"Truth or Dare: My Little Pony Edition!"

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Disclaimer: I hearby tell you that I do not own the My Little Pony series. Hasbro and Lauren Faust own this. Basically, this was an idea given to me by I'll Cover Angel and Collins. So, I'm here to try it and see what you'll think.

Chapter 2

After the commercial break ended, the show was already in a state of chaos. Well, not everything was in chaos. Rainbow Dash was biting his lips and squeezing her hooves together for some reason, Applejack had her hat bent to the side and her hair a bit messed up due to the fact she'd spent 'quality time' with her brother, Rarity was still a bit woozily from the pile of double AA batteries that was rained on her, and Pinkie and Twilight was still in shame because of their confessions. This only left Fluttershy clean as a whistle.

With another evil smirk, the host, Mare Winkleman, began to speak right to the camera.

"Hello, and welcome back to Truth... or... Dare?"

Before the host could get on with the game, Twilight stepped in.

"Um, host... I'm tired." Twilight yawned, "Is it okay if I can go to sleep?"

"Why not?" The host gleefully said.

But then, all of a sudden...


Twilight got hit with a computer screen from the sky. His friends all cringed looking at Twilight go down.

"Hey, what's your deal?" Rainbow Dash snapped angrily at the host.

"She said she was tired, so I did her a favor by putting her to sleep with one of my props! Isn't that exciting?" Mare smiled.

"Exciting? She would've been killed!" Applejack angrily reacted.

"I know, right? Near death totally scores huge ratings!" Mare exclaimed again, "Now that the worry game is over, let's go back-"

"Host!" Rainbow Dash shouted, therefore cutting off the host again.

"Yes, Miss Dash? You need something?"

"Can I use the bathroom? I gotta go really bad!" Rainbow Dash cried out.

"Oooooooh, sorry Rainbow, but I must've forgot to tell you that when you finished that whole jug of apple cider, you're not supposed to go to the bathroom until your turn!" Mare responded with feigned shame.

"Darn it..." Rainbow Dash muttered, "I should've chosen truth..."

"Yeah, a little late for that..." Mare muttered as well, "Okay, everyone! Drink up!"

Patience and nervousness set in for the Mane 6. Of course it was the Mane 5 if you count Twilight Sparkle being nearly half-dead. After taking those dangerous sips of Electrified water, Pinkie started to jump in shock, literally.

"WHOO!" Pinkie Pie yelped, "FEEL THE BURN!"

"Okay, Pinkie Pie..." Mare said with a slow pause, "Truth... or Dare?"

"I choose truth! So lay it on me!" Pinkie said with excitement.

"Okay, Pinkie... What did you do last night?"

Pinkie thought about this clearly. What exactly did she do last night? Of course, no idiot would figure that out. Her cutie mark full of balloons said it all. She brought in her answer.

"Duh, I partied last night! It was non-stop!"

She would have gotten it right. Unfortunately...

...a boxing glove came in and hit Pinkie right in the face. That even scared the living daylights out of Fluttershy for example!

"Oooh, sorry... but you lied!" Mare softly cringed, "But do you mind telling me the truth?"

Holding her face full of pain, Pinkie admitted the truth.

"Okay, I scored some coke off the back of an AutoZone, then sold it a retired 69-year old pimp!" Pinkie cried out.

Pinkie's friends and including the ponies in the studio all gasped in surprise and shock. Hell, even the host had an ounce of symphony for her as well.

"Oooooh, sorry to hear that Pinkie." Mare replied, "Okay, everyone. Let's see who'll be the next pony to take Truth or Dare. Drink up!"

After Pinkie was comforted enough by her friends, the five ponies (minus a knocked out Twilight Sparkle) all took their drinks. This time, the poor sucker was Rarity, who received another jolt from the electrified water.

"AGGGGGGHH!" Rarity cried out from the shock, "That didn't f-feel pretty."

"Well well well, Rarity..." Mare smirked, "Truth... or dare?"

"I'm not taking any chances, so... I'm choosing Dare!" Rarity exclaimed.

"I'm very certain you'd say that because I dare you..." Mare paused a bit as he got a buzzer in hand.

When he pressed it, a wheelbarrow full of dirt rolled on into the studio. Thank goodness it wasn't a hefty bag of manure. That kind of pile would stink!

"...to sit on this pile of dirt until your next turn!"

Rarity responded in shock. She knew in her beautiful heart that she didn't wanna do it.

"There's no way I'm sitting on that piece of filth!" Rarity shouted offensively.

"You want to get hit by batteries again, ma'am?" The greedy host smirked back.

Cringing with fear on the inside, Rarity had no choice. She got off her podium and slowly approached the pile of dirt. Squealing and heaving, Rarity sat her clean white body down on the infested dirt. Rarity felt like she was gonna puke.

"So, Miss Rarity... how does it feel?" Mare chuckled at her expense.

"I'm so gonna kill you for this!" Rarity snapped a bit nervously.

"I would let you, but lucky for me, I wear a bullet-proof vest inside this suit." Mare spoke with a wink, "Okay, victi-uh, I mean ponies, drink up!"

With a knocked out Twilight Sparkle and an already-heaving Rarity on a pile of dirt, the remaining ponies all sipped their cups dangerously. The next sucker who got electrocuted was sweet Fluttershy!

"OWWW!" Fluttershy painfully screamed, "That hurt..."

"Looks like it's your lucky day, Fluttershy!" Mare laughed evilly, "What shall it be? Truth... or Dare?"

