Author's note: First of all, I would like to thank those who read this fic, it meant a lot to me to have support from you. Second, I would like to apologize, I'm afraid I'm going to be ending this fic permanently for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I've grown a lot as a writer and frankly, this fic no longer compels me, I look back at it and notice the way some of my own prejudices appear in it and I can't go on writing it when I look back and see that. Second, I simply don't enjoy the story anymore, I've begun to love different characters and ships and canon has progressed so much since the beginning of this fic that it's difficult for me to write it, not because it conflicts with canon, but because the canon has expanded and I have other projects I would rather work on and the fact that the canon has become so much more meaningful to me over the past few years. I also have begun to hate narrating in first person honestly. Lastly, I had a chapter in progress for you all, and was planning to post it here for your enjoyment, however half the story seems to have gone missing in my word file, Karkat's narrative piece hasn't even begun in my copy of the word document so unfortunately I don't even have that most recent, albeit unfinished chapter for you. What I do have though, is a complete outline of the story from beginning to end. I know that I created a lot of incredibly blunt foreshadowings and I would hate to leave you all in the dark on what my younger self had planned for you before they moved on to different ideas.

The original idea for this fic was inspired by a play called The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The story of a teacher at a girls' school who hand picks a group of girls whom she deems her favorites, otherwise dubbed "The Brodie Girls." Miss Brodie is an incredibly manipulative woman who favors some girls even within her troupe as her favorites for varying reasons– their looks, their loyalty, their temperaments, etc.,– and essentially molds this group of girls into whatever she wants them to be. In the end she convinces one of the girls to run off to her death in a war, another girl she tries to force into the role of a mistress for Mr. Lloyd (an art teacher at the school), and still another she forces to act essentially as her spy. The girl who fills the spy roll takes up the mistress roll as well if only to get back as Miss Brodie by trying to be better than her and muss up her plans. It's all incredibly fuzzy as it's been years since I was in the play, but I have most of the basic plot elements right I believe. In the end Miss Brodie fails because the "Spy" girl "betrays" her and essentially gets her fired.

This fanfic was very LOOSELY based on that plot. All Boys' school, Manipulative teacher who picks favorites, essentially a suicide later in the story, one of her boys betrays her, etc. I took a lot of creative liberties and also tried to push this into shippy territory. But yeah, that's the premise this is based off of, and here's the outline I used to keep on track:

Act I: John Egbert 6th Grade- character establishment

Act II: Karkat Vantas 7th Grade- depression, death of Karkat's father, slight set up for Serket's 2-facedness

Act III: John Egbert 8th Grade- establish Serket's issues with Terezi (I never actually decided what happened between Vriska and Terezi, likely something both very gay and involving a car accident, but I never settled on anything.)

Act IV: Dave Strider 9th Grade- Dave discovers that Bro is a hitman, causes conflict with Karkat (Serket is no longer their teacher as they move on to highschool, still intervenes in students' lives though)

Act V: Gamzee Makara 10th Grade- Vriska continues to manipulate and bully Tavros. Tavros eventually commits suicide due to harassment from Serket and inability to find help with the situation.

Act VI: Sollux Captor 11th Grade- Sollux tries to report Vriska, fails due to Serket intervention and threats.

Act VII: John Egbert 12th Grade- Help from Pyrope and Scratch in removing Vriska from the situation.

End Game: All remaining members of the fiasco (Dave, Karkat, John, Sollux, Gamzee) are in group therapy talking about the experiences they had with Serket together.