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Story Summary: If told something enough, one starts to believe it. Eren Jaeger, having fought and helped humanity win, has been put back into custody and awaits his fate. There, his spirit has taken a beating. Treated like a monster and a beast who should be put down, Eren starts to think the same way. Can his dear companions help free him from this misery or will despair take him? M for possible later chapters and language.

The mission had been successful. Humanity had many victories against the titans. And while Eren had been a valuable weapon against the titans, he was no longer needed. His existence had become nothing more than a tool to the higher ups. And now he no longer had a purpose. Thus why he found himself in the dungeons under the courts again, awaiting a trial to decide whether to free him or have him destroyed. The Scout legion were trying their hardest to get his freedom. They knew he deserved it. Levi certainly agreed.

He fought with all his strength, aiming to destroy the titans. He ended their existence. The Corporal helped keep him in check, having been the one assigned to kill him, should he ever lose control. He was glad that thing hadn't come to that. He had done well, and was praised for it. But then what?

He became a nuisance.

His time spent with the Scouting Legion was a difficult one. They lost so many. Eren didn't know how Levi did not blame him for the loss of his team. They died trying to protect him. Levi had every right to be angry with him, to hate him. But he didn't. But just because he wasn't angry with Eren over the deaths of his companions, did not mean he wasn't affected. Levi was not a cold heartless man. He comforted his men in their time of death. Despite the stern expression he kept up, Lance Corporal Levi was a kind leader. He just had a different way of showing it. Eren liked to think that the kicks to the gut weren't out of hate, but more out of a strange sense of kindness. Or it really could just be out of hate or anger and Eren was just in denial.

The only reason he had beaten him in court was to save his life and have the Scouting Legion gain custody of him. Levi was truly kind. And he treated Eren like a human. Which was all he could ask for.

It wasn't a surprise that people were still afraid of him, even after he fought titan after titan. Words would have been fine but to feel the stares behind his back, to hear whispers directed towards him, to sense the lack of trust. He trusted them, and yet, they did not do the same for him? It hurt.

Eren sighed, diving through memories. "Oi, shitty brat." Levi had approached the bars of his cell, addressing the one inside. "Your trial is going to be put off for a while." He continued on to say that the legion had to go out for a while. They had to go bring some supplies outside the walls to assist in humanity reclaiming the land. They would be gone for a month or two. When Eren asked if he would be coming along, he was told he wouldn't be. The military police would be keeping an eye on him while they were away. And all the while, they complained. That had been at a month ago. Now there was only another month left and the others would be back. Just a little while longer…

"Ah damn it! Why do we have to get stuck watching it?!" The dirty looks were practically palpable. Eren glared back. "Like you would be doing anything useful." He muttered to himself. Though it had been heard by the others. '"What the fuck did you just say?!" Their full attention was on him now. "I said, like you would be doing anything useful. Probably would just sit around on your asses and drink." He smirked. Eren never learned to keep quiet and it took a toll.

"You never learn do you monster?" The cell was open and Eren shifted back on the bed, the chains shifting as he did so. He was familiar with this part. Happened every time he shot his mouth off at the military police. The hits were expected. Alone, it wasn't as bad as the Corporal's, but together in multiples, they felt worse. As much as he tried to hold back the pained groans, they spilled out. It has been like this since day one. Hit after hit. A punch to the gut and several to his face. As if he wasn't already bruised enough. It last surprisingly short this time. He was thankful for that. Someone had called to them about food and that drew them off.

They left and his stomach growled. Food. He was starving. They have been eating his rations, and only throwing him scraps. He'd be lucky if they reached him. This was the thanks he got for helping to save humanity and for risking his life? The Military Police hid behind walls. They didn't have the face a titan. They never saw the things he saw. They never watched as their friends were swallowed whole or torn apart.

He was denied food again, watching was they ate it for him with a taunting laugh. None of them were worried about being caught. "You'll be forgotten and killed." Eren was not needed any longer. "You can't even tell when your own so called 'friends' abandoned you."

Someone practically snorted. "Hey that isn't true." What? Was someone coming to his defense for once? "Cause the monster never had friends in the first place!" Nope. He was on his own, forced to listen to the guards. He kept his mouth shut this time.

What was he still fighting for? It started off as avenging his mother. Then protecting his friends. But now what? Eren didn't know. And as he eventually fell asleep, feeling pained and hungry, a thought told him he might be better off dead and that his friends would never return.

- Seid ihr das Essen?Nein, wir sind der Jäger! -

Another month gone and he was still alive. Well, as alive as someone trapped, beaten and starved can be. The trial was set for that day. Apparently the Scouts were back, not one had bothered to show their faces to him. It was true, he had been abandoned. The cell was open and he was pulled from the bed, new chains replacing the ones that had bit into his wrists. His arms were twisted behind his back and he was marched, no, dragged along to a destination he knew. The court room with all those cold stares that screamed monster. Perhaps it would be the day he would be killed. "Just put him down like the mutt he is" someone had once said. At this point, Eren found himself wishing they would just end it. His existence was miserable. Shouts of agreement were tossed out into the air by many others, while off to the side was the legion scouts. Or at least, the surviving ones. Eren barely raised his head to look towards them. He barely had the strength to do so. Mikasa and Armin were there, looking shocked at his condition. The shock changed to pure fury in his foster sister's eyes. What was she so angry about? Eren wasn't even aware of how awful he looked. He was so battered. Week old bruises and cuts that would have only taken a day to heal were still on his skin. Always having been a skinny boy, his body now looked far too frail for someone who had once been killing Titans. Levi's eyes narrowed dangerously and Eren could only imagine him being angry at how filthy he was. Being captive, the guards didn't exactly take him to clean up.

Chained to the steel post like so long before, Eren leaned against that to keep himself propped up. His eyes looked to the judge, wondering what he might be thinking. Perhaps he was buying into the Military Police's argument and was going to have him executed. The shouts just became buzzing in his ears. Though another voice cut through. Commander Irvin. He asked why Eren was in such a state, since when they had left, he was a healthy young man. "He proved to be some trouble and kept picking fights with the guards. They had to defend themselves against a monster like him." Someone replied. Tch, figures someone from the military police would say it was his own fault.

"I hardly think that Jaeger posed much of a threat chained up." Levi interjected. He walked into the main floor, going over to the poor chained young man. He got a good look at the other's wounds. Why weren't they healing? "Sir, Eren Jaeger is still a valuable asset. We feel there could be more to know about Titans, should the need ever arise; which we are sure will not happen. Also much like how the whole in the wall was repaired using titan armor, we believe that Eren would be a great help in repairing, inventing and even advancing some technology that would be beneficial in and out of the walls." That was the argument. To keep him around for experiments and other assorted things. No talk of giving him freedom. Nothing.

At least with death, he could be free. The judge looked over him through spectacles and with a slam of his gavel, Eren's fate was decided. Though the world went dark before he could even hear the outcome.

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