"I guess I'll choose truth again..." Fluttershy nervously spoke with fear.

"Good choice, Fluttershy! Who... do you have a crush on?"

As soon as the host brought that revealing question up, Fluttershy could feel the "ooooooh's" coming from the audience. It was all directed to her. The intense pressure was setting inside Fluttershy like a pitched tent. She had no choice but to come out with the truth, just like Pinkie Pie.

"Okay... the person I have a crush on... is Applejack!"

The gasps coming from the studio were loud. Was this really impossible? Does Fluttershy... actually have a crush on Applejack?!

"Oh my..." Applejack blushed, hearing this surprising comment from her friend.

"It's true... I find Applejack very attractive." Fluttershy shamefully spoke.

Applejack tried to reason with Fluttershy about this embarassing confession...

...but out of nowhere, Fluttershy suddenly kissed her! The "Ooooooh's" around this audience increased like a speeding bullet. Quite shocking, considering that Fluttershy inserted and swam her tongue right inside Applejack's mouth. The male demographic in the audience got hot and sweaty capturing this in their minds.

After the kiss broke, Fluttershy wiped her lips right off while Applejack was still stunned as s**t.

"Wow... I guess I'm f-f-feeling a little stiff..." Mare stuttered in amazement, "Anyway, while that brutally hot image weighs heavily on our minds-"

Before the host went any further, Rainbow Dash cut him off once more.

"Host, I really gotta go, I can't hold it much further!" Rainbow Dash cried out painfully.

"Sorry, Rainbow Dash, the rules state that you can only go to the bathroom when it's your turn." Mare reminded.

"This sucks! I'm gonna leak everywhere!" Rainbow Dash complained!

"Tough break, let's see who's next!" Mare shouted out.

The contestants drank the electrified water once again. It was starting to leave a bad taste in the contestant's mouth, but nevertheless, somebody was getting screwed.

This time, the shock effected the apple-eating Applejack!

"AGGH!" Applejack yelped because of the shock, "That ain't pretty to begin with!"

"Okay, Applejack... what will it be this time? Truth... or dare?" Mare said in an ounce of suspense.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to choose dare." Applejack shrugged.

"Applejack..." The host paused, "Your dare is to kiss your big brother on the lips!"

The crowd responded with "oohs" once more. Applejack would've been the only pony shocked to do something crude like Fluttershy did, but she was willing to do it no matter what the cost.

"Okay, then..." Applejack shrugged again.

She got off the podium once more and approached Big McIntosh on the stands. Applejack decided to break character for once and feel her big bro's chest. It looked a little sick, but it was "Truth or Dare" nonetheless.

"You ready?" Applejack said to Big Mac.

"Eeyup." Bic Mac responded back.

In a huff, Applejack placed her lips on her brothers. But one little kiss turned into a very hot smooch as Big MacIntosh wrapped his hooves around Applejack's. The women ponies were turned off by this scene, but the male ponies hollered and cat-called, begging for both Big Mac and Applejack to go all the way. I wonder how'll Granny Smith and Apple Bloom will react seeing this go down?

"Wow! Look at them go! This is gonna get ratings way better than 'Deaf Kids Got Talent'!" Mare excitingly said as Big Mac and Applejack finally broke off the kiss. On the inside, kissing her brother was a bit wrong, but she pretended to like it on the outside.

"That's your only chance you'll get to see this, Winkleman!" Applejack shouted out to the host.

"Definitely made my night!" Mare nodded, "Now let's check how Twilight Sparkle's doing?"

The camera shifted over to Twilight Sparkle, who still showed no signs of getting up. She was knocked out like a light.

"Ouch, that's just like me with a woman on Saturday." Mare laughed and chuckled, "Okay, it's more Truth or Dare time! Driiiiiiiink up!"

After another depressed sigh, the ponies took a sip once again. For the second time in a row, it was Pinkie Pie who got it.

"YAAAAH!" Pinkie Pie yelped through the shock, "That was scary!"

"Well, looks like Pinkie Pie managed to get two in a row! How exciting!" Mare frantically said while he clapped.

"Okay, give me dare! I'll take any dare you give me!" Pinkie Pie pleaded.

"I haven't asked you truth or dare yet, but since you chose dare, I might as well give it to you." Mare nodded once again.

"I'm ready! EEEEEEEEEEE!" Pinkie Pie gleefully shook. Literally. She was just shaking with total excitement that one pony can contain!

"Pinkie Pie... I dare you... to watch paint dry! Until it's your turn, that is."

The crowd responded with an "oooooooh" again. The crewmen in the back brought in a piece of a brick wall that was covered in white paint. It was still wet and dripping. Pinkie Pie got out of her podium and sat down in a comforting beanbag. And just like what the dare said, Pinkie Pie stared at the brick wall and watched the paint dry.

"Well, I hope she can last throughout the commercial break..." Mare joked again, even though it wasn't funny, "I'd do Twilight Sparkle, but since she's still knocked out unconscious like my drunk stepdad, it's time to take a break! So don't miss more of Truth or Dare when we come back!"

After the show went to a commercial, Pinkie Pie spoke to the painted wall like it was a plant.

"Wow. This is exciting! Why could've I been on this show instead of this one?" Pinkie gestured to the wall, "I mean, watching paint cry? That's good TV!"

What a way to close the chapter. Free painted wall for everybody!

Remember everybody, keep sending in your truths and dares to me via PM to see if your dares will be chosen! You can't send them in review form. Once again, later!