruto was about to yell when the hand slid upward and started ruffling his hair in a comforting way. Naruto relaxed under his touch and didn't say anything letting a small smile of bliss ghost his lips. They laid there in comfortable silence and soon Naruto was lulled to sleep by the hands ministrations on his hair.

################################################## ##########

The next morning Naruto woke up to find his face inches away from Sasukes sleeping one. Blushing slightly he got up and walked to the bathroom that was in there room.

While washing his face he heard shouting and heavy footsteps along with banging on walls and doors throughout the house. He quickly left the bathroom waking Sasuke while rushing to put on his uniform. He left the room before Sasuke was finished and rushed down stairs. He nearly tripped on the luggage that was pilled at the bottom of the stairs.

Molly came out of the kitchen shouting for Harry and Ron to hurry when she looked in fox's direction. Realization spread across her face. "Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry! I forgot to tell the both of you that school starts today! Hurry go pack your things! We are almost late!" She shouted quickly shooing the ninja away.

He quickly ran back upstairs stopping Sasuke from running out of the door and told him of the situation. They packed their belongings inside of their scrolls and packed them away in their small ANBU bag. They rushed downstairs to find the family waiting for them.

"Um… I'm sorry but I don't think you can go to the train station like that, you're going to cause a big scene and probably scare some people…" Arthur said quietly.

"That means you will"

"have to take off your masks!" the twins said.

"That is not necessary, we can perform a small jutsu to change our appearance." The two ninja looked at each other

"Henge no jutsu!"

Fox had long brown hair that went past his shoulders with big brown eyes, his skin tone was a little bit lighter than his real one. Raven kept his same hair and eye color and made his skin tone match fox's. He shortened his hair; he made it stop at the middle of his neck.

"Did you see that!?"

"What kind of magic is that!?"

"They did magic without a wand!"

Fox laughed. The other people were startled by the sudden sound. "Sorry! I just feel more comfortable without my mask." He said giving his bright smile, although it wasn't as bright as usual it still captured the hearts of the women in the room and made Harry sneer. "Oh my, oh my! We're even later than before! Hurry! Out!

################################################## #############

At the train station

Fox and raven looked around in awe, well close enough to awe for raven. They had never seen a train station as big as this one.

"Ok come on, one at a time!"

The ninja's looked up to see the youngest of the Weasley's disappear after running toward a brick wall. Naruto looked as if he was about to explode, his face was bright red and all of the questions he wanted to ask were on the tip of his tongue waiting to be unleashed. He wanted to scream them all out to the world. Sasuke looked alert, ready to clamp his hand over the dobes mouth if he decides to yell out what he just saw.

'The dobe should know that this is supposed to be a secret entrance right? He has matured over the years, he won't scream like a banshee…'

Suddenly Naruto stood up straight and took a huge gulp of air into is lungs and slowly let it out calming himself down. Sasuke looks relieved until he feels hands pressing him toward the wall "Come on, come on! We don't have all day!" Molly said in a sing song voice. Fox laughed at the somewhat uncomfortable look on ravens face. Raven reached back and grabbed for fox's arm, keeping him in a tight grip. Fox's laughter died as soon as raven latched onto his arm. His face was one of pure terror.

"Let go, I'm not going in there."

"Yes you are dobe, get over it."

"No, I'm serious. I'm not going in there."

"Dobe get over it and go through."


"Dobe stop being a brat and go through."


"Hurry! Hurry! The train is about to leave!" Molly interrupted and shoved them both through and ran through herself. "Come! Come! The train is leaving!" she said dragging both the boys by the arm of their shirts. Sasuke didn't looked pleased but let the lady do as she wanted. She threw the two boys on the train and ran to the window she spotted her sons in.

The train started as soon as Molly said her goodbyes, her eyes wet and her arms wildly waving to the train. The two ninja walked around the train looking for the compartment that held their charge. Once they found the compartment that Harry was in they quickly released the Henge.

