A is for Addiction
(and/or audition)

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Hikaru and Kaoru, two talented actors met when they auditioned for an individual part in the new live-action series, based off the well-known manga, 'Ouran High School Host Club.' Quite ironically, the both of them had come to audition the part of 'The Prince Type' which was given, with no hesitation, to a lively young man that went by the name of Tamaki Suou. Unfortunately, he did meet all the requirements with flying colours, even more so than Hikaru who had promising potential. Then as soon as the blond had recommended his childhood friend, Kyouya Ootori, to audition for the 'Cool Type' the directors were on a full on cast – shopping spree.

They found Takashi Morinozuka, a big guy with tremendous sex appeal. He was hilarious to watch as in reality, he's the type of guy who could not sit still for ten minutes. The Wild Type's straight, impassive face was iconic for its character and whenever the fact should appear in front of them, it would render Hikaru and Kaoru into fits of laughter. Takashi was often seen apologizing relentlessly for failing to pull a solemn face on set. Humorous guy too, never failed to put shit on the big boss whenever said boss's pudgy fingers stole the remote and rewrote their well-memorized scripts just two days before the filming. And Honey was soon found after him, scolding him and reiterating the scene taking Mori out of trouble, with developed cunning. Funny thing, that Haninozuka; while the Lolita Type was ideally the second oldest from within the host club, he was realistically the youngest. In fact, he was supposed to be in elementary if not for his starting school at an early age. This was his first time in drastic stage front, unlike the other who had been featured in at least one movie.

Kyouya Ootori was the lazy one. Since he was the most famous (being the protagonist of the loved, completed trilogy of "Pretty Is Not Enough") he didn't have to do a various amount of activities to build his fan base. When they first met, Mori teasingly asked the Ootori if he could deal with not being the main character as opposed to Suou. Kyouya merely shrugged. It was then that Mori adopted the full need of teasing him every chance he got but all Kyouya had given him was an unsatisfactory 'whatever' and the examining of his freshly manicured nails. It was the only thing he got, however, because all other times, Kyouya was sleeping.

Even in the presence of building audience of the first fan-to-man interview wherein fans were huddled and spent a small fortune for being there while some were picked to ask questions and further encouragement to any, or all of the cast members. Everyone, bar Hikaru and Kyouya was deathly pale, occasionally shifting because of the cruel nervousness at the thought of saying the wrong thing. See, here's the thing. Kyouya was sleeping. It was annoying quirk, that. Thank God it wasn't a double edged spear and God decided to grace humanity by not leaving Kyouya in a murderous state when he woke up, just like his character managed to get into. But of all places, Kyouya was sleeping in front of millions of fans.

It was when the front group of girls giggled that the cast started to view the notion. Hikaru was the only one that reacted, him being in all of his glory, leaning back on his chair with his legs crossed and his feet on the table, in a horribly lax position despite being open to possibly the rest of the world.

"Jesus Christ, somebody wake him up." Hikaru spoke in a tone of irritation but didn't bother to hold back the hint of fondness in his voice. Oh yes, the cast had taken a fairly liking towards each other, developing a unique friendship that was rare in the showbiz.

Tamaki and Haruhi were not as ironically reversed character-wise. Despite collecting the latest high heels and trend and being shown for appearance, Haruhi was relatively intelligent and therefore fitting for her character. Despite collecting the latest high heels and trend and being shown for appearance, Tamaki was bluntly idiotic and therefore fitting for his character. Completion.

Now Hikaru and Kaoru were a different story altogether. They were not related at all. It was an oxymoronic reality that never ceased to place all the mind messes on every person who came across it. Yet they looked so similar – blast that, they were identical. Of course their meeting had been rather...incredulous, after all, it's not every day you see someone that possesses your body build and eye shape, let alone everything that you own down from your skinny wrists. The remaining cast, in an equal state, had pushed forward the suggestion of biological testing and DNA examining. They didn't get very far, however; Lady Hitachiin could remember full well of what she harboured inside her for nine months and what she was pushing outside her flossy, thanks.

There's the other thing – names. The two were allowed to keep their first names just like the rest of the club, but the problem was that they had different last names. Hikaru proposed that from him being the 'one with the pants' in the relationship, his last name, Hitachiin with go full well, much to Kaoru Atsushi's chagrin. Oh the many coital and marital jokes he had tolerated over the two years since they had been filming Ouran High School Host Club.

