"Truth or Dare: My Little Pony Edition!"

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Disclaimer: I hearby tell you that I do not own the My Little Pony series. Hasbro and Lauren Faust own this. Basically, this was an idea given to me by I'll Cover Angel and Collins. So, I'm here to try it and see what you'll think.

Originally, I had to reupload this again because any form of interactive entry which choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc. is not allowed. So from now on, you can only send your truths and dares to me via PM.


There laid a studio surrounded by nothing but darkness. Everybody in the audience were ponies and yet, nobody knew what was going on.

The six ponies that made the Elements of Harmony were sitting at a podium. Even though it was still dark, the studio looked like a weird 70's game show. Quite frankly, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy all looked confused. However, Fluttershy looked a little scared.

"What's going on? Why are we all here?" Rainbow Dash complained.

"I'm feeling a little tense here. Something doesn't feel right." Twilight spoke tensely, feeling that something was amiss.

"I'm scared... I wanna go home!" Fluttershy cried out.

After a few minutes of darkness, the lights finally came up. At the same time, Fluttershy yelped and went under the podium. Concerned for her friend, Applejack looked down at the scared-as-crap Fluttershy.

"Come on out, Sugarcube. There's nothing scary 'bout flashing lights." Applejack carefully said.

"Ohhhhh, I wouldn't be too sure of that Applejack..."

Hearing that unexpected voice out of nowhere, the ponies wandered around to see where that voice came from.

"Where on earth is that voice coming from?" Twilight Sparkle replied with her eyebrow raised.

"I hope it's not some kind of creep..." Rarity replied as well.

While they looked around, the lights dimmed a little. For some other reason, there was an amount of smoke surrounding the entranceway. The ponies hoped that it wouldn't be Discord or Queen Chrysalis hiding behind that smoke.

Followed by a nice little drum roll, the announcer's voice came from off-screen.

"Ladies and gentleman, it's time for Ponyville's number one game show... Truth... or... Dare! And now, here's your host who tells it like it is... Maaaaaaaaaaane Winkelmaaaaaaan!"

Emerging from the smoke came a pony dressed in a blue tuxedo and had a haircut reminiscing of game show hosts from the 70's. Also complete was a pearly white smile in a creepy grin. The kind of grin would make Fluttershy hide under the podium. Feeling happy, the host turned to the camera.

"Hello, and welcome to Ponyville's number one game show, Truth or Dare. You may know me, I'm-"

"Mane Winkleman!" Pinkie Pie happily exclaimed as he cut him off and hugged him tightly, "I can't believe I'm standing here with my biggest role model! I loved you in "When Tomatoes Attack"! But not as good as when you hosted "Who Wants To Marry My Old Decrepit Grandpa"! I can't believe someone would marry a 120-year old that young! It's excellent TV!"

Mare looked a little creeped out at Pinkie Pie's stalker attitude to say the least.

"Um, aren't you the same pony that keeps rocking my trailer back and forth, hoping to get an autograph from me?" Mare spoke in a suspicious state.

"How did you know it was me? Are you psychic? Because I dig psychic ponies!" Pinkie Pie smiled freakishly.

"Yeah, I bet you do..." Mare said while his eyes rolled from his head.

Finally, the security managed to break off Pinkie Pie from the host. As he dusted his suit off, Mare looked at the rest of the six unlucky contestants.

"Of course, you know the rules of this game. I ask you truth and dare, like always. If you choose truth, then you have to answer the truth. If you choose dare, then you have to do the dare. No if's, and's, or buts about it!"

As soon as he kept talking, Rarity raised her right hoof in the air. That caught the host's attention.

"Yes, Miss Rarity! You have something on your mind?" Said the host.

"Excuse me? Can I get a glass of water? I look a little tense when I'm on shows like this." asked Rarity.

"Well, of course!" Mare smiled.

All of a sudden, a huge heavy gush of water began pouring from the sky, blasting on top of Rarity with full force! The sensation from that full blast of water freaked Rarity out. Her teeth was chattering and her entire body was shivering.

"Enjoy your drink?" Mare smiled once again.

"I feel like an ice cube!" Rarity snarled back.

"What in the gosh-darn did you do to Rarity?" Applejack snapped at the host.

"She wanted water, so the guys down on the network agreed with us!" The host said with another threatening smile.

"But not in the way that I wanted, darling!" Rarity snapped out loud, "How dare you make me freeze to death like this!"

"Luckily for you, Rarity... we're about to go to the game. But unfortunately, thinks to Pinkie Pie's constant stalker-like tendencies, we have no choice but to take a short break." Mare disappointly said to the contestants. However, Pinkie Pie wanted to interject.

"Hey, I am no stalker! I'm just fan-crazy, that's all!" Pinkie blared out in defense.

"Of course..." Mare muttered silently to her before he looked at the camera with a wide smile, "So while my assistants make the electric fence that surrounds my trailer, come back for more Truth... or... Dare!"

Unlike many of those "Truth or Dare" fics I've been seeing on fanfiction, I decided to make this look like a game show.

So it's your chance to give anyone of the six main Elements of Harmony your truths or dares! Until then, R&R until next chapter! ;D