Once Harry realized who entered the compartment he felt the anger in him rise. The two ninja sat down next Luna Lovegood and locked their gaze straight ahead, right at Harry.

Harry glared at them, he wanted to yell at them and tell them to leave him alone and he could protect himself. His face grew bright red because of all his pent up anger. He chose to stare out of the window and try to calm himself down. He didn't need another scolding from Hermione.

He noticed Neville scoot closer to him, seemingly intimidated by the masked strangers. "Harry… who are they?" He asked scared, clutching onto his plant as if it would protect him from the trained killers across from them. Harry sneered, "They're my guards. Dumbledore hired them to protect me because he thinks I'm too weak to take care of myself." Harry bit out.

Neville slide away from Harry awkwardly, unsure of what to say to comfort his brooding friend. Harry turned his attention back to staring outside. 'How dare Dumbledore think I can't take care of myself.'

He was brought out of his musing by laughter. He looked over to see the two ninja talking and laughing, well at least the blonde one was. 'What's with that guy, he's always so quiet like he's better than everybody, like everybody should be happy just talking to him.' He barely paid attention to Neville who started talking to him again.

"I got it from my uncle…"

Harry stared out the window again, focusing on the land outside. Suddenly he was covered head to toe in green stink sap. "S-Sorry guys…" Harry tried to shake off the excess sap and looked over to where his guards should be but they were gone.

"Harry, where did your guards go?" Ginny asked after cleaning up the mess. Suddenly raven came out of the hallway and took a seat right where he was sitting before. Not a single drop of stink sap was on him.

"Um… then where's the other one?" Suddenly the window opened and the blonde ninja flung himself into the compartment and sat down next to raven like it was nothing, and just like raven he didn't have a drop of stink sap on him.

"Ok, what are you guys!? I've realized you aren't regular guards! You don't use a wand and you can leave a room in a split seconds notice! What kind of guards did Dumbledore order!?" Harry screeched, fed up with the situation.

"We're ninja's!" Fox said enthusiastically. Harry just stared at them. "You know they aren't real right? They're legends." Fox's enthusiasm fell.

"We're only legends…" "Dobe we do live in Konohagakure. It's a hidden village so of course nobody would find us, it's logical that we would become legends." Naruto pouted behind his mask at the lack of acknowledgement by other countries.

Harry couldn't believe it. 'These people actually think they are ninjas… just who in the bloody hell did Dumbledore hire?' Harry saw one of them pull out a strange, very sharp knife from a secret pocket Harry didn't even know was there. The blonde one called it a kunai. Ginny enthusiastically asked to hold it and Fox happily let her.

"Baka! That's not a toy. She could seriously injure herself."

Harry sighed and ignored the bantering around him. Hermione and Ron finally came back from the Perfects cabin. At one point Malfoy came but the "ninjas" took care of him.

"Alright, it's about time that we arrive at Hogwarts. We should get changed, put on your robes." Hermione demanded. Fox went toward the window catching a peek of Hogwarts just as the sun set.

The train stopped at the station and all the kids filed out, talking excitedly and going in different directions to find other friends. The two ninja went ahead and avoided the creepy carts and jittery students and met up with Dumbledore at the entrance to Hogwarts.

"Come inside my friends, long time no see. Welcome to my castle, magnificent isn't it." He said with a proud smile. "Now I know you're protecting Harry Potter but please don't forget that you are protecting the whole castle too. Your living accommodations will be in the Gryffindor tower, the same one as Harry Potter but you will have a separate common room as well as a bedroom and restroom. Food will be brought to your room by house elves and it's anything you request."


Dumbledore chuckled at the reaction of the blonde ninja.

"For each of the meals in the Great Hall, if it wouldn't trouble you, I would like you both to stand at either side of the teachers table. If you don't like the idea we can come up with another." Dumbledore looked at the two and they didn't seem to have any disagreements.

"Alright then. Oh and one other thing. I will be giving you Harry's class schedule so you both can decide on which classes you can drop in on when you have time." Dumbledore smiled at the two and led them toward the Great Hall. When walking down the Dumbledore stopped.