Kaoru soon learnt that Hikaru was rather fond of two worded exclamations. Take their first meeting for example.

Hikaru: I'm being shoved in with a twin? What, so how is this going to work, he dies, I double, someone pulls a mini me out my ass or what, wait, this is a joke, right? Well now, that can't be right. I mean how on Earth will you find another person on said Earth to- (Enter Kaoru Atsushi) –Holy SHIT."

Kaoru would have laughed so damn hard if he didn't have the exact same expression on his face. Oh and not to mention, had the same face too. And the first time he started working with Hikaru. He still remembered that, Hikaru had an arm slung over his shoulder, something typical to what the characters would do. Filming for the first episode had been the hardest.

{Kaoru: What? It's a guy?
Hikaru: What—Kaoru, God damnit say it when I say it!
Kaoru, disbelieving: You can't really be angry at me for this.}

{Hikaru, smiling: Of course. This is our stupid Tono, Tamaki Suou.
Kaoru: We have no use for him, he's practically fan service.
Hikaru: And this of course, is our commoner protagonist! Yes! This is...!
Kaoru: ...
Hikaru: I'm sorry, what's her name again?
Kaoru: That's where you're vague!?}

And one of their early interactions. "Kaoru," Hikaru informed in a whisper, sliding across the couch to link his arm around Kaoru's neck, something that the latter often whined about. In his hand, he held his lit 'cancer stick', what Kaoru permanently named it.

The younger boy grimaced at the waft of smoke, squirming in his grasp. "What is it, Hikaru? And first, can't you put that thing away?"

In retaliation, Hikaru took one long drag and exhaled through parted lips, directing his breath of smoke elsewhere besides Kaoru's face due to a short lived disagreement that had happened not too many weeks ago.

"Nah. Do you have any idea as to why Kyouya's twitching like a dog in heat? It's scaring me. It's like he's going to combust into blood and guts or hell, sprout hair over his face and attack us in all our innocent glory,"

"I told you not to watch the Grudge," Kaoru sighed, playing with the ruffles of the fancy pillow on set. "That blasphemy made me shit my pants, y'know? You never listen to me. Bastard."

"Nah." Hikaru threw his leg over the other, his cigarette protruding from between two fingers as he tapped the ashes into the palm of the pillow and threw it behind him. The two stared onwards towards Tamaki and Haruhi in a one-sided bicker, Honey and Mori perched on the seats provided, in idle chat and Kyouya with his eyes wide open and twitching in small staccatos.

"You just talk way too much." Hikaru countered, a slow smile forming on his lips. Before Kaoru could protest however, Hikaru continued. "But I'm serious, I mean look at the poor guy."

Kaoru complied with Hikaru's travel of gaze but quickly averted it before Kyouya caught him staring. He turned back to his 'brother', his voice descending into a small whisper. "Do you...maybe think...he's high?"

Hikaru pressed his lips into a firm line. "Can't be, man. His type would either turn into an absolute sweetheart or would be able to bust him into criminalism, when high. Anyway, who's stupid enough to do it here?"

"You know, I don't even want to know how you would come up with that," Kaoru dead-panned.

"I was Sherlock Holmes in another lifetime," Hikaru said in pronounced volume, his hand hovering in front of him in post climatic position. "Starved from affection, loved by aplenty but spent too long in solitude to enjoy it. Eyed by a petite, scheming but beautiful lady, Irene."

The grip around his shoulders and neck tightened. "Hikaru-"

"But I fear that no one truly did love me. And I believed it solely that it would pass on until the day I die—"

"—Now who's the one who can't shut up?"

"Until Watson came into my life! And oh the joys of having someone cute and half my size—"

"Okay now you're just pulling these out of your dick."

"Dick? Why dick?"

"Why not dick?"

"Oh Kaoru, I'm so proud of you!"

"In the name of classical Sherlock where modern day has not corrupted it yet, will you please shut up? Dick."

"I don't follow that shit anyway," Hikaru had the mistake of exhaling a puff of smoke into Kaoru's face. A mistake that ended up with an elbow in his stomach. "Look at his eyes. Like little flies doing synchronized swimming like champs, too focused. And like I said, he wouldn't be sitting there, freakishly rubbing his arm and twitching all over the place. That would be more of Honey's innocent style."

