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It had been a few months since the Corporal had gone to the capitol. Eren had been doing much better. A few weeks after Levi had returned, Eren found out the reason why. At first he was conflicted about how he should react. He had been happy they had gotten what they deserved, what they did to him, yet he felt conflicted. But in the end, he was thankful for Levi doing that for him. He still had been tormented by them. The MPs responsible for that torment being beaten while a good thought wasn't going to do much for him. In the end, what helped him the most was Levi being there for him. And that was enough.

He started interacting more with the others. He help Hanji with cooking and a few tests once in a while. He got back to working out with his friends and enjoying the days with Mikasa and Armin. He was back to being happier. That in turn made the others happier as well. No one liked seeing their comrade in pain. When one was in pain, they all were in pain.

Eren still spent most nights with the corporal but Hanji had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't just to deal with nightmares anymore. Some rumors were going around that there was something going on between the Corporal and the Titan shifter and it wasn't simply work related.

The response that most gave when they heard that was "You know what? Good for them. They deserve to be happy." The rumors were kept to the scouts as anyone outside of their group didn't understand the things they all had gone thought. Every single one of them deserved happiness and no one would dare deny anyone that.

Eren had spent the time with the MPs being told he was a monster. If someone is told something enough, they start to believe it. Eren had believed that he was a monster. He believed he didn't deserve to live and should be put down like the beast he was. He believed every single word and thought he deserved every beating he receive.

But that belief was gone. The belief was replaced with each kind word and soft gaze that was sent his way. And was completely erase by every caring touch and all the patience he was given. Eren was healed by his family and friends.

Laying in the grass out in the sun, a soft breeze running over the land, the last thing on Eren's mind was the MPs. What concerned him most was what they should make for dinner and the man who's lap he was using as a pillow. Eren opened his eyes, squinting in the light before looking at Levi's face as he read over a few papers. The titan shifter was glad that Levi did not get in trouble for what he did in the capitol, otherwise he might not be here right now.

Eren had dragged him out of his office, wanting to spend time with him outside his stuffy office. "It's such a nice day Sir! Please, just come outside for a bit." He argued, inevitably winning out, seeing as how he got the Corporal outside. They had shed their jackets and sat on them. Eren shifted around as Levi had sat still against the tree outside of their headquarters. Each time the brunette wiggled, Levi would watch from the corner of his eyes until it bothered him. In the end, he yanked Eren down, putting his head in his lap and telling him to stay put.

A light touch to his hair and Eren kept still. It was comfortable after all. He must have nodded off at some point. Levi didn't seem to care, still reading his papers and not disturbing the brunette at all.

"You awake?" He asked, peering down at Eren and with a free hand, petted his hair.

"Get up, I lost feeling in my legs." Eren couldn't help but laugh, sitting up from the Corporal's lap.

"You know you could have just woke me up when you first lost feeling in them." Eren said, shifting to lean against the tree like Levi was doing. The shorter man moved his legs, soon standing to wake them back up and get feeling back into them.

"Yeah, I know I could have." Eren smiled at this.

Love was someone letting someone use their lap as a pillow and not waking them up even when it was uncomfortable for them. Love was staying up all night to comfort the other after a horrible nightmare that left him shaking. Love was being there for someone who needs you. And love was helping them through their troubles. This to Eren was love. And he didn't need to believe that he deserved it. He KNEW he did.

Sometimes he doubted himself. Wondered what Levi saw in him as he looked upon him. Levi was revered and admired by many, despite his crude attitude at times. Eren was just this brat who despite doing everything for humanity, still was scorned by those he saved. When he thought these things, all he needed was for Levi to take his hand and everything was made better.

As if sensing that Eren was possibly having doubts, Levi did take his hand, holding it firmly in his own.

"I love you." He said, papers being forgotten as Eren had all his attention. The brunette smiled and every doubt drifted away.

"I love you too Levi." He glowed and grinned like an idiot. Levi smiled and kissed the other's hand before pulling him up to stand.

"Come on brat. We'll get filthy if we sit in the dirt any longer." Together the two headed back inside, talking about tea and what to eat and Levi telling Eren to make sure he scrubs up well because he will not be having one speck of dirt in the bed.

With Levi, Eren was told he was loved and was human. And if told something enough, he knew it was true.

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