"I'm sorry my boys but I just remembered what I was going to ask of you both. Can you show me and the staff your face?" Fox looked at Dumbledore then bowed

"I'm sorry we cannot do that."

"I see, the purpose of this was if one of you were to get injured and your mask is off I want to know who exactly I am bringing back to all these children. I don't accidentally want to bring back a complete stranger that could possibly hurt them."

The ninja seemed to think this over. 'Damn, he has a point…' "Alright then, we will trust you and your staff." Raven answered.

"Splendid! Lets head into the Great Hall before all the students arrive. Dumbledore opened the doors to the Great Hall allowing himself to go through first, the ninja following closely behind. The ninja looked around Dumbledore to gaze at the teachers table and saw that it was mostly full except for a few empty seats.

"Good evening, my wonderful staff. I would like to introduce you to the new guards that I have hired to protect our wonderful school. They are ninja from the hidden continents and they will be staying for the remainder of the year. Please treat them nicely and with respect." Dumbledore said with a humble smile.

"Oh, and although it's against their teachings they will take off their mask to show us their face in case of emergency. So go ahead boys." The two ninja looked at each other and reached to the back of the mask unclasping the hook and pulling the mask off their face. Gasps of surprise filled the room. "My god Dumbledore! They are children! They are the age of some of the students here!" a random teacher yelled.

"I understand your concern everyone but I promise that these young boys are able to do their jobs perfectly fine. I admit I am also surprised at their young age but I was told that these are some of the two strongest ninja in the village. They are also ANBU members which is one of the highest rankings besides the Hokage, they also become adults when they finish school. So they have been adults for a few years now despite being so young." The teachers looked skeptical but had no choice to accept it.

The ninjas put their masks back on and went to go and stand on opposite sides of the teachers table. As soon as they got to their chosen sides a pink toad like woman waddled into the room.

"Sorry for being late, I had to use the ladies room." She said in an overly sweet voice. She waddled up to her seat just in time for all the kids to start filing in. She suspiciously eyed the ninja but dismissed them quickly.

The sorting hat sang its song and all the new students all got placed into their designated houses, cheers could be heard from all over the Great Hall at the new comers arrival. After all the children at their food Dumbledore rose to make his speech.

The ninjas were watching everything closely, the way the students talked with one another and how they greeted new comers into their house. They studied the rivalries some of the houses seemed to have between each other. They even studied with rapt attention the speech that the toad woman gave after rudely cutting off Dumbledore, and with all the information they gathered she seemed to be the most troublesome. Dumbledore finally stood back up.

"I would also like to welcome some new members of staff to our family. These are our new guards, they are in fact ninjas and are some of the strongest in their village. The one on the left of me is fox, the leader of the mission. On my right is raven. If you see anything that concerns you and your well being please tell them. I have hired them to protect our school from any unfortunate events that may occur during the year. Please do not prank them, treat them like how you would treat your teachers. Now that everything is said you all must be weary, off to bed all of you. Make sure you wake up in time for breakfast." Dumbledore dismissed all the students with a smile.

"All right my boys follow me, I will show you the place and tell you the password for your room." Dumbledore said signaling for the boys to follow.

The guards left their posts and followed after the Headmaster. Halfway down the Grand Hall the ninjas stop when they hear a little "Heh hm" as to catch their attention. They turned turned around, including Dumbledore and saw that Professor Umbridge was standing behind them with her hands clasped in front of her trying to look like a proper lady.

She walked forward to the ninja closest to her and smiled a disgustingly sweet smile. "I'm sorry boys but you can go home now, there is nothing to worry about here. Hogwarts is a safe, welcoming environment so we don't need you guards here." She "comfortingly" grabbed the arm of the closest ninja and smiled. "I can take you back home myself, your services aren't needed here."