"Hikaru," Kaoru drawled out slowly. "Honey is fourteen."

He was met with a blank stare that he learned to ignore during his days like this.

"Okay, sure, whatever. Maybe it had to do with the ice-cream containing caffeine you offered him while saying that there was no caffeine at all?"

Hikaru slumped his shoulders in offense. "The guy looked like he could be up for a while longer! Besides, it would have saved him a few if say, boss would slam the doors open and catch him dozing off like a friggin' bear like all the time."

"You're using that to justify this when you're, well," Kaoru gestured to all of him. "This?"

Hikaru backhanded Kaoru in the stomach, the latter doubling over as he cried out, his hands coming out to cover his precious stomach. "I hurt, Kaoru-chan. You hurt me," He accused in a childish voice.

"Bastard, I wasn't referring to the fact that you're a pompous jackass, I was saying it was hypocritical when you look down at Kyouya for being reprimanded by—"

"The boss? Speak of the devil," Hikaru muttered beneath his breath, only going so loud as to only allow Kaoru to hear him and not the man who burst right through the doors, his poor posture creating a small deformity in his back that was overlooked because the viewer would be staring at his pot belly that bounced with each step. The boss's face could be warm when he wanted it to be, but right now it was firm and it was shit-eating scary.

"Hikaru, put that out now." The elder snapped.

When Hikaru turned that blank stare onto his offender, the boss staggered forward.

"Put it out."


"Hikaru," He growled menacingly. Not menacingly enough it seems, as he lost his patience with the young boy and snatched the cancer stick from out the embrace of soft pink lips. The man put it out with a shove of his shoe clad toe and displayed a look of condescending. "Don't let me catch you again."

"Boss!" Hikaru wailed, his arms spreading out in front of him. "That was my last one!"

"Everyone, get prepared. We have rehearsals in exactly," Enter checking down at his bling-bling watch. "Ten minutes! Chop chop!"

"Boss!" Hikaru protested loudly, prolonging the 'O' in a childish manner, imitating a five year old tantrum. Though as soon as the doors shut, announcing the exit of the big boss, Kaoru turned to his side to find another lit cigarette in Hikaru's mouth, the mocking smoke filling the bliss in Hikaru's eyes. In the time Kaoru was distracted, Hikaru had pulled out his emergency and flipped open his lighter in practised succession.

Kaoru shook his head. "You're unbelievable."

"Thanks," Hikaru waggled his eyebrows.

The two got up, trailing behind their fellow cast members. Hikaru had his arms folded behind his head, his face the definite expression of aloof.

"If the fangirls found out you do cancer sticks, they'd probably drown in a puddle of their tears."

"You're only boosting up my ego, brother."

"Whatever. You pay more attention to your addiction than me."

The cigarette was tossed to the side, and in quick succession, Kaoru felt two iron grips on either of his wrists.

"Hikaru, wha—mmph!"

Lips were covering his own, lips so soft, Kaoru could have slept on them. The kiss was something of a tender moment, something sweet but not too overly sweet. It might have been the kisses shared between high school students, closed mouthed and unexperienced. However, Hikaru had many experience and would have showcased him had he not wanted to put Kaoru out.

When Kaoru found the decency to pretentiously kiss back with renewed vigour, he was found submitting under the control the other had on him, nothing too big a deal, but Hikaru had been teasing him too many times as of late. The younger silently whined into the kiss, his knees losing their purpose, and as soon as the kiss ended, he fell onto them, his face flushed with a soft shade of scarlet.

"Hah," Hikaru dished out. "Your knees buckled out. How cute."

Kaoru felt his chin being tilted up by two slim fingers.

"Kaoru," Hikaru remarked fondly. "You are my addiction."

"Unsightly sap."

"Dick doer."


"You lost our two worded strike going on there."

"You taste like smoke."

Hikaru's eyes instantaneously snapped open from the daze they had been in, jolting out of their hot sockets and fished his pockets frantically, patting down every pocket located in his designer jeans and top. "Kaoru, I threw out my last one. Kaoru—K-Kaoru you gotta help me."

Kaoru brushed past him, their shoulders knocking painfully against each other as he grit his teeth. "Idiot."

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