Castiel awoke with his eyes feeling heavy lidded and itchy. He squinted when light flooded his vision and fuzzy forms took their shape. His skin felt hot and irritated. Almost like he was in heat but that was impossible since he was pregnant. He was on his side and felt sweaty and swollen all over.

He raised his head gingerly and looked around. He took in the walls, which were a unique stone, and a window with fancy curtains was where the bright light of day was coming from. He noticed then he was under blankets, and he was wearing a transparent white laced gown. Holes in the back for his wings.

Suddenly he sensed someone else in the room and lifted his head looking around. He stopped and his heart dropped like a stone in his chest when he saw yellow eyes staring at him from the end of the bed he was on. He tried to move but was pulled back by metal cuffs attached to his gauze wrapped wrist and the rail of the bed. He also noticed his neck felt like it had been ripped apart.

Castiel looked back at the yellow eyes staring at him. Azazel did not look like his normal self. The human appearance was totally different, but the demons face was just as hideous as the last time Castiel had seen it.

"And the pretty angel finally awakes." Azazel exclaimed happily. Castiel couldn't help but flinch. Azazel walked around the bed and Castiel felt like he wanted to throw up. The demon looked even more uglier then usual, and Castiel was at a vulnerable position at the moment. His wings flapped in fear and anger. How was the demon alive?

"I killed you..." He found himself whispering weakly, his throat feeling dry as a fish out of water.

Azazel just smiled wider crouching down so they were face to face.

"Not all demons are the same angel. Your arrogance was simply my advantage." Azazel said sincerely. Castiel felt a small dose of fear curl inside him towards this creature.

"You thought you could kill me that easily?" Azazel asked tilting his head.

No. Castiel didn't think that at all. That's why he was so surprised that he got out of the fight with a couple of bruises and a stab wound in his wing.

"You angels are so prideful, strutting around thinking you are all so powerful because of your unmatched beauty." Azazel said in a bitter tone.

Castiel suddenly noticed the human face Azazel was wearing was a very familiar one. The guard that had let Dean into his cell. Castiel put the pieces together and dry swallowed.

"How are you in that body?" Castiel croaked, his muscles feeling ripped.

Azazel ran a hand through the bodies hair.

"Do you like it? It's the latest fashion." Azazel said proudly.

Castiel just stared until Azazel sighed heavily in a defeated way.

"Well blue eyes, I'm not like most demons. See, I can possess a body as easily as breathing." Azazel said perking back up and smiling at how Castiel's eyes widened.

Castiel just stared in shock. He knew Azazel was powerful and old...but not that powerful. Clearly he had underestimated the demon.

"See, I just simply switched to another body, seeing you ruined the last one I had." Azazel said smiling.

Castiel felt his breathing pick up into short pants.

"All you ripped the throat out of was a dead meat suit gorgeous." Azazel gave a sly grin. Azazel reached up so his hand was over Castiel's round silk covered stomach. Castiel tried to pull away but Azazel pushed down lightly, the threat clear.

" let Dean in my cell on purpose..." Castiel panted feeling shock.

"At first I was quite surprised the Prince didn't pick up on it. Any guard in Johnny's kingdom in his right mind would never let the Prince enter any danger and disobey their King like that. But then again, I'm not just any guard." Azazel smirked.

"Why didn't I see your face?" Castiel asked weakly confused.

"Simple. I didn't want you too." Azazel said in a dismissive tone.

Castiel just glared. How could he be so foolish and oblivious?

"You should have heard yourself when you thought pretty boy was leaving you. It was so easy to manipulate your little Prince. He has a weaker mind then Johnny boy does."Azazel smiled.

"That was you talking?" Castiel asked shocked.

Azazel tilted his head.

"Of course. Your little Prince put up a fight while I used him as a mouth peace, but no worries. His memories have been scrubbed of me last night. Now he thinks he said all of those stupid things to you willingly and that you're hurt because of him." Azazel gave a sick grin, his face making vile rise in Castiel's gullet.

Castiel felt his vision spin. He as relieved that wasn't Dean last night. But now Dean felt guilty about things he had said that were not his fault. That was bad.

"How'd it feel getting your throat ripped by that chain by the way? You probably don't feel it now because your grace was at work but that was kind of how I felt when you had your teeth in my throat." Azazel said bitterly standing up and looking down at him. Castiel flinched weakly when Azazel reached over and cupped his face.

As Azazel brought up last night, memories occurred to him."Why was I bleeding? What happened?" Castiel asked fearfully.

Azazel's eyes lit with mischief.

"I squeezed your heart. It was quite easy, since it was already cracked in half when you thought your Prince was leaving you. You started saying a little too much so I didn't have a choice." Azazel smiled.

"Why don't you just kill me then?" Castiel asked confused.

And there it was again. The demons knowing smile.

"I'm not going to kill you now because I have plans for you." Azazel said smiling. When the demon looked at his stomach Castiel felt his heart freeze and his blood run cold.

He brought a wing up covering his tummy from the demons yellow eyes. Azazel walked to a table then, leaving him alone in his bed. But when the demon came back he had a cup of fowl smelling brew. Castiel's eyes widened recognizing the smell. It had poppy seeds in it. Azazel held him down as he made him drink the awful contents, Castiel struggled weakly but the demon was stronger. He made him drink every last drop until all Castiel could do was stare up at the demon. The demon smiled one last time.

"So, what are your thoughts on who's winning now angel?" Azazel asked curiously. Dark leaked into Castiel's vision until he couldn't see any more and he slipped into unconsciousness.