Unknowingly, she grabbed the arm of the last Uchiha. Sasuke had to muster up the will to stop himself from pushing her away and killing her the moment she made contact with him. Some of the students that lagged behind watched the confrontation from a safe distance. Sasuke gracefully smacked her arm off of his shoulder causing her pain. He mustered all of his anger into his Uchiha glare

"Do not put your hands on me again." He said in a low deadly voice.

Umbridge took a few steps back out of fear but then her face got red with anger. "How dare you address me with such rudeness! I shall have you thrown in Azkaban!" She adverted her glare to Dumbledore. "And you! How dare you let such filthy animals into this school!" Dumbledore looked at her with mock confusion.

"Why my dear, I also had you in mind with choosing these guards. These two have a higher social standing than Cornelious Fudge himself. You are looking at the head of one of the strongest clans in the Hidden Continents and the boy next in line to be the leader of the village. I assure you that neither one of these two are as filthy as you say they are. Actually you are the filthy one to them, so to speak of course." Dumbledore said as though he was only stating facts. Umbridge's face looked like a tomato. Clearly losing the fight she had started she turned her attention to the students.

"Alright everyone! Shows over you may go to your rooms now!"

No one moved, they all stayed in place to watch the scene. The toad woman's face got even redder.

"Now, now my students, off to bed. You need to get a good night's rest to have you prepared for the day tomorrow!" The leftover students started making their way to their dorms at the will of their Headmaster, whispering about what happened only moments before. Umbridge angrily left the room at the lack of respect she got from the students.

Dumbledore continued on toward the room the two would be staying in. Once they reached the portrait of the fat woman Dumbledore turned right till he was standing right next to the portrait of the fat woman and in front of a portrait of a Samurai from the Showa Era.

"Alright, listen carefully. Your password is…" Dumbledore coughed slightly to cover his embarrassment, and if you looked close enough you could see a blush over his already rosy cheeks. "Yokubo no Kyuden*…"

Both ninjas blushed behind their masks. The samurai nodded his head and allowed entrance to the new room.

"What the hell is with the password?"

Raven said smoothly, but one look on his face said he was thoroughly embarrassed.

"It was your Hokages orders…" Replied the Headmaster, a little bit uncomfortable with the situation. He walked them through the common room which kind of resembled a traditional Japanese house.

"So through this door my boys leads to the Gryffindor common room. You need the password to pass through the door so you don't have to worry about students sneaking into your space." Dumbledore started leading them upstairs. "Alright now this is your room." Dumbledore said as the trio walked in. "The bathroom is over and there is a closet on the other side of the room." Naruto ran into the room claiming it as his. Dumbledore was about to turn around and leave when Sasuke spoke up "Where's my room?" He asked in a deadly calm voice. Dumbledore looked uncomfortable once more. "Well your Hokage ordered that you two are to share a room and that you only need one bed. So you two are sharing this room." The two ninjas looked at each other, the blonde one shrugging his shoulders. "Okay, that's fine with me." Dumbledore sighed as he left the room. He walked down the corridors remembering just a few days before.


"Well hello there fawkes. You've been gone for an awfully long time my dear friend, where could you have gone?" Dumbledore mumbled to himself. He noticed the message carrier strapped to the birds leg. 'Fawkes never delivered messages before…'

He unhooked the carrier and opened it to find a scroll. After he undid the seal on the scroll he opened it and started to read it.

'Dear Headmaster Dumbledore, I would like to make a personal request on behalf of the guards I've sent you. Frankly, I want them to be in a more intimate relationship and there is no way those two could do it on their own. All they need is a push in the right direction and I want you to help me with that. Now those two are stubborn, they only really talk to each other when they are in the same room. Even though they are best friends they don't really seek each other out to talk. So I want you to put them in one room, in one bed. Make. Them. Talk. Also you told me that the rooms have individual passwords to get into certain houses. I want you to make their password Yokubo no Kyuden, to help get them in the mood. Professor Dumbledore you may not know how serious this matter is but the citizens of my village need something to be done about it and this is the only way.


Tsunade Senju

End Flashback

Dumbledore shook his head at the thought, chuckles escaping his lips. 'This will be a long year'

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