Warning: Male Lactation

Author Notes: Ok, so omega angels have breast in this so that's a warning. They can also get pregnant but that takes place way later on in the story. This is a medieval AU so it takes place during those times!

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Castiel laid by the warm rocks near a small stream that ran all the way down to the river.

He looked at the pebbles in the stream, slick and shiny and started dozing as he did everyday when he laid by it in the forest. His forest was one of the lushest and greenest in the whole five realms.

He rolled onto his side, his wings spreading out to get warmed by the morning sun. It was very early in the morning, the dew was still visible on the grass. Castiel had guarded this forest for a very long time. As long as he could remember.

He was born here. He lived here. And he accepted that he would eventually die here. He would be a very happy angel indeed. Angels lived longer then any human could imagine. They were practically deity's, there holy blood and grace unending.

Humans were greedy, and selfish and vial creatures. They ruined everything they touched. In fact he disliked humans greatly. Luckily, he hadn't seen one in his forest in over 500 years. A town had been built near it, but the humans never roamed far. They were wise to not enter his forest, for they were unworthy to enter such a place.

He was a holy creature of the old world and this was considered holy ground since he had been born here. Castiel was not a dominant in his own species. He was a submissive. Therefore he could carry children if he found a potential mate to spawn them with.

The good thing about living is that he lived a very long life, never aged, his body never grew old and weak. In fact it stopped maturing at the age 23. His full black feathers reflected the sunlight from the warm blazing sphere high in the sky.

It was a warm day. Defiantly a good day to be dozing in the sun. His kind was immortal to disease and aging, but they could die of unnatural causes easily. Such as being stabbed, or fatally wounded.

Castiel had not seen one of his kind in ages. The animals that migrated to his forest whispered to him that his fellow kin were hunted among the humans.

It was rumored that they were caught and taken away from the forest they guarded and never seen again. They told him other rumors that unicorns and other holy creatures from a similar pure heritage were hunted for sport.

Castiel was disgusted with such a rumor and told the animals to never speak of it again as long as they were in his forest. The animals obeyed, which didn't surprise Castiel. He could be strict when he wanted to be.

Castiel got up, his breast feeling heavier today. Once a month his breast would become more full then usual, swelling until they felt like they would burst. This always happened approximately one week before his heat. He had suffered so many dry heats that it was a natural part of his month.

The pain and irritation though never seized to amaze him. It was just the natural cycle of a submissive angel. It meant that he should mate, to breed and give off offspring to continue his pure bloodline and ensure the survival of his species. Castiel would love to have hatchlings...problem was there was no one to have them with.

Castiel walked through the forest, the leaves on the trees growing greener when he passed. It was fall, so the trees were shredding leaves which decomposed on the forest floor. Winter was coming early this year. Castiel could keep the forest healthy and threat free, but he couldn't stop mother nature.

He looked down and smiled when he saw vegetation thrive where his feet touched. That's what happened when a pure blooded creature such as himself lived in an area.

Castiel took to the skies, stretching his wings and taking off, gaining altitude. He flew over his forest, which stretched for miles and miles. He got tired when the sun was setting to midday and he landed near a river bank on the edge of the forest.

Castiel crouched down and cupped his hands into the river and took a sip of the fresh water there. He paused when he heard a soft coughing. He looked up slowly and looked around, not seeing anything unusual. He scrunched his brow and stood and started walking around the bank of the river, his ears perking up to catch the alien sound again.

He heard it a few moments later, it was weak...faint.

"Keriawa?" He called out in his native language uncertainly.

He froze when he saw something move in the corner of his eye. He whipped around, his wings raised on alert and his eyes widened with what he saw.

A creature...Castiel wasn't sure what it was yet, was covered in mud near the wet bank in the mud and sand. It was looking at him with green eyes hopelessly, it was so small. Castiel's heart skipped a beat as he approached the small creature with caution. It squiggled again, giving a small cough.

Castiel crouched down next to the small creature, unsure if it needed help. Only then did he realize what it was. Human. It smelt of human. It smelt like human. He backed away as if he just realized it was a venomous snake. The small human just looked at him with sad hopeless defeated eyes.

He stared at it for a long moment before growling at it. It was way to small to be human. Perhaps a humans offspring? Well, if it was a humans offspring, and it was here then more humans must be close by. Castiel was ready to take to the skies, to search them out and make them leave his forest at once.

But the wheezing sound stopped him. The child was wheezing now, squiggling its naked body through the mud in a pathetic attempt to get to Castiel. It tried getting up and Castiel winced when it was too weak to even stand on its hands and knees.

It didn't make sense. Why would the parent leave its offspring in such a condition? In the mud? Why not a nest or some soft grass if the human was going hunting? The thought of hunting in his forest made him even more angry but he pushed it down. He needed to figure this out.

Well. The human would no doubt comeback for it. Castiel would just wait here until they returned.

Castiel watched the little human squiggle in the mud. He couldn't help but feel cruel as he watched it call out weakly with soft cries for help. It was obviously suffering, looking for warmth and nurturing.

Castiel's breast felt even more full then usual at the weak helpless calls. He wanted to go hold it, make it stop its weak heart wrenching sobs. But if he touched it, the impurity of it would be disgusting. He had never touched a human before and he didn't plan to start now.

He sat down on a log studying the human baby.

Castiel watched as the baby called to him as if he was the reason for its sobs. It wasn't his fault its caretakers were not here. Castiel hoped its parent or the humans that brought it here got back soon, this was starting to worry him. He did not wish death to prey upon such young life in his forest, but he didn't know what to do. He was actually self conflicted, which he hadn't been in a very very long time. Usually his word was pure, and he always knew which course of action to take. But this situation rendered him useless.

When it started turning dark Castiel hissed at the child's soft cries in frustration. To his surprise the child seized its crying and began coughing again. It was one thing Castiel had learned a long time ago. His presence did not heal humans like it did with plants and other animals.

Castiel thought it was because of there impurity, but this babe was probably pure as a new born lamb. The helplessness that it held in its calls. It was driving Castiel insane. A few minutes later he couldn't help himself.

He stood up and walked carefully over to the human. He picked its limp body up and cradled it to his chest. It was dirty and muddy and it's body was lax with exhaustion.

Dean walked over to the shallow end of the river and waded into the cooler waters. He dipped the human in gently, making the babe call out in distress and cry. He ran his hands over the soft wet flesh cleaning it of the grime. Once the human was mostly clean Castiel discovered it wasn't so bad holding the youngling.

"Nis kun eka." He said smiling and cradled the baby to his breast. He decided he better head back to his nest. The babies soul shined brightly and radiant in its chest. Tons of emotions surrounded it, but only one word was enscribed across it.


The human was indeed male seeing its sex. Dean seemed like a fitting name for the little one. Short but strong.

Castiel directed his fat swollen teat towards Deans willing open mouth and slipped it inside between his plump lips. Castiel cupped Deans fat cheek as he suckled quickly to get the nutrients into his body. He couldn't help but gasp in relief when he felt his milk start to leave his full breast.

He smiled gently as the little one hummed in contentment from being fed. Holding a human baby wasn't so bad. It didn't feel how he thought it would at all. It actually felt quite pleasant. Castiel knew after he nursed Dean his milk that he would feel protective of the little one. There was no going back from it either. He wouldn't abandon Dean to die.

Dean should feel nourished for at least three hours after this feed. His milk was like not others. Angel milk held nutrients and minerals that could be found no where else. After the babies eyes drooped and closed in exhaustion Castiel took to the skies towards his nest with the baby pressed close to his bosom.

Angel Native Tongue:

Keriawa: Hello

Nis kun eka: You're safe now.

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